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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2006
After reading all of Torey Hayden's books, I come to realise how patience is such a virtue while working with children and young people and also how resilient children can be. This book actually proved this to me the most.

I read this book in one day, couldn't put it down as I had been drawn into this tiny odd shaped classroom with some of the most seriously troubled children that you could ever meet. 3 children from Northern Ireland, a girl who couldn't speak, a young boy with serious childhood mental illnesses and a sexually aware 8 year old. Although real-life, this story does have a positive ending which I thik is apt as it was Hayden's last time as a teacher before moving permanently to Wales.

The story is incredibly touching, heartfelt and self reflecting. Reading it is a must.
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on 29 June 2006
This was the first book I read by Torey Hayden and I immediately had to get to the computer to order some more. I did not immediately realise that it was a true story but, once I did realise, this added to the compulsion to read this book without putting it down.

The comment from the Times on the back cover describes it as an 'unaplogetic tear-jerker' but I did not find it at all upsetting. A real insight into human emotions, behaviour and relationships. Not a consistently happy ending but definitely inspiring.

Well worth three times the money!
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on 17 June 2006
Just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Again we have a group of very different kids, 6, including 3 from a trouble torn Northern Ireland. Geraldine and Shemona who only speaks to her elder sister, they have lost both parents to the troubles of Belfast, and Shamie their older cousin. We also have Mariana and Dirkie then little Leslie who also does not speak, all have their own individual problems and challenges. To have taken on Leslie's alcoholic Mother, hence the title 'Just Another Kid' shows what a remarkable woman Tory Hayden is. Not only is Tory a great teacher but she is also a great writer. Have also read 'One Child', 'Tiger Child' and

'Ghost Girl'.
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on 19 April 1999
"Just Another Kid" has become one of my favorite books by Torey. Probably because I see a little of myself in the Ladbrooke. Not the alcohol problem, mind you. reading Torey's books has inspired my interest in Psychology and Education very much. I think that it is such a wonderful way to spend one's life. What a wonderful career, what could be better than to give your time to those that need you most. In regards to the dispute about the title, Ladbrooke, was just another kid. SHe had problems that she needed help with and she couldn't do it on her own. Her problems show us that problems don't go away because one has grown up. Her vulnerability gave her the innocence of one of Torey's disturbed children. well that's all I have to say. I highly reccommend all of her other books. Can't wait for the new one's she is writing!!!!!
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on 25 April 1999
Torey Hayden is a powerful person and a great story teller. I have read all her books more than once, and I am only in 8th grade. After reading her books, they have made me think about becoming a physchologist, or some other type of person who works with austistic children, when I grow up. Torey is a super person and has made some peoples lives a lot happier than they were before.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 December 2015
This is a very positive book. It tells the story of a year in Torey Hayden's life when she spends it teaching a class of 6 very disturbed children with the help of one equally disturbed adult. However instead of concentraing about the difficulties that these people face & their very serious emotional & psychological problems, it concentrates on how they progress & move on to at least some extent.
In some ways this is a difficult book to read. Although it doesn't dwell on horrendous past & current events they are still there & talked about. It isn't good to know what humans can do to each other.
I found this book compelling reading. Although I could put it down, I was keen to discover what happened next. I did get to know the people in this book, especially the children. They did make me smile at times though I didn't get so involved as to be reduced to tears as the comments on the cover indicated I would.
I admired Torey Hayden throughout this book. I found her patience amazing & am sure that I wouldn't be able to do her job. Having said that there is just a small bit of me that thinks she was a little bit too good to be true. I suspect that there are large chunks of her feelings that she omitted to include in this book. The result of this is to leave me thinking she was the one character who didn't quite ring true.
This isn't a book that I would recommend to everyone. If you think you'd like to read this type of book then Torey Hayden is probably a good author to try. There is a lot of focus on the positive whereas some true life books can be purely negative. I would say though that this may not be her best book so do look at the reviews of others before taking the plunge.
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on 7 May 1999
This is one of my favorite books. It's good to know that Ladbrooke was able to sort out her problems. I liked how Torey got Shemona to talk and not be afraid of her sister. What happened to Geraldine absolutely broke my heart, though I thought what she did to Shamie was disgusting. It's awful that a child deteriorates emotionally like that due to a tragedy that she can't understand. I hope to read more Torey Hayden books.
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on 26 January 2016
An amazing book! Well written, informative & , at times, very humorous! I just wish Torey would write some more books based on her life's experiences! For me, "Just Another Kid" has been her most interesting & revealing to date ...I'm now at the stage of re-reading all of them!
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on 18 February 2005
This book is hard to put down once started, although in a classroom setting it focuses more on Torey's relationship with another adult, I really enjoyed this as Torey had to question how she works and is forced to consider whether she may be doing more harm than good with her methods.
I have read most of Torey's books and found this one one of her best.
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on 13 April 1999
Torey Hayden once again has written a powerful, moving story. I read the story this past fall, and even now I still think about the people in the story and wonder where they are now. In this book Torey focuses primarily on her relationship with her teaching assistant, and I would have liked some more detailed information on the actual students. However, Torey still presents a gripping account of her students' struggles as well as her assistant's difficulties. Once again Torey helps bring about miraculous improvements in the lives of both her students and her assistant. However, one child has been so badly traumatized by her life in Northern Ireland that she deteriorates markedly while the other students blossom. Torey tries hard to save this child, but in the end her problems are too complex for a teacher to handle. I still wonder about what happened to this child, and I pray that perhaps someone, somewhere can help her. Torey has once again written a memorable book that will have a lasting impact on the readers.
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