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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 September 2010
Our son (aged 11) doesn't seem to be able to get enough of the Darren Shan books. This company delivered promptly.
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on 27 March 2006
This book is by far Darren Shan's best whether in the Vampire Series or the Demonata series. Honestly Idid not like the first book in theis series, because there was not enough action, he mostly concentrated on expressing Grubb's feelings.(which he doesn't do badly) Whereas in this book it is the opposite. The book is based around the fighting. He also includes the emotions but not as much as the other Demonata book.
This book has a new main character, Kernel. He moves house to a much more quiter area in the countryside, but there is a witch living there. She opens a portal to another universe, the Demonata's universe. When a demon comes out it causes terrified panic and kills as many people as it can, then snatches Kernels little brother and runs back to its universe. Kernal follows it. On his journey he finds out about his extrodinary magic powers and meets a magician and some other companions. As I said this book as a lot of violence in. Darren Shan creates Demons and other worlds so imaginary and excellent. Such as six armed green dog, and a world of howling trees and solid water.
In the fighting scenes there is a lot of gore, and he explains the blood and guts in excellent detail. Because of this I would not reccomend this book to anyone under the age of 12. In the other book when he did not reccomended this book to under twelves it actually wasn't that bad, but in this it is. Loads of people die in this book, even some of the main characters.
The reason why I am not sure whether this book is a prequel or sequel to Lord Loss is because this book was written after Lord Loss, but Dervish Grady is ateenager in this one. The only real resembalance from this book to Lord Loss is Dervish Grady and Lord Loss.
As you can see on tthe cover of the book, the three demons from the old book (Artery, Vien and Lord Loss) are still in this book with many other new demons. Also in this book you get to see what Lord Loss' castle is like, and what the conditions are like. We only learned a bit from the book Lord Loss, only about the heat and the webs.
The ended is very good - a cliff hanger.
Use of Language: 10/10
Story: 9/10
Character Development: 1o/10
Ending and Beggining: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10
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on 24 July 2013
After racing through book 1 I leapt straight into this one, and was confused!!! It seems to have nothing to do with the first book, different character, different area, no apparent link. I was bewildered, and slightly annoyed - I wanted to get back to Grubbs and find out what came next. But I decided to hold on and give Kernel a chance, convinced there would be a link somewhere.

Soon I was absorbed into Kernel's world. He's different from others, he can see colours in the air but doesn't know what it means, until his little brother is stolen by Demons, and then he is thrown into another world and his powers come to light.

I really liked Kernel, he was a little shy at points but really pushy and fiery when he needed to be and he had a good sense of what was right.

In some ways I think I enjoyed this book more than the first. It wasn't as fast paced but it had more substance to it and more world building, meaning I got into the story easier. And the characters were more interesting to me.

It turns out that this is a sort of prequel to the first book, it had me wondering for a while if I had read them in the wrong order. But it works to set up some information about the demons and Lord Loss that will be useful later and also tells you more about Dervish's past which I found interesting.

There were still some gory scenes in this one, but it wasn't as bad as the first book, but still be cautioned.
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on 9 October 2007
IT'S AMAZING. It itroduces the new character kernel really well and the story line is great. This book is truley gory and quite scary which is again great. Don't listen to the reivews telling you this is a bad book, IT'S NOT! IT'S AMAZING!
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on 8 July 2006
My favourite so far! More of a prequel than a sequel. I was a bit disappointed it didn't carry on from Lord Loss, but after reading the first chapter I couldn't put it down and it really fills in the gaps for the next story! But in some place you have to read it twice to get the full idea. If it doesn't become a movie i dont know what will.
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on 26 March 2006
The demon thief is a great book. There are some characters which were in Lord Loss and are also in demon thief. The demon thief is about a lonely boy by the name of Kernel Fleck who embarks upon a horrific journey into the universe of the Demonata to rescue his brother who has been kidnapped by demons. It is a great read with a shocking twist. It is a book not for the faint hearted. The next book in the sires of the Demonata is Slawter. It comes out 5/6/06.I cant wait
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on 1 December 2005
Another thrilling read by Darren shan! I've read his books since cirque du freak and was so very dissapointed when the vampire books ended... but no need; he has introduced another wicked series.
His books may be aimed at children/ teenagers but he never treats children as being less than adults. His characters embody this, and his own writing style shows it; he doesn't back away from showing the death in a 'life and death' fight. Blood, guts, depression and horror aren't toned down or made PG. The fact that you really don't know if your favourite character will be disemboweled on the next page keeps you on the edge of your seat. That being said there are often big clues in his books as to the endings, sometimes you can guess and other times you reach the plot twist and kick yourself for not having seen it sooner.
The Demonata is in my opinion better than Lord Loss. A new set of characters are introduced and a new hero, Kernel. The world is the same as in Lord loss, just approached from a different angle, with the main character venturing into the demon worlds and fighting the demons on their own terms rather than the more sedate summoning of lord loss for a chess game (admitedy that was not as boring as it sounds since the prize were the players lives and souls) in book one. Lord Loss does feature in this book, and yet again sets a game in which the players souls are at stake, whilst his familiars Artery and Vein also return with a vengence.
Another thing I like about Shan is that he introduces the dilema of evil things done in the name of good, and whether one or several human lives can be worth the fate of mankind. With the recent global military action in the name of good this rings home the nature of "collateral damage" when it is the life of someone you know and like. Several characters in this book live on the blurred line between light and shadow, good guys kill, bad guys save, and Lord Loss (suposedly the biggest baddest rotten stinking meanie in the whole book) has no heart and is supposedly then without feelings of love or hate.
The new worlds are imaginative and the action is continuous, and as I mentioned above we are not spared from the gratioutus or horrific nature of violence and death. In amongst the gore is just enough black humour to keep your spirits up, and for a Shan book the ending is practically positive!
I can't wait to see how Kernel (book 2) and Grady's (book 1) plots combine, the only link is the vile Lord Loss whom both of the characters have met. The universe of the Demonata is fascinating.
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on 4 September 2006
I thought the first book in the domenta saga was a let down and not what I have come to espect from darren shan. However after reading the seconde book I am glad to say that darren is back on form. This book was much better than the first it was still very fake, but making a book about demonds seem relistic is hardly easy. This book had a lot more action in it than the first and had alot of interesting charecters all with very distinct personalities and powers.

Also I found Kernal very likable even if he was a bit naive, this book was also set mainly in the domenta universe so it was full of twists and surprises and I found out alot more about demonds that I didn't know before. Finally this book was alot more scary even Lord Loss in this book seemed more frightening I think it had something with him being in his own universe, he just seemed much more powerful.

To sum up, this book was much better than the first it was scaryer, action packed, full of interesting charecters and had a good plot. I just can't wait to find out what happens to Kernal.
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on 12 January 2013
Again Darren shan has blown my mind. Excellent writing would recommend to all. I wouldn't let very young children read these books but this is something i would have loved as a teen. Glad i have found him now. Lord Loss gets to you, he gets under your skin, Shan pulled the wool right over my eyes. I was shocked, caught out. You have just got to read this folks i highly recommend it.
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on 31 January 2013
This is a very good book, very descriptive and keeps you interested. I am an adult reader and although i think they are aimed at the teenage audience i am really enjoying them. Bought my daughter book 7 without realising that they were a series so were starting from the beginning and working our way through which is not taking very long as they are easy to read.
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