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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 December 2004
This is really a very good book for the believer who hasn't done too much Bible studying and would give a good overview of intention and meaning of a whole book. The author points out and rightly so, that we tend to just focus on a short passage, rather than reading several chapters in order to get the context. The whole Bible was written for our instruction. I really enjoyed the section on Jonah and Job (although I think behemoth and leviathan are dinosaurs instead of hippopotamus and crocodile). He quotes a section, which really spoke to me: "You who treat this crown of writings as you treat no other book. Just a paragraph disjointed, just a crude impatient look. Try a worthier procedure, try a broad and steady view; you will kneel in awesome wonder, when you read the Bible through" This book will help you to do just that!
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on 9 September 2008
For anyone who's ever scratched their heads trying to make sense of the bible, this is the book for you.

David Pawson's clear, easy to follow, erudite prose opens up the bible. He doesn't pretend the bible is a simple document, but does shine a light on the text to make it easier to get to grips with.

The book is filled with examples and stories, and it also tracks Pawson's own journey in trying to understand scripture.

There's a great explanation of "Song of Songs", which Pawson says he avoided for years because it just seemed to be too carnal: about the sexual relationship between a man and a woman. To find out his refreshing conclusion about the Song of Solomon, buy this book!

It's rare to find a commentary with so much humour in it. I haven't read it in order, but in random chapters as I've read the bible. This may not be the best way to read the book, but it's worked for me.

This is one of those books that has helped me understand God's word better, and also (by extension) His character. I can't offer a better accolade than that.
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on 16 January 2004
This book is a compendium of books previously sold in eight separate volumes in the "Unlocking the Bible" series. they;ve now been brought together in one volume. This is a brilliant handbook for understanding the Bible. Each book is introduced and discussed by one of the best Bible teachers around. It's very clearly written and contains wonderful nuggets of wisdom which characterise David Pawson's teaching. This is a brilliant book for getting to the know the Bible better.
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on 26 October 2005
The author has an incredible knowledge of the background of biblical times, and an eloquency in layman's terms that really brings the Bible to life. He gives all views in relation to a subject very fairly, and his own bias is rarely seen in a dogmatic way at all. The only area I find unusual is that he almost totally "blanks" regarding the Rapture, and I think this is due to caution in his own mind regarding this doctrine rather than a right-out disbelief. Certainly a priority-buy for anyone wanting to study the Bible more closely and lovingly, and less dutifully!!!
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on 4 February 2004
I've nearly finished reading it - just 1.5 chapters to go. This is an excellent book. I was going to get some of the individual volumes, but I thought I'd wait for this instead, I'm glad I did! I think it's more aimed at being a reference in this Omnibus form, but I decided to just read it through from start to finish.
A great aid in trying to understand just what is going on in the Bible! Pawson puts each book in its Biblical context and draws out the crontribution of that to the overall picture. Very readable. It isn't a dry read at all (otherwise I never would have got to page 20 let alone page 1300!). The books are dealth with in roughly chronological order too, which makes it easier to understand for our greek-based thinking...
And at nearly 200 pages per £1 (with Amazon's current offer) you can't complain at value for money!
Great book.
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on 23 April 2004
If you are looking for a good overview of the Bible and wondering whichone to purchase - get this one! David Pawson provides you with those keyinsights into the Bible as a whole, without dropping the key ... unlock,unlock ... letting you through those seemingly locked-up doors of Biblicalhistory. On the whole this book is not short of providing one with thoseinvaluable insights into the Bible. This book has a good grasp on theimportant issues for us.
A helpful recommendation would be to purchasethis book and then to get: "What the Bible is all about", by Dr HenriettaMears, ISBN: 0830704736 (a classic).
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on 25 January 2005
What a fantastic book. written in great detail and humility, it takes you on a great learning experience of the whole bible. gives answers to questions that most modern preachers wouldn't touch with a bargepole. essential reading for all God loving, bible believing, on the way to being saved people.
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on 25 November 2012
This is an excellent book for those who want to understand the Bible and find out what it is all about. Those who are familiar with with the Author, (David Pawson), will be blessed by these 1341 pages. It is good to have the original eight separate books gathered into one volume although to some people this may make it a bit bulky. (Having said that it has not as many pages as the one volume "Lord Of The Rings" with all the additions, but nevertheless it is quite a size). I have been so impressed with this book that I have recommended to several people and know that at least five other people have bought because of that. Certainly a book worth getting.

Personally although I have enjoyed reading the book I do have two main areas of criticism with the layout. David Pawson in his introduction states "In this volume the books have been re-arranged in chronological order" so I wonder why he reviews "Job" at the end of "Poems and Worship and Wisdom" especially when he state "The Book of Job may be one of the oldest books that we posses today. We know that it comes from Abraham's era" (Page 415) so why review where he does? Also during his "Overview of the Old Testament" on page 11 he lists the books of "Daniel" and "Esther" after the Exile when a reading of them so clearly places them in the exile.

Apart from this criticism, which as I said is personal, I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn more apart the Word of God. Buy it, read it, enjoy, and be blessed by it.
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on 26 September 2011
Well, it's a good start. I found the book a really helpful shove in the right direction i.e. read more of my bible. But I'm not sure I could whole heartedly recommend it, especially to a new Christian. I don't think there is anything really wrong with anything which is written in this book but the scale is so immense I found that some of it was confusing. This was really because the authors knowledge and opinions became a little muddled at times (No bad thing if it sends you rooting through the bible for something you're sure refutes his claim, a bad thing if it becomes a stumbling block.) I will certainly continue using this book when I do my bible study but I will also have a big bag of salt with me. Often I felt that some claims were left hanging in the air and should have had DISCUSS written just after them. A great book to challenge your biblical knowledge but not a one stop shop.
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on 7 June 2009
I already had a copy so I knew that is easy to read,easy to understand and makes more sense of the Bible.
A good reference book.
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