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2.4 out of 5 stars
2.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2003
I enjoy the eddings worlds, and bought this one and enjoyed it. I must admit i am partial to books that are in series (once i've found a few characters, i take an interest in how they are getting on over time!) and i look forward to reading the following series. I must admit i wasn't as enthralled with this initial book as i was with the belgariad, mallorean and elenium, but it definately has the eddings humour and some lovely characters, smart humour and as a very different story to those noted above, i found it enjoyable and would recommend it for anyone, whether new to the eddings ot nor.
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on 13 August 2003
Ok so the writing is tidy, and the plot is ok - if I hadn't come across a thinly disguised version of it before.
So - buy this book, If A) - you have everything of the Edding's in hardback and intend to keep it that way OR b) you have some sort of amnesia or convenient short term memory loss.
I'm thinking that the reason behind this was : - If it works why change it?
I'm getting tired of reading the same old story by the Edding's.
Lands split between Gods - Bad guys with no personality- Good guys with the gods on their side. ( Note : Aphrael, get back to Elenia and quit pretending to be someone else!! and you too Emmy! house at the end of the world for you. Bad cat!)
Basically it appears to be somewhere between the "belgariad/elenium" and the "redemption of althalus" plot holes and stock characters :- we'll take one handful of gods, give em a couple of lands each to rule over, peopel them with primitive identikit characters full of racial stereotypes, hmm, best add a jovial and clever sea captain , add a mentally tortured but highly talented warrior or two. Right what "witty" phrases can we give to our set of heroes - oh and make the bad guys unredeemable and faceless (at least Martel was interesting!!!)
Verdict - Ususally Eddings is non thinking fluff. (Y'know, you read it when you cant be bothered to read something new) and because its been read before then the familiarity doesnt grate too much. **This one**is book hits wall. I wont be getting the other three books. I'm kind of hoping that the Vlagh wins and eats the rest of them.
If it does - could someone let me know?... Thanks.
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on 23 September 2003
I got hooked on David Eddings in the early 90s when I was given "Pawn of Prophecy". This is definitely the worst fantasy book of his I've read, it's disjointed and has a very poor plot. If I could I'd give it no stars. I'd even go as far as rating it worse than the two of his non-fantasy books of his I've read (The Losers and High Hunt). I won't be buying the second book in hardback and I'm not even sure whether I'll buy it in paperback. This series will never have the attraction of The Belgariad/Malloreon or The Elenium/Tamuli.
It was very disappointing and couldn't recommend it to anyone.
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on 1 September 2003
Like many of the other reviewers I am a long-time fan of David Eddings, starting with the Elenium/Tamuli and going back to the Belgariad afterwards. Although I was concerned when I read the Redemption of Althalus about the overuse of certain character types (such as the child goddess) I figured that as a stand alone book it was probably just filling in time before a major new series was pulled together. When I read the synopsis of The Elder Gods it sounded exciting, a really clever idea. I was keen to buy the book as soon as it was published.
I started The Elder Gods in July and am struggling to finish it (almost unheard of since I race through books at speed). The style is over-familiar, repetitious and tiresomely "cute". The characters are boring and you never get any page-turning tension because there is never a sense of any real danger, or realistic challenges facing the good guys. The omnipotent gods suss out all the problems before they arise and intercede, or prime their characters to take appropriate action and cliffhanging situations are never allowed to develop. There is no excitement in the plot and the characters are entirely two-dimensional. There is no sense at any time of any depth to the forces of evil since "good" and "evil" in the book are not evenly matched (in fact, not even closely)and whilst with most fantasy novels inevitably good triumphs (well, it is what you want at the end of the day!) you usually are kept on tenterhooks by the author as to how it will happen. The occasional use of the witty, bantering style of dialogue which worked so well in the previous novels is rendered dull by overuse and the characters are never presented as having a realistic conversation, merely interchanging words to set up the predictable one-liners which seem to end every section of every chapter. It is childish and irritating and only detracts even more from what is already a very poor book.
If I manage to finish the book at all, I certainly won't be keeping it or buying any more and unless the Eddings team use their style more as simply a support device for more complex characters, interesting and challenging plots and situations (or even trying a different, more grown-up style altogether) I won't be buying any more of their books either.
Sorry, but its a total load of rubbish.
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VINE VOICEon 6 July 2005
This was a massively dissapointing effort. After managing to drag myself through the first 180 pages - something that was more a chore rather than any kind of enjoyment - I realized one thing: I didn't care. The story was boring and shallow. The concept of the Elder Gods was what prompted me to buy this book, but the overall storyline was just dull. The dialogue was tiresome to read. The characters were boring, and many seemed to have been based heavily on characters in other, much better, Eddings' books. This is a disgraceful effort compared to some of Eddings' earlier works, like the Belgariad (which I've read and re-read and still love every page of) and the Elenium. I don't like to give up on a book, but the thought of reading through to the end of this would be torturous at best.
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on 4 September 2003
I've been a big fan of David Eddings since the original Belgariad
series. Unfortunately this must be one of the worst books he's ever written. The plot, characters and dialog have been cut word for word from previous novels and the book lacks a soul. His previous books made you want to read them this is just rubbish.
If you ever want an Eddings book then get any of the Garion / Sparhawk books once you get to the later works it's as if someone else were writing them. That's when the Leigh Eddings name started to make an appearance makes you think?
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on 26 July 2003
I spotted 'The Elder Gods' and bought it straight away - after all, it's an Eddings! But sadly, it turned out to have a very dreary, obvious storyline, 1 dimensional characters and the same (now very tired) cliches. Every chapter seems to end with the same joke - how often have we heard 'Isn't he nice?' and 'Fun, though.'
The characters are just rehashed from every other book, but without the depth of the Belgarion or Sparhawk series. If you were even slightly disappointed with 'The Redemption of Althalus' don't buy this. It will spoil those memories of the original two series.
The preface seems to attempt to handle evolution and God at the same time - there are even 'dinosaurs' in it! I'm not sure whether this was to give it a sense of reality or not - either way I feel it's a bad idea to take something so obviously fantastical and attempt to make it fit within our world as we know it.
The enemy seem to be giant genetically engineered bugs, with an evil monster that's not even given a gender as the main 'baddy'. At least with the other books there was an element of depth with even the evil characters - you won't find anything like that here.
There are two reasons the book isn't up to the usual quality standard. If the Eddings were trying to write a childrens book, then it has potential to be a nice introduction for children into the Fantasy genre with it's repetition of key 'comic' phrases and a very simple 'goody and baddy' storyline - especially for those who have tired of Harry Potter. That, or they are simply redoing the same old formula as an easy option and don't really care any more. I hope it's the former.
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on 19 March 2015
Having read the Belgariad when at school and multiple times since, Tamuli/Elenium also a few times and even enjoying The Redemption of Althalus, I consider myself a fan of this author, so despite the poor reviews I finally took the plunge and read the book. If you're a fan you'll be disappointed, if you're not then you won't get far before giving up. There's simply no suspense. Every insoluble situation is sorted within a few pages, either by the Gods or by 'Longbow'. There's no attempt to stretch sub-plots more than a few pages, no character development, and Edding's normal whimsical sense of humour is rammed down the readers throats so often it skips funny and goes straight to aggravating. I like to have an authors complete works, but in this case I'm going to bin the book and pretend this series doesn't exist.
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on 14 August 2003
Completely awful, dreadful, a bitter disgrace for a book. None of these words can sum up how boring and mind numbingly crap this book is. I've always been an eddings fan and own every other book he and his wife have written so i assumed this would be on par with his previous brilliance. I know people say edding's stories are all similar and simple and they were right but they were different enough and interesting enough so that it didn't matter... The Elder Gods though .... how do i say it? not only is the story pretty much the same- magic jewell etc. but the characters are so similar i don't know why edding's changed the names. They even act the same and use the same lines. I don't buy a book to read lines taken out of previous books in such an unimaginative way or read the same story filled with the same characters. Do Not Buy This Book!!! I couldn't even finish it i was so dispirited with it and i can read anything. Save your money and i stress again DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!
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on 22 February 2004
I have just struggled to the end of this book, waiting for it to get better. The Belgariad was great, but this is a pile of badly written tripe.
If you have enjoyed other works PLEASE don't buy/read this. Save your time and money for something better.
I normally keep (ok, hoard) every book I buy, but this is not a keeper. The first non-keeper in many, many years.
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