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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 January 2015
Super smashing great fun and many moments of laugh out loud material.
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on 23 February 2013
Our grandaughter is collecting the set and was really pleased with this book. They make her laugh and encourage her to read.
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on 14 May 2013
Really great i love it :) I can't wait to read the next book and this and the first were AMAZING!!
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on 29 February 2012
I'm a big fan of Louise Rennison's Georgia Nicolson series, so I was always going to be a bit excited about this new bunch of books about Georgia's mad Irish cousin, Talullah. Set in a Yorkshire drama school with some equally crazy characters and some hot boys? I'm completely sold.

Though Talullah isn't quite as funny and outrageous as Georgia, she is still adorable. And problems with school and friends and boys and SNOGGING is the same just about anywhere. What does 'see you later' really mean, eh?!

In A Midsummer Tights Dream, Talullah and her friends are back at Dother Hall Performing Academy and everyone's in a muddle. Possible couples are forming up, Talullah isn't sure what the kiss from Charlie means when he has a girlfriend. Plus, Talullah's teacher hates her, the school might be closing down and one of her mates is leaving for Hollywood!

Being Georgia's cousin, she does get quite a few mentions in this book which makes me YEARN to read another Georgia book, it really does. Talullah and her friends are introduced to some Georgiaisms, like the Snogging Scale, which was fun. And I did love to see the Ace Tree Gang add their own crazy kissing things to the scale.

There are owls and gigs and crazy dancing and even some questionable licking going on in this second book in the series. And while I was mostly thinking 'this is OK' all the way through, I have to admit, the book ends in a such a way that makes me want the next book just a little more. I think The Misadventures of Talullah Casey is heading into a very satisfying direction...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 June 2014
(Reviewed by my daughter).

This story is the sequel to Withering Tights. As Talluah returns to Dother Hall for the winter term, she ignores Charlie after their incident at the end of book one, as he revealed a secret. Jo finds out some sad news about Phil and his position at Woolfe Academy. Cain still annoys Talluah. The owlets have hatched. Honey has exciting news about her performing arts career. Dother Hall experiences financial difficulties and Tallulah is determined to do well in The Performing Arts College!

Overall, this is a good book and I highly recommend it to fans of the Georgia Nicholson books by the same author. Also the other books in the Talluah Casey triology, Withering Tights and The Taming of the Tights!
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I'm absolutely adoring the Tallulah Casey series! Although it doesn't live up to the Georgia Nicholson series, it's still a hilarious and bonkers series. I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this book after reading the first one. I couldn't wait to see what was in store for Tallulah and her friends next!

This one was just as hilarious as the first book. Dother Hall is struggling to stay open due to money problems, so the students are given a task to find a way to raise money. The students were also rehearsing for their production of A Midsummer Nights Dream.

The book had me laughing so hard. I seriously still can't believe that Dother Hall is a performing arts college! The teachers are bonkers! They don't seem to teach anything that's useful but I suppose that's what makes this book hilarious.

Tallulah was just as bonkers as she was in the first one. After spending time with her cousin Georgia, she's learnt some new things and I just adored hearing some of Georgia's 'wisdom'.

I adored all of the other characters in this book. Ruby is still my favourite, but Honey, Flossie, Vaisey and Jo are brilliant as well.

I have to say, Cain did start to grow on me in this one. He's still a prat, but he's alright. Alex is still my favourite though, but he's unattainable right now. Charlie is brilliant and reminds me slightly of Dave the Laugh. Hopefully he and Tallulah can be friends.

The storyline of this one was even more ridiculous and hilarious that the first one. Cain really knows how to anger a village. I just loved everything about this book.

Overall, A Midsummer Tights Dream was a hilarious and entertaining read and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next!
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on 31 March 2012
Hilarious and AWESOME. I love this book (and this series) so, so much - it's so silly and fabulous and hysterically funny, and I was laughing from pretty much the first paragraph, which begins:

"Performing Arts College, here I come again! Hold on to your tights!! Because I am holding on to mine, I can tell you. Which makes it difficult to go to the loo, but that is the price of fame!!! And fame is my game!"

I adore Georgia's voice and her whole wonderful group of friends and the total wackiness of their eccentric performing arts school set in a (fabulously) grim Yorkshire village. (And yes, having lived in Yorkshire for 7 years - and worked at a performing arts camp - makes me love this series even more.) It's all hilarious and wonderful on its own, but it's even better if you also happen to have read <em>Cold Comfort Farm</em>. (This book in particular read like the 21st-century MG/YA version of <em>Cold Comfort Farm</em>, not at all in terms of plot but in terms of the fabulous parodies involved - and I loved the Cold Comfort Farm allusions, like the brothers named Seth and Ruben.)

But you definitely don't need to have read any other books - not even the first one - to find this book incredibly funny, joyous, exuberant and warmhearted, just like its heroine.

Now I want to go back and re-read the first book in the series immediately!
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This is the second book in the Tallulah Casey series, which is Louise Rennison's first post-Georgia Nicolson outing. It's written in a very similar style to the Georgia books, though it doesn't have as many diary entries. It's not quite as funny but I do find myself chuckling quite a bit - Tallulah gets up to some hilarious things!

Now don't get me wrong, I do like this series, but I think that a lot of the jokes and humour have been seen before, and sometimes I almost feel like I'm reading a Georgia book. I would have liked this series to be written in a separate style to differentiate between the two, although a lot of Rennison's humour does lie in diary-style entries.

Despite all that, I did still enjoy this book. Tallulah is still on a mission to showcase her drama abilities at Dother Hall, she's surrounded by many boys, some of which are just plain mental and reminiscent of Mark Big Gob, and her friends are just as mad as she is. I also love all the parallels to Wuthering Heights - vast Yorkshire moors and all that. Rennison takes the mickey in a nice way!

I'll definitely be reading the next Tallulah book when it's published in 2013, and I hope it will be a bit stronger than this one. It must be very difficult for authors to compete with their own previous series, but Rennison is giving it a good go. Still, no-one comes close to Georgia!
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This is the second in Louise Rennison's; The Misadventures of Tallulah Casey series, which sets off where Georgia Nicholson finished. In these books Georgia is Tallulah's cousin, and so we get tantalising snippets of Georgiaisms and the fate of the Ace Gang, but not enough to satisfy me.

I have to confess that Tallulah pales into insignificance against the wonders that were the doings of Georgia, but if Rennison isn't going to take Georgia anywhere else (I wish she would write grown up Georgia), then we must be thankful for Tallulah and her bonkers doings. I find Tallulah rather derivative. It's much the same story, but with more silly language and a lot more of the dramatic arts.

The best bits of this book are the sections with Dib Dobs and the twins. I love the way the twins say; 'Shush lady!' at their mother, because that's how my middle daughter used to talk to us, and it makes me snort with laughter to see those kinds of familiar conversations written down.

In this book, Tallulah continues to fail to understand boys. Her corkers grow a bit more corkery, and she gets very excited about trying to rectify the disaster that was the Sugar Plum Bikey performance of her last term at Dother Hall.
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on 2 September 2012
Bestselling author Louise Rennison's `A Midsummer Tights Dream' is certainly not aimed at this 20-something reader's demographic and was an interesting, but enjoyable, read for me. While I think it would be difficult for an adult author to express the voice of a young teenager, Rennison writes with convincingly, seemingly getting into the mind of an adolescent girl. For any mothers out there, this book is a safe read for their young daughters, the novel touches on themes such as boys, bullies and other teenage concerns realistically but without too adult themes.

There is a great deal of humour for adult readers too, Tallulah's youth and innocence both endearing and comical. Her dreams of `showbiz' glory attract struggles and triumphs. The novel is entertaining and warm, containing many likeable, if eccentric, characters. It is a very entertaining read and I would definitely recommend it for kids (and even their mothers).

Reviewed by Rachel Poole on behalf of BestChickLit.com
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