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on 25 April 2016
Title: The Torment of Others
Series: Tony Hill & Carol Jordan (#4)
Author: Val McDermid
From: Amazon
Genre: Crime
Release Date: 1st May 2005
Challenges: 2016 Read the Books You Buy, 2016 Prequel & Sequel challenge (2 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

*May contain minor spoilers for other books in the series.*

Having returned to policing after her undercover mission gone wrong, Carol Jordan is heading a serious crimes unit focusing on cold cases when there's nothing current on. Dr Tony Hill has tried to be an academic but realised it's not for him. Soon the two of them once again find themselves embroiled in the hunt for a killer in Bradfield, but this time it's not just Tony's demons they're having to fight behind the scenes.

I'll start off by saying that this was a re-read for me. I read the first four Tony Hill & Carol Jordan books back in my teens sometimes (so we're probably talking about 6-8 years ago). With the other two that I re-read recently (The Mermaids Singing & Wire in the Blood) I could remmeber the major twist, but with the Torment of Others I just kept pulling up blank. I could remember that there was one, and that it surprised me last time, but couldn't think what it was.

The Torment of Others kept me well and truely engaged and I didn't want to put it down once I'd started it. There's something about the characters that McDermid creates, as well as the mystery and suspense itself that just makes you want to keep reading.

Carol and Tony's relationship is the main thread linking the series together, and in this book they're probably the most honest they'd been with themselves about how they felt, but there was still more to it than that. Carol herself is still trying to move past the event of the previous book and that helps her grow as a character, whereas Tony has had his demons since the very beginning (but seems more at peace with them).

The murders are actually pretty gruesome (not sure what that says about McDermid's imagination!) and the events aren't sugar coated, just in case that would put anyone off. The whole book deals with the underground world of drugs, prositution and other crimes.

This was a really good read, the second time as well as the first, and I'm looking forward to reading on in the series, especially because now I have no idea what's coming at all!
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on 6 October 2017
I've read quite a few books recently from new authors to me, so I bought this a bit ago, intent on not reading too soon. The last book from a well known author and I think he'd lost the plot on this one, so it was a welcome relief to get back to Hill and Jordan. An absolute joy to read, well written, believable, absolutely love it. I'm still a few of the series missing but I can wait
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on 7 March 2015
What a fab read - Carol Jordan and Tony Hill are back in Bradford - Carol is tempted back here after having break due to what happened to her in Berlin (Read the Last Temptation - Book 3 of the Series). There are two story lines that are tightly interwoven throughout the book.

Val McDermid has not written your typical murder mystery in this book, but there are some themes from previous books in the series carried on throughout this novel.

A must read!
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on 1 January 2017
I began reading the DCI Jordan and Dr Tony Hill series only a few days ago and must confess to being addicted already. This fourth story has more twists and turns than Hampton court maze but all so very plausible and human. Couple of shocks and unexpected events. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone. A real triumph of imaginative narrative.
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on 20 May 2017
I enjoyed the story although there are times when Tony Hill seems to deliberately walk into danger when he could easily avoid it ('Shall I tell someone I am going into the dangerous maniac's lair now or do it later?' sort of thing. I am enjoying the series and look forward to the next one
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on 5 March 2015
Never been keen on Robson Green but I decided to give the books ago - absolutely riveting so I've bought all 8 in the series and then also all the DVDs and I now really like Robson Green. How strange!!
Marvellous characters that are very real and lots of plot turns to keep you intrigued. I read them in order but you don't necessarily need to; I'm just a bit OCD inclined! Unputdownable!
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on 30 March 2011
I think this is the best in the Tony Hill series so far. It has a great story of two plots of a cold case of abducted and murdered kids and recent killings of sex workers in Bradfield. Carol Jordan is back from her traumatic time in Europe to investigate both with Tony Hill close by to advise/protect/comfort her. I thought this was a great who-dun-it so much so that McDermid pulled a twister at the end to the extent that it was almost unbelievable..almost! A great and satisfying read to savour which could do with some more justification to tie down lose ends.
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on 27 July 2015
Thank goodness for our British summer weather!! I took advantage of a cold, windy, wet couple of days by staying indoors and reading this tremendously gripping novel from cover to cover. Val McDermid, Tony Hill and Carol Jordan would be my choice combination on a Desert Island. I'm running out of books to read now by this great crime writer - hope there's a new one on the shelves soon.
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on 17 September 2017
Hard to put down. Excellent characters, a sense of tension and menace that makes you want to keep reading, finish the book and then read the next one.
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on 22 December 2017
A great read - very gripping and extremely well written. A real page turner right to the end. Highly recommended
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