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on 24 November 2013
As an experienced witch I always recommend this to beginners and I sent this to a new student in America. She is now a practitioner in her own right and still uses this book as a reference
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on 8 August 2016
I first came across this book back in the 90s - probably just after it had been published. At the time I absolutely loved it and went through the whole book for the 13 moons and did all the exercises and thought of myself as a witch.
I had a very fantasy-based idea of what witchcraft was, as well as what I wanted from it. This book provided a nice, harmless way for me to indulge that fantasy.
However, here we are some 20 years later. I've matured, my needs have matured and I have come back to this book - literally, the same copy that I had in the 90s. I have been reading it again and beginning to work with it again. Now I can see depths to it that I had not noticed the first time, I can see how this book, if you read between the lines and accept responsibility for your own magical education, can point the way to deeper, more meaningful aspects of magic, and of life in general.
That is the true strength and beauty of this book. It can ease the beginner or the fantasist into an enjoyable, if superficial, lifestyle, but also it provides a stronger foundation for a deeper, more meaningful journey.
As is stated within the book, the responsibility is your own as to how far, and how deep you go. It gives you nothing - if you just read it, play at the exercises and take it at face value then it's a nice, poetic read but will not take you far - and, hence, not expose you to dangers you are not ready for. If you do the work, think for yourself and make an effort, then it will open a door for you to travel on as far as you are willing to go.
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on 30 October 2016
Bought this for a friend. The contents covers most of the basics as a primer written by a highly respected author and practitioner within the craft.
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on 17 June 2015
A very important book in my collection. Have had to buy it again as passed mine on to someone in need on a bus. A book that warms my heart, even after many years of first reading it.
If you want to find the "connection" to the old ways rather than just the magick, then you must read this book.
It is beautifuly written by someone who you can feel has this connection to the old ways, which is lacking in so many of the how to manuals now days.
This book takes you deeper, deeper in yourself and helps uncover the true magick we hold within, by developing our connection to the earth and all her wonders.
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on 27 November 1999
Marian Green is truly an inspiration to all novice solo witches. This book is a wonderful introduction to the Craft and Natural Magic. Every chapter includes exercises designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills of the solo witch and for me it has been a map and a guide to a wonderful way of life. This is a must have, regardless of whatever else you buy.
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on 26 June 2017
Thank you Marian for pointing me back on the road to the lone craft for years now I have been questioning people in charge and telling me what I need to do at last I have realized with your help I only need to listen to myself and what feels right thank you so much xxxxx
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on 8 November 2017
Actually bought to give to someone. But I have some of Marian Green's other books on my bookshelf. Her subjects are well presented and researched, as well as of practical value. And I am sure that the same can be said of this book.
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on 6 April 2006
I initially bought this book around 6 years ago and began to read it with a view to self-training in the Craft. It is a totally no-nonsense, practical manual giving advice to those interested in 'green' magic and traditional earth-based lore. In addition, Marian is extremely knowledgeable about the pagan history of the UK (and indeed other cultures) and also brings a deep understanding of psychology to her subject. You won't find any of the - dare I say rather Americanised - approach to the Craft here, just a solid and steady explanation of the old ways together with practical exercises at the end of each chapter - it should be viewed as a text book to aid learning. I eventually combined the book with the corresponding distance-learning course offered by Marian, and have learned a great deal in the process. She is a thoroughly knowledgeable and ethical educator, and I recommend this book very highly if your interest in the craft of the wise is a genuine one.
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on 18 December 2007
I'd recommend this book to wiccans and non-wiccans alike. The structure of the book is designed to be read, considered and used as a guide over a 13 month period, though you could easily read the whole thing through and do the exercises after finishing. Don't. I think the book would actually suffer for that kind of treatment, and you as a reader would be cheated. My advice would be to take the slower path through the book and let it sink in. Each chapter has a theme, even if it is recommended reading or preparation for a ritual. Taking a month to do the exercises may seem slow, but I find it's giving me time to consider the concepts involved on a different level than I have in quite a while.

I've been a practising wiccan for 10 yrs, and I still am enjoying myself with this book. I bought it as part of a reconnection/regrounding exercise, and am not disappointed. There is quite a bit here for non-beginners as well, if it is taken slowly.

My only concern would be that as much as I might like and agree with many of the author's opinions, I would worry that someone who was a very new beginner would perhaps not see that they are just that - opinions. While I like her style and her confidence, I can see beginners who hadn't read other books first might take what she's said as being some kind of absolute truth. (i.e. her opinions on indoor vs outdoor ritual) I would recommend this book be read in connection with other books on the craft - but to be fair, even the author recommends this as part of the exercises of the book. Honestly, I think the author's pull-no-punches style is refreshing, but I can see how some might be bowled over a bit by it. This book isn't for fluff-bunnies.

For beginners who have read a bit already and for old fogies like me who like to see things with eyes anew from time to time. There's a lot here to think about, definitely - enjoy!
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on 15 November 2002
Although I am a witch of many years standing I found this a very informative book, so much so that I have ensured that each new coven member of mine has a copy for when working alone as an aid to the basics of learning to be aware of nature, its energies and the ways of the craft. The excercises are ideal for this, taking the reader/practioner through a step by step guide on their path with further reading lists at the end of each exercise for those who can't get enough of books. An excellent addition to anyones library.
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