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on 18 October 2001
I thought his first book was good but it does not compare to this one. Mick foley goes into more detail about his last months in the wwf and what a few last months they were. I've read all the auto-biographys (rock, chyna, have a nice day ) but none compare to this once you start you just can't stop. at the end of the book he has a cheap pop at certain groups of people which are just great and are worth buying the book for alone. For the true WWF fan this book is a must.
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on 22 May 2001
Yet again mick manages to startle, amaze and confound the reader with stories of his exploits and behind the scenes in the world of pro wrestling.Yet it is the mans humour and humanity that touch you the most. The more you read the more you discover that mick is a real person and the world would be a better place if we all had the kind of insight into ourselves that this man has of himself.Foley truly is GOOD!!!
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on 26 September 2001
Having read Have A Nice Day I could not wait for Foley Is Good. I was not disappointed. The book is well written and covers the last couple of years of Mick's career in the ring as well as more of his family life. This includes his thoughts on the video documentary 'Beyond The Mat'and his reflections on his friends and collegues in the world of wrestling. I was moved by his memories of sad deaths and I laughed at his Al Snow jokes. I have to say that I will also never look at Disney films in the same way again! Some of the American references can be hard to understand unless you are aware of Baseball/football stars and such like.But I think Mick is a great author and his books are very easy to read.He is also a very kind and wonderful man who works hard for charities and was one of the most popular WWF/WCW stars. I read the book in just 1 and 1/2 days, and I am looking forward to the next one. I have also read books about other WWF wrestlers The Rock and Diamond Dallas Page,and I am looking forward to Kurt Angles book It's True It's True.I would recommend Foley Is Good to anyone even if they don't like wrestling, it is very informative and will dispel any thoughts about wrestling being 'fake'.It is a good 'human interest' story that will appeal to everyone.
Have A Nice Day.
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on 30 April 2008
Compared to "Have a Nice Day", this book is pretty pointless. It seems more than anything to be a collection of Foley's random thoughts and political views on things, which get a little boring. I even found myself skimming through certain parts they were that bad/pointless.

In this book Foley seems to have tried to appeal to non-wrestling fans as well which really ruins the book as it seems to have no overarching point to it. There is very little in this book that these days you will not have, and surprisingly the humour in the book is just tired and not that funny at all. Wow, Mean Street Posse and Test jokes! How funny!

Have a Nice Day was superb, setting the standards for all other wrestling books after it. Foley is Good when measured against these standards, comes up short in many, many ways. Avoid unless you're a huge Foley fan, and even then go into it with low expectations.
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Who'd have thunk it? Mamma Foley's baby boy, a best selling author? Not once, not twice, but now, with the publication of "Foley is good" (a play on words - Foley's nickname among devoted fans is "Foley is GOD", Mick decided a while ago that he doesn't feel comfortable with this accolade, and always urges fans to insert the extra "O" on their signs!) he looks set to become a THREE time best selling author.
The first book - "Have A Nice Day" - was absorbing, riveting and groundbreaking - never before had a wrestler spoken so candidly in print about his career. The personalities and politics backstage, the highs of the WWF years and the lows of the WCW ones, the brutality of Japanese Death Matches, the dedication to always putting on the best show he could...it was all there in black and white - and I loved every second of reading it.
This second book is more of the same. Covering roughly the last 18 months of Foley's active wrestling career, we are once again treated to a slice of life backstage in the WWF, with the same blend of anecdotes, philosophical musings, inside revelations and Al Snow jokes.
Despite that, it falls short of the high standards set by the first book in my humble opinion. Why? I'm not quite sure. Perhaps it's because it covers a much shorter span in Foley's career, and is set in one Federation only, which means you don't get the same rich depth of different locations, situations and experiences. Perhaps it's because Foley resorts at times to what I feel are "filler tactics" to pad the book out. Hey, I'm a fan of roller coaster rides too Mick, but I don't want to spend a whole chapter reading about them, and then be treated to a list of your top ten favourite ones! I want to read about your wrestling career, dammit! Perhaps it's because the really juicy stories, giving a true insight into what the backstage personalities are REALLY like, we are given up in the first book and in this volume we know what to expect.
Whatever the reason, "Foley is Good" is still a fine read, and if you have even a passing interest in wrestling, you will find it fascinating. There are some hilarious moments in this book (gotta feel sorry for Test!) and some extremely intriguing ones as well - witness Mick's horror at the sudden realisation of just how badly a ghost writer would butcher his life story, and the subsequent burning desire this gave him to write the whole thing himself. There is also a re-examination of the death of Owen Hart in a chapter that is both moving and genuinely upsetting.
One of the books biggest strengths is, as ever, the blanket of complete honesty that Mick Foley wraps himself in. For instance, stepping back to the Owen Hart chapter for a second, he is honest enough to say that it's pointless to say whether Owen would have wanted the show to go on or stop, because nobody will ever know. It makes a refreshing change from the bleeding hearts who regularly claim that the show going on "is what Owen would have wanted". Foley is also candid about the end of his career - he is unafraid to admit that his body was letting him down and that he was cheating himself and the fans by turning in a series of sub-par performances - rare indeed is the professional athlete who can openly admit in such a public forum that they just can't get the job done anymore.
However, in comparison to the first book, there isn't the same richness in depth we were treated to in "Have A Nice Day" and I was left feeling a little unsatisfied. Being a self-confessed Foley mark, I had purchased the DVD of "Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops" days before I read the book, and much of the same information and feelings are expressed within that. Perhaps that had something to do with my feeling a little short changed, because ultimately, there weren't enough "surprises" in the book - I had head much of the same information already during the DVD.
"Foley Is Good" gets a definite thumbs up, but can't quite drag it's way past "Have A Nice Day" as my Foley Favourite! I would highly recommend it for anybody with an either an interest in Mick Foley or wrestling in general (hey, you're checking out this book, so you must be one of the two, right?!). By the way, if you have a penchant for the life stories of wrestlers, I urge you to check out "Pure Dynamite", the autobiography of Tom Billington, aka The Dynamite Kid. It's a superb read, and I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 20 May 2001
I bought his previous book Have a Nice Day and really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed this book because it is as funny and interesting as the first. Non wrestling fans will also enjoy it as it is not only about wrestling but also his fully considered and researched views about a variety of topics. I urge all people to buy this book as well as his first because they give you a greater understanding of wrestling especially the WWF.
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on 6 May 2011
simply put this is a great read, there are countless moments to laugh at and a few that may even bring a tear to your eye, this book is possibly even better than "have a nice day" if you like mick foley or if you just like a good autobiography every now and then, then foley is good should be on your reading list its warm, open and feels blissfully real
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on 26 October 2001
Mick Foley's second book was a great read.
It was a follow on from his first book, this book was more about the true side of pro wrestling.
Once again Mick talk's about the late Owen Hart which is moving.
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on 17 September 2015
Foley is not good, he's great. Good for any wrestling fan or perhaps even some casual fans.
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