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on 3 December 2004
The seventh volume of Janny Wurts' gripping Wars of Light and Shadow series (and penultimate in the Alliance of Light story arc) is an engrossing and captivating novel of twists and turns of confrontations and returnings as the characters deal with the aftermath of Arithon's flight across Daon Ramon Barren in the previous novel Peril's Gate. Wurts is at her emotionally lacerating best in the heart rending return of Braggen to the clan home in Halythwood and especially the long awaited re-union of Arithon and Elaira.
Traitor's Knot has the curiously ironical feature of Arithon and Lysaer effectively working towards the same end. The apparently contradictory oaths of Sulfin Evend, who plays a very welcome larger part, and his part in Lysaer's retrieval from enslavement add spice to the "Light" side of this story.
Traitor's Knot is an exciting, thought provoking tome in this magnificent and very under-rated series. Wurts has expertly arranged the characters in her world for the exhilarating finale of this arc in Stormed Fortress. A must read.
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on 29 May 2005
There are few who can claim to be at the peak of their writing, Steven Erikson, Raymond, E. Feist, David Gemmell, Pratchett and Janny Wurts.
Once again this epic saga of the cursed half- brothers flows faultessly from the page and sinks into my mind. I grab ten minutes at work and that extra hour before I sleep to read and read in amazement, when I know I should be grabbing that extra hour of sleep. Well not many good books are out there so I'll forgo sleep and communication with other people to revel in the storytelling of a master bard.
The story continues the vein of the previous 3, with you the reader trying to work out how much more can go wrong for Arithon, the shadow prince, while his brother goes about like a MP on cocaine, dealing in peoples emotion to achieve more hardships for his hard pressed brother and the Fellowship of 7 to survive. I won't even delge into the plot to tell you want happens, but will admit to a scintillating journey that always surprises you in the best sense possible. Roll on book 5 and beyond. Sate my apetite with more delights. Turn away from this epic saga only if you enjoy reading mediocre happy stories, Pick up book 1 (The curse of the Mistwraith) and read the saga from the start.... you will not be disappointed!
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VINE VOICEon 27 November 2005
Arithon remains in Kewar with Davien in order to learn what he may about his duties as initiate sorceror and pledged prince of Athera. In the meantime the world and his half-brother Lysear follow their own pace. Lysear becomes more and more riddled with the mistwraith's curse. Sulfin Evend (his lord commander) has given his own land-oath and sees how hollow his lord's claim to rule is. Still he stays, partly to keep his master from becoming involved with necromancy again (however unwittingly) and partly to keep the worst effects of the curse off.
In the end Arithon has to leave Kewar, this time to save a friend from worse than death at the Koriaithon sisters' hands.
Arithon is portrayed in a compelling manner. The book seemed a bit long-winded at times (explaining the 4) but all in all it was a highly entertaining read.
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on 31 December 2004
This continuation(book 4) of the Alliance of Light which is the 3rd arc in the Wars of Light and Shadow does not dissapoint. I have enjoyed reading this series from book one Curse of the Mistwraith. This book picks up where Peril's Gate ended and starts wrapping up plot points that have been hinted at and were there even if the reader did not notice them.
The continuing character devolement of the characters continue you see how their perceptions of things change when the they find out what they believe as truth or fact is wrong. And how they deal with the outcomes.
This book is shifting gears because of the next book in the series is the end of the story arc and getting all the pieces together to what I am sure will be a wonderful conclusion the the Alliance of Light.
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on 13 September 2011
I really like Janny Wurts...but..one of her strengths (to me at least) has been her willingness to write self-contained series, (Cycle of Fire) or standalone works, and I can't help but feel that this series has got away from her. Having said that there are some wonderful moments and I've enjoyed it at least as much, or more, than other authors(publishers?) who get carried away with extended series.
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on 7 December 2004
The same excellent quality as the previous books in the series,
although not quite as good as the last one since it doesn't really share the same awesome climax (in my opinion...I am sure many people will disagree on this)
The story is beginning to suffer slightly because of amount of books that has been written so far, this maybe should have been the last one rather than being the pen-ultimate book in the series.
Perhaps the issues in this book are vital for the last book , I am prepaired to give the author the benefit of the doubt since this has been the best fantasy series I have read in recent times.
I skipped a lot of the usual intricate prose (after waiting so long for the book to come out who can blame me) to get to the meat of the storie, but this will just make the second complete read the more enjoyable.
All in all it was well worth the money and I can't wait for the next one to come out.
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on 11 April 2007
For those of you that are looking to read a tale with the most gripping, amazing, emotional, involving, descriptive, awe inspiring, magical, action-packed 3 dimensional fantasy adventure.....look no further.

I can not recommend this series highly enough. It is truly masterful. Janny Wurts delivers time and time again, providing fantasy that continues to raise the bar beyond the imaginable.

From the moment you start this story you will slip into another world. A world that at times you will find almost impossible to pull yourself away from, back to reality.

The world that Janny creates is so vivid and full of wonder, the characters have almost become like members of my own family.

The impending release of every new book gives me the same feeling I used to experience as a child on Christmas eve. Trust me, your life will be a richer experience for reading this amazing tale.....What are you waiting for?
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on 18 March 2005
Unfortunately, I am not as good as Janny Wurts with words, but to say ohmygodthatwassoooooooooooooooooogood!! sums it up nicely. Been following the progress of the series for a few years now, and no matter how long the build up, Janny never fails to satisfy or astound the reader with interesting plot developments. I can't wait to see where the series will go next, and I almost never want the series to end!
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on 22 February 2013
I really loved this book, as I do most of Janny Wurts stories. It was a very good read and I could hardly put it down.
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on 13 January 2013
i would recommend this book,traitors knot, book 7 by janny wurts to family and friends i am enjoying the whole series
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