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on 30 April 2014
My daughter and I love this book - although she denies that I am like the main character... loyalty bless her!

I ordered this book as we have heard the story during a pre-school session and we both found amusing things in the story. I would recommend this to any parent as it will definitely give you a giggle.

The book was quite obviously 'pre-loved' which is a good sign for a children's book and the pencilled names inside just tell more of a story rather than give reason for complaint. I would recommend both the book itself and this seller.
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on 22 October 2002
Over the course of a day Mum changes into a monster as she becomes more and more stressed.
I read this book with my 'terrible two' after a bad week - we both knew where the book was coming from! Now all I have to say is "Mummy's tail is starting to grow" and he knows how cross I am without me having to raise my voice!
A very entertaining book for parents and children alike.
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on 6 October 2005
It's not often I find a book that my four year old and my not-quite-two year old both enjoy, but this one fits the bill, and I love reading it to them as well. It's funny, there's lots to relate to (especially for me), and it's well written and beautifully illustrated. Lots of details keep the older one happy: eg the fact that no one remembers to feed the cat until you close the back cover. If only all children's books were this good.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 August 2010
When Mum Turned Into a Monster" tells the story of all the mischief a young girl and her brother Sam get into on a very busy day for Mum. It starts off with a call with a call that their cousins and aunt will be coming for dinner. As Mum rushes about cleaning and get ready, the children are just as busy making one mess after another.

They are so busy squabling in the car, they fail to notice Mum's hands are turning green. when they reach the store, its more trouble and Mum's ears turn green but the children dont notice as run wild in the shop and squeel for sweeties. Throughout the day, Mum grows more like a monster with each naughty act. Finally Mum is a a green snorting fire breathing beast, but she sinks into a chair, exhausted and sobbing.

At this point the children realise their Mum is tired and has so much to do, so they pitch into help and at last Mum turns back into Mum again, apolgising for being cross. And then the cousins arrive, not noticing through their own naughty behaviour that their mother is growing a tale.

This story always brings a great deal of laughing and giggling, all the more so if we recognise ourselves a bit in the story. It also helps children to see a bit why Mum's may get a tired and cross at times, and of course that mum loves them all the same! He loves pointing out eaqch new monster part Mum grows. It's one of our favourites, and if my son has a really bad day, I can say "Uh oh I think my hands are turning green" to diffuse the problem with a smile, and he does get the idea.

Summary: A story you'll read again and again, highly reccomended for children ages 2-8 and Mothers of all ages.

Also reviewed on dooyou
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on 2 November 2001
First saw this book read on 'The Tweenies' when watching with the kids (2 and 5)- they thought it was a great story, and I felt it would be a fun way to get them to realise how I feel when they are particularly trying!...
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on 7 September 2007
I bought this book for my 4 year old's birthday back in July (it's September now) and both he and his 5 year old sister have asked me to read it to them every night since (even on holiday). They absolutely love it mainly I fear because they can really relate to what happens in the book! I also think it's a good way of getting children to understand how their actions make other people feel. When I had finished reading it to my children for the first time my 4 year old sat and thought for a minute and then asked me "Mum, do you feel like that when we are naughty?"
My friend has just read this book to her 2 year old and 5 year old - both were entranced by the story and the pictures and wanted her to read it again to them straight away - says it all really!
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on 8 December 1999
I am writing this review on behalf of my four year old son. Felix brought this book home from school and asked me to read it over and over,I've just come on to the net to buy him his own copy as he is at present lying in bed crying to hear the story ,not accepting it has gone back to school.Felix has an autistic spectrum disorder and difficulty in understanding emotions,this book uses the symbolism of mum turning into a monster as a fun way of visualising the characters anger and frustration with her childrens naughty behaviour.A great book, my boy loved it!!
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on 22 May 2008
We've all been there; those days when the children are like wild creatures stamping mud all over the clean floors, emptying one toy box after another, harassing each other and you. When this happens in our house and I'm shouting and generally losing my cool I hardly recognise myself. I certainly don't like what I catch glimpses of in myself in those moments.

This book gives stressed families of young children chance to sit quietly and reflect on the escalating bad tempers. It is humorous and accessible to children of about 4 years and up. They can identify with what the children are doing. The effects on their ficitonal mother are brilliantly illustrated by her gradual transformation into a wild, green monster. It engenders empathy for each other and helps give the children a sense of responsibility for the impact of their behaviour on others.

A marvellous book, highly recommended.
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on 14 October 2011
My kids absolutely love this and I must admit I find it fun too. All about how the stresses of the day slowly turn mum into a 'monster' it's great at getting both parents and children see how their behaviour can affect each other resulting in them turning into something they otherwise wouldn't be. Fun with an underlying message for all to understand - tongue in cheek stuff but with a happy ending.
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on 16 September 2010
As a mother of four children I've read lots of children's books and this is my favourite. The children all love it and I find it very therapeutic to read - I love the pictures of the messy house and empathise completely with the mother! My little ones half hope that I will start to grow a tail if they are naughty! A really fantastic book.
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