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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Flash for Freedom! (The Flashman Papers, Book 5)
Format: Paperback|Change
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I'm one of the few to have actualy read the book and listened to the CDs.
The book is brilliant, fabulous details, great notes and a swift no words wasted read.
The CD book is wonderful that never overstays its 5CD 6 hours listening at all.
Now that's the problem. It's abridged and a whole lot of the book was missed out for example the fabulous detail of Flash's stay on the slave plantation and importantly the interplay between Cassy towards the book's end and their chase from imprisonment is abridged and as an avid reader I miss that detail. If you compare this book with Flashman on the March you will see what I mean.
However if ever a set of books were written to be spoken the Flashman Papers are the tops.
Rupert Perry Jones does a brilliant job, well spoken, great characterisation of the voices especiallt Abraham Lincoln who makes an early entry into the Flashman world (If only the Flashman in the American Civil War had been written what a read that would be with all the hints given here and in Flashman and the Redskins!)
The CDs fairly chug along at a gallop and make a very satisfying car journey wonderful.

You finish the CDs with regret that the tale has ended not the relief you get from some marathom books that overstay their welcome.

Sheer brilliance in a box.
Buy it.
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on 14 August 2010
Mr Fraser seems to be getting better already which each book he writes. Only the third in the series, while he clearly hit his stride already within the first few pages of the first book, this one takes it all higher still.

Thea adventure, rogueishness, comedy and history come, well, flashing at you at high speed. There is little more to say without ruining it: it's great. It's funny, with an exceptional pace and the ultimate magnificent bastard as a main character.

It also, be warned, deals with some of the more unpleasant aspects of slavery - worse than what most people already know, I mean. There's some nasty stuff in there which makes you realise just how evil slavers were, beyond the generic 'well of course they were wrong, weren't then?'.
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on 10 April 2017
Tom Brown's School Days
first before you read this series of books.
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on 4 June 2017
Every Flashman book gets five stars. They never fail to entertain on the highest level. I just wish there were more in this world.
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on 23 March 2017
very good
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on 26 January 2017
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on 23 April 2017
This, the third installment of Flashman, is excellent. They just keep getting better and better. Flashy tries and fails to enter politics, and ends up on a slaver, as only he can, sailing from Africa to America, and then encountering all manner of misfortunes as he tries to make his way home. As usual, he meets many historical figures along the way, to say nothing of plenty of women as well. It's funny and totally politically incorrect, which makes it all the more hilarious, I just hope that doesn't make me a bad person.
An Angel's Alternative
Cold Steel on the Rocks
We Are Cold Steel
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on 15 March 2003
... MacDonald Fraser's skill as a writer and a historian are under-represented. "Flash For Freedom", like all the Flashman series, is beautifully written and the way the author has mixed historical fact with fiction is truly sublime. Extensive footnotes referring to the sources of his imagination reveal that MacDonald Fraser is a thorough researcher and emphasise the huge amount of effort that must have gone in to the creating of the series.
And then of course there's Flashy himself, self-confessed rake and poltroon, not to mention unashamed racist and snob. In this current age of political correctness "Flash For Freedom" is unapologetically outrageous; there is enough fuel here to fan the flames of feminist and Christian fury from now to Kingdom Come!
And yet that, maybe, is MacDonald Fraser's point. Through his protaganist's skewed morality he manages to present a vision of human nature that is troubling and thought provoking. Flashman's world was very different to our own but perhaps not that different underneath it all.....
This book is deeply amusing, thoroughly entertaining and a delight to read. Women may be turned off by Harry Flashman's vulgar and immoral nature, but between the enthralling historical narrative his wanton behaviour will no doubt appeal to the baser instincts of blokes everywhere!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 June 2011
For a long time people had expounded the brilliance of the flashman and the books are damn fine to read, i don't think it needs me or anyone else to write a review saying about the high quality of the writing and characters... but for me the real brilliance comes to the fore when the book is read by the likes of Rupert Penry-Jones.
I love to listen to the Flashman books on audio format when im on holiday, the only issue i have is to make sure i dont start talking like a Victorian cad whilst going to the bar to get a drink.

If you love the books and have not tried the audio format yet do so, i promise you its a whole new way to experience the world of Flashman, and if you are new to the Man...go on..you will love him.
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on 16 March 2011
He just can't stay out of trouble for two minutes can he? A misdemeanour here and another one there and he's sent packing half way across the world! And what a trek this time around; slaving in Africa and a bid for escape which spans the length of most of the southern states in America.

This is a book which certainly focuses the reader's attention on central themes of slavery and escape. Flashman is a through and through racist and as a result, there is a lot of racist language used throughout the book. Yet in this instance, in order to fully convey his personality and attitude towards others, the language is necessary because without it, it wouldn't be Flashman or representative of the period. I mention it only to give an advance warning if such language is likely to offend.

The book whilst being a fictional novel gave a fascinating description of the slave trade and of the various loopholes and anomalies which the unscrupulous used to traffic people across the globe and indeed across America itself. The book is meticulously researched and I found the notes at the back, almost as interesting as the story (but not quite). I always find I learn something new when I read the Flashman books as they are packed with fascinating history facts and incidents.

If you enjoy the Flashman books, you'll certainly enjoy this one. Be prepared to strap yourself in and chase after Flashy as he attempts to extricate his notorious hide from several perilously sticky situations!

Superb historical fiction.
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