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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2002
If you've seen the movie and are thinking of reading the book- DO IT! The plot is much more complex and far superior than that of the film. Don't be daunted by its size it's a great read. You'll want to read the entire set of Clancy's Jack Ryan novels after reading this. The Character build up is superb as are the action scenes. It is thoroughly thought provoking and ethical. Polilically sophisticated - Clancy at his Best
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on 4 August 2016
Brilliant. A great page turner with excellent characters. Like all of Clancy's work the technology is a little dated, but that can't be helped. The tension in the novel is great, especially with the introduction of Mr. Clarke and Chavez. They are great characters who play more of a role in later books. As with all of Clancy's books, his characters have a tenancy to speak the same way.

The plot of the war on drugs could seem a little dated, but now has a special relevance given what is going on in Philippines.

Clear and Present Danger is a great read. Full of spy intrigue, action and politics. Highly recommended.
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on 25 August 2001
Clancy introduces the reader to the moral ambiguity of a pre-Jack Ryan-led US government. On the one hand, the government wants to destroy the flow of illegal drugs into the US. However, the methods adopted to achieve this breach international law and when things go wrong, a scramble ensues amongst senior politicians, including the President, to "hush things up". Ryna's strong moral code kicks in and he sets out to save the lives of the soldiers deserted in Columbia, with little regard for his own career.
The introduction of Ding Chavez takes the strain off Clark being the only 'Superman' at Ryan's disposal in later novels and is a welcome addition to the cast in Clancy's novels.
The unpleasant nature of those at the top in government only serves to make us slighly wary of who really is leading us.
All in all, another excellent novel from Clancy, provoking us to wonder what actually goes on at the top levels of government as much as in the war against drugs.
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on 5 August 2016
My favourite of the Clancy novels thus far. Not sure if I agree with the politics, I think the war on drugs has been lost for along time but this is a well executed page turner that entertained from beginning to end.
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on 12 November 2001
The only other Clancy book i had read before this was "Rainbow 6" and i thought that no other book would be as exciting, but this book prooved me wrong. The action scenes are very good, they are exciting and graphic, the political scenes are complex and exciting. The storyline in this book really makes you think about if such secret, covert, wars are really being wadged out there, and if so, is this really how it's done. Another stuuning book by Clancy, I recommend to all
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on 3 March 2012
Tom Clancy does it again. The US President initiates a personal vendetta against the Columbian Medelin Drug Cartel. Saying they constitute a "Clear and Present Danger" to the security of the USA. Using the CIA and military forces the President authorises a covert action against the Drug Barons during an Election Year. Only to find that the operation is compromised and has to be shut down, with devastating circumstances. Enter Jack Ryan, who as acting DDI due to Admiral Greers sickness, and has no knowledge of the operation taking place, has to sort out the mess.

If there is one Tom Cancy novel you must read, it's this one. A lot better than the film version!
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on 4 May 2005
The book begins like modern headlines and top stories in the news: a Coast Guard boat discovers several dead bodies on a drifting boat out at sea ... piecing together the scenes ... the Captain and his crew understand the grisly details which became all too clear. Before the discovery, they announce their intention to board the boat, only to find two Columbians who speak little and look guilty as sin. The Captain and crew have the presence of mind to record on film permanently what the encountered. They nearly gag at what they find. Contrary to usual procedure, they create a "justice at sea" bogus trial based on some ancient mariner's manual. It is just the right scenario to create fear in their prisoners which extracts a confession from them that the Coast Guard believes will stand up in court and get them prosecuted.
In Washington, DC clandestine operations are executed for a secret American plan to use the most talented night warriors the US Army has ever produced to fight the drug cartel in Columbia, on their own turf. The select group all have Spanish roots and were salvaged from a life on the streets, where they would surely work against the system, to build a clean life in the Army ... the better alternative.
This book shows how power politics, secret hand-shake decisions, and behind the scenes operations occur which could shake up the core values of a country. Clandestine activities work outside the boundaries of national and international law. If they were made public, there would be a huge outcry from USA citizens and of the world judgement. It is at this time that Jack Ryan becomes Acting Director of the CIA. The CIA Director is in the hospital with a terminal illness ... The current president has not a clue of how the drug war is being fought and won. He is only aware of the results: drug cartel airplanes are being shot down and the US is winning. It is an election year, his main concern is gaining a positive standing in the polls and with world opinion. He knows very little of reality ... Meanwhile when the second in command of the drug cartel is discovered to have acted on *highly* classified information, known only to a *select* few, the accusations in Washington, DC fly. An insider investigation begins to discover where the leaks occured ... This book is nonstop action and difficult to put down. Each chapter reveals another complex episode which adds another layer of under-handed deals and shady activity, all of which make this a most satisfying reading experience.
Although at times this novel is difficult to follow, the subject matter is contemporary and the unfolding events are highly plausible, making it one unstoppable page turner. The planning and execution of the ninja-styled warrior commandos is superb, the covert operations highly ingenious, the political subterfuge and communications are labyrinthine, shocking in their believability. Expect only the best from Tom Clancy ... you will never be disappointed.
Erika Borsos (bakonyvilla)
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on 22 April 2015
This books introduces new kind of enemy. Not terrorists, not foreign government, but drug cartel. Also introducing recurring character Domingo Chavez. Ryan has to adjust to his new role of Deputy Director of CIA, and as always when he comes to new position, he is faced with antagonism of senior colleagues. The movie based on this book is nowhere near as good as the book.
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on 25 February 2005
Clear and Present Danger takes us to the war against the Colombian drug cartels but at heart its a moral about the abuse of power, and corruption. I have always been impressed by this book, and I feel it stands up far better today than most of the other Jack Ryan books. Its a bit slow at first, but once things get underway, it seems to take off, with plenty of intrigue, tension, and epic battles. The pace slips a bit when Ryan and Clark are planning their rescue of the soldiers in Colombia but the climax pays off in spades. I think the book would have been a tad better without the Cold War stuff too, as its really only these parts that have dated, and aren't really that important to the main story. If it wasn't for these flaws, I'd have given this 5 stars.
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on 7 January 2001
The colombian drug lords tired of getting pushed out of the American markethave killed the American Ambassador and the head of the FBI. But the terrorists didn't think for a second that the American President would retaliate by sending small lightly armed groups of soldiers that are in colombia and only high ranking US generals and Senators know about. When drug factories start falling the drug lords send their heavily armed groups of men in.
This is the first book that has Ding Chavez in as a keen sargent who has been picked because of his stealth. This is also the first book John Clark is in as the CIA's top man in the feild he discovers Chavez and takes him under his wing. Admiral Greer is in the final stages of his illness and is going to die so Jack Ryan is stand in head of the CIA. Ryan after finding out that the soldiers are in trouble must bring his and Admiral Greer's athority tothe rescue of the six teams trapped ontop of six mountains.
One of Clancy's more complex thillers if your not into it by half way you won't get into it. This book has less about Ryan and more about political difficulties in these situations and soldiers fighting for their lives truely thrilling
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