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Customer Review

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 November 2019
Not gonna lie, am an overweight nerd who wants to get fit and I'm somebody who finds the gym gets boring quick and am not much of an outdoorsy person, but I'm a huge gamer so something like this appealed as I don't mind childish looking games.

As a fitness game, it's great, it gives you a good and varied work out and it works you into each work routine and provides good fitness and health advice along the way. You also have the option to practice certain workouts and also a variety of mini games to beat your own (or a friend's) top score. The way the Adventure part of the game is designed works well to keep you in a good work out with the feeling of achieving goals each time you make it to the end of a level.

As an interactive game, it works nicely because the controls are very responsive and of course you run to move, which means if you're not lifting those legs, neither is your character. It works as a nice warm up before you getting in monster battles. Monster battles are more designed to a mix of muscle and yoga-based workouts whilst the bits in between help with your cardio.

The difficulty level can be adjusted to your fitness level. Meaning if you're unfit as me (and I am very unfit), you will be eased in, still break a sweat but not feel like you're about to keel over. Though I cannot comment fairly on the hardest difficulties for anybody who is fit. There is also a nice touch, there's a silent mode that adjusts your workout so that you don't disturb anybody who might be in the room below you. It also has an alarm to remind you of your workout schedule even if your Switch is turned off. You can even do workouts with the Ring Fit with your Switch in standby mode so you can still record what you do if you so decided so you aren't confined to just the game. They've definitely put an awful lot of thought into it.

As an RPG and it is an RPG and I'm an RPG gamer so I'm gonna weigh in on that. It's "okay". The Adventure feels very much gauged to young kids, yet at the same time I don't think they're the target audience, but I suppose at least it's accessible to people of all ages. The character called "Ring" is very annoying and I'd probably have hated him as a kid too, but I can appreciate the workout based puns at least, as somebody who lives on bad puns. Drageux looks like he's on steriods and the story is very cheesy and very basic. It's not going to win any prizes for story or characterisation.

However, in terms of mechanics, you've got a fair number of the basics you might expect from an RPG, you've got a battle system, you've got items you can use, you've got a shop where you can buy and sell stuff, you've got gear, you've got levelling and stats, you can customise your skill loadout and you have crafting. Your skill loadout choice is meaningful, because there is a rudimentary elemental weakness system in the battle system (based on colours) and different skills offer different potencies and scope in attack.

I think the RPG element to it I think demonstrate the kind of depth a game using this control system could have. To that effect I hope the RingFit is not a one-game type deal. I'd be interested in future games that take it the next step further, mask the "fit" aspect more to have a more detailed in depth RPG element to it as the foundations are there. Then it'd feel less like you're playing a fitness game, but a game with plot and elements to drive you to move on. I feel like if we were to see something take that direction, it may trick more gamers into exercise. I think something like Final Fantasy Mobius could be adapted to this control system because it has a linear progression between fights like Ring Fit Adventure has, it has turn-based battles that work on interactive input (in Mobius's case it's the touch screen, but that could be adapted). At least this is the kind of potential I see for the controllers.
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