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Customer Review

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 August 2018
It is easy to feel a little overwhelmed by choice in today’s saturated underpant market, too much choice and one-click ordering means buyer-regret is a real risk. I admit to buying ‘bargain’ pants in the past, but due to personal reasons I am no longer willing to compromise on undergarment quality. Price alone however, is not a good indicator of quality and I have had my fingers burnt with pants that simply do not live up to their marketing hype. I know many share my frustrations judging by our local charity shop’s bargain underwear box which contains hundreds of donated pants, many of which I do not recognise. I was discussing the hit-or-miss nature of pant purchasing with a friend of mine who really knows his onions on the subject and he recommended LAPASA Boxers. I was a little sceptical at first, but he invited me to feel the quality of the elastic just visible above his belt; very impressive! I ordered a four-pack in a lovely hygienic navy-blue colour for next day delivery.  Now, I have opened many packs of mail-order pants in my time, but I can honestly say I don’t recall ever saying “wow” before! These pants were something special and I freely admit I went to bed that night excited about trying them on in the morning.  I am a busy man and It is fair to say I really put the LAPASAs through their paces. From providing considerable support during my morning stretches and busy commute, to requiring no adjustment after climbing three flights of stairs, they performed admirably. Most impressively, enhanced support and security did not come at the expense of pant handling/mobility in any way, meaning I could remove and replace my undies rapidly and at a moments notice.  Finally, a point missed by many reviewers is how the LAPASAs make laundry days a doddle, especially for lovers of spicy food. Even at today’s eco-friendly low temperatures, I find it no longer necessary to pre-scrub my smalls and then wash them twice, which is good the environment and my wallet!  For me the the search is over and these highly recommended pants are now my go-to underwear.

As a fallow-up:
It’s been a number of months since I reviewed the Lapsas underpants and they certainly have proved the are more than a flash in the pan. Looking through my pant ledger, it’s been around 20weeks since this review and in that time, the Lapsas have taken everything I have thrown at them, including several washes. In September I attended a team building session at a restaurant that only served ‘foreign’ food, previously I have had to discard otherwise serviceable pants due to an ill-advised jalfrezi. This time? Nope, just a couple of minutes of vigorous scrubbing with a coal-tar based soap and they were as good as new. Finally I can watch David Attenborough without feeling guilty that a poor manatee is choking on a pair of my discarded browns. Aside from the environmental benefits, these pants provide the perfect balance between freedom and support. Too many pants either cup too tightly or, even worse, Leave ones Testicles free to roam these pants are unbelievable, it’s like someone gently cupping your junk... 24/7

Further update :

I was at the urinals and the guy next to me kept glancing over, I naturally thought he was admiring my exquisitely shorn bush, but then he said “Are they Lapasa briefs??” I said “Why yes the are”. He followed up with “Do you mind, if I...”, I replied “of course not! Have a feel”. He warmed his hands under the dryer then ran his hands all around, admiring the space-age material. “I just love the understated grey colour, the elasticity is impressive, ... oh, how is the wicking performance?” he asked. “It’s amazing, I can now run with confidence knowing these babies are keeping everything down there in optimal condition, I don’t even bother taking spare ‘half-way’ pants and wet wipes anymore”. He took his hands out and just said “Great bit of kit, you really know your pants.” As I was pulling them back up, I was just glowing with pride.
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4.4 out of 5
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