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Customer Review

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 December 2020
I love classic Zelda gameplay, in any flavour, from the 2D originals to the breathtaking, fully 3D open-world of Breath of The Wild. I also love rhythm games like Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven in the west) and Osu Tataken Ouendan (Elite Beat Agents, here). I also like Rogue-likes.

In my opinion, this game is one of the most enjoyable, refreshing entries to the Zelda series in many years. The game sees Hyrulean heroes crossing over with the universe of the previously-unknown-to-me ‘Crypt of the Necrodancer’ franchise, from which it borrows much of its gameplay mechanics. I enjoyed this so much however, I have already preordered the deluxe version of ‘Crypt of the Necrodancer’ itself for Switch.

The combat plays out sort of like a real-time, fast-paced metronomic chess; where strategy and planning a few steps ahead are the order of the day.

I only found the keeping the beat mechanic a tiny bit cumbersome and irritating when having to move to the beat through a screen containing baddies that I maybe couldn’t despatch of because I didn’t have a certain item yet. This is like treading treacle sometimes, but only adds to the sense of relief of being able to move freely once all enemies are eliminated and the high tempo music ebbs into a soothing, calm and gentle rendition.

Die hard fans of classic Zelda gameplay will either find these changes the most novel thing to happen to the franchise or complete sacrilege. I of course am the former, and have loved playing this, which is also great fun co-op.

• 2D 16-bit Zelda aesthetic featuring a lot of nice visual effects, and definitely a graphical step up from the SNES Link to the Past visuals. An aesthetic like if there were a 32 bit remaster of Link to the Past, for want of a better description.
• Classic Zelda items, baddies, collectibles; all ow which will be comfortably familiar to fans of the series.
• Excellent combat mechanic - the “keep the beat” gameplay can be toned down to make it easier or entirely disabled for the terminally rhythm-less, so don’t let that be a deal breaker.
• Fantastic soundtrack(s) featuring multiple different chip tune renditions of your favourite pieces of Zelda music.
• Fully randomised dungeons, which are (being random by nature) a lot less themed, structured and logical than the main series.
• Semi-randomised overworld, with each individual screen on the map being a fixed tile containing certain elements, but which is placed randomly within the map grid on game start.
• Main game quite short but the procedurally generated elements, multiple characters and co-op mode add very significant replay value.
• Play as many different characters with unique abilities from the Zelda franchise (‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’)
• Probably one of the most original thing to happen to the Zelda franchise in YEARS.
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4.5 out of 5
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