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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 June 2017
I bought this pet carrier for my small dog as he has a tendency to try and move around in the car when I'm driving.
The carrier comes in one piece and there is no assembly required.
You simply loop the strap across the head rest, and place the carrier on the seat.
My cavalier King Charles spaniel can sit comfortably with room to spare.
I can attach the harness to his collar and this prevents him from moving around too much and also from falling on the floor if I break harshly.
The reason why I like this carrier more than others is that the attachment for the collar is central to the seat, as opposed to others which are clipped into the seat belt, the problem with clipping into the seat belt is that if you break harshly the dog will fly to the side instead of straight forward.
This product solved this problem perfectly.
Obviously please check the dimensions of the carrier to make sure that your dog will fit, however, most cats should be fine without checking.
The quality of the materials are good, and it feels well made and durable.
Really happy with my purchase, and my dog seems to really enjoy sitting in it.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 27 August 2017
This Pet seat arrived well packaged in a Plastic Bag

The Bag contained 1x Pet Seat, 2x Side rods

As we've just got a new Pup, I thought we had best get him something to sit in for car journeys, so we bought this.

When you get this seat you will have to firstly insert the two provided rods into the nylon hoops on the upper left and right sides. This is to provide rigidity to the sides and prevents the box from caving in on itself.

This seat has been well made out of good durable material. The box your pet sits in is made from a nylon cloth with is water resistant and easy to clean. The seat itself is held in place by two sturdy nylon straps that hook over the seats headrest, the rear strap holds it in place and the front strap provides stability. I actually found it is more stable if you hook the rear strap over the seat the box is sat on, and then use the front strap on the seat in fronts head rest. Either setup though give your pet a comfortable and clean safe haven in the car. There's an adjustable strap in the seat that clips onto your pets collar to prevent him from running around and escaping. My Pup is a King Schnauzer and he fits in it with plenty of room to spare. There is also a zip fastening front pouch and a pair of elastic straps for storing pet accessories / supplies. As the sides are mesh it ensures there is always a good flow of air to prevent your pet from overheating. All of the supports on this are soft and pliable so it's unlikely your pet can injure itself on any of them.

This is perfect for my Auto / Doggy needs, it gives my Pup a space in the car that he knows is his own, and prevents him from jumping all over the car like he used to and causing a possible distraction. Not only that but all the wirey dog hairs are now kept in one place. Over all I'm very happy with my purchase.
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on 7 August 2017
Bought this for our motorhome to stop our Yorkshire terrier jumping off the seat (even though she was strapped in with a dog safety strap) plenty of room for her (she weighs about 9lb) well made and it stoppped her sliding about all over the place. I hooked it over front seat in motorhome and threaded lap belt around loops at the front to make it extra secure. It came in a plastic bag and can be folded back into it if needed.
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on 18 July 2017
Far higher quality than some similar ones being sold. This is great! Keeps my little puppy secure in the car and the sides are high enough to stop her leaping over. The bars to keep the sides straight are great too and it stops the puppy from being the sides down. It's just an all round great product my only change would be a longer strap as mine was a bit too short to keep the carrier on the seat and strapped in. But I sorted it by adding in one of the straps from something else.
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on 11 December 2017
You get what you pay for, this is not sturdy enough for my pug, she flattens the sides so I'm going to make a hard lining to make it sturdier, I'm also going to purchase some dense foam to put underneath it to give it more support due to it sinks in the middle and the straps that go around the headrest aren't enough, I'm also going to add a strap to go on the back and around the car seat to prevent it moving forward and remove the elastic collar clip and put in one that does not stretch. By doing this I think it will be more substantial, do the job better and my little dog will be safer.
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on 27 April 2017
Excellent product for the price... nice and roomy for our full coat shihtzus 😃
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on 11 August 2017
Only tried this once, so far, with my little shih ztu cross girl that hates the car. It feels nicely constructed, but obviously a little flimsy as it's only fabric, with small supports you push through on both sides. When she was inside it, it didn't collapse or anything. She stayed there happily enough and slept all the way home.
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on 4 July 2017
Nice enough seat, well finished, looks good - but it hasn't got any sort of support to the frame and collapses with the weight of my pooch. He's at the higher end of the recommended weight range but not completely, so expected it to be sturdy enough for him.
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on 8 April 2018
Arrived really fast. Easy to install seems really secure when it's all clipped in. The clip that attaches to the harness is a wee bit long but I have a toy breed puppy weighs less the 5lb at the moment I'm sure once she's a bit bigger it will be fine.
It does work quite well as a carry case as long as your doggy is happy to stay put and not bounce around ( which mine does!)
All in all great item for the price can recommend the item and seller. A+++
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on 5 March 2017
Only downside it sides are too flexible so my pup can squash it down and not too easy to clean
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