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on 22 April 2017
Great looking bin. Pedal function very smooth and lid does not slam shut. Contains smells. May be a bit small for larger families, but all it means is that you may need to change bin bags during the week. Do not buy the Brabantia bin bags as far too expensive and you can get cheaper ones in supermarkets or DIY stores that work just as well.
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on 1 February 2018
I'm more or less 100% happy with this bin. Wish I'd spent my money earlier to be honest instead of wasting a tenner at a time for crap plastic bins. My example is perfect and flawless, really nicely finished (platinum colour which matches other items in my kitchen). 30 litres keeps a fair amount of rubbish and the Brabantia bags (which you can get off Amazon for about 15p a go, in packs of 40) seem great. They fit perfectly and are very easy to use. The soft close aspect of the bin is great, as is the inherent hygiene of a foot operated mechanism. The only drawback to me, and this could be described as a bit of a design flaw, is that the lid hinge is external, meaning the lid will bang off the wall if it is placed too closely. I'm going to fix this by putting something behind the bin so it physically can't get too close to the wall. So, a flaw in my eyes but not impossible to resolve. I'm really impressed with this nice, slimline, aesthetically pleasing bin.
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on 28 November 2017
- It's pleasant to look at.
- It's solidly made with good fit and finish.
- It comes with a sample pack of 5 of the custom-fitted bin liners.

- The lid has a mechanism to slow it down when it's closing, but it still closes fast enough to make a clang every time that I found annoying.
- The custom-fitted liners are very thin and they have holes punched in them (presumably as an anti-suffocation measure) which I think makes them unsuitable for use in a bathroom bin because the contents or odours could leak out as you're taking the used bag out.
- There's not a groove or anything that you can grip if you want to lift the lid up manually with your hand. It is possible to lift it up by hand, but it's awkward.

One of those problems might have tolerable, but with all three I decided to return it and try a different brand.
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on 29 September 2017
Just arrived and already noticing a big difference from our last 'rubbish' bin! Excuse the pun! This brushed steel effect bin seems really solid, it doesn't show all the marks like the old polished metal one did, the oedal movement is smooth and feels stable and substantial but easy to push, the lid opens smoothly and quietly and shuts slowly and quietly also. The slow, smooth movement, helps prevent nasty niffs and dust and flyaway bits escaping the bin also. Overall very happy - plus comes with 10 year guarantee if you complete the regiatration form. What's not to like?
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on 10 June 2017
When I purchased the bin I also purchased a supply of size A 3 litre liners as 'recommended' in the "Frequently bought together" section. However, the bin came with 5 size V 3 litre liners and that was confirmed by the size recommendation inside the bin lid.

I contacted Brabantia via the web form on their site and the reasonably prompt reply contained the following explanation:
Begin Quote.
The "A" liners are a little to large (you can still use them) for the newicon bin & would require the "V" liners, the problem is the new liners will be out in around 3/4 weeks for sale.

The codes will change as the older style bins & liners sell out & will only then have the "V" on them & with those liners you will get a perfect fit for the newicon syle bins.
End Quote.

In fact at the time of writing V size bags *are* in stock on the UK Brabantia site but only in the largest quantity (240 waste bags). I note that Amazon prices for Brabantia bin liners (various sizes) appear to be that same as those listed on the Brabantia site (at the time of writing there are no V size liners listed on Amazon).

My comments only relate to the "Brabantia Pedal Bin newIcon with Plastic Inner Bucket, 3 Litre - White" but the other bin sizes in the range may also specify different code sizes than those currently recommended/available on the Amazon product pages. Given that the bins come with 5 liners it would seem wise to buy the bin before ordering additional liners in order to be sure you are ordering the correct size code. If you register the bin with Brabantia and at least agree to receive their newsletter, by return email you get a 10% off code your next purchase from the Brabantia site which you could use to purchase liners if you wish.

I have no problems with the bin itself and am considering whether to use my 10% code to purchase a second larger size bin for another room in addition to a supply of liners for both bins.
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on 28 February 2018
I bought this bin because of its bright yellow colour. Thats the only reason.

Lid is more rounded at the top compared to my previous Brabantia kitchen bin. I like this more retro style look on current model
Overall construction and appearance are good quality.

No carry handle at the back to help lift the bin. My previous Brabantia had a handle.
Lid doesn't stay up like my previous Brabantia. Previously it could be pushed back to hold open
I bought "Daisy yellow". Its not quite the bright yellow as pictured. More of a Mustard yellow.

Summary - Its quite an expensive bin for £50. I still bought it because its the only yellow bin I could find on the market. Overall 4-stars.
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on 2 September 2017
The 3L size is a really good size for the bathroom.

As others have commented, the white colour is not as I expected, it is a creamy colour more than a brilliant white colour, it still looks nice but I would have preferred it to be more of a brilliant white. I've reduced it to four stars due to colour discrepancy only.

The bin itself is very well made, and has s soft close lid which is nice.
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on 30 August 2017
I just received the small 3L bin, it's just the right size for my bathroom, the soft close lid is good and the anti tipping mechanism is great which is the reason why I bought this bin. I had bought a cheaper bin which tipped over every time i pressed on the pedal, waste of money. I bought the white although it's not a bright white but I'm very happy with it and 5 free bin liners, great!
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on 31 January 2018
Bought as a seconds - with a few dents on lid. Happy enough for ensuite bin and worth what I paid. Hoping 10 year warranty will make it last. Very nice quality. No flimsy at all. Surprised the lid was dented in the first place. Nice soft close action, which is new novelty for us, but makes getting ready quietly at 5am easier on other half. Looks really nice. Much better than cheaper versions available. Lovely and shiney polished finish. Not Chrome but equally attractive. Feels very well made. Very please so far.
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on 25 December 2017
Great bin! I was a bit worried about spending so much on a bin but when our old pedal bin broke, I needed a new one. The lid is lovely and closes gently. The pedal appears sturdy and will hopefully last through all my children stepping on it. The color is nice and muted. The sample bag was so nice I have gone and bought some more.
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