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TomTom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch with Music and Bluetooth Headphones, Large Strap - Black/Green
Size: Large Strap|Style: Music + Headphones|Colour: Black/Green|Change
Price:£229.50+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 8 June 2017
The Tom Tom runner 3 is absolutely brilliant, it ticks all the boxes and it has all the features I've always needed.
The design is pretty nice, you can choose the strap you like and you can also change it if you get bored of it. I got the black and green strap, which is pretty cool. It's very comfortable and very easy to close and secure thanks to the three connection points. You will need to take the watch off the strap when you need to charge it, but it's extremely easy to do and you don't need to do it so often.
The battery life is pretty good in my opinion, it constantly counts your steps and monitors your heart rate, if you just use it as a watch it can go for over a week without charging.
When using GPS and music at the same time I usually charge it after three days (one 1h long outdoor activity per day plus indoor gym activities with no GPS).
The earphones pairing can be tricky at first: I had to try a few times before I could pair my headset (also make sure there are no other bluetooth devices in range other than the headset), but once paired it gets recognised in a couple of seconds. The sound quality is good and you also get audio audio feedback when wearing earphones and I also get no stuttering or audio drops, not even outdoor, but that depends on where the bluetooth receiver is placed in the headset: mine is on the lefthand side, so that helps a lot.
The heart rate monitor is extremely precise, just make sure you're wearing the watche reasonabily tight. The GPS is the best receiver I've ever used: better than my smartphone or my old running watch (which is what I would expect from a Tom Tom device). It tracks my run so precisely it's hard to believe, both between buildings or trees (I usually run in a park).
The watch is waterproof, you can swim with it. I haven't tried swimming, but I take a couple of showers per day without taking it off and it's not been affected at all.
Running feature: you get all the relevant real time data (heart rate, pace, distance and so on), all uptaded every second, and you can also select different training types. The treining mode I found more useful is intervals! You can customise warmup time (or distance), work, rest, number of sets and cooldown, perfect for HIIT.
There are multiple tracking mode: run (outdoor), treadmill (indoor), cycle, freestyle, swim, indoor cycling, stopwatch and gym. I use the gym mode when I do HIIT on the cross trainer, the watch has no knowledge of the cross trainer resistance, but for some reason the burned calories are pretty damn close to the number displayed on the cross trainer, I guess it uses your current heart rate to work out the burned calories.
With the runner 3 you can also prepare a trail on the PC and download it to the device, so you can foollow it during the activity (there is also a built in compass). I've never used it yet, but it's useful if you like trail running.
You can pair the watch with your smartphone using the tom tom my sports app, which is pretty nice. When you sync the watch data you can get the usual insight on your activities and progression (you can also track your sleep), set the goals and so on. The activity view is very complete and you can analyse your splits, all the recorded data based on the distance and anything you may need. The app also syncs with every famous running app, so I just track my activity with my watch and I don't have to worry anymore about runkeeper, it never failed so far and all the data is synched (GPS data and heart rate graph too).
I'm really happy with my runner 3, I don't know if pro runners might demand more, but it's just perfect for all my needs. If you like running and going to the gym and having your music everywhere you need it, then the runner 3 is the right device for you.
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on 5 August 2017
So, I've had this for a week now and believe I've finally got the hang of it... so here goes.

I had real difficulties in uploading music onto the watch to start with. Turns out all of my music was ripped to my PC as a Windows Media Audio File, not an MP3, and as such the device wouldn't find the playlist. This means that everything I have on my PC is incompatible, which means either converting the lot with a 3rd party programme, or re-ripping the lot from CD in MP3 format. A simple improvement that TomTom could make is to make it recognise the .wma file type, and even the .wpl playlist file type, because then everything would work fine, but I'm probably the only dinosaur still using Windows Media Player as my primary music programme.

The Bluetooth headphones are good. Connecting to the watch and also my phone (not at the same time, obviously) easily and giving good sound quality. The noise-cancelling aspect means you get a lot of vibrations transmitted as sound but if you don't fit them too tight it's ok.

It always amazes me that this thing can read the signal from a satellite in space, but it takes so long to connect via Bluetooth to the phone to sync the runs. But, knowing this I just line them up next to each other while I stretch off or shower and it's done by the time I'm ready to look.

One negative for me is that the watch itself doesn't show you details of your latest activity. Once you hit pause or stop, you can't see your progress (pace, duration, distance etc) unless you sync it to your phone, which means unless you're looking whilst you're running or as you stop then you have to wait to find out the results. This is the only thing that costs the watch being 5 stars, because the other things I put down to teething issues.

The watch picks up satellite quickly... certainly before I've stretched and warmed up anyway. Accurate positioning, and clear readout with a bunch of options for what your main screen shows.

The app automatically sync's to popular tracking websites including Strava and Runkeeper, so these get updated immediately upon synchronising the watch with the phone. This is handy because then you can compare life pre-watch with the new, more modern post-watch life.

The watch also does step counting and sleep monitoring etc, as well as other sports. I didn't buy for these reasons so can't comment... I'm a runner and just want to get better insight into my pace consistency (manually uploading to runkeeper isn't good enough any more). No gadget on my wrist is going to tell me I'm not sleeping well or I need to get up and walk another 1000 steps.

All-in-all, I'm pleased with my purchase. Getting through the teething issues and learning by doing has helped, and I'm looking forward to getting out more and more.
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on 30 August 2017
Think very hard before spending your money on this watch - if you can afford better, go for it. The GPS is incredibly slow to pick up, and then inconsistent when running. The battery life is appalling. The music app is a waste of time - you have to add playlists and the controls on the GPS headphones are clunky at best; and the headphones themselves stay on very badly and cut in and out so much that you may as well not bother. And the connectivity to add activities to your (e.g.) Strava is far from what I hoped for. All in all this was an awful purchase and I will be spending even more money on a Garmin - this will have to sit in a drawer and exist as a (£135!!) reminder to listen to my friends more :)
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on 8 October 2017
I am delighted with this watch. It is good to see updates to the watch and the website. I have had two minor issues since I purchased the watch. On one occasion I drained the battery completely and it took a couple of charges to sort it out. My advice, charge it regularly, charging is quick, so, maybe charge at breakfast time, it'll be ready to go by the time you leave the house.

The other problem i have had was sleep tracking, but, I think that was a problem with me sleeping badly rather than a problem with the watch, the sleep tracking is based on movement or lack of it, this works well most of the time for me.

GPS works well, much better in our area than any other device I have used, it has not lost GPS once so far.

Latest updates include workouts for selected activities, I look forward to trying this out.
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on 31 March 2018
Finally! I've purchased a running watch that is comfortable to wear, intuitive to use, highly durable, great to look at and fantastic value for money!

I'm running a marathon in April and so I purchased this Tom Tom watch in January as a device to aid my training. I wanted a device that would accurately monitor/display my distance, time and average pace. I don't care too much about all the other bits of data that can be created. I just want these three simple pieces of data clearly displayed and logged, and that's exactly what this watch does. It also does it for almost a quarter of the price of some other leading running watch brands that I researched! This is a watch that definitely won't be going back in the drawer, never to be used again.

The battery life is pretty good as well. I've only needed to charge it once a week. The app for the watch on my iPhone is also great for additional data. The only minor downsides I've found is that the re-changing connector is a little loose when attaching to the watch, but it still charges so it's not a big issue. I also do a lot of swimming and I found that the swim monitoring algorithm wasn't very accurate, but to be fair I've tested many other competitor devices and they're not that accurate for swim data either. There is a multi-sport version of this watch so maybe that is more accurate for the swim data...

I also like the watch control interface which is a large square cursor located below the screen display. The big advantage I've found with this control is that it's really easy to use when wearing gloves in winter training. The watch interface is very intuitive and no user manual is required to get to grips with this product.

Well done Tom Tom on designing such a cracking device. Fantastic value for money!
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on 4 June 2018
Battery lasts long enough for me (but depends on what activity you are recording - GPS usage may drain it off quickly). Charging from nothing takes ca. 1hr - usually I charge it every 3-5 days
All functions easy to understand and I had no need to read manuals.
There are some issues with wireless synchronization. USB sync works very well every time.
I had to buy a new strap after 5 months of heavy usage (wearing 24/7) and it is more than 20 pounds.
The strap is not too comfortable - you have to wear it quite tight to read heart rate correctly. I have to change the hands I have TT R3 on ( eg I put it on the right hand when sleeping) to give my skin some "rest" time.
I bought it as black Friday deal for less than 60. For that price, it is a really good deal.
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on 14 April 2018
So far so good with this watch. I like the fact it is so slim and when I compared the distances with my sisters Garmin watch, which was twice as expensive, it showed exactly the same distances, so the GPS part works fine. The watch functions were as expected. The only thing I would like to change is the format of the data that is shown on screen e.g. whilst running I would like to see my Pace time/km and Distance run/km in really big characters as when I race these are the most important stats for me to stay on target. But overall the watch looks great, and the strap is so comfortable you would hardly know you have it on your wrist. Top quality watch.
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on 22 October 2017
Great watch with plenty of easy to use timing facilities, ( currently using cycle, run and swim) only disappointment was the quality of the strap. It broke after 3 months. Tom Tom were, however, absolutely brilliant and replaced the strap straight away and this second one seems to be stronger.
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on 23 June 2017
This is my first runners watch but it's great, I've not used the music function yet so can't rate it. The GPS tracking is really accurate with only 2 seconds difference from my greatrun 10k time. I've also uploaded trails with ease. You have to be a little careful removing the watch face for charging/connecting to the pc but I would Definitely recommend it
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on 31 January 2018
Do not buy this watch.
I upgraded from a basic runner to a runner 3.
The watch is brilliant...however after upgrading to TomTom new software to be able to use all the watches features..it stopped working and the HR monitor stopped working. After ordering another watch the same happened again.
TomTom customer service is disgusting...nowhere to complain and I’ve had to spend half an hour every day for 3 weeks on the phone with them.
Just save yourself the time and buy Garmin.
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