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on 7 December 2016
Even though the tablet looks great and works for kids, it's not been even a year since I bought it, and the tablet keeps freezing and working poorly. It even restarts/turns on by itself! I have tried everything from factory reset to hard reset and recently, flashing the ROM... still nothing seems to work. It seems that these tablets (allwinner A33 processor based) have similar hardware problems. I bought another tablet with similar features to these before, guess what? broke down as well. I'm sick of keep trying to fix these tablets. For the price I paid for both, I could have gone for a better quality one and save myself a lot of headaches. UPDATE 26 SEPT 2017 - Christmas is coming and tablets for kids are maybe what you have in mind for your little ones. From our experience, avoid buying this tablet... As reported before, we spent money on 2 of these tablets as one broke after the other, but the scariest thing is what happen in time with the lithium battery! Thank God it didn't explode in my child's face! DO NOT BUY THIS TABLETS!!!
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on 6 April 2016
Bought this for my young grandson , its not got the best specs for a tablet in this day and age however he loves it for youtube , and childrens games etc, i would not say it was any good for someone who wants to do alot with a tablet you are best looking around with better specs , but for the younger generation its not bad at all and worth the money , as if it is broken then at least you have not spent a fortune on it. I would recommend this for the age range 8-11 simply because its very basic but you do get full android on it, it was easy enough to set up parental controls to block all content that children don't need to see and times for when they can be on the tablet so great buy for that reason.
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on 6 April 2017
This tablet started freezing and crashing just after a week of using it, I have a lot of free space on it, I have not downloaded a lot of apps (just five apps to be precise) but still freezes thus unable to properly utilize it. However it came in good condition despite it failing a short while later
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on 5 March 2018
I bought this as a xmas presant in sept as last years same xmas product went missing This product is absolute rubbish.,sound is terrible and picture .This product goes flat in 10/15 mins I cant.even complain to seller as that closed in October and I could not complain before as could not get into amazon uk as been in Spain this is disgusting my husband is very dissapointed at his xmas present that is just utter.rubbish
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on 9 January 2015
This little thing is amazing!

I set it up (so the kids don't accidentally buy stuff without my knowing, in the app store). This was easy to do and very quick too.

Operates with the S4's system, which is smooth and hasn't frozen or jammed while they play on it yet.

The camera is basic, which I like because it is for children, and there isn't any fiddling or adjusting settings so they won't come to you in 5 min and say "It's not working!" But for all adults setting this up for their little ones, please remember to turn OFF the GPS function on the camera so that any pictures of theirs you share doesn't lead weirdos or bad guys to your door (it can happen). Turn off in settings.

Internet connection is simple, just put in your wifi password. Via settings.

Seems really strong and durable, and one of my favourite things about this little joy is that it comes with two different charger end and holes to plug them in. This just means that should one end become broken or unusable, there is another so the children don't have to stop using it. Also one of the charging ends is the same as the standard flat Samsung phone charger so it's easily replaced.

I would suggest buying a memory card with this though. The games take up a bit of room (my son put asphalt 8 on it and my daughter put Cbeebies on it, and they eat space like sugary cereal!

Bought a blue one, the colour is lovely and bright.

Overall wish there were more stars to give this little thing ☺
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on 21 January 2018
Worked well to start with. I used it to remotely connect to my computer at home and connect a keyboard to the tablet, but one day, i tried to turn it on and it had encrypted the tablet and I couldn't even turn it on. Asked for a passcode and it didnt work. Battery was also pretty shocking, but as for a first tablet for a kid that isn't going to use it much, its not too bad, worth a shot.
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on 16 January 2016
We Bought this for my grandson (7) foot Christmas. I'm no technical genius, more like the opposite, so I'll not go into technical details as I'm not convinced I know what I'm talking about,. However I can tell you he (his mum) has downloaded several games from Google play. This in tuyrn keeps him entertained for hours. We generally limit his time, otherwise he'd be on constantly. My only real issue is the battery life, it only seems to last a few hours.
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on 19 February 2016
This item has been extremely disappointing. Purchased in November for Christmas presents for my two granddaughters. These initially worked fine. However, first one then the other stopped working on one the power button failed to work then fairly soon after the other failed to switch on. I had ordered a new one for the first fault and it has failed to charge at all 😡 to say I have two very disappointed girls goes with out saying I am returning ALL today for a full refund and do not want a replacement.
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on 24 June 2018
The quality is rubbish and the system keeps rebooting and starting on its own the picture quality when taking pictures is not even clear don't waste your money buy a better make or waste your time and the disappointment when you hate using it and just use your laptop instead
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on 29 December 2015
bought this tablet as a xmas prezzy for my 4yr old grandson at the end of october- charged ok -booted ok - he opened it up on xmas day--ZIP! Frozen screen and then dead as a dodo. Ive since ordered another one(NOT THIS MAKE) On the strength of this I certainly wouldn`t buy anything from this maker again.Unfortunately because of October purchase it was outside of the returns window. However I must applaud AMAZON on quick delivery of 2nd tablet
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