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on 25 March 2016
Good looking bin and the sensor mechanism is great and quite sturdy however there are two flaws:
1. The battery case is located under the lid and for the second time since having it for a month, the battery lid has fallen off along with the batteries under a pile of rubbish!
2. It is extremely difficult to pull the bin bag out when it's full due to the vacuum created. The solution was to drill a hole in the back to allow some air to escape which I only could of wished the manufacturer would of thought of.

Apart from that it is quite good, but for the price I would of expected more thought to go into the product other than the fancy sensor gadget.
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on 8 April 2016
This is my second Morphy Richards sensor bin as I accidentally killed the last one by careless cleaning (some cleaning spray got in the gubbins) so note...spray the cleaning spray onto a cloth then wipe .. don't spray onto the lid first in case it goes in the holes. My last bin was still going strong after 10 months though before I damaged it and I didn't hesitate to replace it with the same model .

I got this bin initially as it fits perfectly into the gap under my work surface and was cheap for a relatively classy looking bin . The automatic opening also proves to be very useful when scraping plates etc .. but does take a bit of getting used to and you also have to find the right position so it doesn't open all the time and annoy you .
The batteries last a surprisingly long time (several months!) . It takes 4 AA batteries .

The bottom part is just a stainless steel bin .. all the motor etc is in the lid which is a chrome effect plastic .. you can buy replacement lids if they do break which currently works out at about half the price of the bin so not bad.

This new one did seem to be much more sensitive than the last and was driving me up the wall with opening all the time . it was even opening by itself , which made us laugh and wonder if we had a ghost , but it has settled down now and is behaving itself . I suppose this is why I knocked a star off .. They are great little bins (the 42litre is quite petit) but they can be a little bit temperamental and clearly can vary a little bit based on my experience. I'll take a photo to show why I have stuck with this bin because it fits so nicely in my cavity. thank you .oh and by the way as you can see i've had to choose the smaller bin (it comes in a taller 50 litre version as well) so there is enough room for the lid to open without bashing the worktop.
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on 25 July 2015
brilliant very pleased with my bin. Have to be careful as if I bend down to the oven I open the bin at the same time, must have a large rear end
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on 31 October 2017
Nice and compact design means it fits away nicely. The gently sloping sides mean that bags can be removed easily. The sensor works well and the bin opens and closes reliably. The motor isn't too strong so will not close fully if there is anything blocking it.
A nice touch is the the plastic ring that secures the bin bag to the base prior to the lid being placed on top.
May be worth placing it in a position where there is not too much foot traffic, as the sensor is quite sensitive it can open the bin when you walk closely past it.

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on 24 February 2018
At last we have found a large kitchen bin that actually fits perfectly in our kitchen.
It looks good and works brilliantly.
It takes 4 AA batteries, which are not supplied, but your more likely to have them in your house.
It is very responsive, with a very abrupt opening operation.
There is no inner bin liner, so no wrestling getting the bag out.
There is a holding ring that clams the bag in, and the lid gives it extra security.
Very pleased with the purchase.
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on 6 May 2018
The lids a bugger to keep clean and it’s NOT made of metal. Just some flimsy plastic that’s made to look like metal. Mine eventually broke beyond repair today. The hinges snapped. I would expect a bin to last longer than this. Going back to an old fashioned pedal variety. ( that’s if it’s ever delivered......supposed to be today...but alas not turned up)
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on 12 July 2016
Good looking product but very difficult to get the rubbish bag out when emptying. Causes a sort of suction effect. Suggest a small hole in the casing would prevent this. Expensive considering how flimsy it is.
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on 24 June 2018
I purchased this as I had a tight space to place a new bin and it fitted perfectly.
The fist bin lasted 3 days until the sensor stop working and it could only be opened by pressing the buttons so I sent it back and was sent a replacement.
I have the 50l bin. Due to its square shape it’s not easy to empty as the other reviewers have said.
The lid seems too flimsy and I have no confidence it will cope with the teenagers in this house that are about as careful and houseproud as a herd of baby rhinoceros.
Also the sensor causes the bin to open if anyone walks within 3 feet of it, when you are stood buy it with your hands full of rubbish wanting it to open it is frustratingly slow to do so.
I would give this one a miss
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on 1 December 2017
I sort of love it. However although it physically fits where I bought it for the sensor operates all the time there - so check not only for dimensions but also not where people walk by or sit beside or where doors open or close. Otherwise it will just keep opening. I just tell visitors it is chatty.
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on 1 July 2018
I needed to replace my tall pedal bin of many years service/standing, and chose this one due to the colour, shape and extra details which the product provides. My only proviso is that it takes time for the purchaser to become accustomed to the bin functioning ,even when there is no rubbish in their hands.It is rather like having an overly keen puppy trained to bark when anyone passes...friend or foe,but elegant and functional this bin certainly seems to be.
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