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on 19 March 2017
My mum bought me this sewing machine 4 years ago as a Christmas present, I use this machine regularly because of my craft. It's very strong machine, and I'm very pleased with this Frister.
It's a strong machine and it's capable of sewing heavy duty because have a strong motor and iron parts, and it's not light.
I use this machine to sew handbags, purses, cosmetic bags, and sew beautifully!
I definitely can recommend this machine for all kind of users, not just beginners.
Easy to clean, easy to sew, beautiful stitches, strong and quiet!
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on 13 October 2016
This is my first menu driven sewing machine. My old FristerRosssman is 41 years old. I have been sewing for 56 years or so and have had my own sewing bussiness for 40 of those. I have recently retired and this machine was my treat! My machine was delivered 3 weeks ago and since then I have been having fun. I never had time for experimenting with embroidery stitches before.
I have successfully made broidere engIaise edging. The choices of designs opens up endless possibilities.
This machine makes a wide variety buttonholes at the press of a button.
It's the easiest machine to thread.
You only have to use the foot control if you want to, I haven't used it yet, the speed control on the machine is excellent, especially if you have arthritis (as I have).
The snap on feet are great (never had this feature before).
The goodie bag which came with the machine has been handy and of good quality. I particularly like the serging foot and the walking foot.
The only down sides are niggles really. The bobbin winder can sometimes over fill. You have to but an empty biro or tube over the bobbin window to make a secondspool holder for turn needle sewing.
And finally the bobbin tension needed some adjustment at the beginning.
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on 4 November 2016
Absolutely thrilled with this machine. Purchased as a treat and it does everything it says. Had some difficulty with self threading needle, had to drop the needle down in the holder so it works properly. Love all the designs, has three speeds and can go peddle free. Easy to load bobbin. Bleeps so you can't do things wrong. Wouldn't recommend it for its alphabet/numbers, they are a bit harsh. Fancy stitching is nice. Excellent value for money. Came with a load of threads which have been a great bonus. Have used it on free quilting (something I haven't done before) and once I get a bit more confident it is certainly capable of what I would need. Would recommend if you want a first quilting machine.
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on 25 May 2014
The machine arrived less than 48 hours after ordering which is some going as I live in the far north east of Scotland. A simple query about on of the items was answered within 48 hours in a friendly email.
The machine itself is sturdy and performs well as a simple sewing machine. I was in the middle of making some bags out a heavy curtain material when my old machine packed up and I finished them using this machine. All the feet work well and I was particularly impressed with the button hole foot. You place the button at the back of the foot and it measures it out for you. All you have to do is choose your button hole from an impressive array of button hole patterns, press the start button and watch your button hole appear.
Someone must have re-written the instructions as they were clear and written in good English. The machine is easy to thread and has a built in needle threader. It has a foot pedal but you can un-plug it and use a button to start and stop the machine.and a button to put it into reverse. I particularly liked the speed limiter, which you set with a sliding knob. Once you set it, the machine will not run any faster than the level you set. This means you can have the machine just ticking over for complicated work or free hand embroidery and leave both hands free.
It came with a fair set of extras as well, and I was like a child on Christmas morning as I opened all the little packages, containing extra feet, needles, tape ,measure, snips, a good selection of scissors that cut well and some nice cottons.
Now to the impressive array of built in stitches. The pattern selection is all done via the little screen, and I suggest you sit with the instruction book in front of you and work out how to get the screens up to choose your stitches. Once you have done it a few times it soon becomes second nature. There is also a chart printed on the front of the machine so you can see all the stitch patterns. There are three sections, simple sewing stitches and the buttonholes, fancy patterns and the alphabet and numbers.
You choose the section you want and then scroll through to select the stitch you want.
The alphabet and numbers are plain but readable and you can program up to 30 letters or numbers and save them as a phrase. I easily saved my name so that I could print it out over and over for name tabs. It is a simple, square looking font and there is no kerning, so some of the letters are far apart if you save them as a phrase or name. You can get round this by sewing each letter individually and then re-positioning the needle a bit nearer before you sew the next letter.
The standard sewing stitches like straight, tripple and zig zag work well. Simply choose the stitch from the screen, then set the length and width you want. I was also impressed with the overlocker foot. Teamed with the overlock stitch, it acts very much like a real overlocker. I usually sew a straight line and then sew the raw edge again with a zig zag. This has a special foot and stitch pattern that does it all in one go. I set it on a small stitch length and found it acceptable to sew and zig zag over the edge in one pass. The edge was firm when pulled and the zig zag covered the raw edge well. There is the usual blind stitch foot and there is a pattern for the blind stitch to do with it.
There is an impressive array of pretty patterns., I have tried most of them and the machine copes with at quite high speeds with even the intricate ones. There are lines of little hearts, and stars, vines and leaves. There are even some tiny dogs, birds, and even a koala bear. There is also the option to mirror every pattern, and a button to finish off each each pattern on the last stitch so you don't stop in the middle of a pattern. I found you can also can sew a long line, then press the button as you come to the end and the machine will come to a stop on a finished pattern. Before I bought this machine, I googled it and found a blog where all the patterns are shown if you want to see them all.
I am very impressed with this machine and I hope you my my review helpful.
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on 19 September 2014
Ordered this machine Sunday night, arrived early Tuesday morning! I have only ever used a very basic machine before so wanted one that did more than basic stitches and this one certainly does lots of different ones, including letters and numbers. I am a bit disappointed that you can't change the size of the letters or some of the designs but nevertheless it is a great machine. It is a bit heavier than my previous one but that means it doesn't move around when sewing at speed. The manual is not as concise as I would have liked, for example having never before used different 'feet' I woulfpd have liked advise on when and how to use them but I have purchased a sewing book so will find out. I cannot get the automatic needle threader to work which is a pain as that was one feature I really needed, but I shall keep trying. The machine is very easy to use but the foot pedal seems a bit flimsy and at first I didn't feel confident to use the stop/start button instead, but with practise I now prefer this so don't use the foot pedal. It took me a few minutes, that's all, to work out how to select the different stitches and I got a piece of scrap fabric and tried them all! Before purchasing my machine I looked at others but for the price this is a great machine, plus all the extras is very good value. My only concern is that there is no makers name on the machine and I wonder if it develops a fault after the guarantee period if I will be able to get it repaired at my local sewing shop. However having read other reviews on here it seems the supplier should be able to help if np needs be. I am impressed with the machine and what it can do and fast delivery was a bonus.
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on 11 September 2016
So far I am very impressed with this machine. It is very easy to operate and I was switching between various stiches in no time at all. It is excellent value and I am very impressed with it. I would advise reading through the instructions to familiarise yourself with all the buttons and the machines abilities before starting. I would definitely recommend this machine for those who are upgrading their basic machine for something that will provide various stitches for every requirement. I am looking forward to many happy hours of sewing endless combinations and possibilities.
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on 5 March 2016
I wanted a good all round machine to replace mine which I have had for 30 years and is getting past its best now!. I have started quilting so was looking for one that would work on that too. This seemed a good buy and with all the free extras I thought I would have a look at it. When it arrived, which was very quickly, it was well packed and everything was there. I unpacked it and plugged it in, it worked straight away, no issues, loads of different sewing feet, and the extra walking foot which I particularly wanted, The free scissors that came with it aren't very good quality, a bit cheap and nasty but everything else is great. Its not noisy, its easy to use and instructions are easy to follow, if a little sparse. I'm very pleased with my purchase
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on 19 July 2016
I didn't use it yet as it is to travel with me to Portugal so I just connect it and seems to be all ok. In my review of the seller: IPC I must redeem myself as I forgot to say in my seller review, how quick the team and Lionel had been to answer all my questions before I order. I sent several emails as if the machine needs a reparation,the body inside the casing now I know is metal, and other doubts as I am not going to try the machine immediately. They always came back to me and answer all my questions. The machine came in 2 days after I placed the order and even brought more offers than what we can see on the image. Is heavy enough to not be jumping around, or sliding but still workable&sturdy. For the reviews I red before and for my own experience with them, this seller is more than 5 stars. The machine came very well packed. I already know where all fit in the box and manage to just left out the 5 scissors looking nice and with quality&sewing threads 24 in beautiful colors. The accessories where in a bag side glued in the box, but now just those I said are out of the box. I am taking all as the box also contains important information, like order number for instance. It is an amazing machine just looking, I imagine when actually I will use it and get delighted/exultant, and all you get for this price is a bargain not to miss.
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on 30 June 2016
Excellent value for money. The machine is good quality and sews beautifully. Much better than my older machine. The alphabet is suitable for name tags but not high enough quality to put names or sentences on projects but in fairness it does not state that it is an embroidery machine, if you want this then you will need to spend the extra to get a sewing/embroidery machine. I would use the free motion sewing to put names on projects. The extra stitches are good. This is a good all round machine for home projects. It is on par with the more well known brands for the price. The machine is very easy to use, this is my first computerised machine and the instructions were very easy to follow, The needle threader is a bit hit and miss but with reading many reviews on many sewing machines this seems to be the norm, I think there is a knack to it which i'm sure I will master soon. The extra freebies are of good quality and lets face it where else would you get 13 feet. I only got 6 with my last machine. The extension table is good and would cost around £30 if you had to buy it separate You also get a hard cover for this machine which is good. Most only supply a soft dust cover. This is a good mid range sewing machine and would recommend it highly. Customer service is very good and deal with any problems promptly and courteously. I have been using this machine now for just over a month, I have made several projects and this machine has made it so easy. I love it. it is a really good quality machine for the price you pay. Highly recommend it.
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on 18 December 2015
So pleased with this machine. It doesn't make me a cuppa, but other than that it seems to do everything else. I love the 'needle' down option. The speed options (excellent if teaching a child to use it). The choice of embroidery stitches is brill. The needle automatic threader actually works! Spool is visible, taking the guesswork out when it is about to run out. A really good all rounder sewing machine. The extras that come with this machine aren't cheap & nasty either. A very, very good buy.
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