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on 3 December 2017
My 1st machine was broken from the factory, Amazon as always replaced order straight away no questions asked, 2nd machine delivered today " 3rd Dec 2017"

By following the instructions page by page and completing Water Hardest Test, this was very easy to set up "even with disabilities"

Made 2 coffees to set up my desired strength and cup length " I use a Starbuck Large Cappuccino cup can be brought from Starbuck uk £6.50"

OMG what a great machine, the coffee is strong and the milk steamer heated and frothed milk really up well.

I live for coffee & for year drank normal Nescafe instant ,6mths ago completely went off drinking normal coffee as I believe Nescafe changed their coffee beans or processing ,their instant coffee just went awful,

I am now back in love with my love for coffee, cappuccino, latte made at home with this machine are lovely & taste as good as buying coffee shop coffee, but will a 10th of the cost.

Well done De`Longhi excellent machine at a fantastic price, you dont need to spend £600,£700,£800+ for a bean to cup machine, this one does a great job.
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on 26 November 2017
WOW! This machine is amazing. The set up and initial preparation takes quite a bit of patience. YOU MUST READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST! Once the setup is complete and you have drawn off and discarded 4-5 cups, to get rid of the new machine metallic taste, the coffee is fantastically tasty. Be prepared to fiddle with the coffee intensity setting to reach your desired coffee strength but once you do you will not regret the effort. This machine makes truly delightful coffee. The milk steamer froths perfectly and the resulting cappuccino is as good as any you would buy anywhere.
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on 15 July 2016
I have to say, I had my doubts initially. The only previous semi-serious machine I had was a DeLonghi Icona machine, that I loved and that lasted me the best part of 5 years. When it died, I decided to make the step up to bean to cup machine. As anyone else who has spent any time trying to figure out which one to go for will know, the options are endless. I decided to go for an entry-level / middle of the range machine. Having seen a number of different machines within this price range, I made the plunge.

First off, the machine is pretty noisy. I'm not sure it's disturbingly noisy, but certainly it is loud. Personally it only bothered me initially, I'm now used to the noise and I find it normal. Also, making a coffee is really very quick. So while it might be noisy, it only last all in all about a minute max (from turning on, making the coffee, and then turning off).

Setting up the machine is a breeze. Personally, I bought some cheap supermarket beans to begin with, as I heard that you needed to make quite a few coffees in order to calibrate it according to your tastes. That part is easy, and fun, and pretty soon the coffee will come out exactly as you like it. The most important tweak is probably the way the beans are ground. I find this made the biggest difference to the way the coffee came out, and it takes some time to get it right because the first one or two coffees after you've made the change aren't perfect.

You're also able to specify how long you want the coffee, and how much coffee you actually want ground. Again, this will depend on your tastes. Though I find that if you like strong, Italian-style coffee, you'll want the coffee amount pretty much turned to the max.

What's also really easy is making coffee with normal pre-ground coffee. My girlfriend drinks decaff and actually making a coffee that way is also quick and simple, and requires very little faffing.

In fact I would say that's one of the things I like the most about this machine - it's practical, if a little bulky. Changing the water is quick, and easy. Changing the drip tray (which you will have to do fairly often) is simple, and when you do, you'll be able to empty the minibucket that collects the old coffee. It can all be done in a matter of seconds.

What else? The coffee frother is a little disappointing. It works, don't get me wrong, but I find that you don't have the same amount of control over how much steam is expelled. It seems that you either have it full on, or no steam comes out. But it's likely that I still need some practice. The Icona machine had a very sensitive knob which worked well when you were steaming milk but didn't want the volume to be exaggerated. It also means you need to expel some hot water if you want to immediately make a coffee, as the machine will be too hot otherwise. This can be a bit messy. But I haven't docked a start for any of this because I'm being picky.

Finally, for those of you who are energy conscious, I've noticed that bizarrely it seems to consume less electricity than my previous Icona machine or even the kettle. So thumbs up.

Overall, I would really recommend this machine to anyone who is picky about their coffee, but doesn't want to spend crazy money. It comes with a two year warranty, which I think is a real plus, and frankly every coffee I've made has come out exactly as I wanted it.
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on 1 December 2017
It took me a few goes to get a nice cup of coffee as the instructions suggest, but I could have saved time and coffee if I had first watched the how to videos on Youtube (there are lots of them for this machine in English and Spanish) and read some of the Q&As on Amazon. Now I am up to speed and the coffee I made this morning was just perfect - even better than the coffee I can make on the big commercial machine I use at the community café where I volunteer. I've only made Americano so far and I used water from the kettle, first to warm the cup, then to add some just off the boil water before making the espresso on top - this is the way we do it in the café and you don't lose the lovely crema that way. I haven't used the milk wand yet but I will do as one reviewer suggested and remove the plastic sleeve as it gives you more control over the frothing.
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on 14 February 2018
This is a replacement machine for the similar but previous model. Only use it for black coffee so can't comment on the milk frother. However, like other reviewers I confirm it makes great hot coffee, quite easy to operate and manage though more difficult to clean. As it is a replacement for the similar previous model you will understand I do like it and know how to operate it to maximise it's flexibility. However, 3 stars: this machine has so much more plastic than the previous model and it looks a bit cheaper in appearance. The drip tray is flimsy and has more jagged internal parts to clean which can trap coffee stains and grounds. The coffee feeds are also a lot messier with long coffee drip stains and it also drips down the coffee spouts and pours and trickles inside the machine. I never had a problem like this with the previous model. I do like the eco settings on this one and the flexibility highlighted by other reviewers. It is a good machine for the money, but a lot noisier than its predecessor.
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on 9 January 2018
I had had one of these machines before but it didn't last very long. I replaced it with a Krups which had a ceramic grinder and which lasted longer but when I saw this De'Longhi advertised at such a good price (and Krups had changed the grinder to stainless steel) I decided to buy another one. It is again much flimsier than the Krups but functions well. The coffee is better, tastier, creamier but not as hot - even when using the instructions to increase the temperature. The only real disappointment is that with this newer Magnifica it is not possible to access the beans and as my partner now has to use decaffeinated beans and I do not, it is a fiddle to put in the exact amounts we each require. This may not affects others though so I have not downgraded my rating.
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on 7 February 2018
It was either going to gather dust or I'd become addicted to coffee and, worryingly, it's the latter. I must be drinking about 4 cups a day and it's all delicious. This machine is so easy to use, after a few attempts I was away. I just left it on its factory settings and it's been fine. The milk frother thing isn't fantastic, I used to work in a cafe and the commercial machines are way more powerful. However, I'm happy just adding milk and the coffee is absolutely lovely. I will just add, am lucky enough to live practically next door to a coffee bean stockist and they advised that oily beans are no good in bean to coffee machines. They recommend a dryer bean as oily beans can clog the machine. It's hard to know which beans are dry or oily from a supermarket, but you can buy the following dry beans online: Daterra Sunrise (espresso strength - deeply, nutty flavour which is clean and crisp with strong aroma), Kenya AA (strong bean - flavoursome with a bright, fruity acidity), Guatemala Huehuetenango (medium flavour, smooth with a rich, chocolatey aroma). They work fantastically in the machine.
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on 5 December 2016
If you like coffee buy this. I have tried almost all of the machines, Nespresso, Tassimo, Bosch, and as you are dependent on the coffee pods you are in their hands as to the quality of the drink. This machine uses the beans you have roasted, ground to the size you decide on and made with as much coffee and water as you decide at what temperature you decide. So if you get a lousy cup of coffee it is almost certainly your fault! You can buy pre-roasted coffee or even use ground coffee but if you want the best do it from scratch! ( Look up my review using the Severin popcorn machine as a bean roaster.) This machine is easy to use (but please read the instructions), I give it a light clean each day and empty the used grounds out, just a quick rinse of the tray is all you need. It is quick, and the coffee is out of this world, I am using Colombian green beans with what I suppose is a medium roast.
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on 8 January 2017
I'll start by saying I'm not an espresso drinker - happy with a really good filter, or I order americano. Never found a filter machine, or any other type (stovetop, caftiere, aeropress etc) that I'm happy with so after reading the reviews for this machine I decided to go for it. Bought it for my hubby for Xmas (for me really, obvs) so only had a couple of weeks.
I had some old beans lying around which I thought I could 'waste' while experimenting with the various settings, and then bought some inexpensive Fairtrade Kenyan beans. I was using the technique recommended for americano by a couple of people - smallest amount topped up with kettle, rather than max amount - which apparently is a 'lungo' and should be more bitter as the extra water has passed through the beans. By the time I'd got through those beans I was feeling disappointed as all I'd produced was thin, weak, bitter stuff. Turning the grind below 3 caused the warning light to come on. However I was sure it must be me, not the machine so I persisted and happy that I did. I tried different beans and ended with settings of max volume, strength set to about 1 or 2-o-clock, grind around 3, single cup, and now get about 2/3 of a mug with a lovely crema, and which I top up with a little kettle water and a splash of milk - and it's gorgeous.
Just as an experiment this morning I re-tried a single cup espresso (ie min vol, tho kept strength at 2-o-clock) topped it up to half a mug with kettle and a little milk - but yuk, not for me (weak, thin). Not sure now if my early failures were the settings, the coffee or just running the machine in, but sticking with what I now like and ready to try different but quality beans. I do find we go through beans a fair old rate so the cost of drinking decent coffee is really noticeable - about 20p a cup I think various people have calculated - but as they say, you pays your money and takes your choice.

I find it easy to empty waste, re-fill water. Filling the hopper is slightly awkward as I have it under a top cupboard and so lid only opens to 11-o-clock but I manage. Cleaning the inside needs a torch as I can't see in there! but no big deal. My only real gripe - and the reason for only 4 stars - is that you can't empty the hopper to change the beans so you have to run them through and either risk running out part way through a cup, or mixing some and so having to allow for an oddity or 2 before getting the new flavour. So if you and your partner like different beans - tough. Also, you have to have the grinder running in order to adjust it and it says it can take 1-2 cups to take effect - so again, how can 2 people adjust that to suit their differring tastes ?
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on 6 May 2018
What a revelation. I have been coffee-crazy since my student days back in the late 1980s. To think of it, I once had an espresso machine that I used for years without learning how to make a proper espresso (the days before the internet, we never felt the need to learn so much. I definitely didn't have a tampering tool so must have been rubbish espresso as made without tampering). I moved on to french presses and recently bought a Nescafe EDG305.B Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Capsule Machine by De'Longhi - Piano Black which makes a lovely cup of coffee. Then I moved on to a bean to cup, i-e. this machine. This is an amazing machine. I learned about different types of beans, read about coffee's humble origins in Ethiopia and Yemen, the Islamic golden age of coffee and how it was introduced from the Middle East and Turkey to Europe The Devil's Cup: Coffee, the Driving Force in History and how it was spread in the colonies of the New World and Indonesia by the European colonists. Now we live in the Western Golden Age of Coffee.

The machine itself is easy to set up. Make sure it is switched on at the back and the steam knob is set to the 'off' position. Read the instructions carefully although most of the factory settings are good enough to start with. I have used a few types of beans although I keep on coming back to Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans 1kg after every experiment. Espresso is nice. I make cappuccinos for my son with it. Transition from coffee to steam is seamless but from steam to coffee takes many minutes. Make sure you brew your shot of espresso BEFORE you froth your milk otherwise the frothed mild would go cold/ flat while you wait for coffee to be brewed if you do so AFTER you froth the milk. I bought this Milk Pitcher, Dailyart 600ml/20fl.oz. Stainless Steel Milk Cup Milk Frothing Pitcher Milk Jug for frothing the milk in. I drank a cappuccino from Costa the other day and it felt weak and powdery. The coffee from this machine is totally different from anything you can buy from Costa, Starbucks etc.
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