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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 March 2018
This is my third Foreman grill.

My first one didn't have removable plates, and was therefore difficult to keep clean.
My second one had removable plates, but the anti stick surface got damaged after several years, and it was surprisingly not possible to procure those as parts.

This one has removable plates too, but I haven't checked if they can be bought separately (for a reasonable price, less than a full appliance).
The nice feature of the Foreman grills is that the slope allows for a lot of fat to be drained from the food during cooking.

The key trick to keep the grill clean is to clean the plates with a wet sponge while they are still hot, and this can be done without removing the plates.
While the plates have anti stick coating applied, a little bit of oil is still required to be applied before cooking.

The appliance itself is fairly large, so do check the space available in your kitchen. It can be stored vertically, with plastic clips on both side keeping the grill closed. In reality, this may not be that practical.

The metal top arrived slightly scratched, and was not protected by a plastic layer, so that's a bit annoying.

The grill doesn't have a temperature setting as such, it will just automatically heat up and cool down repeatedly.

The display on the top is only a timer to stop cooking automatically, but I am not sure if it's really needed, as I don't cook the same food in the same quantity many times, and therefore wouldn't know how long to cook for each time.
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on 26 April 2016
This grill is FANTASTIC. I'm a useless cook and was very reluctant to buy this but read the reviews and it arrived yesterday. I've used it twice first for bacon and this morning both were perfect. I was skeptical about it being able to grill cheese but it does easily, it takes a while but the great instructions that came with it said this. So easy to use. My advice read the instructions first have a play with the grill mode while its turned off . I found lifting it to put in the right position a little tricky but easy when you know what to do. However lifting the plates out to put in the dishwasher child's play. I'm now a big george foreman grill fan and would highly recommend it.
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on 28 August 2012
Let's start with the fundamentals - there is no way this product will cater for 4 people at a time, but adequately for 2 people.
It will just about take 3 rashers of bacon, 2 average size chops, 2 average size gammons (not all together of course !!) It heats up very quickly & retains its heat so until you get used to it you will need to keep an eye on cooking times otherwise you will end up with dry, overcooked food. Also I tend to coat whatever I'm cooking with oil/butter before placing on the grill because for me this concentrates the coating where you want it - on the food - & not all over the cooking plates where it's not needed.
It's amazing how much fat comes directly out of meat & burgers when otherwise you would be putting it on your waist line !!
Toasted sandwiches are a treat on this machine but again with the limited plate space - you'll just about get 2 sandwiches on if you trim off some of the crust. Cooking some vegetables, especially tomatoes can be quite messy so I tend to use it for meat, fish, & toasties which suits me - each to his own ! The cleaning of the plates needs a little more than just a wipe over with some kitchen roll - I tend to wash them by hand in a soapy solution, which brings them up a treat & removes all the burnt on residue which if not removed will need harsher cleaning at some later date with the attendant adverse effect on the non stick coating. Not rocket science is it ?
Overall this is a very good & handy piece of kitchen equipment which I'm pleased to have bought & use regularly.
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on 2 April 2016
I have no issue with the way the product grills food however it does appear larger on the outside than what the plates actually are on the inside. I think at best it is a two portion grill. The removable plates are very useful as this makes the grill much easier to clean. It would also be useful to have varying temperature options as has been the case with other George Foreman models. All in all though it is a good grill and I would purchase the grill again if I needed to replace the current one.
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This is by far the best Foreman grill that I have had.

The things I like.

1. The large light, which goes off when it come up to temperature
2. The timer, which is very handy to take the guess work out of cooking and prevent overcooked food
3. The size, you can fit two large chicken breasts on with room to spare of vegetables
4. The removable grill surfaces, they just unclip for washing in the ink or dishwasher
5. It is compact and easy to store

All in all, I am pleased I paid more for this model, and I could not be happier with this grill.
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on 21 March 2015
This is my third george foreman grill ( over 15 years i think) the first was the original and a little on the small side and a pain to clean so i replaced it with the six portion with removable plates, that lasted years but was damaged while moving house. I wanted a replacement but couldnt find one at the right price until i found this one. It is a good size will fit three large chicken breasts, cooks quickly, drains the fat off into the tray (which is designed different to previous models to sit under the lip of the grill which prevents accidently spilling the fat if the tray is knocked) but the ral plus for me is the ease of cleaniing; pop the plates off and drop them in the sink quick wipe with a sponge and good as new. This model is also designed with two locking clips and a carry handle so it can be folded up and easily moved into a cupboars etc.

very happy with the purchase hope it lasts as long as my last one.
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on 17 February 2016
I thought this was a great wee machine, BUT, pieces of black plastic 'depart off it!', the back plates seep oil etc down the back of the machine, [could be dangerous if it gets into the actual workings of the machine], the front tray is inadequate it does not catch the surplus oil & grease, also the tray is hard to clean? the temperature is a joke, grilling a steak outside done, inside raw!! Annoying is the temperature alarm, it does not turn off after the time set.
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on 4 August 2017
Good, but the lower plate gums up easily and after repeated use, the Teflon has come off in patches and it seems impossible to find replacements. I'm not sure Teflon is good for the body either. That said, it is a great grill with a nice drip tray and has worked well for over a two years. I keep an old sock around and heat up the plates, then wipe it down to remove the gunk. Sausages produce a lot of sticky gunk that is hard to remove. Wait until it is pretty hot and with a thick sock, wipe it clean.
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on 10 November 2017
very good product, bought to replace a broken George F,orman Not as big as my old 'family size grill' as I can just fit 4 birds eye burgers which are not very big but ok for one.
Just be aware that once the timer has finished you need to switch off or unplug this grill as the heating element stays energized and continues heating, I consider this a problem and a fire risk which needs to be addressed.
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on 28 July 2014
This is an essential part of my cooking, though it could be better:

I use this a couple of times a week, because it cooks stuff. But it cooks stuff in a similar way to a microwave - does the job, but you get better results doing it properly!

1) Cooks things quickly, but not because of the high heat, more that there is a lot of energy because it is heating from top and bottom. For example cooking a steak doesn't singe it, just gently turns it brown.

2) The weight from above squishes things a bit. I love a fish finger sandwich, and this beats oven time. But again, its not crisping very well.

3) The fat running off is good, but creates a dynamic you have to cook around, eg pieces of chicken breast at the bottom get wetter than the ones above.

4) I LOVE that you can disconnect the griddle parts - to have a machine that does otherwise is now unthinkable

5)I've had this nearly 2 years and works the way it did when I got it.
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