Digital Pianos

If you’re looking for the sound and feel of an acoustic piano but with the versatility of an electronic instrument, a digital piano is the perfect choice for you. Digital pianos are designed to simulate as closely as possible the sound, the feel--and often the look--of an acoustic piano. In addition, digital pianos can offer an immense array of advantages that traditional acoustics do not--for example, volume control, portability, USB interface and the ability to create a range of sounds on your digital piano with features such as voices and drum tracks. On many digital pianos, weighted keys replicate the feel of playing on an acoustic piano--this is key both for beginners developing foundational skills and for advanced players honing their abilities. Sustain pedals, which either are included or can be bought and plugged in separately, add to the authenticity of a digital piano. Many of our instruments are full-size, 88-key digital pianos, or you can choose a smaller digital piano with 32, 48, 64 or 76 keys if you have space limitations. With digital pianos from top brands such as Yamaha, Casio, Chase, Roland, Korg and many more, you’re sure to find an instrument that suits your needs and budget. Shop for digital pianos at

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