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Best Rated in Xbox One Games

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Xbox One Games store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Xbox One Games

product price
4.8 | 851 customer reviews
810 of the 851 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought my son Zelda for his 8th birthday (pricey), and this - thinking that Zelda would be the star of the show by a longshot! How wrong I was! He has barely glanced at Zelda, whereas he and my 6 year old daughter have been running home from school to play this (I have never heard them enjoy playing a game so much - and the nice thing is that they have to work together!). My 6 year old daughter is no gaming whizz, but can play it - and yet it seems exciting to my much more games-savvy son. They absolutely love it!
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By Ms. H. S. Brown
Bought this as a gift at Christmas and got amazing feedback. I even got invited round myself to have a go and it was very easy to follow for most ages and is a fairly unisex game, the person I bought it for was a girl. You are welcomed with a number of doors where you complete challenges (either a daily challenge or an on going level where new doors open as you go along). You can also change characters depending what level you are doing (they all have a different skill set), you can even go back over previous levels if you want to improve your score.
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By Hannah25
Had to write a review. Brilliant game. Great fun and easy to play and lots of fun developments to keep the game interesting as you move up the levels. Girls age 10 & 13 have both enjoyed it as have mum n dad. You can play on your own or as two player with 2 different characters who work together to complete the levels. If one of you ‘dies’ you comically blow up like a balloon and can float past tricky bits until the other pops you. If both die then you restart back a bit but not from the start of the level so not at all frustrating. We are laughing out loud at the comedy of trying to work out how to complete the levels and our own incompetence as well as enjoying beating each other up every so often. If you want something fun, noncompetitive that is
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By jo mc
product price
4.7 | 1,165 customer reviews
1,099 of the 1,165 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cannot fault this game: the graphics are purely amazing compared to the Xbox 360 and runs at a smoother frame rate. There is loads to do in GTA V and with newly added Easter Eggs and DLC it adds more to the enjoyment!

The game arrived in only a few days from the UK to Ireland which is quite prompt, giving Amazon a point for that. The game came with a $200,000 GTA Online cash code which was redeemable as well as a $1,250,000 GTA Online cash code that arrived by email after being dispatched.

Really happy with the game, its features and how quick Amazon delivered it.
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By Ryan Barrett
By far the best GTA game ever. Three protagonists and sub-missions for the heists; and intertwining complications really weave a rich tapestry of a narrative. The three characters are very different and play off each other well. My favourite character is Trevor, the most GTA character ever created. The special skills are useful too. The playing area is very large and diverse. Lots of hidden gems, flight school and stunt trials and jumps are good too, as is the bounty hunting at the start. The sandbox environment, the smartphone and the altruist cult are all smart additions. This is possibly the best sandbox game ever, GTA has always been something else, this is the best, not sure where they'll go to next. Unfortunately you are denied certain things unless you have a previous log in. I've bought GTA before but don't qualify. You can't buy property in story mode either,
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By Very Satisified Customer
Delivery on time, product in good condition. As for the game, including the 360 version this is the third time I've owned this..... My opinion?....Still one of the best games ever released, graphics /sound and overall attention to detail, is second to none.
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By Rik
34 offers from product price
4.7 | 619 customer reviews
565 of the 619 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You will notice I call this a car driving sim and not a racing sim, this is because it is not just a racing game, you choose whether you want to race or just drive around australia taking in the scenery.
The graphics are fantastic, whether you are driving in the outback or in the cities you get a great feel of being there and not just in a game.
I like the vocal guide that pops up every now and again with suggestions of where to go and what to do, a pleasant female voice tells you if there are any races near by, or if there are any cars that you could challenge, it does not matter if you are in single player mode or playing on line there are always plenty of things to do.
The main aim of the game is to build up your festivals and get as
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By pehorts
This is my first venture into racing games and after one race I was hooked. The graphics, gameplay and soundtracks are superb.
The whole process from the second you put the disk into the machine is straightforward, it tells you it requires a 9 Gb update almost instantly when installing from disk but you can play at around 40 %.
The game is immersive and I take on-board the comment about driving, but like you said chap, its a driving game! The quality and detail that goes into even the smallest thing is fantastic, every aspect of the cars and scenery is perfect in all the view modes. The speed at which you drive and the scenery change is flawless whilst maintain quality.
The crash effects are funny, I tend to drive with a broken windscreen, lol.
The DLC available brings a whole new aspect to this game with the Hot
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By Mr H!
I played Forza Horizon 2 when it was free with Xbox Live Gold and I loved it, so I knew by looking at pictures that I need FH3 !

An open world online multi player racing, driving, exploring or just having fun game (can play solo offline also if you prefer).

The A.I. is astounding in this game! When you play against or convoy with computer drivers, it feels like actual real people!

This game is STUNNING! .... the cars, the scenery, the sounds, the atmosphere, the excitement and the music! ...the radio stations are full of excellent inspiring driving songs.

Forza Horizon is based this time in Australia ...there is lots to do, lots to keep you interested - it feels so good to play. The gamepad vibration feedback is very excellent and really adds to the games feel.

I cannot recommend this game enough! - it is a MUST!

On installing there
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By Quality of Life Control Officer
product price
4.7 | 590 customer reviews
545 of the 590 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this game for just over £20. Absolutely fantastic game. Played nearly to the end, went back to gather collectibles and upgrades.
Fun and exciting game. Graphics and scenery are beautiful.
The player can be clumsy at times, you know, falling of stuff when you definitely don't want to. The Optional tombs can leave you scratching your head for a while. Worth it when you complete them. I YouTubed one of them, turns out the gas doesn't kill you.
Stealth can be a bit sketchy. If they spot you, you can't hide, they will find you.
There is one frustrating level. You have to kill enemies from water. There's six holes to do this from and all the "baddies" travel together. They did on me anyway. That level nearly made me quit.
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By Steven Holdcroft
I've been playing Tomb Raider since Ms Croft was just a couple of dozen pixels in shades of brown. There's no question that the artwork and the animation have improved out of all proportion since those days, but I'm less convinced about the gameplay. The original version had little fighting, and focused on exploration and solving fiendish puzzles. For the most part, where this new version is difficult, it is difficult because it involves fiddly movement of the control, not because of intellectual effort.

Frankly, I find all video games that involve simulated combat faintly ridiculous. As the imagery gets more and more realistic, the stupidity of the fighting gets less and less convincing. In the 90s game, it took a half dozen shots from a handgun to incapacitate a tiger, which is kind-of believable. In this version, Croft can dispatch a heavily-clothed man at a hundred yards using a home-made
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By Kevin Boone
Good game, worth the £16.41 I paid for it.
The graphics are good, and for a change the game isn't focused on the multiplayer aspect of the game like most of the new games are, which if you are me and just like playing games, you don't appreciate having to play multiplayer all the time. And you end up getting killed by someone who lives in their mums basement and knows where to hide and plays the game 120hrs a week, tomb raider actually has a worthy campaign length to go with the game. I even got the season pass for £8 from Xbox live, well worth it.

The reason I knocked a star off, was that the tomb puzzles are a bit to easy and a bit short, easy to master, only struggled with two, and one was just because i didnt open my eyes as i had been playing
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By Me
product price
4.7 | 552 customer reviews
508 of the 552 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a massive game there are potentially thousands of hours that could be spent on this game. It looks fantastic, and you can alter the cars as much as you like. It plays like a simulation . And there are huge numbers of cars/tracks and championships to get to grips with. You can play solo against drivatars (other drivers in the real world) or live with real people online. As I said a massive game with huge potential.
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By T Bennetts
This is without doubt in my mind the best driving game that I have ever played. You can set it to a level that you can just about cope with then sit back and enjoy the competition and the terrific graphics. I brought it to play at home on the couch with friends and it is one of the few new generation games that adults can do that with. Listen developers on line is fun but nothing beats four mates in the room together and you can control the language!!!!
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By Mr. D. A. James
Forza Motorsport 6 may seem somewhat outdated to some with a slew of new releases since in the form of the Horizon series and a new Forza. Unlike sports titles this is not as relevant in terms of specific licensing. I've played Forza Motorsport since way back with its debut in 2005, although I have not played every iteration. Does Forza 6 still deliver an enjoyable experience in 2018?

There is tons and I mean literally tons to get stuck into in Forza Motorsport 6. The game boasts over 450 cars and a lengthy career mode which Turn 10 says is 70 hours plus and I can believe it. At the time of review I have completed every race and showcase event but in order to properly complete the game each event is needed to be completed with different classes of cars. Speaking of the showcase events they do provide a
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By John Mitchell
product price
4.7 | 465 customer reviews
441 of the 465 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love the PC version but struggle with the controls on the XBox version (this isn't Minecraft's fault). The game is open ended which doesn't suit everybody, and you need to find a way of playing the game that works for you. If you haven't played before, watch some videos on youtube.
The xbox version requires you to subscribe to Microsoft's network if you want to play on a server with other people.
No subscription is required if you want to play multiplayer games with other people on the same XBox (I think it supports up to 4 players locally - if you have 4 controllers).
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By gary quinn
You can't say anything new about Minecraft really. Such an amazing game. My wife can't figure it out, but my 9yr old and I adore it and the split screen multiplayer option for local play is what makes this Xbox One version unmissable. I miss the option to personalise your Minecraft experience with mods, but the different textures and maps provided (at extra cost I should warn) made up for this to an extent. We played for hours in the Norse map which is absolutely fantastic. Was a bit disappointed with some of the other maps, but enjoyed the puzzle aspects of the Greek mythology map.

Look forward to updates to the game. Don't care about bug fixes Mojang. Get those mods installed.
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By Amazon Customer
Minecraft is one of those games that takes minutes to learn and a 'lifetime' to master!

Imagination is the limit and the freedom to create is out of this realm!

I have two sons aged 5 and 7 that love minecraft and the ability to play in the same world together is great. Not only that, their 32 year old dad can also join them on his console and get ordered around collecting wood and stone for them.

You can spend hours lost in this game and do whatever you please. We have all found the survival mode the best as you have to create a house of some kind where you can be safe from the monsters that come out in the night!

A truly great game for all the family and with the makers of the game constantly adding updates and new things, it will be very long time before this one
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By John
4.7 | 424 customer reviews
388 of the 424 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Skyrim is an immersive journey of thrilling gameplay and a captivating story and world. The elder scrolls series is known to entail amazing games and Skyrim doesn't disappoint this. It is a fantasy action RPG that can be played in both First Person and Third person. The game revolves around an epic journey of the Dragonborn who is to save the land of Skyrim from the dragons returning and threatening the livelihood of the people of Skyrim. You will be adventuring and exploring across a huge land with many caves and dungeons to discover, there are many quests to do in this game creating hours of fun adventuring off to slay a monster or exploring deep ancient ruins for example.
The customisation of the game is quite vast, creating a lot of replayability. There are many different races you can play, each with their own perks to that specific race, you
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By Jamesey
Beautiful, atmospheric, & emotionally involving masterpiece. Plus without the restrictions on mods that the playstation version has (I've played both) you can tweak the experience even further, for example body & skin texture enhancements, better water effects, skill tree & combat enhancements, much deeper and varied werewolf & Vampire powers, the list is endless.
In closing if you've not played Skyrim before, please don't let one of the greatest games ever made pass you buy..
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By mark
Love it... wasted probably 2 years of my life playing over and over again. Never loses its appeal. Now I have a little break to play other games and when the wife goes out or away. I order pizza and just play until my eyes burn out. Love it
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By mickeyblueeyes
product price
4.6 | 979 customer reviews
893 of the 979 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Having just decided to finally buy an Xbox one S as the price drops due to "Scorpio" release being imminent I decided to buy a few games both my daughter & I can enjoy, ..we love Bethesda's oblivion, & sky rim so keen to see a different yet familiar game style of play we opted for fallout 4 ...& the newly released morrowind (elder scrolls online is new to us too) ...having played for a couple of hours solid ...nice change from being the dragon born! ...Bethesda make you play with scruples rather than simple hack & slash ...character development is about your morals too, ..it kind of "keeps you in check" ...a nice change from the often misogynistic aspect of the GTA series ( rock star).

I'm going to be busy looking for the previous 3 titles now I guess!
Update: I forgot to mention that at least in my sealed,
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By MirubyBoxers (A&J)
what can I say. life has changed for me now. I no longer go to work thinking about children, home, life. Instead I find myself plotting scheming planning ways to make time available to me to immerse myself back in to the post apocalyptic world of the common wealth.sunlight be gone!!! i don't need you anymore!
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By C Willis
I really really really want to love this game. I should..its fallout...and i love fallout. I feel like i have done my bit but sadly Bethesda have not. Not this time. The game is still better than your average rpg but it has just lost almost everything about the adventure from fallout 3 and nv. I have put in the hours..and probably still will....but i cant help thinking that although the game is not on rails, i am being shoehorned in one direction and can only really keep doing exactly the same type of mission with the same outcomes for the rest of my life. I feel like i am waiting for the game to branch out into the unlimiting expanse of the last 2 games but its not happening. Ok...you can craft...but then what? Also.....there are thousands of doors, like in all fallout games, but...for the first time ever,
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By J. Lindsay
product price
4.7 | 299 customer reviews
285 of the 299 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought for my sons birthday. he loves this game and has hours of fun playing it
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By Amazon Customer
hours of fun for my son, plus has the added benefit of being one of the very few 'co-op' games available now ie you can actually be in the same room as someone else & play the game together, not HAVE to go online & play with strangers (although you can do that too!)
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By dollywoodrocks
This x-box disc simply refused to load after a couple of months use. No scratches or marks on the disc. Left with one extremely disappointed grandson whose birthday present it was.
Still trying to sort out responsibility with the seller and Amazon.

"EDIT" Just to add this has been satisfactorily resolved. Thank you Amazon
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By Brotherboard
product price
4.7 | 286 customer reviews
265 of the 286 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Game arrived before estimated delivery time and in perfect condition.

We bought the game for the kids but Me and my partner (in our late 20's) used to play the early Lego games and thought we would have a little go for old tines sake before we let the kids have it. So we sat down after the kids went bed and both played this game for about 5 hours and only completing 5% of the game. It's so fun and there is so much game play. The added addition of the open world is amazing. I don't think the kids are gonna get a go.

This game is suitable for all the family and It is by far the best Lego game to date and possibly the best marvel game to date. Great service from the seller and a great game at a good price. I'm off to cause a
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The first Lego game to provide an open world for players to explore across a surprisingly large scale map of Manhattan as your favourite comic book and movie superheroes from the marvel franchise. A wide variety in selection of characters and vehicles with plenty to do and a decent, creative and original storyline, linking all marvel characters together who have never been combined before, such as Wolverine and Spider man, or Iron Man and the Human Torch. A gem of a game.
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I got this game pure out of curiosity, and to see if the LEGO games were still as fantastic; and this game fulfilled my expectations within the first two hours of gaming. I'm 15 years old and I've loved the LEGO games throughout my childhood. This game is by far one of the best ever made, and possibly the best (tied in with LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga in my opinion). I've already played this game for 25 hours and I haven't even completed the story yet. There is so much to do on it and it never gets boring. It also adds a comedic aspect to it; for instance Deadpool is hilarious and by far my favourite character on the game. Would defiantly recommened it to anyone, no matter what age.
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By Retchy
product price
4.7 | 277 customer reviews
252 of the 277 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
OMG I was so disappointed when I finished this game. I thought "how do you follow that ??"
This game has everything - fantastic graphics, fast paced, atmosphere, action and camaraderie between you (Cooper) and your Titan (BT).
Please EA bring out Titanfall 3 sooner rather than later.
Finally words actually fail me with this game only to say Absolutely Brittiant. Well done EA.
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By Bxdenni
Great fun decent campaign very enjoyable, intense multiplayer I enjoyed the first one and loved the smart pistol which appears briefly in the campaign which was great but have not come into contact with it in the multiplayer but I have not played it that much. Highly recommended as when you are on a roll it feels very rewarding. Just got a new tv and it has 4k which really makes very detail stand out which I didn't think was possible even watching special effects segments in tv shows like DC Legends of tomorrow looked great in space and so does this. Huge fun buy it or if you want to go for low budget option get the first game and play it as both have great multiplayers.
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By Andrew Hammond
Decent first person shooter with the neat extra of being able to call up and take control of a Titan. Much like the first game with better graphics and works best when you play online with friends.
My son has enjoyed it and says its better than Halo but not as a good as Overwatch.
There is No split screen co-op mode which always disappoints me as an occasional player and not being a fan of online gaming.
If you can pick it up for under £25 it shouldn't disappoint.
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By Richard D
product price
4.8 | 182 customer reviews
173 of the 182 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely thrilled with this game. Literally haven't stopped playing it since it arrived.

Suffice to say I completed the game within a week. Never the less, I still haven't stopped playing. Completion of game only scratches the surface. Once all missions are completed you can begin to unlock all the characters from the Jurassic Park saga and re-visit all your favourite missions.

Very pleased with this purchase.
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By Stuart Allington
great game loads to do on it lots of laughs and just can't get the song out of my head
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By son goku
Love the Lego games although they Have become a little too "serious" for my liking. The obvious humour of say Lego Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean has been lost along the way. Saying that, this is still a brilliant game with loads to do. Bonus points for being able to play as dinosaurs!
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By Yazmina
product price
4.6 | 407 customer reviews
362 of the 407 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've played the other Rocksteady Batman titles (I didn't bother with Origins). Took me a while to get into this one though, at times it felt rather more like an open world driving game than previously. I found the awesome Batmobile rather awkward at first but soon got the hang of it.

Most of the way through I turned the difficulty down to Easy so I could experience the story without being constantly killed.

Now having finished the main quest and spent more time driving around and putting thugs down I'm some 40+ hours in. I doubt I'll bother with all the Riddler challenges let alone the trophies but I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. Just need to find my next fix now...
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By ND1234
I can't review this as someone who has played it, but I've seen my son playing it as it was a present for his birthday.
I have to say it looks really good, he loves the game and is currently working his way through it.
The graphics are really good, I've seen batman gliding around the screen and also driving the bat mobile through the roads of Gotham city. Really happy with the purchase, arrived quickly, I got it at a great price and my son is really happy so I can't complain about anything. Looks really good!
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By Gaziano
A great finale to this series of games, with too many plus points to list. Also a very successful release - none of the horrible bugs, DRM issues, connection issues etc that we have seen from some other recent games

Yes the batmobile is a little annoying at first but you get used to it. I don't think it was the greatest addition to the game as the gliding has always been huge fun. Just use it when you need it - click LB on the Xbox and it comes to you! As the only niggle in a otherwise fantastic game it still gets 5-stars from me.
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By ED71
product price
4.7 | 232 customer reviews
212 of the 232 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love these Plants Vs Zombies games!
The biggest downfall of this however was removing the ability for two people on the same console to play at the same time, In the first game they had a "god" mode via the Xbox App, this was fantastic, added an extra element to the game and made it so that when one person was playing, the other person would play on the app and then switch round. Unfortunatly this was removed in the second game, which... was an issue for us, however, still a very fun enjoyable game to play.
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By Dan10ch
This was for my 7 year old son.
He loves this game, in fact it’s his favourite and he plays on this game much more than the others when he has his Xbox time.
You can also play split screen / multi player which he has done.
In the game you can unlock lots of new characters by earning coins during the game and spending them in the shop, which generates some of the repeat play interest. There is an option to buy the coins with real money, however, we have never had to do that as he has earnt the coins in the mini games.
A definite recommendation, especially for the younger age group
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By R. Gaiger
Enjoying this so far and so is my 10 year old son, I'm not sure about the lack of a menu and instead the hub system but overall seems like an improvement over the first game
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By Paul T.
product price
4.5 | 733 customer reviews
610 of the 733 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Halo: the master chief collection is arguably the best halo game ever. It has 4 built in halo games, and they are very full featured. The games are:
Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo: 2
Halo: combat evolved anniversary
Halo: 2 anniversary
Halo: 3
Halo: 4
And the multiplayer spans across all of these. Anniversary games are just the games with newer graphics, (halo: CE anniversary only has Xbox 360 graphics but halo: 2 anniversary has excellent Xbox one graphics.
If you wish you can pay £2.99 on the Xbox store to install Halo: 3 ODST which I did as it is very good value as you have to pay at least £5 for a second hand disc, which only works on the 360 anyway. There is many controls to pick from, and local multiplayer is amazing, however online is clunky and takes a long time to load.
What I meant by 'full featured' is there is also forge and halo:
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By FunkoFun
Nice package with all the old games, really brought back some memories. These are the classic Halo games as you know them, with a remaster of Halo 2 for the new console. My only problem is with the inconsistency between the games, especially in Multiplayer; all of the games except Halo 3 look graphically good. Halo 3 however, stands out like a sore thumb with smooth, undetailed textures and rather poor graphics, which breaks the immersion a little bit for me.

Also, the interface is sometimes a little clunky to operate sometimes and for some reason the game runs in a 4:3 aspect ratio in Multiplayer mode; I just wish it used the whole screen.

Aside form my minor quibbles it's a great game to relive the nostalgic memories!
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By T Kuerten
Let me get this started by saying how much I've always loved halo, and how excited I was to get this collection.

On the most part the game is great! However the what is essentially a remaster, there is a huge amount of glitches.. like seriously more than I remember playing original game on the xbox.

These game in diffrent shapes: from the amusing spanning bodies, to your charachter getting stuck in un moving positions and worst off all completing a level, for the game not to acknowledge it's completion.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.7 | 181 customer reviews
174 of the 181 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love Lego Batman 3, you can play as many of your favourite dc heroes and villains, a fantastic storyline, amazing levels and a lot of fun. Highly recommended
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By Scott Taylor
Great game - as all Lego games are
Excellent to watch even as a spectator
highly recommended
        Read more
By sarah Veal
Being an avid gamer for all genres, it is fair to say that I put Lego Batman 3 through its paces and I must admit, the scale of this game is larger than virtually every other Lego game I have played. It is a quality game filled with secrets, clever puzzles, hilarious cameos and a massive range of characters. Exactly what every DC and Lego fan have been crying out for.
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By Jono ginger B
product price
4.5 | 453 customer reviews
385 of the 453 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well got to admit I wasn't sure that this was gonna be any good after such a long break from the series , but I can say I am definitely not disappointed . The single player campaign is awesome!!!! It's different enough to feel new but similar enough to feel like a real gears game !!! And for added value you get the codes for all the xbox 360 games 1, 2 , 3 and 4 fantastic. I can't understand negative reviews for such a good game ?? Highly recommended.
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By Lee Gemmell
The Gears Story is back and its freaking amazing. Gameplay is refined, the storms although annoying are good additions to the game. Played it all co-op with the wife (please keep that feature!!!) and just gob-shmaking. Storyline is great, the world is breathtaking, the final scene is just Whaaaaaat!!!, Literally sat there with my mouth open pointed it out to the wife!
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By Ladies and Sirs
I brought the xbox one s just to play this game, as I love gears of war and I had to play gears of war 4. So having finished this game within three days on hardcore, the game does feel like gears of war 1. As you go further on the game, it does start to pick up and it does feel like gears of war 1 and 3 where the surprises that awaits for you. I dont want to say too much but keep playing and you will see our hero back in the game. I was shocked about the ending, cant wait for gears of war 5.

Brand New Copy, Decent price, thanks a lot
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By Andrew. A.
product price
4.4 | 1,902 customer reviews
1,476 of the 1,902 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As usual it's the same rubbish - updated squads and nothing else. As expected.

Only addition is in the transfer window.. good point; you can add more options such as release clauses (more realistic) bad points; it goes to a weird cutscene where there's no music/talking.. just poorly made characters smiling and nodding.. it gets old very very quickly. Very.

Gameplay, much the same, although seems a bit 'easier' this time around.

I gave it a good shake of the stick when it first came out, currently it's collecting dust. I would need to be very very bored to pick it up again.
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By ChrisVonae
when I finally got the game ( not amazon's fault) and got it working, I was living in hope all aspects of the fifa experience were going to be better ( sadly not) I feel it's gone a bit of a mix of like 40% pro evo and 60% fifa ( which doesn't work)

I've been an avid fan of fifa since day 1 I feel fifa 12 was the best of the latest-ish fifa's that I played and going way back to 2000, I do like the aspect of the journey added into the game, gives it a difference experience imo ( not played career mode yet so can't comment) I normally just play co-op season's or pro club matches now, but as they've changed the passing a bit I feel it doesn't work as true as it could/did

the ultimate team is still the same- plays the same and makes
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By Anon
Visually it's exactly the same as every FIFA released on PlayStation 4 despite the hype. The graphics are will poor compared with non-sports games. The only difference is how slow the gameplay is.

This game is the worst example yet of rubber banding. The game steps in far more than ever before to balance things up resulting in massive frustration. You can be 0-0 in the 90th minute of total domination, you're through on goal and your player will fall over himself or scuff the shot wide.

Penalties are a joke. They tried to fix something that wasn't broken. Sometimes an arrow will appear to help, sometimes not meaning you are firing blind.

You cannot pass free kicks as they will just go to the opposition. You cannot pass out from the keeper as 50% of the time your keeper will just pass the the opposition.

I would suggest you don't buy this unless
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4.5 | 403 customer reviews
361 of the 403 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is such a good workout it's unreal! So addictive! Only came today and I can't put it down! My kids aged 9 and 5 both love it too, even my toddler tried to join in! Had such a laugh with this!. Great song selection,, only downfall is on unlimited you have to pay for extra songs which is a bit annoying but still a good laugh and very good workout for burning off a few pounds.
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By Aimi Parr
Great game but its a shame that you must pay additional in game fees for all the "UNLIMITED" songs. Great for a messy saturday night in!

Yield this warning though, your room will turn into a giant sweat box..
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By DanParvin21
This is great for my 8/12yo but the only problem is they need our mobile phones to get access (they have to have a profile and hold them while they dance) I didn't realise this when I purchased it. Apparently you need a 'PlayStation Move Motion-Controller' and for 2 this is quite expensive -88pounds!!! quite annoying that i have to spend out another load of money.
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By Kimba99
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4.6 | 231 customer reviews
211 of the 231 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great to be taken back to the start with Lara and begin her journey. Lara herself is wonderful, her hair especially.

You begin with no weapons or skills but gradually build upon these as the story progresses; though the snap between using a bow and arrow to take aim at rabbits and using a gun is extremely quick when it comes.

As with most 'shooter' games it's best not to think about why there are 15,000 single men living on this island - how did they ALL get there? It wouldn't be as fun if you only had ten enemies in total, admittedly, but still.

The storyline itself is interesting and her interaction with her friends guides us along. The cut scenes are good (not too long) and the snap decisions you have to make are hilarious. I died every time. I did miss the infamous swan dive death though.

I have to say
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By R. Bowman
I’m not a massive gamer however I decided to buy this as I remember playing it in when it first came out on the PS1. To be honest I thought the game would have lasted longer and was quite shocked at how quickly I managed to complete it. There’s a lot more focus on finding ‘documents’, ‘GPS’ & ‘relics’ etc rather than the classic ‘pulling leavers’ and finding weapons. Parts of the game are amazing, especially when it comes to the enemies! Graphics are done very well. I got a bit bored of battling with the last big enemy, drags on a bit to long to kill him. Overall I would recommend to buy this game!
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By DeL
When the reboot of Tomb Raider first came out I was very skeptical, being a fan of the franchise I couldn't see them bettering it's predecessors. But I was very wrong and as much as I loved the original games, this Tomb Raider betters the previous ones by being different but still keeping the elements of the originals intact. Having owning a copy on Xbox 360 and realising what a great game it is, it was only natural for me to buy the polished version on the Xbox One.

Straight from the get go you see that this Tomb Raider is a darker, grittier and more of an adult game than the original carnation. It's a coming of age story, making Lara do some serious soul searching. The game is set on an island somewhere in the east nearing Japan, as Lara and her companions become shipwrecked while searching for a
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By Nelson