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Best Rated in Wellness

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Wellness store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

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Top rated products in Wellness

4.8 | 684 customer reviews
660 of the 684 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This marvellous gadget is great to enhance the air quality and freshen your room
I bought mine to help my sinus issue as the fine mist combined with essential oil
Is perfect to get into the sinus and lungs to help fight bacteria problems, so all in all
Yes a good investment at a decent price with fast delivery.
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By joan long
Arrived in good time and is lovely, so easy to use. The colour choice is great and you can leave it to keep changing or fix it to a brighter or dimmer colour as you require. I use it with Lavender essential oil to help me relax and sleep and since starting to use it I have slept a lot better.
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By Tandy
Love this item. Helps our child when it's congested. Can be used for 6 hrs. Great lights to uplift mood. Only thing i would say is that if you have other children visiting etc then make sure it is out of their arms reach in case they knock it over and the contents spill especially if they are very curious (which is what we found with our little visitors whilst using this device)
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 1,106 customer reviews
1,046 of the 1,106 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Am leaving this review just to help someone battling with similar problem. If you have herpes use this oil and it will never resurface again any where in your body. I swear by it
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By Amazon customer
I can't tell you how pleased i am with this oil,I have suffered reoccurring bout's of intestinal Candida for the past 30 yrs and this is the first time I have been able to clear it without taking Difluan, nothing short of a miracle !!! I took the capsules for 3mths before trying the 100% oil,so glad I did .
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By barry moore
Read about Zane Hellas and researched on best oregano essential oils.
For first time users: please be aware to research on your essential oils!!!

I took time to review this because I need the necessary time to see if its effective.
And i must say.. im very very PLEASED.
The oil came with INSTRUCTIONS. Please follow them as the oil is indeed CONCENTRATED. If your not used to oregano smell .. just be aware.
Ive taken a whole range of antibiotics since I was young due to health reasons and have a constant sinusitis.
As soon as I used this ( two drops) + grated ginger+lemon juice + coconut oil in a drink -( you have to MIX ZANE OREGANO with liquids or food ) my sinusitis and morning allergens were gone!
It is POTENT. So please be sure to read Zanes instructions.
Im in the research medical professiin and have changed my diet to a more paleo
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By Rosemond
4.7 | 832 customer reviews
771 of the 832 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've now bought a couple of these for my wife as she uses sweet almond oil quite a lot; in the bath, in oil burners, for massage and for removing her make-up. She used to buy her sweet almond oil from Holland & Barrett, which worked out more expensive, so we decided to try this stuff.

I've seen several people complaining that it doesn't smell of almonds, which apparently means it's no good (something to do with it not being cold-pressed, or something), but it's pretty much exactly the same as that sold as sweet almond oil in H&B, and that also happens to be completely odorless . All I can say is that my wife finds it perfectly adequate for her purposes, and has no complaints. I will happily order again.
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By CBallard
i continue to buy this product because it is excellent for what I use it for, moistly homemade oil blends and sugar scrubs. What is great about this specific product is that it 1lt, so great value for money too. I normally have their smaller bottle to tip it into once I use half of it, just less bulky. Very very good product.
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By GlobeTrotterGirl
I purchased this oil as I am currently pregnant and i am trying to minimise stretch marks that may occur further along in the pregnancy. So far I haven’t noticed if it is working or not. I use it after I’m showering and pat my belly dry a few minutes after applying the oil. It hasn’t stained my clothes, smells or leaves me with a sticky belly.
I will certainly continue to use this oil as many times as I can, I keep forgetting to apply it at night time but I will have to try harder.
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By Pixel Chick
4.7 | 775 customer reviews
737 of the 775 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’ve suffered with tension in my neck and shoulders for years. The occasional deep tissue massage when I was able to afford it gave relief for a few days and then the pain would return. I purchased this shiatsu massager cushion a couple of days ago. The first five minutes or so was extremely painful and I did wonder whether I had made a big mistake, when suddenly the pain became pleasurable and then the pain diminished and the warm massaging became blissful. I have used it upon waking and before going to sleep and can honestly say that I wish I’d invested in one years ago. I’m without pain in my neck and shoulders for the first time in I can’t remember how long.

If you decide to use the heat setting, do ensure that you are wearing clothing as it could mark bare skin as it does get very
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By Schmoo1964
Incredible! I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my heel for months and needed to wear a silicone padded heel cushion to walk about fairly comfortably. One night of two 15 minute foot massages with this and the pain has virtually gone! I also used it to massage my back. This is great as you can move it up and down as you wish. I want to have one of these to turn to for the rest of my life. Can't recommend highly enough!
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By C. Roberts
I have reoccurring lower back pain stemming from an old weight lifting injury with which my lower back muscles tighten up and become very painful and prevent me from exercising. Last time it occurred I went to a sports therapist who did a brilliant job or sorting it out but was expensive, so instead of going for a third visit I bought this as I still had a bit of back pain. I’m glad I did, it’s kept my muscles from tightening up again and I use it nearly every day and am back doing my normal exercise. It’s surprising forceful getting right in there where needed, you can also lean on it less for a lighter massage. It’s also very easy to use. It may not be quite as good as a professional therapist but it's a pretty good subsitute nonetheless and a lot cheaper!
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By The Yellow Dart
product price
4.6 | 1,181 customer reviews
1,032 of the 1,181 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Never in a million years did I think I would be writing a review for a nasal rinse kit but here I am. I bought this on the back of the fantastic reviews it had, but also I have just had sinus surgery (Septoplasty/Polypectomy) and had heard this would work wonders with the healing process. I was very nervous to use this at first, two days after surgery as my nose was extremely tender and filled with dried blood. From the second I started using this I was instantly feeling better. I wished this was something I had begun using years ago, when I thought back to all the times I was completely bunged up with congestion and would give anything for relief. This really is everything the reviews say it is. The second I use this I instantly breathe easier. I use it three or four times a day
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By P
I suffer from chronic sinus problems seen this on YouTube few times. As nothing has helped. I had years of build up done 3 rinses one after another. It cleard my nose for few hours. I feel after I use this daily it will get all the muk and other rubbish out my nose. Avoiding the need for trip to hospital.

Sold 4 stars the bottle could be bigger.
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By Jack Cuthill
After a heavy cold was left with a sinus infection that was quite unpleasant. Went to GP as it wasn't clearing up, and he advised using a saline rinse [not by brand].
It is very important to read the instructions, and to get the ratio of salt to water right. [Easy with the premixed sachets]
The first time I used it, I didn't keep mouth slightly open, and it felt like a pressure was building in my ears, but after a couple of attempts it was easy and painless.
Tip your head gently upside down so the solution gets into your sinuses [GP said to watch you tube videos, and he did a demo of holding his head downwards..
The gunk from sinuses that washes out its satisfying...and the difference after a couple of days was noticeable, compared to week of pain and unpleasantness.
Best of all, it does not need one to
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By Oakleaf
product price
4.6 | 1,151 customer reviews
1,083 of the 1,151 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After YEARS of suffering from reccurrent chronic sinusitis & so much ibuprofen abuse ...stumbling across this product changed my life ! Cannot be without it now , have tried making my own solution but find anything else burns my nose. This is very gentle and soothing you will feel instant relief from first use. I use twice a day and haven't had an infection since ! I wouldn't be without it now.
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By Sophie
This is excellent process, originly recommended by my doctor for nasal drip and bunged up inner ears.
If you haven't used them before you need to buy the box with the bottle in. Basically you disolve a pack of the salt into a special bottle of warm water and gently squirt it up your nostril it washes out the upper part of your nose and sinuses and runs out the other nostril. It is brilliant if you have a runny nose, stuffed up nose or if you have been working in a dusty environment. My wife suffers from hayfever, she uses this in the morning and evening and has had no problems at all since using it. NOTE: It is imperative you use the salts as it is not unpleasant at all, but if you use plain water it is not comfortable at all. These are also sold in branches of
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By Paul of London
Hi to you all who suffer with nasal and sinus problems all year or just in summer as i did my doctor recommended this rinse wash and boy has it helped with my problems which were both i have mentioned, and if i start with a head cold it seams to stop it in its tracks before it fully starts, so hence the revue i wish to share with you my complete happiness with this product.if you start get the 50 sachets and rinse bottle and see how you fare using the rinse , just to add its much cheeper buying on Amazon rather than from the local chemist, i hope you will be as happy with this product as i am regards Tug.
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By Tug Wilson
4.6 | 1,105 customer reviews
983 of the 1,105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had to see a physio as I was having quite a bit of pain along one thigh. She recommended getting a large-ish massage ball (and a massage stick) so I could keep up the good work she had done for me. I have found the 10 cm ResultSport ball brilliant for getting at the sensitive areas around the buttocks - a massage stick isn't much use there. I use them at least twice a day to loosen things up. I wouldn't want to use the spiky balls directly on my skin with all my weight on top, as they are made of quite a hard plastic - necessary to get the full pressure on occasion - but with trousers or a track suit, it all works very well. Their e-book telling you how to get at the parts that matter, which was
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By Richard BH
I ordered these balls after randomly coming across them on here and, as I have Scoliosis and sometimes get lower back pain and stiffness as a result, decided they might be ideal to help with that. Also, the price seemed very reasonable and the reviews were so positive! I'm so glad I did order them! They're great and do seem to help ease the lower back pain and stiffness. I tested the big one (the pale blue one) by sitting with my back against the wall and placing the ball in the small of my back and then shifting back and forth, up and down, to roll it around. I did that for about 5 minutes and afterwards I definitely felt some improvement in the stiffness I'd been feeling up to then! I notice from some reviews that some people have said these balls
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By Kittycat63
WOW love this product. I have tennis elbow and have had it for over a year, even though it was improving, it was not going, so I got these and the little green ball works a treat. I just pop it near my arm against the wall and move my arm around. It gets deep in the arm. The blue one is great for the back and the purple one is heaven on the bottom of my feet as I suffer with arthritis in my toes. Great product, wish I had known about these sooner.
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By Julie
4.5 | 2,724 customer reviews
2,429 of the 2,724 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So happy I found this.
My 6 month old has been very poorly and hospitalised 3 times for bronchiolitis, the only thing that seems to relieve him when he is having a bad episode is steam inhalation.
We bought this on the off chance it may help keep his room air more moist and breathable as he really struggles on a night, didn't want anything that used hot steam for obvious reasons, don't have much money to spend on a proper humidifier and wanted something nice, quiet and relaxing.
This is PERFECT. Put 5 drops of olbas oil in 150ml of water and I am so impressed I can't write a review good enough.
Will be ordering 2 more when I get paid for my daughters and my own room.
Also the light changing feature is fantastic!
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By amylou91
Really like this one.

I’ve had other cheaper humidifiers before and they all packed up quickly. Were all a little gimmicky. This is really well made comes WITH its power supply and. Decent cable length. The cheaper ones make you use a phone charger and cable you provide yourself.

This has a small fan at the bottom to suck air in and really circulate the mist in the chamber and out the spout very well. The lights are subtle and not too bright. Worth the money, I actually got this to pop into my reptile enclosure a couple times a day and it’s working amazingly well. I’ve ordered two more for the bedside tables.
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By Mr. J. A. Francis
This product is amazing value for money and really does work exceptionally well. The mist evaporates at a good amount leaving our home smelling fresh when essential oils are added. It's so effective, I've just placed an order for my second device and I hope it works just as good as the first. What it reminds me of is those vaping devices that people use, but without the nicotine, just fresh essential oils to make everything smell nice. There are two modes: a continuous mist or a 30 second alternation which is really useful when you want to fill up a room or just take things easy. There's a nightlight included with a different set of ambient colours and this makes the windows glow in the dark with fancy colours which I love...
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By Mr R O
4.6 | 918 customer reviews
842 of the 918 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best thing ever. Love my electric blanket and use it day and night. I suffer from many severe health conditions, Austio arthritis, fibromyalgia and more and if I get cold my pain levels are so bad I can't stand it. I love how this blanket is dual sided so I can heat up whichever side I want to use. I can safely leave it on for hours as well. Good long electric cord. Good quality. Love how it dose not have ties but has a fitted skirt so very easy to put on. Very good value for money. Quick delivery. Have been recommending this to all my friends and fibromyalgia wariours. Thank you. Will definatley be ordering again when I need a replacement. Can't say enough good things about it. X
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By Michelle
This is the first electric blanket that I’ve seen with the stretch ‘skirt’ around to fit snugly over the mattress. Just like a mattress protector. And no horrible cords to tie! What a brilliant design! It’s also a great size - the double bed size I bought fits right across the bed from one side to the other with no cold border like other electric blankets. It heats up really quickly on the third setting if you’ve just come in and want to go to bed quickly, otherwise a lower setting for longer will do nicely. I’d recommend.
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By Kath W.
We have a double bed and it is a perfect fit. We previously bought a cheaper blanket and really, just take the plunge and get this (that cheaper one was a joke). This hugs your mattress so there is no moving around and because it is full sized you get heat everywhere (from your shoulders to your toes). Dual controls mean that each person can adjust their half and they truly are separate. My partner's had his on the third setting (so it gets hot quite quickly), and there was no heat dispersal to my half. Please note that each half needs its own power outlet and the cord isn't super long so it needs to be close. The other bit about this to keep in mind is that the place where the controls meet the plastic "in" on the blanket is right at the edge of the blanket where
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20 offers from product price
4.8 | 398 customer reviews
387 of the 398 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using this for years! If I feel a cold coming on I just take a dose each day for a couple of days and it certainly helps keep things at bay. It all helps as I am a type 1 Diabetic and have been since 15 months old so for 43 years and have excellent control. As I have a low immune system, the right brand of multi vitamins and things like echinacea are key to helping battle colds. Since this combination, if I even get a cold it only lasts a few days as opposed to weeks and it always used to turn into a chest infection etc. So happy I've found natural things to help with this and feel good.
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By snuggles
Exactly the same as Holland and Barrett only loads cheaper. I take drops daily, with a break of a week now and then, and find it really helps ward off infections. I tend to get a lot of throat, voice and chest infections- professional hazard maybe after years of teaching, or perhaps because I suffer from silent reflux. If I feel a cold coming on, I take a higher dose and it more often than not goes away. My lifesaving product! Have recommended it to loads of friends and family too.
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By Clare, Notts
Amazing stuff!! At the first sign of a cold I start taking this stuff (15 drops in a tiny bit of water). I have been known to take it 3 times a day when full of a head cold. The taste is fine, quite earthy, but not horrible to taste. When the kids are full of cold, I also take it once a day as a preventative (not sure if that's recommended, but it seems to work in warding off their germs).
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By MickyLou
4.6 | 822 customer reviews
747 of the 822 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought for misses who has wanted to bring aroma therapy to our house. Must say even though I'm not a fan of these sort of things normally it is rather pleasant. We use lemon grass with eucalyptus and it does a great job.

Almost instantly starts to give of its vapour and easily lasts a hole night on its lower setting. Nice gimmicky changing light patterns as well.

Overall very happy at a decent price.

*Update* 6 months on we still use this. Works so well we have just bought a second one for the mum in law. Really is a great diffuser.
*Update* Now 7 months later.. now MY mum wants one! We have bought 3 now!
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By Jason
Easy to use and lasts for ages. The light is a lovely glow. I have it on colour changing. It automatically switches off when empty which is a bonus. It's very quiet, just a small hum... which is actually quite relaxing in itself.
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By Prime
This didn't especially help with what I was mainly looking for, which was a humidifier for my room.
I have many breathing issues which get worse with bad weather, and wanted to try something like this.

Interestingly, this was all over the results when I was searching for "humidifiers", and although in essence it steams water and "humidifies" the air, the mist is low in quantity. Even in continuous mode, this is not the kind of product you would rely on to actually change the moisture levels of a whole room.

However, I can't blame the seller, as they emphasize the "diffusing" properties of the product, and don't make many claims about its humidifying abilities. And in that sense, the device works flawlessly, and is amazing for its price.

Make sure you do your research because it can get confusing with all these different products that are available! :)
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By Gadense
4.5 | 1,540 customer reviews
1,359 of the 1,540 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I opted for a Double size blanket and it fits my 4 ft bed perfectly - no cold spots! The instructions say to allow the bed to heat for 60 - 90 minutes but I find 30 minutes on setting 3 does the job for me and leaving it on setting 1 for sleeping keeps me nice and toasty. I made use of the corner ties (although I'm not sure I did it right) and the blanket hasn't moved an inch. I've used it every night for nearly 2 weeks with no problems. Very pleased with the quality for what it cost.

UPDATE: Obviously the blanket wasn't needed during the warmer months so I just left it in place on my bed. I've used it this week for the first time in about 5 months and it still works perfectly.
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By Emma L
the nicest and most comfortable blanket we have ever bought. The various control settings allow for all your needs - we put it on control number 1 the first day we used it and it was okay but not warm enough to get straight in to bed and that was within 45 minutes but after 15 minutes on control number 2 it was fantastic! would recommend.
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By stoniers husband
Lovely heated underblanket.
Comes well packaged so as not to get damaged. Unfold and put on bed, easy. I do not like the strings that come with it to attach to the bed, elasticated straps might have been better to go around mattress, etc. This underblanket does move slightly if not secured. It covers the bed from feet to pillow edge (not under the pillow), and side to side fully on my double bed.
Three settings are great in this cold English weather, the lowest can be on all night without being uncomfortable.I find it heats up better when I allow it to do it's thing, then get in... heavenly warm! I use with a memory foam underneath, which must of course impede the memory foam effectiveness that I get, but I still feel it, and I wouldn't change it.
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By Blue
4.6 | 748 customer reviews
693 of the 748 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have quite a number of oil burners, but I wanted one for my bedroom and was not happy about having a naked flame burning when I might fall asleep - so I read up on the customer reviews, because I've never used a diffuser before, and bought this one. And I am so glad that I did. Quick and easy to use, low noise and starts to diffuse straightaway. I find the water container large enough for my use and it is easy to fill, empty and clean. There is a timer for one or three hours, and an optional 'light' which shows as a band around the centre (shown as pink on the illustration) as well as at the top when diffusing. You can either have the light changing into 14 different colours continuously or keep it on your chosen colour - or if you
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By Sue J
Cute little vapouriser, works really well, clear instructions, well constructed, fairly quiet and the vapour is cool so no energy lost as heat as you would have in many other items like this. Nice to have on in the late evening, especially since it turns itself off. Discovered (accidentally) that it has a safety feature - if the water level gets too low it switches off the vaping side of it so that you don't damage the device. Would definitely buy again, especially at a lightening deal price.
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By Dee Dob
First time I've tried an electric diffuser but have been having trouble sleeping so thought I'd try out the small one in the bedroom to see if it would help. Very nice little machine that fits on the bedside table without taking up much room - produces far more mist than I expected and fills the room brilliantly for such a small diffuser. Love the colour changing lights but also like that I can set to not shine so as not to keep me awake at night. Would have been 5 stars except it does make noise when it's running. It wasn't noticeable in the living room when first tested but in the quiet of the bedroom right next to where I'm sleeping the sound of trickling water has taken a little bit of getting used to. It's not enough to put me off and send it back but if
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By Miffy
4.6 | 692 customer reviews
636 of the 692 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don’t think I’ve ever wrote a review unless it was to tell someone that the product was bad but this has given me my life back! I have had insomnia for about 5/6 months to the point that it was ruining my life, I have absolutely no problems falling asleep but I wake up (god knows why) and then can’t get back to sleep (even though I am painfully tired to the point of wanting to cry) after trying lots of things and giving up hope, I finally tried this! I can’t remember how long it took to work maybe a week? Or 2? But I’ve been taking it for 2 months now and my life is just transformed! I can live life again! I don’t randomly wake up for no reason anymore! And when I wake up for legitimate reasons (toilet, knock on door etc) I get
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By Amazon Customer
I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years quick tempered outbursts was not the way to live, I can truly say that True Veda tabs really do work with no adverse side affects, I finally have my life back thank you True Veda.
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By Clive Noothen
This is my 3rd order. Love this stuff! I was getting into these dark moods that I couldn't snap myself out of so I was looking for something to give me a bit of a mood booster. This does the trick, I have a far better outlook on my everyday life now taking one in the morning and one at night. I also haven't been sick after being around flu infected people- not sure if that has help but I'd like to think it has!
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 643 customer reviews
597 of the 643 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This Lavender EO should have lost a star because I'm really not sure it's a completely unadulterated, pure 100% angustifolia. I've used many different lavender EOs from the many, many different types of lavender cultivars over the years, from the high grown 'Fine' from France, to the generic, mixed lavandins which have had a good inclusion of synthetic ester. This bottle doesn't specify an identified source and it has a very low price.

Having said that, I'm not going to be using it for a healing purpose - I've bought it for fragrancing, and this bottle completely fulfils that purpose. It's a strongly fragrant, crystal clear steam distilled Lavender. I've uploaded a pic.
I simply use this in an 'aroma stone' and in one of those Airwick wax melter gadgets, but without the wax. 5ml of this Lavender is gently heated by these and the esters diffuse through the house with a
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By maggie
I love the scent of lavender and at the time of my purchase this was the best value bottle I could find. It was delivered in a sturdy cardboard tube, inside of which was the attractive blue bottle pictured.

I use mine to make a home made linen spray - twenty mls of water with a few drops of this oil gives me a beautifully scented spray that lasts me for a week. It's a much more natural way of scenting my home without relying on expensive and toxic aerosols.
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By NotaBene
At last after a few years of noticing the lavender essential oils I have been sourcing from specialist suppliers seemed weaker .. I have finally found what seems to have the fragrant oomph ie room filling aroma and the therapeutic qualities I have experienced in years of practicing aromatherapy... fabulous quality ... thank you... I can't wait to try it in my diffusers.. I put the several years of weak aroma to my sense of smell weakening or problems with lavender yields but this... is the real deal.. thank you ..
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By Firefly
4.6 | 568 customer reviews
524 of the 568 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought two of those! The first one had a problem with the lights but the company was very quick on solving the issue and sent us a replacement! The product is great I love the lights! It's very quiet so when I use in the bedroom doesn't disturb me at all sleeping! It's really easy to use! And the customer service is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!!! I will buy another one soon as I would like to have in strategic places around the house!
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By A J
Very happy with my Diffuser. Got E-mail stating when it was going to be delivered. Signed delivery. Well packaged. Very easy to set up. Took the top of the diffuser off, which just sits ontop of the base, (no need to screw or click on, but slightly tricky in lifting off). Inside was a small measuring cup which is needed to pour water into base....never take the diffuser to fill up in sink via tap. Dropped a few drops off Geranium oil into water....other oils are available ;) plugged it in and switched it on and worked straight away.
Looks elegant and pretty with the different lights, relaxing. Nice stream of vapour comes out, lovely smell in my living room. After a lot of research on what aroma diffuser to buy i am so happy i picked this one.
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By bita
I bought this with a lot of excitement having seen (and smelt) an electric oil diffuser in a friend's house. Unfortunately this diffuser gave off practically no smell at all. Having ordered lots of different oils, I had assumed that the problem was oil quality but despite buying some better quality oils, could still only smell a very light fragrance if you had your head directly over the vent hole. My friend's had a large opening and the one I ordered had only a small hole for the aroma to escape from so maybe this as the difference but either way, this diffuser was very disappointing and have arranged a return.
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By Lori Patten
4.6 | 518 customer reviews
473 of the 518 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm absolutely amazed by the extra mile they have run - 12 bottles of essential oils are fitted securely in two layers of foam so they won't move around, get squished, or bump into each other. It's also very useful for storage.

Each scent is labeled in different colours, so very easy to distinguish. Just experiment with your own "brew" of aromatherapy. Some of the scents, like cinnamon, bergamot, rosemary, frankincense, are very special - not commonly seen in other essential oil packs.

Scents really last for a long time. Highly recommend!
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By Tiffany Y
A nice small set of fragrances, in a cute box. This would actually make a nice gift.

I use these for a number of things....

Sprinkle a few drops of your chosen fragrance in to bicarb and stir - I then sprinkle this in pets cage, on wooden floors, carpets and vaccum up - a great odor neutralizer. I also add a few drops of lavender oil in to bicarb and sprinkle over the bare mattress and vacuum off - a great way to refresh the mattress!

I also mix with water and put in a wax burner over a tea light, which releases a wonderful fragrance through-out the house. I quite quickly used up the lemon oil this way!

If you're not sure which fragrances you might like, this is a great little set of 5ml oils - they won't go very far, but it's great to know the smells before committing to
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By Emma
Couldn't of arrived at a better time. I fell ill with the flu the day after I received them, researched appropriate oils that help with boosting immune system an help sickness etc. Used certain ones in the diffuser and my bath and even with a carrier oil (coconut oil) on my skin and my symptoms lessened. I noticed this because the one day I didn't use the oils or diffuser my symptoms became horrendous as the day went on and I was bedridden. Again the following day I went back to using oils and the flu symptoms eased and cleared within two days. Absolute god send. Love them especially frankincense that's my fave. Thank you.
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By Kymberley N
4.8 | 284 customer reviews
276 of the 284 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was surprised how powerful this is for scenting a room. It really does work for the yoga studio space very well. You can smell it within minutes in a large hall. Noise wise you definitely notice a trickling water sound and gentle buzzing. I find it's fine to leave on through the class and not too disturbing. The instructions/buttons are simple enough. One thing I would note is I'd hoped to use it as alight for meditation also, but it's not string enough for this, which for me makes the LED light function a little redundant. A fabulous product for the price, and works extremely well in terms of making a room smell great. I'm one very happy customer :)
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By Amazon Customer
I ordered two of these after reading reviews on these as well as similar products. They're cute and easy to set up and use. I really like the lights especially with winter (Christmas) coming, but it's easy to turn this off if you don't want it on. The little poof coming out the chimney is quite relaxing to watch too. It's like a little volcano. But a nice one. The unit switches off when the water is gone or you can use the timers. I noticed the difference in the air almost immediately, the house can get quite dry when the heating is on and the oil diffusing element is also a much nicer and healthier alternative to scented candles and air fresheners.
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By Miss S Angeli
What i like about this onion shaped product is that it is designed not only to be functional but is not as clinical looking as some products, which look like they belong in the bathroom. This product compliments the natural wood bedside tables we have and the smooth light changing effect i find soothing ... and if you ever bought into the medative idea of slowing your breathing down at the end of the day to help the sleep process, the light works well with every breath you take .... no Sting phun intended. The only issue is and it is a small issue is the slight noise this machine makes. Once you take the lid off, you can see there's quite a bit of engineering involved in the base to get the sound waves to create the mist. It would be great to have no sound at all, but
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By Mckowski
4.6 | 456 customer reviews
419 of the 456 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I do a stand up all day job and find at the end of the day I’m a bit achey, bought this on impulse and AM SO GLAD I DID, I can have a head to toe massage, literally. It is a fantastic little machine.
I put it on the floor and do my feet, do my calf muscles, ( you do have to be mindful of how you place your leg and of pressure you use, this can involve some wriggling and jiggling, but well worth it) then carry on working up, I’m seriously thinking of getting another, or perhaps 10 then just make a bed of them to lay on! Seriously it’s money well spent. Sturdy machine, quiet.
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By Dawn
I am so in love with this little machine. I used a friend’s for just 20 minutes and it totally unknotted my back – so I got online and ordered one immediately.

I get occasional pain in my upper back / shoulders / neck due to poor posture and/or over-exercising (playing badminton is a problem!), and I find that the combination of gentle heat and firm massage really relieves pain and relaxes the muscles.
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By H. Ashford
Absolutely amazing massager! I suffer with a painful stiff neck and shoulders and this thing is so addictive I over did it! It made me a bit sore afterwards but only because my muscles were so tight in the first place & the relief was so lovely that I had it going for over an hour! After 3 (normal 20 minutes cycles) every other day I can honestly say I no longer need my monthly osteopath appointment. Amazing & highly recommend - just don’t be tempted to go overboard!!
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By Lisa Keighley
4.7 | 334 customer reviews
320 of the 334 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was bought as an anniversary present for my wife.She was totally surprised upon opening the packet and enquired what did it do! Our eldest daughter quickly put it together and within 10 minutes the house was filled with the most amazing aroma of lavender just one of the six essential oils I bought as a package.My wife has since tried the other fragrances and fell in love with the Tea Tree fragrance with Lemongrass a close second.Great product at a very good price,thoroughly recommended.
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By Keith
Have tried the orange to start (smells lovely, and doesn't make you feel sick like some have suggested). Eucalyptus is nice, haven't tried the others yet, but good quality, nicely presented and worth every penny!
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By SteveH
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