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Best Rated in Wake-Up Lights

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Wake-Up Lights store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Wake-Up Lights

5.0 | 61 customer reviews
61 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was having a hard time waking up this winter. I get up at 5:45 and it's still dark then through the winter months. This lamp was one of many lifestyle changes I made to combat my sleepiness and, fortunately, it worked. The light is kind of magical- it's very nice to wake up to. It lit up my side of the room but it was not overwhelming. It really does feel like sunlight; sometimes it didn't register until I was fully awake that it was still pitch black outside. My husband sleeps later than I do but the light doesn't ever bother him. Waking up to NPR, however, annoys the hell out of him. Funny story about the bird alarms, though. They confuse me. I have chickens in my backyard and we're surrounded by all sorts of wild birds. I can't tell the difference between the backyard sounds and
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By Amazoncustomer
I have only had this clock for a few days but so far I've noticed a huge change in my mornings. I am not a morning person and have always struggled with getting out of bed. My bedroom faces a parking lot, so I have to use black out curtains or else the car lights would wake me up, plus, I live in the Pacific North West and mornings are extra dark in the winter. I set the radio to a local jazz station and love the combination of waking up to soft music and light. I usually leave the clock light and sound on while I get ready in the morning, so by the time I turn them off I'm awake enough not to ";push the clock off the night stand";, and don't have a problem with the buttons being too small...besides, the benefits greatly outweigh any negative
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By Amazoncustomer
The option for waking up to birds chirping is very nice - like a flock of robins right next to my head - and cheerful - it doesn't make me angry like a buzzer does. (I know they are robins because it was hard to differentiate between the real robins outside my window in the spring and the ones from my alarm clock.) I also like the light, but the light itself doesn't wake me up. It's just nice to have some light in the room turn on automatically when the morning is still dark, and the light stays on even when you snooze your alarm. So that was most helpful in the winter when it's extra hard to get up early. I also use it for late night reading, it's nice and soft and can be dimmed in 10 increments. There is no radio, but if I need music
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By Amazoncustomer
4.9 | 67 customer reviews
66 of the 67 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really like this clock, it's somewhat compact but still has large bright numbers that are super easy to see read and dimmer switch allows you to choose the brightness you prefer. Clock is easy to set and has back up batteries so you don't have to reset it if the power goes out.. I can say with confidence that it works since we just had an hour power outage. Alarm can be set on low or high. High is quite loud.. low is loud enough to wake me and probably about normal for an alarm.. The night lite is really easy to turn on and off and perfect if you if you just need a little light during the night to see your water bottle, grab a Kleenex , or see if your kitty is still in bed with you. Think I'll get another one for my guest room ..or
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By AmazonCustomer
At first I thought it was kind of like, too bright and put it on dim function. But after the first night, I got used to having it on bright and found it was very easy to see and didn't keep me awake. I have lousy vision without glasses and it is nice to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and be able to read the time on my night stand with no problem. I don't use the alarm function, but it does work well if you need it. This is very well made and worth the money. It has a night light on the top, but I don't really need that as I have a lamp on the night stand, but if you didn't have a lamp nearby, the light function would be helpful.
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By AmazonCustomer
I got this alarm clock in a box and it had its own individual box and easy to read and understand instructions. The instructions are important as the alarm clock has some functions which can’t be worked out without help. It has a digital output showing that the alarm is on or not and if the clock is in snooze mode or not. I really like that you can choose a colour to suit your colour scheme in your room. There is also the option for no LED output which is also nice if you’re sensitive. The alarm clock is particularly nice for its small size and functionalities! It is also safe for everyone including children.
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By AmazonCustomer
4.6 | 148 customer reviews
140 of the 148 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an awesome little machine. I have hearing difficulties so the loudest alarm is a muffle, but the bright light is a welcome addition assisting me to wake up. It came with easy to follow instructions and was easily and quickly set up.

The light itself is very bright and the display can be turned off too. This can also be used as a night light/bed side light. With changeable colours or plain white.

Looks nice and fits perfectly on bedside cabinet. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend.
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By Kevz
I’m a disaster using the alarm on the phone so I wanted something more permanent, and the idea of the light gradually turning on sounded very cool. I am LOVING it, and I have chosen the sound of birds which ring at the alarm time (the light goes off from half an hour before). It’s gentler than any other alarm and it doubles up as lamp. The sleep function sounds good too but yet to be tried in my case.
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By Maria Z
This actually excelled itself last night as I was setting it up. I had just set it up and put batteries in when we had a huge thunderstorm whcih tripped all the electricity. We were able to sit in the dusk, listening to the radio via battery and have some light until the power came back on later in the night. More than I expected :)
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By Labrador
4.4 | 626 customer reviews
553 of the 626 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
How often do you read through a ton of reviews about this or that "must have" gizmo only to find it really is quite literally junk when you get it? Bizarre that folks appear willing to rave about rubbish. However. This humble little marvel is not rubbish. Far from it. Great quality for the money....works exactly as described with a special mention for the extraordinary amount of light kicked out by this cleverly put together home essential. Also the motion sensor tech works flawlessly....to keep the light on in an emergency be close to it. To turn it off - move away beyond the 3 metre trigger point. The brightness is approaching a reasonable car headlight on dip so not to be used in the vicinity of those suffering with a migraine. This is SO MUCH MORE than a cupboard light. I feel embarrassed to have paid so little.
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By DjInTheDeep
Thought I would try this out for use in an understairs cupboard. Just what was required. It was smaller than I had anticipated, but light level perfectly adequate. Sensitive enough to detect the door opening, almost regardless of location, but bright enough to illuminate the cupboard. Spent some time researching best location, but once I made up my mind, adhesive strip worked fine. Would have preferred the option of screw fixing but that is just me.
Only outstanding issue is battery life, but since door is only opened a couple of times a day at most, and light only stays on for approx 30 secs. I'm hoping to get a decent life out of it.
An excellent product - I will be ordering more for bedroom wardrobes.
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By Kevin T
I put one of these under the bathroom mirror cabinet in my en-suite. It lights up the room just fine when I go into the bathroom during the night to pee. However, since the light goes out after only 15s, I'm left standing there quite literally taking 'a shot in the dark'. Would be nice if the time delay were adjustable. Another down-side is that it only uses AAA batteries and the unit contains a large number of LEDs, so those batteries only last about 4 months with somewhere between 4-6 activations per day.

I've also got some of these: Mr. Beams MB720 Wireless Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight in the other bathrooms in the house, and they are 'the business'. Quite ugly, but 4xAA batteries, 45s time-out and only one LED means the batteries last about a year.
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By El Geraldo
4.8 | 38 customer reviews
37 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arrived quickly in great supportive packaging.
This lil squishy egg is a godsend.
Instead of having to buy 2 separate products for nursery lighting & a musicical toy this is 2in1.
Easy to charge with the usb lead (included)
With a tap of the button the egg is turned on. When adjusting to choose a choice of 6 colours you just have to squeeze/tap the silicon egg. The lighting is bright but still subtle.
Upon using the Bluetooth you can connect your music from your device (I connect with my IPhone)
Simply press the button (located at the front/lower half of the egg)
Comes with full instructions (little booklet that’s included)
The best feature of this egg is that it’s safe for little hands.
The usb charging port can be covered by the silicon flap. There’s no dangerous electrics for curious hands.
Super soft silicon this product can be squished.
Ideally perfect for nurseries for night lighting and the bonus of
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By Pinkypoopz
Bought this product for my five year old girl, I cannot wait until she sees it tomorrow.

Simply an amazing product, charge it up and give it a good wack and it will glow a soft white colour. Give it another wallop and it changes hue again. Great ambience for little girls going to sleep, what I feel is a nice bonus is that the nightlight can pair with my phone via blue tooth and the colours will change in time with any music played.
Now the funny thing is when you set it off with the music and place it down-with it being an egg-shape it does tend to wobble-given the impression that it is dancing.
HAHAH well done. I only wish that that the recharge connector was USB C and not the old micro USB type.

Good build quality
Lovely Soft colours-not harsh on the eyes
Can pair up with a phone=super cool.
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By Kris Sumer
This year I have two kids going to school. In order to make my life somehow easier, I thought of a cool alarm clock. After thinking of criterias, I bought this one. We have opened it with the kids and boy is it worth the money!!! It has a usb output, micro output and aux output. I put it on with the cable on charge. It can also operate with button 3V batteries if needed. The instructions and setting it up was pretty straight forward within a minute we set up the time, the alarm, the wake up and snooze light, the radio station, we chose the music to wake up and snooze off, we chose the background light, the alarm light. The options are huge. My two lot are happy with it. And they have since been waking up on time eith this alarm clock, as I wanted
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By Sarvinoz
4.7 | 44 customer reviews
43 of the 44 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have rated this product 5 stars because of a number of reasons.

I have been looking around for an affordable alarm clock which also helps in waking me up. I have found this clock on Amazon and wanted to give it a try due to it's really affordable price.

i was really surprised by the multiple functions, and the main one was obviously the ability to have incremental ''Sunrise'' light which makes waking up very easy. The alarm sound is quite loud, and I can hear it easily as i place the device near me.
It also has the function of changing to different colours which turns my room into a kind of nightclub or i change the lights depending on my mood, and I really like it because the lights are very powerful enough to light up my whole room.

It also has a radio FM function which can also be used
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By nathan T
A very easy and useful clock radio, it's quite large light ring and display are a good addition.
The light can be switched to several different colours,'sunrise' and 'sunset' only uses white.
You can turn the number of illumination off completely if it's not to your liking.
The radio is a standard FM radio so you will be able to listen to all the stations you can receive with the aerial
The clock is reasonably easy to operate. I was able to set the time, alarm etc

The quality of the radio is impressive as I didn't expect it to be that good and the sound quality is acceptable. The reception is loud and clear and you can easily scan through the pre-stored channels.

The build is also good for the price, mine took a tumble off the desk by mistake and there were no scratches.

I've taken a few pictures so you can see what you're
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By Dwaindigital
About a year ago, I purchased a Sony wake up alarm clock similar to this one.
The price tag was 4 times the cost of this one and does not have some of the features this one has.
Since my daughter started secondary school, she has "borrowed" it.
As it seemed she was keeping it on a permanent basis, I had to buy one for her.

This alarm clocks with light do actually wake you up.
Million times better than waking up to my phone alarm and more efficient than loud alarm clocks.
Until I started using this alarm clock, I have tried every alarm clock available without success.
I even tried one that came with a vibration pad to put under my pillow and enough dB to wake up the whole street.
The problem was that my neighbours woke up, but I didn’t.
Waking up to light really does work.
It's like it tells your brain to "start"

-Stand has
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4.3 | 485 customer reviews
393 of the 485 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been putting off writing a review because I wanted to be sure of my opinion.

My previous alarm clock was a bog standard £25 Philips one. It was a no frills item and did the job. However I HATE getting out of bed on a morning. I'm one of these people that has 8 alarms set on my mobile phone (that is hidden across the bedroom so I have to physically get out of bed to silence it) along with alarms set on my alarm clock.

I'd recently managed to kill my old alarm clock when vacuuming behind the bed (the vacuum ate the wire) so figured I'd check out amazon since I'm a prime member and get the free delivery. I'd set out with a £30 budget but once browsing amazon I discovered the wonders and promises of these wake up light alarm clocks and the £30 budget went out
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By Matt
I like this light/ alarm clock a lot. I am no longer startled in the mornings by an alarm screeching at me to wake up. Instead the light wakes me up gently and the first time I used it I said I woke up like a disney princess. I actually wanted to get out of bed!

The light starts slowly building up before your alarm goes off and your chosen sound will play** at the actual time your alarm is set for. Mostly I wake up earlier than my alarm because of the light, but I can wake up just as the sound starts playing to signal your alarm. Either way I wake up fairly easily. There is also a sunset setting which I use to help me drift off to sleep.
It is possible you might need to use to manual to help you figure out some of what to do
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By Elle. F
It's my first wake-up light and it seems to be excellent at that function. However, it also seems a little antiquated in some of its limitations.

1. There is no battery backup so if power goes out it loses the time.
2. There is no 7-day schedule, so if you want to get up later on a Sunday you have to set it every Saturday night, then set it back again every Sunday night (it will remember 2 wake-up times).
3. The built-in sounds are good, but they're just sound files. Why can't it play mp3s? In addition the speaker hisses badly at anything above half volume.
4. The radio is only FM, not DAB. That means you get a choice of 11 stations all playing bad pop music.
5. The product has a sleep light, which starts dim and gets dimmer over a short period of time. You enable this mode manually, but sometimes
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By DangerMouse
5.0 | 23 customer reviews
23 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This clock feels well made and not at all cheap like some alarm clocks can feel. The clock itself is circular and a nice size with eight function along the front. These buttons Allow for the operation of snooze, setting time and alarm, turning on the light and selecting the radio. The time display is nice and clear and can be in 12 or 24 hour format and is selected from a button on the back.
The main feature of this alarm clock is that it can assist in getting you off to sleep at night and waking up in the morning through the way that the LED ring light works. To help with waking you up in the morning, the light can be set to start slowly illuminating 30 minutes before the alarm sounds and can be similarly set to start at full brightness in the night and slowly dim
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By Kevin Summers
My wife had wanted something like this for a long time and with our first date anniversary coming I realised I can't avoid buying it anymore...
She's a bad sleeper, needs to have a light on by any reason, which is quite annoying for myself. She also always complains about alarm in my mobile as I tend to wake up gradually, so have it on every 15 minutes from about 6 a.m.
She loved the idea of the combination of night light and alarm clock and just consider these things beautiful. Honestly, I with all this "it's beautiful" I didn't expect it to be any useful, just more money to spend to please the lady.
However, I admit, I was wrong. It's really nice. Light night is quite gentle and not irritating (also, I'd prefer no light at all). It actually helps me to wake up gradually without making anybody angry, which is
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By Mishomeister
I bought this because I needed another wake up light for my son's bedroom - we now have one in our bedroom and in one of my son's bedroom (this obviously caused arguments so I had to get another one for my other son - it's only fair after all. Like the other ones, this is a good little wake up light. Both my son's love the changing colours and the fact they can both listen to the radio (or music) in their bedrooms and dance around to it (they are only 5) is great. We haven't had to use the alarm clock function yet but I'm sure it will come in handy as they get older! Overall, a great little wake up light that both my son's love.
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By Richie T
4.3 | 246 customer reviews
189 of the 246 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It makes bird noises - which is lovely, although I could lay there all morning listening to that instead of getting up and taking over the world, so I guess it does a good job of both keeping world peace and being a lovely alarm at the same time. Buy this if you hate mornings.
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By Krist M.
Our alarm kept waking our baby up. We’d tried going without one, and just overslept, so we got this and it is such a lovely way to wake up. We set it so the light comes on first (it happens gradually) and then later the radio kicks in. It’s an attractive alarm clock, the display is very clear and it was simple to set up and easy to pause. My only wish was that the radio was DAB in this one for improved sound quality, but apart from that it is a great alarm clock!
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By Sarah_Lou
This has changed my morning routine for the better. Over recent months I had been finding it increasingly difficult to rise in the morning, often snoozing my phone alarm several times.

I purchased the Philips wake-up light alarm after a fair bit of research. I was sceptical about how effective it would be. I chose this model because the functions seemed most appropriate for my needs and budget.

The light is natural and warm. Its brightness can easily be altered to any of the 10 options. I am able to wake up with the alarm set to a moderate intensity of number 6, though it is low light season here so I may need to increase this in the summer months. The sound volume gradually increased to gently wake you.

I have not used the radio function. I do use the nature sounds to wake to in the morning. There are two nature
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 31 customer reviews
30 of the 31 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received this Wake-up alarm well packaged and on time.
This has to be the best alarm I have ever bought, it's not just an alarm, it's a light and radio that we can use at any time. There are 7 colours to choose from, different brightness. 6 sounds and radio.
In the box there is the alarm, instructions, a plug and USB. The alarm can be plugged in or you can put 2 AAA batteries in (Not included). The USB cable is short but long enough that it sits on my side table without me struggling.
You can use this with both the light and sounds or if you want you can turn either function off and only have the one. Personally I really like the slow brightening feature will I have set it to the birds chirping. I'm not a fan of the other sounds but I love the birds and
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By Claire Cc
Great light and radio, well is a combo of everything since it's actually:
- a Light (that can change colours)
- a wake up light (alarm clock with a light to simulate the morning)
- a radio
- a great decor piece!
I love to have different things at home, and this one made a great statement at my home.
Check my video that I made when i received it.
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By Alejandra
I ordered this alarm clock for my bedroom. I loved the fact that it had lights on so I could also use it as a night light for my baby. The item arrived quickly and was well packaged. This clock not only has a variety of colours that can be used for the night light option but also has a sunrise feature meaning the light will gradually get brighter as the alarm time gets closer giving you a more natural wake up than just a beeping alarm. I love this feature! It also has fm radio and I found in general was extremely easy to use and set up and is very lightweight. At a glance in the night I can see the time even from across the room and love the ight feature in my room for my new baby. It is not too bright and glaring more
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By Lyndsey Oneill
4.9 | 22 customer reviews
21 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I made a video to show how moody this little lamp is and despite it's size, how good it sounds!
I am very happy with it, there is a function to cycle between colors, and it's very relaxing.
I bought it because my overhead lamps are too bright and this will help me work on the computer, I can adjust the brightness and it also plays music!
Greta little gadget!
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By Krisztian Kiss
This product is good for anyone who likes high quality sound. The little speaker provides a great amount of bass, enough to vibrate through my desk and considering its size, thats pretty good.

The lamp also has a nice glow and no individual LEDS can be seen at the base of the speaker. The lamp has three settings : warm white (brightness level can be set : dim, medium and bright), red (brightness cannot be set) and color changing (brightness cannot be set). One of the downsides to this product is that the color cannot be set permanently.

The alarm feature works well playing a loud clear melody that's not too disturbing.

The overall battery for the the lamp is good lasting around 10 - 12 hours on the color changing setting.

Hope this review is helpful at least a little bit :)
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By Ela Vips
Absolutely love this lamp! It was recommended by a friend and I'm going to buy another for my wife's bedside table. It paired instantly with my phone, there are several settings around brightness (which is controlled via touch) which is ideal if you're trying to sleep but your Mrs. is reading. The lamp will glow various different colours and is very sleek to look at. It was easy to configure alarms and the Bluetooth speaker built into the lamp is excellent! Great packaging and easy to read instructions. Definitely recommend!!
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By sconner
4.2 | 255 customer reviews
198 of the 255 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This clock-radio is really worth getting. It has a warm feel to it when lit up the LED display is clear and very visible even with bad eyesight. The clock is modern and a very good size. It is made plastic and has a strong metal foot so it doesnt move about. It can be charged by USB or a power cable. The icons on the front of the clock are also a nice feature and are clear to see and understand. The clock design has light around the outside with a choice of six colour options which are green, red, blue, purple, orange and indigo and is adjustable in intensity from 1-10 with a sunset wake up theme, furthermore you have the choice of six different sounds or the fm radio. I highly rate this product due to the amount of features and all round design quality.
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By simplelifej
Different. It's an alarm clock with different lights which can be left on spraying your room in calming blue or a variety of others colours, green, purple etc. It works well but the buttons are quite difficult to press - I was nearly going to send my back as faulty as the buttons didn't seem to respond at all when I first tried it but eventually I worked out that there were just a little awkward and you have to move your finger about a bit in the general area and wait for the small light at the bottom to register a press! It lights up a half an hour before the alarm goes off which allows you to awaken gently, at least that's the theory and I do think it works quite well. You can have it wake you with a buzzer, radio or other sounds - I opted
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By Toehoke
The clock is nice to look at and relatively easy to set up. The issue however is the radio and sound. The lowest volume setting is extremely loud, and woke me up with a huge start, which surely defeats the object of a gentle waking up with the sun rise simulation? The main problem with this clock however is that when the alarm goes off. The light starts 30 minutes before the sound (I selected the FM radio), the light however somehow interferes with the radio signal, and subsequently the clock just boomed incredibly loud white noise instead of the radio. I was really disappointed and have since returned the item.
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By Zannah Rawlings
4.8 | 21 customer reviews
20 of the 21 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Smart light and clock alarm. It does exactly what it says and instructions are totally clear.
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By isabella
I bought this for my girlfriend who is definitely not a morning person. The alarm wakes her up slowly over a period of about 30 minutes which is a much more relaxing start to the day when compared to the abrupt alarm call you get from the majority of alarm clocks. I have noticed an improvement in her mood in the morning and no longer have to hide from her pre-coffee.
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By Amazon Customer
The light does not come on as gradually as I imagined. The ‘sunrise’ is somewhat abrupt. But it’s not as expensive as Lumi light that we already own, so you get what you pay for.
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By Mr G.
4.7 | 21 customer reviews
20 of the 21 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We love the sunrise alarm clock. We have it in our Nieces room as a cue when she can get out of bed. On days she doesn't get up before the light it offers an ease into the day. It's a great amount of light to mimic the sunrise especially with the days getting shorter. The base is sturdy and the snooze button is easy to hit. Lots of features on this alarm clock. I would recommend this for everyday use and for kids to learn when it's time to get out of bed.
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By Scotty F
Absolutely in love with this lamp. Good quality made. I use it as a lamp for the night. It has brightness adjustment or you can change it to colour light. Also has option on auto colour changing which is really relaxing. Has radio in there with a good volume and sound quality. Also made with alarm with different ringtones. On the display good size clock with 24h or 12 h option . Nice design.
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By elena
A bit disappointed with this clock. It looks very nice and seems quite a sturdy build but it just does too many irritating things. Most annoying - it's losing over 1 minute every week in time. Also, the alarm stays on for only 5 minutes - shame if you like to listen to the radio before you get up - why not just let people turn it off like a normal alarm clock? It also comes on incredibly loud even if you leave it on the quietest setting - though this might suit some people who need a foghorn to wake up. The wake-up light is also very inflexible. You can't chose the colour it comes on, it's white only (even though, oddly, there are other colours available when you use it as a lamp). It also comes on super bright - not exactly dawn-like and then, incredibly, gets even
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By NorbertHerbert
4.2 | 87 customer reviews
73 of the 87 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
With so many of these types of light about it is nice to have one that exudes quality like this one. It's aluminium body and high quality construction makes it very appealing. A very practical magnetic self-adhesive strip makes for easy and secure mounting without messing about with clips or Velcro pads. The strip is also slightly recessed into the units body giving a nice flush finish.

As mentioned in other reviews this light does not come on via motion if it senses ambient light and that level of ambient light need not be too much. For us we bought this as supplementary under cabinet bathroom lighting and that has not worked for us as the ambient light is too bright for it to function automatically (our current inferior sensor light works here) - but we took a chance on that and it doesn't alter our 5-star score.

Works perfectly in large
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By Ashley H
Been sceptic about new brands basically non branded product, generic things. But with this one I'm surprised. Since I bought it 3 weeks ago light has been mounted on the porch. it is used to light up when we come from work so no need to chase key hole to open the door. I didn't charge it yet, it is as it came. And as You know it is pretty much freezing day and night. Light still works as it should, sensor is accurate and reliable so far. It is well build in alloy frame covered with plastic and sensor got standard plastic cap. Switch is simple slide OFF/ON/AUTO. not much on it but it works well and is fit for purpose. Well done Amazon
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First off have to say what a crazy way to package. Strip light is just a few cm wide yet the box it comes in must have been 30cm. Think packaging a roll of smarties inside a shoe box but double the length. I know you may think its just standard rectangular box dimensions but I ordered qty4 of these so got qty4 oversized boxes when all 4 could have been put into one box...... Anyway product is very good itself. easily senses your first approach and switches on. It then stays on for a set time before switching off again. Ideal for inside wardrobes as the motion of the door opening switches it on. Its range of detection seems to be just a few feet which is ideal if mounting in a bedroom wardrobe so it doesnt come on if you need to go to the bathroom in
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By Greg Brown
4.1 | 235 customer reviews
178 of the 235 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely love this thing.

I used to work nights, which meant I was getting up at all sorts of hours, and throwing my biorhythm way out of whack. Having this helped bring me awake carefully, rather than feeling like I'd been hauled backwards through treacle.

It took a week or so to get used to it, because whilst it does turn on silently, I wasn't used to any light at all, so as soon as the wake up sequence started, I woke. Once I'd gotten used to it though, I found it a nice and peaceful way to wake up. The birdsong is also nice, and can be set at whatever volume you want, even if it does come on quite suddenly. This is a bit jarring, as the light can take 20 minutes to fully brighten. The sleep function is pretty good too, again with a variety of settings, and it
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By Cameron W.
This has made such a difference to our waking routine. I'm not already awake when the alarm goes off but im never woken from a deep sleep anymore. It is a much more gentle awakening than a normal alarm!!! And im not awfully grumpy/homicidal in a morning now!
But there is something devastating about sometimes waking before the alarm and instead of rolling back over into deep sleep obviously, seeing the light and knowing you're on borrowed time!!!
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Excellent wake-up experience, poor usability

Having used this product for over 2 1/2 years I can say that this makes for a massively improved wake up experience over normal alarms and I would get another wake-up light without hesitation if this one broke. I even like the birdsong sound #3 which reminds me of country living.

The controls however are terrible and really confusing. The light and alarm on/off toggles are really hard to find when you need them and setting the alarm time and sounds is like a cryptic puzzle. I consider myself to be very tech savvy but it's still a case of trial and error whenever my partner unplugs it because she can't find how to turn the light or alarm off.

Also, the lack of auto-dimming of the clock face is quite frankly ridiculous on a £100 alarm clock, particularly one lights itself up so you can't see the
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By James
4.3 | 46 customer reviews
40 of the 46 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The GLIME alarm clock wake up light arrived early and in good condition in a branded box. I decided to order the GLIME alarm clock wake up light as i find it so hard to wake up in the mornings and am hoping that with the wake up light gradually lighting from 10 percent to 100 percent to simulate the sunrise and the alarm sounding 30 minutes later i'm hoping i can wake up in a more natural way and be less tired hopefully. The alarm clock wake up light has light around the outside with a choice of 7 colours which are warm white, green, red, blue, purple, orange, and indigo and the light colours are adjustable in intensity with 10 levels of brightness, and the alarm also has different sounds as well like bird song, ocean waves, forest, piano and violin and also has a FM radio.
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By suzukigirl
We have a problem like many other house, we suffer from grump teen syndrome, Ive been contemplating a while now buying one of the more expensive wake up lights, but always through the price to expensive, then I saw this one and thought why not lets give it a go, it was easy to set up and program and a breeze to set the alarms and functions.

So the result yep it made a difference the grump teen is still grumpy no device is ever going to stop that but her moods in the morning are a lot less than they were so its a winning device from me.
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By ZebMoon
Every morning we were woken up by my husbands phone alarm screeching, which really is an awful noise. So I thought I would try this alarm clock, the music we chose to wake to is a piano piece with birds in the background, very soothing. we have not had chance to experience the light morning glow yet, as it is summer in the UK so when we do wake its already light and bright, but I cant wait to see it in action come winter. The only negative is the instructions are so tiny you need a magnify glass to read them. but overall I am very happy
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By Anna Howard
4.5 | 25 customer reviews
23 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Gorgeous!! Ordered 3 sets of the blue lights separately for a party. Although separately ordered they all arrived very promptly and very well packaged!! They look stunning and expensive when lit up everyone admired and made comment on! Would highly recommend product!! A true winner!!
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By Maureen
Lovely set of solar lights. They look really effective in the garden and have the added benefit if different sequences. The lantern casing seems very durable. Very happy with this product and very reasonable price. I have given a few boxes out to friends and family and they're all pleased with them. Great customer service too.
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By Amazon Customer
Really pleased with the quality for the price, they came very quickly and well boxed. They look great, would recommend for your party.
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By Carla B. White
5.0 | 12 customer reviews
12 of the 12 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've really go into colourful LED lamps especially after I got an aromatherapy diffuser that incorporated one. I decided to get this lamp as it includes an alarm clock feature to replace my old beside lamp. I really like the soft light this gives and the "wake up" feature is also pretty cool.

The light this lamp gives is adjustable which means it's good if you just want some gentle light in the bedroom, such as if you get out of bed in the middle of the night, or brighter light for reading for example. The main light switch is a fairly big touch button at the top, which means it's easy to operate when you're half asleep. The controls for the clock at underneath and they are quite small, but given there's only three it's easy to learn how it works. The interesting feature is
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By Oh!Aventura
I've been using it for over a week, so far so good and I can't quite believe what a difference it makes to how I start the day. Simple, easy to use and has made it so much easier to get up in the morning. I came across this and wanted to try this as I hate the alarms ringing continuously in the morning several times and the noise especially. This has wake up tunes that are gentle and the light can be dimmed to adjust the brightness. I love this colour changing lamp which is very useful and I am using it as a night lamp as well so I am very happy with my purchase.
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I bought this for my teenage daughter to wake up easier for school. The clock is simple to set up. They are six different alarm sounds but not irritating. They sound more natural. We like number 1.
The light itself has 3 different level of white and as it says in the manual 16 million colours. The light comes with rechargeable batteries witch makes it really mobile. Really interesting product helping you to wake up more natural and less stress.
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By zhivko kurtev
4.8 | 15 customer reviews
15 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’m really happy with this bedside lamp/alarm clock. I’ve had it a week now and it’s transformed my mornings. My alarm goes off at 4:30am every morning and the sudden jolt of a regular alarm clock going off woke me up too quickly and disturbed the rest of the house. This wake up alarm is different, it starts to light up about 30mins before the alarm goes off giving my body time to wake up slowly. For the first few days I set my iPhone alarm as well just in case it didn’t wake me up but I have stopped that now because it does. My wife says I’m less grumpy in a morning and I feel better in myself.
The lamp it self has 3 brightness settings activated by a touch of the top. Keep the top pressed for 1 second and it cycles through the different colours. It’s recharged
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By Mark
Very effective wake up alarm. A great way to gently wake up naturally to light increase and sound.
I was instantly a lot more pleased withit in comparison to my normal alarm shreiking at me at high volume!
Bonus that it has functions to help you go to sleep too... I didn't actually realise that when I bought it, so I was very impressed to find those features also. I'm still learning to use the light for it's 'go-to-sleep' function but it does seem to be helping.
Overall I'm very pleased and would recomend to anyone who is suffering from sleep difficulties, especially if they are looking for a more 'natural' way to wake up.
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By mr_nice
Great bedside light , have 2 optios 1 with white light and 3 differents levels and another one with colors that change randomly , really relaxing .
It is great for when watching tv films on the bedroom you can put the light at the intensity you need for that . The battery does not last long but you can have it connected to the charger as a normal bedside light . The tactil switch works really well , the white light is activated just with a touch whithlist the colors you have to make like a circle with your finger. Has options for the alarm however I do not need it , so i have not try it .
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By Diego A