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Best Rated in Wake-Up Lights

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Wake-Up Lights store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Wake-Up Lights

4.4 | 264 customer reviews
241 of the 264 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I think this alarm clock is pretty cool for the price. it works the way it should and the only downside is the size of the numbers on the clock. the fm radio is a bonus and the usb charging is very handy. it's a pity it has batteries for backup instead of resistors.
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By Lime Cat
I was asked to write a review in this item and have left it while to use it first before writing.
Firstly this clock was so easy to set up and looks great to, the different settings on the clock allowing the degrees of ‘glow ‘ and light really help. Everything about it is easy and good features.
Would highly recommend!
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By Dillydo
I bought this clock for my kids. Thought the gradual increase in light function would be great for the mornings... however, this light function ONLY Works on the mains electricity function and does NOT work when using batteries! Only discovered this fact when reading instructions - it does NOT state this on the box or the product info online ( to the best of my knowledge) was REALLY annoyed as that was the exact reason I was buying,
Luckily, the kids still like them so won't bother to return, otherwise a good clock & good value.
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By Eithne Dorgan
4.3 | 494 customer reviews
400 of the 494 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been putting off writing a review because I wanted to be sure of my opinion.

My previous alarm clock was a bog standard £25 Philips one. It was a no frills item and did the job. However I HATE getting out of bed on a morning. I'm one of these people that has 8 alarms set on my mobile phone (that is hidden across the bedroom so I have to physically get out of bed to silence it) along with alarms set on my alarm clock.

I'd recently managed to kill my old alarm clock when vacuuming behind the bed (the vacuum ate the wire) so figured I'd check out amazon since I'm a prime member and get the free delivery. I'd set out with a £30 budget but once browsing amazon I discovered the wonders and promises of these wake up light alarm clocks and the £30 budget went out
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By Matt
I like this light/ alarm clock a lot. I am no longer startled in the mornings by an alarm screeching at me to wake up. Instead the light wakes me up gently and the first time I used it I said I woke up like a disney princess. I actually wanted to get out of bed!

The light starts slowly building up before your alarm goes off and your chosen sound will play** at the actual time your alarm is set for. Mostly I wake up earlier than my alarm because of the light, but I can wake up just as the sound starts playing to signal your alarm. Either way I wake up fairly easily. There is also a sunset setting which I use to help me drift off to sleep.
It is possible you might need to use to manual to help you figure out some of what to do
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By Elle. F
It's my first wake-up light and it seems to be excellent at that function. However, it also seems a little antiquated in some of its limitations.

1. There is no battery backup so if power goes out it loses the time.
2. There is no 7-day schedule, so if you want to get up later on a Sunday you have to set it every Saturday night, then set it back again every Sunday night (it will remember 2 wake-up times).
3. The built-in sounds are good, but they're just sound files. Why can't it play mp3s? In addition the speaker hisses badly at anything above half volume.
4. The radio is only FM, not DAB. That means you get a choice of 11 stations all playing bad pop music.
5. The product has a sleep light, which starts dim and gets dimmer over a short period of time. You enable this mode manually, but sometimes
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By DangerMouse
4.6 | 39 customer reviews
38 of the 39 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My wife wanted a clock she could see ay night (since we updated our cable service, there was no longer a clock on the cable box). After one false start...I got a digital readout clock on Amazon but.. .it was battery powered and you had to tap the top of it to see the time. A poor clock choice if you wanted to remain in bed and still see the time across the room. I then went back to Amazon and found an electric digital. A perfect choice! The numerals are always on, they are large and you can easily adjust the brightness. Also easy to set the time or alarm. Very highly recommend!
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By AmazonCustomer
Terrific clock, well thought out. Display excellent, setting quick and easy, only scrolls forward BUT that's okay, unlike some other clocks that do so painfully slowly, this one zips through fast. With display on full bright, easy to see against a brightly lit window! (Which was important to me.) I wake up easily, and on soft, the buzzer is not too obnoxious. Photo shows this clock next to the one I'm replacing, was too hard to read the old clock in the daytime.
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By AmazonCustomer
Item delivered promptly, but on trying to set it up I found that the buttons didn't always work. One minute they would and then the next they wouldn't. Tried setting the alarm, it went off properly the first time and then the next time I tried to set it I couldn't change the time because the buttons didn't work. I couldn't change the alarm tone, and then when I eventually managed to set it again the alarm didn't go off. The lights came on and wouldn't go off, or would go off and not come on. To add insult to injury, the day after delivery I recevied an email from the supplier telling me that they had received a shipment with faulty alarms, so they knew they were sending out potentially faulty goods. Bit late telling me after I'd order it, and not particularly
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By Tempe Brennan
4.4 | 60 customer reviews
53 of the 60 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received this Wake-up alarm well packaged and on time.
This has to be the best alarm I have ever bought, it's not just an alarm, it's a light and radio that we can use at any time. There are 7 colours to choose from, different brightness. 6 sounds and radio.
In the box there is the alarm, instructions, a plug and USB. The alarm can be plugged in or you can put 2 AAA batteries in (Not included). The USB cable is short but long enough that it sits on my side table without me struggling.
You can use this with both the light and sounds or if you want you can turn either function off and only have the one. Personally I really like the slow brightening feature will I have set it to the birds chirping. I'm not a fan of the other sounds but I love the birds and
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By Claire Cc
Great light and radio, well is a combo of everything since it's actually:
- a Light (that can change colours)
- a wake up light (alarm clock with a light to simulate the morning)
- a radio
- a great decor piece!
I love to have different things at home, and this one made a great statement at my home.
Check my video that I made when i received it.
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By Alejandra
I ordered this alarm clock for my bedroom. I loved the fact that it had lights on so I could also use it as a night light for my baby. The item arrived quickly and was well packaged. This clock not only has a variety of colours that can be used for the night light option but also has a sunrise feature meaning the light will gradually get brighter as the alarm time gets closer giving you a more natural wake up than just a beeping alarm. I love this feature! It also has fm radio and I found in general was extremely easy to use and set up and is very lightweight. At a glance in the night I can see the time even from across the room and love the ight feature in my room for my new baby. It is not too bright and glaring more
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By Lyndsey Oneill
4.2 | 251 customer reviews
193 of the 251 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It makes bird noises - which is lovely, although I could lay there all morning listening to that instead of getting up and taking over the world, so I guess it does a good job of both keeping world peace and being a lovely alarm at the same time. Buy this if you hate mornings.
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By Krist M.
Our alarm kept waking our baby up. We’d tried going without one, and just overslept, so we got this and it is such a lovely way to wake up. We set it so the light comes on first (it happens gradually) and then later the radio kicks in. It’s an attractive alarm clock, the display is very clear and it was simple to set up and easy to pause. My only wish was that the radio was DAB in this one for improved sound quality, but apart from that it is a great alarm clock!
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By Sarah_Lou
This has changed my morning routine for the better. Over recent months I had been finding it increasingly difficult to rise in the morning, often snoozing my phone alarm several times.

I purchased the Philips wake-up light alarm after a fair bit of research. I was sceptical about how effective it would be. I chose this model because the functions seemed most appropriate for my needs and budget.

The light is natural and warm. Its brightness can easily be altered to any of the 10 options. I am able to wake up with the alarm set to a moderate intensity of number 6, though it is low light season here so I may need to increase this in the summer months. The sound volume gradually increased to gently wake you.

I have not used the radio function. I do use the nature sounds to wake to in the morning. There are two nature
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 42 customer reviews
40 of the 42 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Lovely clock but I needed it with radio read advert wrong. If you just want beside clock it's lovely just wish radio was in it so had to send back. ( which was no problem at all refund granted immediately). Always rely on Amazon
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Even when plugged into the mains the screen stays dark until you press the top button. The projection is perfect so I only need to glance at the ceiling to know the time.
Perfect for cold, dark mornings or when back pain strikes
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By Kindle Customer
Bought this projection clock to replace my old one. But have to send it back for refund. Reason is compare with my old one and new one ( different models), this projection image is much smaller and the angle of projection is not adjustable on this model. But if you don't mind small projection or have good eye sight, and don't mind the fixed projection angle, this one would be great for you.
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By Iris
4.5 | 26 customer reviews
23 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My wife had wanted something like this for a long time and with our first date anniversary coming I realised I can't avoid buying it anymore...
She's a bad sleeper, needs to have a light on by any reason, which is quite annoying for myself. She also always complains about alarm in my mobile as I tend to wake up gradually, so have it on every 15 minutes from about 6 a.m.
She loved the idea of the combination of night light and alarm clock and just consider these things beautiful. Honestly, I with all this "it's beautiful" I didn't expect it to be any useful, just more money to spend to please the lady.
However, I admit, I was wrong. It's really nice. Light night is quite gentle and not irritating (also, I'd prefer no light at all). It actually helps me to wake up gradually without making anybody angry, which is
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By Mishomeister
I bought this because I needed another wake up light for my son's bedroom - we now have one in our bedroom and in one of my son's bedroom (this obviously caused arguments so I had to get another one for my other son - it's only fair after all. Like the other ones, this is a good little wake up light. Both my son's love the changing colours and the fact they can both listen to the radio (or music) in their bedrooms and dance around to it (they are only 5) is great. We haven't had to use the alarm clock function yet but I'm sure it will come in handy as they get older! Overall, a great little wake up light that both my son's love.
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By Richie T
Really enjoying it as a lamp, FM radio, alarm clock and a help to relax :) Didn't know there was a "sunset" setting which makes the light go dimming within 30 minutes to completely turning off automatically, so basically puts me to sleep! Great thing to have in a bedroom, another great gift idea too - it's quite simple in use. It works from batteries as well as plugged in! Been using it for over a week now and can tell how useful it is.
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By ksenia
4.0 | 437 customer reviews
324 of the 437 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Placed in the right part of your bedroom at the right angle, and set at the right brightness level for you (1-10), this really does work well at gently preparing your eyes (body) for waking up when the alarm goes off. You may have already started waking with the light. The alarm gets louder as it goes off too, so not too frightening. However you have not control over the alarm level or sound, which is our greatest regret. Believe you can buy newer models where you have some control over this - such as using your own sounds or bird song for example. That's our only gripe. But overall this has changed our lives in the morning, as we have to wake early and winter is impossibly hard. So impressed that our 9 year old daughter now has one and although it doesn't always get her ready for
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By J. Smith
I bought this product as I struggle to get up with the dark mornings.

It gradually lights up and I think it is amazing! I love it!!

You can set the alarm the light gradually comes on waking you up naturally like the sun would.
There is also an audible beeping alarm which goes off at the set time(the beep itself is fairly quiet)- I have always woken before this though!

Has 12 and 24 hour clock settings and you can adjust the brightness of the 'alarm' (10 light settings) as well as the brightness of the clock display itself.

Can also be used as a reading light before bed if desired as the light can be turned on and off.

The only sight downside is that there is no back up battery although this has not caused me any problems.
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By Tanya S.
nice wake up - but worthwhile if you can afford it to buy the next model up - which has natural sounds to wake you up -
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By Wadmeister
4.2 | 48 customer reviews
41 of the 48 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The GLIME alarm clock wake up light arrived early and in good condition in a branded box. I decided to order the GLIME alarm clock wake up light as i find it so hard to wake up in the mornings and am hoping that with the wake up light gradually lighting from 10 percent to 100 percent to simulate the sunrise and the alarm sounding 30 minutes later i'm hoping i can wake up in a more natural way and be less tired hopefully. The alarm clock wake up light has light around the outside with a choice of 7 colours which are warm white, green, red, blue, purple, orange, and indigo and the light colours are adjustable in intensity with 10 levels of brightness, and the alarm also has different sounds as well like bird song, ocean waves, forest, piano and violin and also has a FM radio.
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By suzukigirl
We have a problem like many other house, we suffer from grump teen syndrome, Ive been contemplating a while now buying one of the more expensive wake up lights, but always through the price to expensive, then I saw this one and thought why not lets give it a go, it was easy to set up and program and a breeze to set the alarms and functions.

So the result yep it made a difference the grump teen is still grumpy no device is ever going to stop that but her moods in the morning are a lot less than they were so its a winning device from me.
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By ZebMoon
I’m so pleased with this item, instructions are clear and easy to use, the variable brightness of the time display is a great feature, mood lighting is really nice colours are strong and clear. The lamp feature with variable levels of brightness is brilliant for a bedside light easy to read by or as a simple back light. The alarm sounds are loud and plenty of different options to choose from. The wake/sleep light function is good slowly dimming or brightening as you sleep wake; simulating sunrise; sunset. Overall it’s everything I hoped for and more. Will be ordering another for my daughter.
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By Sue230475
4.3 | 32 customer reviews
27 of the 32 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We used to use our mobile phone as a wake-up alarm. However alarm from the phone was too loud or just not comfortable for the body to start the day with.
Bought this sunrise alarm clock and very happy with this purchase. No more unpleasant sounds, just gentle sunrise which fills our entire bedroom with warm colours.
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By MarianMarian
good !!!Quite large (total size of clock plus light is about the same size as a side plate). The light can be turned to lots of different colours, but only the white is used for 'sunrise' and 'sunset'. I very much like that you can turn the number illumination off completely as I don't like excess light when sleeping; Firstly this clock was so easy to set up and looks great to, the different settings on the clock allowing the degrees of ‘glow ‘ and light really help. Everything about it is easy and good features. for those who don't mind too much,i ‘d like
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By daye zheng
Very excited to unbox, the range of light colours and brightness is very nice and creates a really nice ambience. The remote that comes with it is very useful and easy to use.
The setup of the YYMMDD and alarm was straightforward.
Having used an iPhone for looking at the time and alarm for a long long time, I look forward to waking up to this tomorrow!
4/5* - 1* lost because of the horrendous static that came with the radio - however I’m not sure if this is because of the poor signal or a fault of the clock itself.

See video for the static of the radio and the range of colours for the light.

No longer works. Only plays static, no light.
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By Gohkee
5.0 | 10 customer reviews
10 of the 10 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
With the darker mornings setting in I thought I it will be a good idea to use the wake up light to make my mornings more enjoyable so I bought it and it is absolutely worth it. The settings are easy to follow and I just live the natural sounds plus it is nice that I can just listen to radio while I get ready for work :)
It won’t necessarily make getting out of bed any easier but you wake up feeling less startled by a traditional alarm and feel like you are more with it in the dark mornings. Would definitely recommend it if you need to be up early in the mornings. 
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By Betyna Olah
My daughter likes to have a warm light in her room while sleeping. This is the perfect combination between night light and relax. Has a great variety of choices when it comes to sounds to help you relax or if not just listening for some music from an external device or radio.
When it comes to night light you have a choice of different colours and nature sounds.
Most used functions for now are sleep ( selection of 15-45 minutes until off), radio, nature sounds and wake up alarm.
Sound quality is acceptable and she likes the touch buttons because easy to select. Looking to buy another one for my son too since he likes it too
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I'm not much of a morning person, I always struggle to sleep so it made me question how well this would work for me since I'm usually super tired in the mornings but I was so happily surprised how well the light on this alarm clock helps me wake up! The nice calming sounds to choose from for the alarm sound combined with the soft light that illuminates my room every morning as well has been such a game changer. I feel so much more alert throughout the day.
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By Tim
4.8 | 11 customer reviews
11 of the 11 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Been looking around for an alarm clock and finally found this one that comes with sunrise stimulation where the lamp will brighten up to the fullest to wake me up. This alarm clock also comes with 5 nature sound like bird tweeting and so on to choose to whichever sound that suits me.The touch control works perfectly fine in the way that once touches the lamp will change colours. There are few touches on top of the alarm that i can select with 3 dim options for sleeping,middle bright or brightest for study. As well another option where i can touch to auto 256 colours changing mode.
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By DigiSales15
The clock arrived well before the specified delivery time and was well packaged. The item was very easy to set up and I love the 256 colour display. It has an internal lithium iron battery which can either be charged from a usb port on your computer using the supplied usb cable, or by a usb enabled domestic mains plug. The alarm is also easy to set up and the alarm has 5 wildlife sounds to wake you. There is also the sun simulator lamp which works well.

Fkant Direct sent me a courtesy email asking if I was happy with my purchase and to offer any help should I need it. As it happened I had a small query with the alarm which was answered very quickly by return email.

In summary, the clock seems to be well made and the service from Fkant Direct is very good. I would definitely
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By nick7
Very pleased. Effective and gives a good light in the bedroom showing the way to the bathroom during the night. My son loves his besides light clock. It is a great fun clock, very good present for anyone, will recommend!!!
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By Christine
3.9 | 499 customer reviews
358 of the 499 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The idea of a wake-up light was recommended by a work colleague and it suits me perfectly. I need to get up without waking my wife. I only use the light - no sound. I chose this product based on the price and the amazon reviews.

I have a separate vibrating alarm to wake me up. The wake-up light is useful to me in two ways: first it is much easier to get out of bed when the room is bright; second when I wake during the night I know whether it is nearly time to get up.

I have the dial (orange time display) turned off completely. I also have no alarm sound - set the alarm sound to FM radio, then turn down the radio volume to zero.

The light is quite bright. I point it at the wall and that makes the room bright
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By D. Deasy
Great service, the clock arrived the day after I placed the order. I love this clock even with it's minor flaws. So let's get them out the way first so I can tell you about its good points. It's not DAB! The alarm is a tad too loud on the lowest setting! And finally, volume is on a circular setting so you have to higher it to the max if you want to lower it down. What I love is the main light, and the coloured lights. The radio has really good sound quality. Its light touch sensative so no fumbling for the snooze/off button and its easy to programme/setup, though you can't programme the alarm for certain days - prob needs to be digital for that. I really like the ocean and bird sounds, the orders 🤙. The light coming on half n hour before the alarm hasn't woken
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By missy_g
All very nice, but the radio alarm will only play for 2 minutes before switching off. I'm a deep sleeper and this isn't enough for me.

Also the ability to customise and keep your preferences is limited. The radio will do a decent job of automatically searching the available radio stations, but you have no ability to choose their stored location i.e. my preferred station is number 17, and I have to press the + button 17 times to find it, when I would like to store it at position 1. There are only 2 stored nature sounds (the others are alarm types) and they sound artificial.

Not bad, but glad I only paid £19.99 instead of the full price of £69.99! At that price point, I'd expect it to deliver more in ease of use and customisation.
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By Pete
4.2 | 27 customer reviews
23 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Gorgeous!! Ordered 3 sets of the blue lights separately for a party. Although separately ordered they all arrived very promptly and very well packaged!! They look stunning and expensive when lit up everyone admired and made comment on! Would highly recommend product!! A true winner!!
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By Maureen
Lovely set of solar lights. They look really effective in the garden and have the added benefit if different sequences. The lantern casing seems very durable. Very happy with this product and very reasonable price. I have given a few boxes out to friends and family and they're all pleased with them. Great customer service too.
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By Amazon Customer
This looks really nice, good & compact, but there is no volume control and you can't use only the light (without the sound) as an 'alarm'. I had been hoping for the option of a 'sunrise' effect alarm with no noise at all. The sound choices are pleasant but being unable to control the volume makes it not such a gentle wake-up after all.
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By Susan G
4.3 | 20 customer reviews
17 of the 20 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Waking up the nicer way. I think it's a bit pricey but my hardworking husband likes waking up to it at 5.45....pretending the sun goes up and the birds sing. Happy husband happy me.
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By Stina Klein-Bissett
After pondering how much to spend to explore this idea of a wake up light, I went for this one which seems towards the lower price end without being the cheapest. And I must admit to my suprise it works well. What I have especially gained from is I don't need to check a clock time anymore if i wake up in the night. If the light is not on even in a dimmed brightness, I know there is more than an hour of sleep left before I need to get up. It is very easy to set up and is definitely a purchase I don't regret buying.
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By Anon
receive item today,it is easy to set ,nice sound and colourful lights. The sounds make it a wonderful way to wake up in the morning.
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By Jade
4.0 | 58 customer reviews
46 of the 58 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
i think it's one of the best thing I have bought this year so far! Really! I put it just beside my bed, use as a Alcock, anyway,it can be also used as alarm or radio, but with the light, I use it as a night time torch, to look after my 1and half years old baby, the light is so warm, not even bright the eyes, ,really, I like it so much
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By yuki
The product is very good, it is very easy to use and program. It is a little to good as i am finding that i am waking up before the alarm goes off.

MAOZUA FM Radio Alarm Clock Digital Radio Clock Bedside Alarm Clocks 6 Nature Sounds Wake up Light with 7 Colors Snooze Function and Sleep Timer Simulated Sunrise and Sunset-USB Charger-Touch Control
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By Mr. D. R. Lachut
Works great, has a lot of functions and is really easy to set up.
Only minus so far is the fact that when radio is turned od the clock feature is off meaning you cannot see what time it is - instead the FM station is written on the screen which is really unnecessary.
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By Ninoslava
5.0 | 7 customer reviews
7 of the 7 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My kids are loving their new night lamp. Finally it created lot of interest for my younger one that I managed to teach her all the colors name.
It's a good quality lamp and having lot of useful features like clock, alarms, different modes of light and long battery life.
It's is making really cool light effects in my kids room.
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By Sikander Qureshi
This is an excellent buy works great as a night light and alarm clock
Light has brightness settings just with the touch of one button also a fantastic colour changing option. Works great as an alarm an I the way it lights up with the alarm is fantastic especially when dark allowing u to wake up with a light
I highly recommend this product
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By paul kirkup
How great is this I love the choice off colour you can set it on lots to choose from (165) . I decided to try the rain tone noise Out when it went off my partner shot out off bed to the window thinking it was raining outside it’s so realistic I was in fits off laughter as it baffled him when all he could see was sun !!!
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By kirsty gomersall
4.0 | 45 customer reviews
37 of the 45 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought one of these on sale for £20 from Amazon. For that price it is extremely good value.
The unit comes in three parts. There is the clock unit, the metal base and the power supply (230V Mains- 5V USB & USB cable).
The alarm clock section is built well although I would not want to drop it from more than 1 metre off the ground. The display is bright but can be dimmed or completely turned off to prevent it from interfering with your sleep. The alarm light is very bright but it starts off quite dim so it is a very gentle waking procedure. The alarm sounder is sufficiently loud for when you don't wake up by the light but I use it in combination with my phone which is on the other side of the room on full volume: otherwise I just won't get up! My biggest gripe
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By Jonathan
It makes my life easier. Usually I don't use the light switch in the hall when I get home. Nowadays it's getting darker and this little night light helps me not to fall over my own shoes anymore. I am very happy I bought it. It works on a busy hallway for almost a month with the very cheapest batteries. Imagine rechargeable then... You get stick-on magnets and double sided adhesives with it. Mine is just above my hallway mirror and I don't need the main lights to see myself in it. It saved me a bit on that already. Doesn't look cheap at all, I'd almost call it stylish. And it turns off after 5-15 seconds if sees no movement.
In case you need a nightlight but you don't want a blinding one and you like the looks of it, then don't be afraid, it's not lame at all -
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By Gyula Teleki
A stylist bedside clock, with quite a few funtions. Once you've read the instructions easy to navigate. The reason I gave 4 stars is that even on the lowest sound setting 1 the radio is really quite loud. I have overcome this problem by covering the speaker on the back, just to muffle the sound when I listen to the radio in the early hours, when I'm unable to sleep
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By Dryad
3.9 | 80 customer reviews
56 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it! Been using it for just over a week and it has made such a difference to how I feel when I wake up (not dog tired!) is quite small to easily fits on a bed stand, you really have to read the instructions a couple of times then it clicks! The remote is also a massive + and convenient. I don't use the fm radio, however waking up to gentle bird song and a sunrise is lovely!
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By D. Stevenson
Before purchasing this CRL-310 wake up light, I tried another one (the "time display on a white panel in the middle" dish-shaped one, available from various "companies" here on Amazon which are basically all the same). If you're not sure which one to buy: trust me, this one here is better quality than the "time display in the middle" ones.
Remote control works as it's supposed to.
Manual isn't perfect, but certainly better than the average "made in China, google translate to English" manual found in many other products.
Light is bright enough to wake me up (and I sleep fairly deeply).
Bird sounds are not too bad. Not 100% natural, but better than the first wake up light I tried.
The light also has an aux-in on the back, so you can connect a tablet or phone with a music playlist. (Plus maybe an alarm app which activates the tablet/phone just before the wake-up-light
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By PixelBear
I love this! I nearly didn't buy it, due to all the negative reviews. But for the price, I think it's great. OK, you're right; the natural sounds aren't great. In fact, the only one I use is Number 3, the bubbles, because it's harder to tell that it's a short-loop recording. You have to turn the sound up quite high otherwise you may not wake up. But it's still quite a relaxing sound to wake up to.
The lights are great, it's completely changed the atmosphere in my bedroom and you can choose from different colours to match your mood.
The controls take some getting used to, but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.
I don't really use the radio but could get quite a few channels.
The clock light is a little garish, yes, but I soon got used to it.
I waited about four months until giving feedback
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By Shirley
4.1 | 25 customer reviews
17 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I hate getting up in the mornings and have been looking at wake up clocks for a while so sat down on the last rainy day and liked the look of this one.
It arrived the day after i placed the order in a box that contained the clock, the USB cable, user manual and the power adapter.
the size is 19 x 17.5 x 11 cm so not to big it cant fit on my bedside table.
has six nature sounds, is an alarm clock, light, radio, can have sunrise and or sunset, 7 colours (warm white, indigo, yellow, green, purple, red, blue) has ten light levels, the time can be set as the 12 hour clock or in the 24 hour clock.
the light can be set so it gradually increase or decreases over 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
i have mine on the 60 minute wake up which is so slow and
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By Carla Liverpool
This is the best all in one nightime light radio alarm clock i have bought to date the quality and colors of the LED light is very vibrant and the sound is really good too.
The stand you attach it to is super strong,you get a USB cable and plug to power the Alarm clock with a backup battery to save alarm settings and so on.

It auto tunes to radio stations and stores it for you with 6 natural alarm sounds and sunrise simulation to gently wake you up.
There are 7 different vibrant colors to choose from on the lamp selection,the manual itself is easy to understand and you will have the wakeup alarm clock set up in a matter of minutes.
You can set the clock to 12 or 24 hour i prefer 24 hours,the easy to use functions and the lovely light not to mention i can wake up to
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By Merch
I bought this alarm clock to train myself into eventually waking up without an alarm and it is actually working - I had been trying it out for over two weeks now and I can see a big difference - getting out of bed is certainly easier!
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By Jo Bart