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Best Rated in Teeth Whitener Strips

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Teeth Whitener Strips store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Teeth Whitener Strips

4.4 | 417 customer reviews
377 of the 417 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
• These come in an easy to open foil wrapped sachet on which there’s an easy to read & follow set of instructions.
• Inside the induvial sachets, you’ll find a translucent plastic pad on which there will be an upper & lower tooth whitening strip.
• These strips are easily peeled from the pad & it’s the sticky part that you’ll adhere to your teeth.
• Apply the long rectangular strip to your upper teeth & conversely the other more curved strip to your lower teeth.
• Leave in place for 30 mins & simply peel off again.

• Glycerol
• Deionized water
• Maltodextrin
• Mint extract
• Sorbitol
• Plant whitening factors

So, what’s all that when it’s at home or more importantly, in your gob?
Well here’s my understanding, or as adverts once upon a time used to state “I’m not a doctor/dentist but…” ~ basically sweeteners, bonding agents & the real magic is in the ‘Plant
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By Feedback for you. Ya you.
Product arrived on time, the box contains 14 packets of strips. There is 2 strips per pack one for top one for bottom teeth, very easy to put on, stick to teeth. No funny smell or flavour as I've experienced with other similar products. Includes a strip with colours so you can see progress of the whitening. No sensitivity after use, ive used twice now in a row an i already see results! We will see once ive used up the box, would buy again!
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By Brigita Margyte
haven't used whitening Strips in over 5 years. Since then my teeth have stayed really white and I frequently get compliments or questions on how I get my teeth so white. I decided to get a box to boost the whiteness of my teeth. Wow, I was shocked on how much these have improved! Before the strips were really flimsy, hard to remove from the package and were really hard to keep on your teeth - the old ones would slip or bunch up. These are such an improvement! The new strips remove easily from the plastic they are on. The strips are REALLY adhesive! These will not budge! Since I've purchased I have only used 2 times and I can already notice a difference. Other people have noticed too. I think these are well worth the money and work as good as a professional treatment, I have had friends
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By Mila
4.4 | 368 customer reviews
318 of the 368 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very very happy 。The strips are really easy to apply,. Already seeing results.Great product 100% recommend.
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By zhi
In just a couple of days I’ve noticed a difference
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By Amazon Customer
Easiest ones to apply so far with more than reasonable results. Obviously the results will vary but as a coffee, tea and dark fizzy can drinker and smoker they made my teeth look 20/30% whiter. My last check up at the dentist even they commented on the brightness of my teeth.

Disclaimer, "I paid for this myself", either during a lightning deal or full price
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 1,421 customer reviews
1,219 of the 1,421 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was very curious of trying strips for the first time in life. Watched many video, searching for a not to aggressive product.

I am very happy with the result! No sensitivity at all, fast and easy application, good value for the money I spent. After the first set of strips I had on two teeth little white dots but luckily they disappeared immediately. I prefer to brush my teeth as the gel is hard to rinse off and I am to scared to leave resides longer than the indicated time on my teeth. After only 7 strips I do see a great result. Definitely recommend, thanks a lot. Super friendly customer service
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By Fina87
Easy to use; simple to put on and they stay in place. No issues of sensitively after use and my teeth are noticeably whiter and some very tough stains have been removed too. Great product!
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By Mr D.
I bought these because the price was good and there were loads (I mean hundreds) or great reviews. I was so excited to receive them. Long story short - they make your teeth worse. I took the strips off to find that most of my teeth were no different but one of my teeth was super super white in some areas and still the original colour in other areas - my tooth was striped like a tiger. It looked as though I had a crown that fell off. I saw my neighbour next door who is a dentist and he said that my teeth are unlikely to go back to how they are. They are permanently damaged.

All of the reviews are biased - they offer you two weeks worth of free strips in exchange for a good review. These are not honest reviews
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By vicbrown
4.3 | 460 customer reviews
375 of the 460 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are great! I drink a lot of coffee and used to smoke so had pretty bad deep staining that whitening toothpaste wasn't removing. I started to see a difference after 2 days of using twice a day and after a week were white rather than slightly yellow! Of course they're never going to be as sort of Hollywood neon-white as with professional whitening but I'd choose these every time - I also have seriously sensitive teeth and even straight afterwards these caused no added sensitivity at all. Would 100% recommend.
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By B.
Before you buy this product ask yourself: "Can I really be bothered sitting for two half-hour sessions every single day for a week drooling through my gluey teeth?" If the answer is yes, then these are for you. However, most of the pack I bought are still sitting in the bathroom cabinet because, even though they're not difficult to use, it's a pain to have to plan my day around them and I would much prefer either a normal brushing-type whitening session which is easy to incorporate, or an overnight thing (although I sleep badly enough as it is...so unwilling to try that). The few I did use I decided to try whilst having a nice long soak in the bath and they were fine. You open a sachet and there's a film with two (upper and lower) jelly-like strips, angled to accommodate the curve of your teeth. Air-dry
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By Cylestra
So, this is a bit hard to review as I guess it depends on each person's teeth. But from my experience of using for about a week, I can say yes it does what it was on the tin it does improve the colour or your teeth. However, this is why I would probably not recommend them, you get about 3mm line on bottom of your teeth along the gumline where the product cant really get into so you end up with whiteness teeth and the original colour side by side which kind of makes it look worse and for my personal use after I'd say about 4 days it actually started to hurt my teeth to the point i decided i would stop using it, because when I applied them it would start to cause an intense stinging rich iv never experienced before. obviously this is my personal use
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By Sam
4.3 | 411 customer reviews
351 of the 411 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've only used them 3 times, so I may well update at the end of the course, too.
I'm usually somewhat skeptical about using products like this, notorious for causing abrasions and sensitivity etc
I also have a few dentists for friends (not as helpful as it seems, they usually just point out negatives in your teeth over dinner) and despite warnings, I was advised that these might be effective for stains.
I've used them a few times, and in short, they're seemingly working. I've not really had any issue with abrasions or even actually any sensitivity.
The only downside is that they seem to really stick to the teeth in the way that after 30 minutes they don't peel away as easily as it's made out, leaving bits of black all over my teeth. So you'll obviously have to brush your teeth afterwards. Though I did actually see a difference from the first
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By Safi Atiq
Absolutely brilliant product! I have never used this type of product before and I have been amazed by the results! They come in individual packets so I can sling just what I need in my overnight bag/suitcase. The box has easy to follow instructions for newbies like me (yes I put them on the wrong way at 1st attempt because I didn't read the box!!)
After a couple of seconds of them being on, you forget they are there. They are also fresh tasting.
I was dubious as to of id get any results but even after the 1st 30 minute application my teeth were whiter brighter!!!
No hesitation in recommending these! Go for it, you won't be disappointed!
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By Quickers
After 3 applications, I can see a real improvement. I had some worrying deep stains between a few teeth on the right side of my mouth and brushing certainly wasn't shifting it. 3 applications of Whitening strips and the stains are gone!! I am always sceptical of teeth whitening products - peroxide at a dentist's was temporary and damaged the enamel - left me with sensitive teeth. Horrible. Whitening toothpaste never seems to work. I regularly drink coffee and red wine so am always on the lookout for a product that might combat the inevitable staining. These strips are gentle and really effective. Highly recommended.
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By mumofbookworm
4.6 | 82 customer reviews
78 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I decided after many years of thinking about it to finally try these whitening strips because I have a special occasion, my Daughters wedding, and like most people I just wanted to give my smile a little boost. I know people who have tried these sort of things and you never seem to get the same answer off those as to how effective they are and I think I know why for some people these are really good and others it's a case of not much at all and I think it's all down to age and stains.

I'm 54 and like most people, although my teeth are still in really good condition the dentine, which is the outer white layer, has become thinner and that basically means for many older people teeth naturally become that little bit yellower and no amount of bleaching or gel or any treatment other
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By Suzanne
I am about half way though the box and there is a discernible difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I'm very encouraged with results and I shall be continuing with the remainder of the strips to see just how white they become.

At the start of the process, I found it a little tricky lining up the strips to my teeth, but by the third day I found it much easier. The strips sit comfortably on my teeth and there is no unpleasant after effect.

I'm happy with my purchase. I'm pleased with the results and the price is very competitive. I shall be buying these strips a couple of times throughout the year from now on.
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By Steven
I made a videos of this device at work; the first part shows how to fill it up with water (and yes the stopper is watertight), the second shows it in use - to see it better I've shown it squirting water at bathroom tiles. (I doubt anyone actually wants video of teeth being cleaned!!) The normal mode is really quite forceful - it really does feel it around the gum line, although as you can imagine it can be quite a watery messy process whilst you are getting used to the feel of the device.

There is a soft mode, which I'd recommend starting with. Also, use warm water if your teeth are sensitive at all. Also, perhaps the first time wear clothes you don't mind getting wet and lean over the bath or a deep sink so it doesn't matter where the water splashes. And keep your finger
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By Engineer Tech
4.2 | 1,224 customer reviews
990 of the 1,224 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this product for a few weeks now.
This product was never going to give me sparkling white teeth as my teeth are not white. I am happy with the results though for the price I paid. I do not want to use peroxide on my teeth and that is the only way to really whiten.
I used it once a day initially as it was a bit harsh on my gums to start. I purchased a soft toothbrush to apply.
It does make a bit of mess but no more than toothpaste. Any residue on the sink and skin comes off straight away.
I use my fluoride toothpaste as usual afterwards.
My teeth feel very clean afterwards.
I will purchase this product again. The dentist reported that I have not damaged my teeth by using this product.
My husband is going to trial it. His teeth are very stained from drinking excessive tea.
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By H2
These are not harmful because after each use you don’t feel like the teeth are more sensitive and do amazaing job ! I could see the difference after first use 😊 they do sometimes slip but then I try to stay open mouth a little bit just to not to move them 😊 thank you for making my smile whiter 😁😁
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By karina
Just received the best email ever regarding feed back. 5 stars for this product. Delivery was great arrived within a day, service all perfect. The product can be messy in the bathroom but come on you're brushing your teeth with charcoal what did you expect. Using for the first time I found small build up around the bottom of the teeth had gone, colour was whiter but nothing to be excited about. Next day teeth looked a little whiter, third day I could notice a lot myself and also had people mention my white teeth. Taste far better than you imagine which was a massive bonus and leaves your teeth feeling so fresh. Only on day four but I do like this product. Thank you.
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By Kylie
4.8 | 52 customer reviews
51 of the 52 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After years of being a smoker and heavy coffee drinker I just resigned myself to the fact that I had destroyed my teeth and they were permanently discolored as a result.This product was amazing: left my teeth feeling super clean and looking better and better!
It is a little on the messy side but once you find an easy way to control the mess it is very worth it!
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By Amazon Customer
I have been trying many different kind of teeth whitening strips and toothpastes. After doing my research, I learnt that the charcoal, despite its colour, is one of the best helpers in achieving white teeth.
I am a big tea and coffee drinker and prefer the red wine occasionally, which are enemies for my teeth. Especially in keeping them white.

The sensitivity is a reason why I cannot use stronger products for whitening.

After trying these strips, I could see a difference in the shade of my teeth in only a couple of days. A better shade, a whiter shade. And my teeth aren't feeling any sensibility.

I am still using them daily and I am happy with my result so far!
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By Daniela
No peroxide, which is a great plus. The stripes work well for sensitive teeth. I have checked it myself as my teeth are really sensitive. I see obvious changes to whiter colour of my teeth after 5 days. So I am sure my teeth will look much better after 28 days of daily applications. Seems charcoal really works.
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By Tattie
4.2 | 467 customer reviews
330 of the 467 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased these strips as a cheaper alternative to Crest Whitining strips and was able to achieve 5 shades whiter from shade 9 ( I'm a big coffee drinker) to shade 4. There was an initial whiting affect from the first treatment then a slower whiting affect over the course of treatment. I experienced NO sensitivity on my gums, but it did take me a few attempts to get the strips correctly positioned on my teeth and a few strips were wasted in the process. I dried my teeth with a tissue before applying the strips and then rubbed the teeth with the tissue once the strips were in position to get a good close contact on the teeth surface. I wore the strips for a minimum of an hour every day and was able to drink without any problems and even go shopping or to a appointment without issue.
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By john carter
I have finally got round to using these after ordering them a couple of months ago. I checked the enclosed tooth colour chart against my teeth and mine I would say were at the darkest end of the scale. I drink coffee very often, eat curry often and have several other types of teas - red bush, normal tea, which all cause staining.

I am on my 11th day, I noted a couple of areas of yellowing, and these strips have removed them. There's definitely a difference between my front teeth compared to the ones towards the edges of the strips, as I suppose that the front teeth are flatter and the strips adhere to them more. When I attach the strips, I grit my teeth and breath in and out a few times to dry my teeth before applying. I push them into my teeth by running my finger over
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By Eric Lee
These took a long time to come but the customer service communication in the meantime was great.
You have to be committed to wear these strips for an hour every day for 14 days but the results definitely do show. I chose to put them on of an evening before bed (cuts down on snacking!) I noticed a visible difference after about 3 days. Would definitely buy again
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By stephalex
4.3 | 81 customer reviews
71 of the 81 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I haven't even used the whole box yet, and my teeth already look amazing! I could see a difference after just 2 uses, and the strips stay right in place! My teeth are more than noticeably whiter and my gums have evened out, making my teeth look bigger (which was much needed). I highly recommend this product to anyone.
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By Jelena
The strips are easy to peel off and they stick well on your teeth. The pack also comes with a little guide that you can compare your teeth to before and after whitening. I saw a clear difference after first whitening. Only kept mine on for 30 minutes though to make sure no spots would appear. There was one spot on my front tooth but went away in about half an hour.
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By Alyssa
I drink black tea, black coffee and red wine.
After one week I can already see the staining lightening on my teeth.
The coconut flavour is very subtle and hardly noticeable.
I will be back to order more.
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By Eve Walker
4.2 | 111 customer reviews
94 of the 111 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The strips work a little slower than bleaching strips with peroxide .But whitening strips with peroxide damage teeth and cause pain ,and if you have sensitive teeth the pain can last for days .the harsh bleaches ruin tooth enamel .And gums.
Pearly Poised strips get rid of stains and brighten your teeth without damaging your teeth or gums or causing prolonged pain from sensitive teeth. The taste for me was neutral I did not taste coconut .This was not a problem as there is no after taste. Best used 30 mins before going to bed for best results .
I would use this product again .Very happy with results .
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By mac
Great teeth whitening strips, noticed a difference after first use and I've had absolutely no sensitivity even after leaving on for slightly longer than expected.
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By Steve
The reason i have given this teeth whitening product a 5* is because if your like me and DONT want extremely white teeth, but instead a more natural approach for natural white teeth then i would highly recommend this. I have been using this now for 4days and i can see a huge difference, and not only in the colour of my teeth (natural white) but my teeth and overall mouth hygiene feels very clean after using this.

My teeth are in constant battle against coffee, red wine, and food colourings that are bad for our teeth health. like most, i brush my teeth twice a day for 2 minutes, with a bamboo tooth brush (highly recommended for ourselves and the environment) and will be using a new tooth paste (Himalaya Botanique whitening complete car toothpaste) which im excited to use and will also leave a review after a
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By Wish List
4.1 | 188 customer reviews
139 of the 188 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Teeth whitening toothpaste doesn't work for me So I came across these and honestly after putting the strips on for just over 30minutes I definitely noticed a difference. Done my third one this morning and looking good so far. Can't be doing with the other gadgets in the box though so I just dabbed my teeth with a paper towel, rubbed teeth with the whitening sponge and put the strips on and rinsed with mouthwash afterwards. All good so far so not much else I can say.
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By MelordKeith
I bought 3 of the samples (thinking they wouldn't work - for how cheap they are!!) before buying the month supply they absaloutly work astonishing !!! Have giving samples away to my sisters and friend who love them so much and could see a difference after just one now want to buy them!

If you want your teeth whitened I do recommend this product highly as I have bought all different types of kita ranging from £5 to £60 syringes and must say this is by far the best product I have used , and will be buying some more 100% !
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By Ria 💖
These really work. At 53 years old having never used a whitening product before I decided to try these. I drink black coffee and over the past 6 years my teeth although generally good had become stained. WOW. I noticed the difference with the first use. Thoroughly recommend these. I have used these for 10 days and I am delighted.
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By kim bailey
4.3 | 70 customer reviews
58 of the 70 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had recently been searching for crest white strips and could not find them anywhere online, I came across these and decided I’d give them a go, really glad I did! Exactly the same as the white strips from Crest, whitened my teeth in the two weeks provided, did not cause any sensitivity at all (which I did have with the crest strips) will definitely purchase these again!! Thank you!
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By kathryn
I used to use Crest Whitening Strips, but I find that these ones are the same quality for significantly less money. This represents great value, and I was very impressed by the seller's quick shipment and friendly communication surrounding the transaction. Thank you very much indeed!
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By M. Kalorkoti
Product was easy to apply and use and although at the start it tingled a bit as I have sensitive teeth it settled within mins and had no problems with it.
Very pleased as after only one use I noticed a difference so looking forward to whiter teeth very soon. :)
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By Caroline
4.1 | 154 customer reviews
117 of the 154 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Lovely Smile teeth whitening strips Are the best thing I’ve found on the market! Give fantastic results and taste great too! Highly recommended!!
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By jon quinn
My teeth are not your teeth. I found these worked for my teeth.
However, not as expected. The fit of the strips was excellent, they stick well and don't fall off....
So, I managed to ensure even contact of the strips - but the result of the whitening was the lower half of my teeth (not the lower teeth) became much whiter on the intial few treatments.
After about 6 treatments this evened out. I'm happy with these and have bought two extra packs.
Only downside is they take 60 mins, not the 30 I'm used to from Crest.
But the main bonus is they DONT burn your gums like Crest do.
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By Unklewill
Arrived promptly, clear instructions and very easy to use. They taste pleasantly minty and I can really see the difference after only two 30 minute uses - very impressed.
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By Ultraviolet_118
4.0 | 327 customer reviews
260 of the 327 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent Purchase! Teeth brightened after one use
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By Amazon Customer
Best on the market! Best price and it WORKS!! FAST!! My dentist was amazed! He is now recommending to all his patients. Gentle enough for my veneers. Will be buying this repeatedly!!! GREAT PRODUCT! Don't hesitate. Buy it today.You will be very happy that you did!
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By Mary Bruce
Fluffy charcoal powder and gets e - v - e - r - y - w - h - e - r - e, endlessly. That's the downside. It'll stain the hands, the sink, the sideboard. That's why I don't crack it open so much. Mostly - when I've used it - I've used it for my teeth, well duh. Sometimes I'll drink it down in water, for supposed detox, as it's food grade. Could cook it into biscuits or something, bread. But make no mistake, it really is a b'itch to get everywhere. Breathe even slightly and - POOM! - up it goes in a cloud of fine black soot which goes all over your face, your clothes, on nearby surfaces, the floor. Ergh. More than once I've ended up looking like a chimney sweep kid or a coal miner when all I wanted was to brush my teeth.
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By Good Little Consumer - Defector Bee
4.3 | 52 customer reviews
44 of the 52 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I didnt expect much for thw price but ive used them once and noticed a difference, even my fiance noticed a difference after 10 minutes. It says to leave the strips on for 30minutes but I left mine on for 2 hours and went on the tanning beds with them on. No sensitivity so far which is great. Not to bad a taste. Will buy again.
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By D. Jones
These strips seem to do the trick, I can certainly notice the difference (I used it 3 times). I did not feel any numbness or irritation in my gums or mouth, and it's fairly straightforward to use. Because it's a strip it's more noticeable on the middle section of each tooth rather than in the gaps, but that may catch up overtime as I get better at placing it.
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By M Read
You have to keep using it every day for a month if you want white teeth, and then keep using it for 1 hour every day thereafter. I took many stars off because of this fact, and because I received some of them melted away on my teeth when there should be a plastic slip on all of them, and when I contacted customer service they didn't care and said they were safe to swallow. Safe? Yeah right they have peroxide in them doesn't matter how small it is, the box states do not swallow! I didn't get a replacement box for my troubles or even an apology.

Bad customer care and advice.

Can't recommend product not buying it again.
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By AmazonsTrusted
3.9 | 1,112 customer reviews
853 of the 1,112 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Just Pure Strips are well worth trying if you suffer from sensitivity, I had no sensitivity issues while using this product. I had my teeth professionally whitened, it was a long process and I experienced a fair amount of sensitivity, and obviously it was quite expensive

Using the strips is quite straightforward, I started with the the top strip first. I must add that it imperative to clean your teeth then dry them before applying the strip, I used a folded piece of kitchen roll for this

They do stay put if applied properly, you can even get away with a cheeky little drink of water etc without detrimental effects

The result was very good and I noticed a big difference from the first application

I drink a lot of coffee and fruit juice, so they had their work cut out

In conclusion they are very good for the price, straightforward to use, quite
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By Frankie Stone
One use and my teeth are noticeably whiter. Tried the charcoal stuff that makes your gums black and was NOT impressed. Have also tried trays with the bleach gel (my wife paid a lot for special moulds) but these seem to deliver whiter teeth right away. Not used the full 'course' of a pack, but may do one day when I have to meet the queen or something.
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By Payer Taxis
Im pleased with the whitening effect the strips achieved after the first use. My teeth were noticeably discoloured so i believe this is why the effect was so pronounced compared to others who may have been disappointed as their teeth weren't to far from their base whiteness.

The strips are relatively easy to apply and sat securely for the entire 45 minutes, their taste was mild and reminiscent of the dentist.

I gave 5 stars because i was satisfied that the strips did as they promised. Take into account this is after little use and im not basing this review on the full 2 weeks of use.
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By Sam johnson
4.3 | 37 customer reviews
30 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
honestly , i never ever write reviews. This whitening product saved my smile. It really brightened my smile dramatically in the past few days. You can see a difference in the first day. I have recommended this product to my friends and family and i will defiantly purchase again!
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By Rebecca Bradley
Waited to submit my review until I'd tried them after a few applications and must say
Took a couple of uses to see a difference but my teeth have come up well!
Hubby has tried them also and they did take a few goes (as his teeth were pretty much dull)
and his teeth have come up a few shades lighter too!
Would have NO hesitation to recommend Gleam to others and with no sensitivity they are a winner!!!
Great price as well-Happy White Smiley Couple!
Cheers Guys.
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By jacksmumjoy
I was really excited about using these however they didn’t do anything for me whatsoever. I was hoping to see something after the first time after reading reviews and the company claim but nothing. I still used them everyday for two weeks varying the times between 30 mins - 1 hour and still nothing. Waste of my money.
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By Sandi
4.6 | 15 customer reviews
14 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these to use before my mom's wedding but only started them about 5 days before the big day. I smoke, drink coffee and wine so basically I have every stain you can possibly have, but these made my teeth really white even in just 5 days.
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By Jean Cooke
I love this product! I order them three or four times per year. They adhere to your teeth like glue. You can actually talk without them slipping off.
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By Amazon Customer
Orded these as had good reviews? I've been using religiously following instruction times, 2 weeks later, ABSOLUTLEY no difference to my teeth. Wouldn't waste my money on buying again
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By gillian massey
4.4 | 19 customer reviews
18 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product. Very simple and easy to use, detailed instructions in the pack. All strips come foil wrapped, Simply open them and press to the teeth and then wait! Mush less hassle and mess than other teeth whitener products I've used before.
The results were pretty amazing after the first use. I could instantly see a difference.
At this price and the results you get i bought a second pack for my mom. Overall an excellent, easy to use product i will be using all the time. Recommend to all.
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By Andrian
It arrived two days before the anticipated and I've used it for two sessions. You can see the effect after one try!! It is pretty easy to use. first moisten your mouth and spit it off, then peel off the rectangular one and stick to the upper teeth, stick the irregular strip on the lower teeth. Make sure your hands dry all the process. The strips fit in the teeth well. and after 60 minutes I peel them off. I am going to use it every other day and consider buying a second time. Thank you very much
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By Vilina
I was sceptical at first. But I gave it a go try these whitening strips . I’m surprised to see the results I’ve only use couple of them you can see a little difference on my teeth, bit lighter maybe need to use all of them to get better result or need to get more.

Bit tiring on my mouth holding my saliva for an hour haha . There’s minty flavour and bit sensitivity.
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