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Best Rated in Single Vitamins

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Single Vitamins store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Single Vitamins

product price
4.8 | 1,059 customer reviews
1,002 of the 1,059 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am trying to stick to eating better and after reading about yeast flakes on a blog that I follow, I bought these and tried them out. I added a few table spoons to a potato and spinach ball mix and they came out great. Adding the yeast flakes is a wonderful alternative to cheese. I would usually use cheese but I think this was a great compromise. I was worried it would give them a weird taste but not at all, they tasted great.

The flakes resemble fish food :-) but look very similar. I am pleased I tried this but now I have 3 containers of this, I would have been happy only buying one but there was no option to do so. I think the container will last me ages at this rate. I checked the price on grocery websites but they seem to be unavailable everywhere else.

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By oli
This has become one of those ingredients that I now sprinkle on practically anything and everything for an extra nutritional and flavour boost. When you can successfully make "mac and cheese" with no dairy - that's something special. When it becomes your go to topping for beans on toast? That's a winner. Great price on a multipack, have ordered several times already.
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By J Ward
The item shipped quickly to Italy and in 4 days I got item. Unfortunately, even though I bought a 3-packages kit when I opened the box I found just one pack! I immediately got in contact with Amazon which proved to be great as always, since it shipped me another 3-packages kit completely for free (so I paid for 3 and got 4 in total).
The yeast tastes good, fills you up, is rich in vitamins/nutrients and gives food the creamy texture that is hard to find when you are vegan (and this is achieved with a few amount of yeast, so I expect that each package will last long).
The fifth missing star is due to the "cheesy-flavor": I expected it to be stronger than it is.
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By Mirko
4.7 | 1,457 customer reviews
1,378 of the 1,457 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm female aged 64.. in Feb and Mar this year I had two months of flu, bad cough and debilitating chest infection which left me absolutely exhausted for a further 2.5 months!..

I saw something, a snippet on TV and then read up about adrenal fatigue and I had most of the symptoms, and with hindsight possibly have had them for many years.

I ordered these Vit Bs and have been taking them for just a week and I'm amazed and so very pleased that I already feel so much better.. I think even after a day or two I could feel an improvement and now I'm able to do a lot more things with less effort and I feel brighter in myself and I'm getting much better each day..

The guy in his early 30s, on the TV who had been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, even though he did exercises and cycling,
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By Naomi
I take this supplement daily as I suffer from depression and it has really helped my mood.
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By Susan Daniel
The reviews must be faked. The content of these vitamins is a joke. Remarkably low concentrations. I never leave reviews but it should absolutely be made apparent as to how much is actually in the tablets
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By Nice nice
4.8 | 468 customer reviews
450 of the 468 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Since here in UK we don't get as much sun been drinking vitamin d suppliments for a while now. But 3 weeks ago I run out of them and didn't bothered to buy a new ones. Last week I noticed that I feel a bit more tired after work and didn't had enough energy for training. Also my knees were hurting what never happened before. So I ordered nutravita vitamin d tablets and now after one week of using it I feel better, no knee paint at the moment and less tiredness. Don't know maybe it is just a placebo effect or good relaxing weekend helped but something make me feel better, so I'll take it.
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By Edijs Treiguts
Following the recent cold, snowy weather I began to feel lethargic and in need of some sun, wondering how to combat this feeling I recalled that vitamin D is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin and went to Amazon to do my research. After looking through the available products I decided to give the nutrivita ones a try. They arrived next day with Prime and I’ve taken them daily since then and I do actually feel better and definitely have more energy. Really glad I bought them.
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By Mrs Helen I Matthews
Look no further, for this price (£10.99) you get your whole year supply of vitamin D. This is vitamin D3 which is derived from fish and mammals. 1,000 IU is equivalent to 25mcg. I take it because it's been recommended to me by the doctor. A daily recommended amount for a healthy adult is lower - 10mcg. Everyone should take vitamin D from the end of September to late March in England since we can't get any from the Sun and it is very difficult to get enough of it through the food we eat. Check the NHS web-site.
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By Mrs B
4.7 | 821 customer reviews
758 of the 821 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been borderline anaemic for many years, prescription meds helped sometimes but taking them gave me indigestion and constipation so I didn't take them on a regular basis. I discovered these. I now take one on]f these first thing in the morning with pure lemon juice, hot water and an effervescent vitamin C tablet. Even though the amount of iron is low it is easily absorbed so that, for the first time in years, my iron levels are ok. Through research, I discovered that low iron can cause tinnitus. I lived with mild tinnitus for years (only at night and not really disturbing) without being really concerned. Taking this supplement made the situation worse for a while. This was because a mildly irritating situation became intermittent which was far more disturbing and irritating. This gradually improved and tinnitus is no longer
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By Ms Helen Browne
Natural balance of iron, I hate taking the supplements from the doctors because of what they do to my insides, a friend recommended this to me and my iron tests with the doctor have been fine ever since and this product has no ill effects on my digestive system.
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By hester
Very easy way to take iron - takes like really hard water. Best taken in juice to help absorb the iron (and disguise the taste). As my friend predicted, it seems to have had the unexpected (and very welcome) side effect of making my hair grow thicker. (Her hair got thinner when she didn't take it for a couple of months). We're both borderline anaemic at times, so that's probably why.
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By C. Smith
4.7 | 744 customer reviews
698 of the 744 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
brilliant service , after reading reviews on this product D3, I decided to try them myself I have been taking them for 4 weeks, and feel so much better joint pains almost gone moods so much better feel really calm, I don't take any other medication , no pain relief don't need it any more, as I was having bad headache, I must say that I had a blood test by my doctor,to find out that I was short of vitamin D, as we don't have lots of sunshine , and age can result in a shortage, I do try WHEN the sun is out to have 15mins in it, but unless you expose most of body and no sun protection it not much help, I also take K2 read up about this as it helps . apparently half the world are short of D,
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By paula
I used to take the 1000 IU Vitamin D tablets as I am a SAD sufferer, but thought that I would give these a try. I haven't had a cold for years & feel better for taking the 'sunshine' vitamin, but cannot say that (for me) there is much of a difference between 1000 & 5000 IU - as we are all individuals, I suppose that the higher IU could work better for some than others. I would say, however, that Vitamin D is a wonderful thing for keeping the sniffles away & boosting one's deficiency during the winter months. I shall continue taking the 5000 IU.
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By Christine
I started having severe leg pain from top to bottom with absolutely no reasons why. Then I had my blood test done. My Vitamin D level was 17. The normal level should be around 90. I started taking these tablets (1 per day). From 7th day onwards, my leg pain started diminishing, and then eventually gone. I took these tablets for 3 months and had a blood test again. The Vitamin D level raised to 73. Now, I have a habit of taking one tablet per day or every alternate day.
My wife was also deficient in Vitamin D but after taking these tablets she is also fine.
I bought one bottle for my dad as well.
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By Taj
4.7 | 737 customer reviews
692 of the 737 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My partner and l have been taking B12 for a few weeks and we both feel the benefit already. We have demanding occupations which make us feel exhausted but since taking B12, we have coped better with what life throws at us. We received our order quite quickly.
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By S J
I have been feeling tired for some time now due to Athritis and Spondilitis and read in the Arthritis magazine that these were good for you as if you suffer tiredness you are lacking in B12 and since starting to take them i feel more awake .
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By P. Hellier
Top quality product, very happy with my purchase. My energy levels are much higher since I started taking a daily B12 tablet and this has helped me even in a short space of time. I'd highly recommend this product if you're looking for a great B12 supplement to enhance a busy lifestyle.
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By Gareth Evans
4.7 | 682 customer reviews
646 of the 682 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been taking these for a year now, I've been waiting all that time to write a review of these because i wanted to really get a good idea of them and how good they can actually be over a long period of time
And what can i say? these are some great quality tablets from NuuNutrition, they are very small and very easy to take, even for someone like me who struggles to take tablets (See included photo for size reference)

I take these because as a lot of us brits will know, sunshine here in the UK is very rare haha, so it is recommended to take vitamin D tablets just to keep it topped up so you don’t get a deficiency.

These tablets have also helped with my muscle gain, I’ve noticed they gotten bigger within the year I’ve been taking them, not drastically, but enough that I’ve noticed
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By Brandon
Just what I ordered and something I have been taking during the short dark days that stave my body of vitamin D which led me to be diagnosed with SAD
Since taking this supplement I have had no more symptoms so they do what they say on the box
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By Dave Fletcher
This is my second purchase of these vitamin D3 capsules. I made this re-purchase of the Nu U Nutrition ones because I found them easy to take and at a price I could afford. I have previously bought vitamin D3 capsules on the high street at more than three times the price of these. Being a pensioner that was extortionate and these are just as good.
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By Sam Gallagher
4.7 | 605 customer reviews
587 of the 605 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small pills, easy to swallow in a one-a-day dose, meaning I don't have to worry about my vitamin D intake during the British winter months! I have rheumatoid arthritis and immune diseases such as this usually mean a lack of vitamin D in the body, so I tend to take these pills all year round.
One point though - the pills are small and the bottle is quite large - it would be good if the manufacturer could make a smaller bottle for little pills, rather than using standard size larger ones, to help with cutting down on plastic use.
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By Jo Jo
I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and that means I am vitamin D deficient. I have been these tablets since they came so about one month maybe more. I pleasantly surprised as I have more energy now and is crucial with my condition. I would recommend these tablets to anyone as they are worth it.
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By bibliophil
Vitamin D3 Optimum Strength - 5,000 IU | One a Day Easy to Swallow Tablets | 1 Year Supply 365 Tablets | Innopure Living in a sun-challenged area, we were concerned that our vitamin D intake must be rather low. And there has been so much in the news lately about the risks of low vitamin D levels. We were going to get some D2 from the chemist, then we read that D3 is the only way to go, so we ordered this. It arrived the next day, and is OK for my wife to take despite my multiple food allergies. Very pleased with it.
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By Mr. A. Kerr
4.7 | 590 customer reviews
571 of the 590 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Having fibromyalgia the chronic fatigue really takes its toll on me. These have reduced the fatigue gradually and give me an increase in energy. They to have cleared my brain fog allowing me to have more clarity in my thoughts and have reduced my irritability. My mood is better and l tend to be surprised at how often l catch myself smiling. I won't be running a marathon, but being able to be active and do my yoga makes me feel l have been given some of my old self back as well as my life. It is amazing how taking a supplement could have such a positive effect on someone's life, I will keep on taking them, and with time, l hope to see even more positive results. Great price and very easy to swallow as they are very small tablets.
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By Fis
i once suffered from anaemia due to lack of vitamin b12 and as a side effect lethargy and extreme fatigue but thanks to these pills the symptoms went away and have never returned.
it's been over a year since i started taking them and i wouldn't be without them, i can definitely feel the benefit from taking them.
i would highly recommend this product.
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By kantami blossom
Very small tablet so easy to swallow. Only been taking these a few days and have definitely noticed a difference. Restless leg syndrome has completely disappeared, so have other minor aches and pains. Will definitely continue with them. UPDATE: been taking these now a few months along with K2, D3 and a probiotic capsule. Am feeling amazing with really high energy levels. Better than
I did in my 20’s. It’s worth investing in your health, along with a good diet free from junk food.
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By Shelgy09
4.7 | 519 customer reviews
486 of the 519 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I did a bit of research on the best product before I decided on the right B12 supplement and this product ticks all the right boxes - methylcobalamin, Sublingual, suitable for vegetarians, a good dosage, reasonably priced and a money back guarantee. The product seemed almost too perfect a deal so, as I'm always wary of buying supplements online due to the abundance of dodgy or fake products out there, I did a proper search around the internet to check that Puretality were a genuine UK based company. They passed all of the tests so I felt completely confident about buying from them.
The supplements arrived the day after ordering (using my prime account) and I received an email from the supplier to make sure that they'd arrived. Great customer service!! The tablets taste quite pleasant, are small and easily dissolve under the tongue so there's no hassle involved in taking
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By Amazon Customer
After trying B12 tablets (three different brands) and an effervescent type and still suffering from B12 deficiency symptoms (but just above the NHS threshold to get a jab) I read that the liquid form are better absorbed by the body. I was really surprised that after the first dose the pins and needles feeling I have been suffering from in my legs disappeared. I was expecting it to take longer to work. I have halved the dose to continue taking the supplement daily. I am relieved because the symptoms were getting me down and I was also concerned about the long term effects of B12 deficiency. Great product. I would definitely recommend this over the tablets if anyone is looking to buy B12 supplements.
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By T Yasuda
My usual high potency vitamin B12 was out of stock so i decided to try this since they seemed good value and had an orange flavour. I've been taking them for a week and my energy is back up and my symptoms have reduced. They taste like orange sherbet, they dissolve quickly and are easier to take than the more chalky B12 tablets.
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By suzanne whyte
4.6 | 1,317 customer reviews
1,219 of the 1,317 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Reasonable deluvery time, but I am here to talk about the actuak product! For what feels like forever now I have felt CONSTANTLY tired. Even after a good sleep of 6-8 hours and complete rest, I would wake up tired, go to sleep tired and feel tired throughout my day. I just accepted that I was just over running myself. My doc prescribed anti depressents/anxiety pills saying there was likely a lack of serotonin in my system. Then I spoke to a colleague who had been struggling to sleep but didn't want to take sleeping pills. Her doc recommended some vitamins/suppliments including B12. She told me she'd been sleeping a lot better since and didn't feel tired near as much as before. Like me she suffered from dark circles all around her eyes, no matter how welk rested I have been I have always had dark circles (see pic) and
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By Emily Oates
Must be working I didn't have the energy to post a review until taking these THANKS AAAAAA
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By bulldogleeks
I feel a difference since taking B12 the numbness in my feet is really reduced since only taking them for 4 days
I had a horrific fall in the shower and damaged my knees and nerves, being age 73 I am relieved at the difference B12 has made
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By nellie
4.7 | 439 customer reviews
416 of the 439 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these back in November as I'd read that they were a great way to beat the winter blues. I haven't really noticed a difference in that department but what I have noticed is that I have had severe psoriasis for thirty years covering my legs and arms..and since taking these tablets, my psoriasis has completely disappeared! This is a HUGE thing for me as I have tried EVERYTHING to beat this horrible skin disease and nothing has worked. I've tried creams, hospital UVB sunlight therapy, immune system weakening medication, you name it. I've even been an in patient in hospital wrapped in coal tar and bandages. I honestly can't believe it! Results have been gradual.. Been taking two of these tablets every day without fail in the morning. The only side effects are my hands are a lot drier than usual but I just use more hand cream
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By Andrea Turner
Vitamin D3 is one of the essential supplements we here in the UK need to take regularly. But that is not the only reason I take Vit D3, my doctor picked up that I could possibly have cholesterol problems and as I had a reaction to statins, I looked around to see what else was available. Vit D3 is one recommendation in order to keep one's cholesterol levels manageable.

Having searched through Amazon I found these Vit D3 tablets available from Puretality. What impressed me most was the fact that these are manufactured here in the UK and the company has a licence to produce them.

I will not have to worry about ordering them again for a year (there are 365 tablets supplied) that is also a bonus.

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By Breakaway Reviewers
I suffer from depression and have recently learned I have low vitamin D, after a course from the doctor, my motivation and energy levels improved so have continued taking them. I chose these primarily due to cost and strength of each tablet. These tablets are priced very competitively and that's an important factor for me so hopefully they will continue to help me, additionally, they are amongst the highest dose I have found at 3000iu. Given my vit d levels were negligible, a reasonably high dosage is what i need
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By Bushcrafting Blues
4.8 | 260 customer reviews
248 of the 260 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have suffered from a bad back ( lower right side ) for around 6 months when my mum told me about a program she was watching on tv that showed an animal that had been suffering from back problems being given vitamin D3 injections and within a couple of days was running around pain free !! I know it may sound daft to some people but after hearing this and as well as back pain I have been suffering with chronic pelvic pain for 8 years now I thought I'd give it a go.
Well don't know whether it's just coincidence but with in a couple of days my back pain had gone. You see because of my chronic pelvic pain I am virtually house bound except for going to my pain specialist, doctors etc.....so I didn't realise I wasn't getting enough sunlight and therefore vitamin D. so now fingers
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By Kimbalina
I take 2 of the 10,000iu tablets everyday. I feel fantastic. I haven't had a cold for over 3 years now.
I had an operation before Christmas and was told my levels of vitamin d were 'exceptional' after one of my blood tests.
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By M Power
I don't get out much in the sun so it's good to know I can take this supliment, then my body is not missing out on Vitamin D3, & perhaps getting more of it than those that do get out in the sun without the harmful UV rays. I buy almost all my supliments from Nu U Nutrition. I take Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B12, CoQ10, Turmeric Cucumin with Black Pepper, Biotin, Multivitamin, Ashwagandha, Glucosamine Sulphate, Maca Root. The only other supliments I take are Cod Liver Oil which I am using up of another brand, considering replacing that with Nu U Nutritions Cod Liver Oil, Flaxseed Oil or both when I run out. I also take Dandelion Root which I get a lot of benefits from taking, Nu U don't currently have this supliment in a strong dose on its own but when they do I will switch
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By Steph
4.7 | 366 customer reviews
353 of the 366 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I fractured a bone at the base of my knee. Banged into something. sign that I had weak bones and was prone to fracture. My teeth werent doing so well either. I had to give up my zumba classes to heal. I extensively researched the nutrients I needed for bone building. Calcium magnesium vit d and vit k. It wasn't till i added the k to my diet that I noticed that the bone.soreness was gone. I even followed my son in a marathon a few months afterwards. And that's coming from someone who had pain climbing the stairs and pain on walking. This K2 is a great product. I'm also studying to.become a nutritionist and I read that the vitamin K in green leafy veges is used primarily for blood coagulation while the K2 of microbial sources has an affinity for the
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By Christy
Excellent form of vitamin K2. This is such an important vitamin as it gets Calcium out of your blood and into your bones. Especially important for anyone with osteoporosis.
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By Liss V
I am very happy with this product , having read all about the benefits of using K2 in conjunction with vitamin D3 I am now using both products from this company .
When I read the comments that people left about NutriZing I wasn’t that sure how true it was , but truly I have found them very helpful and always come back to me within a few hours , excellent , friendly and helpful service , I wish more companies could be this professional .
Bill Kovacs
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 667 customer reviews
629 of the 667 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best one! I am a healthcare professional working with sick people all day, these vitamins kept me away from flu and illness the whole winter! Best ones I've tried so far! Just ordered my second one as my hubby is using them as well!
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By Helga B.
Bought this after reading Dr Myhill's Book on ME/CFS, it shows how important Vitamin C is in maintenance and hopefully recovery. I am having herxing ( which is exactly what should happen if it is working). I am delighted with the product.
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By lily
Happy with my purchase, the tablets are great value for a years supply and item is as described.

Happy customer, and would buy these again when I run out.
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4.6 | 439 customer reviews
407 of the 439 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been taking these for the last 5 years to help me against Flu and colds,so far I only get slight symptoms which have cleared overnight.
Would recommend these to anyone.
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By anthony doughty
Had severe vitamin d deficiency which caused my calcium levels to decline - this gave me back pain, restless legs, knee pain, weakness & depression. Taking these for about 1-2 months with sufficient calcium intake has helped me boost my levels back to normal and the symptoms are almost gone. Highly recommended.
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By SS-91
Was having pain in my arms, legs and chest. A friend recommended I tried Vitamin D. I've been vegetarian for 3 years. And I must say, these have worked wonders. I feel amazing and no more pain.
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By Beth
4.7 | 215 customer reviews
207 of the 215 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small capsules that are easy to swallow. I like this tablet - it has a high dose of vitamin D - just what the doctor ordered. I was told my vitD level was borderline low and this has put it back to where it needs to be. I feel less tired and more refreshed after a nights sleep than before taking them. I am taking mine first thing in the morning but I guess anytime will do. There are 400 capsules in the container and the use by date is fine. No problem in recommending this product and will buy again.
Note; I have not been paid in any way for this review - I have volunteered it for other potential purchasers information because I find their reviews useful to me.
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By BigVern
I suppose I should really wait until after we've started taking the pills before writing a review of them. But we did take vitamin D pills last winter which were of the same strength and we didn't suffer any colds or flu. The reason my wife and I started to take them from October through to the end of March was because our doctor recommended that it was advisable for older people to do so. We spend all summer working on our allotment and are as brown as berries by autumn and, thanks to the sun, full of vitamin D. So it does make sense to take a supplement during winter when the sun is weaker or non existent, and we spend less time outside. We've yet to find them at such a reasonable price anywhere, especially for such a dosage and number of pills that will last us both
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By Silver
I was a bit sceptical that these would make any difference. How wrong was I?! Within 4 weeks of taking these little capsules of gold, my nails have become stronger, clean is clearer and overall well being, feeling great! Thank you and I will be purchasing a repeat order!
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By GIll
4.6 | 334 customer reviews
288 of the 334 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great vitamins! In the box you get:

1. Two packets of the Pregnacare original and
2. Two packets of the omega 3

As you can see from my pictures it has the days written on the back, So you definately know whether you have taken them or not! ;)
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* What I loved:

- Gave me peace of mind

- Contains all vitamins and minerals at levels recommended for pregnancy (folic acid, vitamin D) plus loads more

- Contains a pregnancy safe form of vitamin A (Betacarotene)

- The added Omega-3 fish oils that are pregnancy safe (No vitamin A) and provided at levels recommended by ISSFAL

- Blisters had days of the week on

- Great value for money on Amazon!

- Award winning and supported by The Royal College of Midwives

* Things I feel could be improved:

- Sizing of the tablets and capsules are pretty big

- Fishy aftertaste after taking capsule

* My verdict

I love these vitamins. I took the Pregnacare Original before conception and for the first few months of my pregnancy. I then switched to the Pregnacare Plus in order to get the added Omega-3 oils. The capsules are jam packed with vitamins and minerals which gave me peace of mind that even
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By Ariel73
There's far too much iron in these supplements. Nobody needs 121% of their daily recommended amount of iron in one capsules. These made me constipated like a mother trucker.

I noticed I was vomiting not long after taking these and I'm now reading this is common. I've read many women's experiences of how awful this made them feel and I feel exactly the same. I thought it was just the pregnancy. Just purchased a much more gentle multivitamin. These are going in the bin!
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By FayeTography
4.5 | 621 customer reviews
555 of the 621 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this product for over a year and I am delighted with my results. After losing half my hair through a brain tumour, my hair grew back thin. Since taking Biotin my hair has grown long and thick, so much so that I have purchased two more bottles for a couple of friends.
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By irene higgins
I have brought this vitamins about 3 months ago,and I can tell you it works..you have to give it time to work. It won't grow in a week or 2, but my hair was up to my shoulders,and after 3 months it's passing my shoulders already,down to my breasts..so for me it did work.. not just in length,but it feels healthier,stronger,so much better than before..so give it sometime to work,because it really does work..thank you..
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By rafaela
I have used a half year supply of this product and am quite satisfied my hair has regenerated from a quite thin base. Would fully recommend it as it does what it says!! I have now another year supply to enhance my hair recovery further.
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By Tim kyne
product price
4.5 | 617 customer reviews
558 of the 617 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use this daily along with B12 and I definitely know if I've forgotten to take this! It makes such a difference. I have fibromyalgia so therefore deficient in vit D and this is an easy and convenient way to take this vitamin. It is absorbed much quicker and tastes pleasant. Am a regular buyer of this product now!
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By MrsChappers
By far the best Vitamin D I'll ever use

Very effective
No pill to swallow
More absorbable than pills
Nice fresh minty flavour
Unlike other D supplements, Contains no calcium carbonate junk, (also known as chalk) peddled by doctors and pharmacists as a solution to improve bone's which actually causes heart disease when you look at the research.

Everyone in the UK, should be taking vitamin D, Those people with bowel & bone conditions are even more at risk, Crohns, Coeliac, Osteoporosis for example, and would be well advised to get tested by a GP.
As mine was reluctant to test me, I decided to take anyway, as insurance as I have CD.
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By Raw-Evolution
Very easy to use. Pleasant tasting. Sweet peppermint . Taking it for fibromyalgia in the hopes that it might help in some way Patients like me would try anything to ease the pain of fibromyalgia,believe me . It is one of the most awful debilitating chronic pain based illnesses of this era and unfortunately there is no cure and little research being done in finding medicines which will solve the variety of problems and issues apart from the most commonly associated symptom of widespread body pain.
I've been suffering 14 years and in the last roughly 5 years or so my fibromyalgia has been in a downward spiral causing me to be literally housebound. In fact I haven't left the house in about 6 weeks now :( I've tried everything apart from regular supplementation of advised vits and minerals .
I've been taking it two weeks now and surprisingly I am
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By JackyD