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Best Rated in Nutritional Protein Bars

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Nutritional Protein Bars store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Nutritional Protein Bars

4.5 | 1,523 customer reviews
1,335 of the 1,523 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Taste so good. Works great on my ketosis diet. They are just what I need with done coke zero! One bar fills me up and I can skip an entire meal usually lunch.
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By Phil
I find it hard to find stuff like this that I actually like the taste of and I have to say these taste good. I would suggest buying this box of multipack to try all the flavours on offer though. Some taste very similar while others to me taste of nothing it's defiantly a personal thing. For me the white chocolate and orange jaffa are the nicest and would have them again.
They are a little pricey anyway but to be fair they seem to be cheaper on here than in supermarkets.
They do seem to be fairly filling aswell sometimes I don't want the whole bar which isn't a problem but they do the job, worth a try.
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By Wolram
I've eaten these cookie and cream bars before without an issue but the recipe has changed without much fanfare and now they contain peanuts.

I wish Grenade had relabelled the 'cookies and cream' flavour when they changed their recipe or the least listed the allergens as bold on here. Instead it's buried toward the bottom of the ingredients in the same format as the rest of their ingredients.

Peanut allergies are really common and 'cookies and cream' is not an obvious recipe containing peanuts. No other cookies and cream protein bar I know contains peanuts. This is not only poor service but dangerous for anyone with a severe allergy.
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By Trusty Reviewer No. 1
4.7 | 50 customer reviews
49 of the 50 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are well tasty! I've been eating another brand beginning with 'P' which aren't organic or specifically protein. These are lovely and soft and flavoursome - better than popular imported American brands. Perhaps in the future you can squeeze 4 g more of protein in each bar? I also use their Cinnamon protein powder which is lovely. I'm not plant-based or vegetarian but using plant-based protein makes so much more sense.
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By Felicia
As far a protein bars go this is pretty good and even better when you consider the fact it is vegan and all organic. Flavour wise, im not a fan or orange/mint with collocate but the orange taste is subtle and not over powering. As for protein content, cannot comment as assuming it is the amount advertised. Would buy again
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By EssKay
I love these all-natural and organic protein bars, they're filling, tasty and incredibly healthy. It's been so hard to find healthy dairy-free protein bars and these are it for me. I would have given these 5 stars without hesitation but I reduced a star due to their price. I purchased a box of 12 for a reduced price of £24.00 which is £2 per bar which I find slightly high but nevertheless, they are exactly what I've been looking for. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for healthy, chemical-free, good quality protein bars.
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By Claire J.
4.6 | 55 customer reviews
51 of the 55 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These bars are really great, super ingredients, organic and without any dairy, gluten or soy. Now, I like my dairy, I regularly drink whole milk by the glass but it tends to make protein bars a bit hard to digest in my experience. These bars are so easy to eat, they are dense but comfortable on the digestion. Taste wise I prefer the mint to the vanilla, it keeps it more refreshing and cleaner feeling but that is a word that suits these bars well, clean. They are expensive, particularly if you plan on purchasing regularly so perhaps more of a one off but the package states 10% of net profit goes to charity so it's not extortionate. All in all, a tasty, clean, comfortable and effective protein bar, great for fuelling exercise, whether climbing mountains or kayaking lochs.
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By 182 3 4 CGS
I'm not a vegan but was looking for a protein bar which was clean, wasn't full of sugar, additives, stodgy etc.
This was perfect, great ingredients, tasted great and left a clean fresh taste in my mouth.
Don't eat them every day, but useful if on the move or out for the day and need a quick snack.
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By Lewy B
I bought this product as I'm gluten free, dairy free and most recently soya free. Trying to find a product with just those three things alone is a difficult task, let alone something that is tasty and doesn't have the texture of cardboard. Low and behold the BodyMe bars are my life saviour indeed and the fact that they are also sweetened with coconut nectar is a HUGE bonus. The cacao mint bars taste exactly as described and the texture is so fulfilling, you really can just have one of these bars with a good cuppa tea and feel fill for a while. It's a great feeling knowing I'm getting a good amount of protein from this bar as well as avoiding all the foods I need to, and it being SUPER tasty along the way. Thank you BodyMe!
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By Chloe
4.3 | 230 customer reviews
190 of the 230 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Macros aside these are by far the best tasting protein bars in the market.

they taste like magnum icecreams and are very filling. i find grenade bars are a bit sand paper tasting where as there's minimal of that with this product. i would choose this over anything and i've tested all the leading brands!
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By Amazon Customer
Syunningly good product! Better than a lot of traditional chocolate bars on the market too! High in protein, low in sugar..... try them you won't be disappointed. Great to help with hitting macros or just replace their traditional higher sugar cousins.
Much better than a lot of protein bars on the market!!
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By Dawnie19730
I bought this as it was advertised as low carb, in fact it is low sugar but on closer inspection each bar contains 22g of carbohydrate not the 0.4g the packaging suggested. Now I accept that it is labelled as 0.4g of Impact Carb but I also think that advertising a protein bar as low carb when in fact there is more carbohydrate than protein is pretty poor. I am trying to manage type 2 diabetes and consuming one of these bars has caused an enormous spike in my blood sugar MMoL which caused me to recheck the box, where I discovered that this product is far from low carb. I measure my blood sugar levels several times per day as I try and manage my condition and this was the only thing I consumed between obtaining a reading of 7.3 before and 10.8 tested over 2
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By MR R.
4.5 | 58 customer reviews
54 of the 58 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These bars are like rocket fuel for my powerful man arms, leg and neck. Love the tastliness of their sticky interiors. Plus the easy-peel packagement colours match with all my cyclist wear. The built-in magnesium keeps them lightweight. Recommended: even my llama loves them!
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By Adam Mason
Chewy, taste good and do the job. I use them on long mountain bike days and road days. On the shorter days I eat one after my ride.
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By Tazsaab
Taste pretty good and very handy on long rides. They do melt easy so best to store them in a bag.
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By JustOneMoreClick
4.5 | 46 customer reviews
40 of the 46 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am so glad I found these vegan bars!!!! They taste moist, yummy, not sickly sweet like a lot of bars are, healthy, great raw vegan ingredients and definitely filling!!!! Love it! Thank you! Will definitely be buying more!!!
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By BlueSkies
Not exactly a taste explosion but these bars have a lovely texture and are extremely filling, best enjoyed with a cup of tea i reckon.
Excellent nutritional content too even if you aren't Vegan which i most definitely am not!
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By Pablo Honey
I didn't get along with these bars that well but they're not bad. They're good for those who can tolerate seeds and nuts well.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 97 customer reviews
82 of the 97 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These have got to be the nicest protein bars I have tried. I bought two boxes solely based on the price and I have not been disappointed.

I usually find protein bars hard to chew or they leave a bad after taste but I'm almost through my first box and I've still got all my teeth.

They're not too big like some other brands and they are a handy alternative to eat throughout the day rather than snacking on chocolate or crisps.

I am currently having one in the morning and one in the afternoon everyday and sometimes 3 when I'm training.

Would definitely recommend these and I will certainly be buying more when I run out.
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By Chris Akeroyd
I consume a lot of protein bars and some are quite expensive or contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners and do not taste all that good either. I would say this one (caramel crunch flapjack) is one of my favourites, relatively good value for money, and the texture and taste make it really enjoyable to eat them. 17g protein and 5.1g sugars per 75g bar..
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They may be good from a nutrition POV but they're too dry for my liking, stick your jaw together....it's a workout after your workout 😁
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By cdview
4.1 | 515 customer reviews
398 of the 515 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If like me before you bought them you wanted to know what's what per bar.

Per bar 75g
Energy 271kcal/1133Kj
Protein 19g
Carbs 35g
Of which sugars 1.9g
Fats 7.1g
Of which sat 1.2g
Fibre 3.4g
Salt 0.96g
Vitamin E 5.04mg
Phosphorus 167mg

As for taste if you like peanut butter you'll enjoy these. Definitely worth it. I bought direct from them due to having a deal otherwise amazon has a great price.
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By Damien W
i have bought may bars and protein flapjacks..my conclusion is that if you want a good taste and good quality you have to pay a lot..but not for these!
i will be specific.they taste great in fact they taste exaclty like sneakers bar so if you like peanuts you will like this one..MORE IMPORTANTLY unlike any other protein bar i ever had their texture is great they are soft, easy to chew and they feel like food unlike the other bars which feel like eating the sole of a show
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By Kostas Ziovas
Two stars because they do have a good amount of protein and are low in fat and sugar. But the taste and texture is awful making them hard to consume. The only word I can use to describe them is........industrial. Shouldn't have bought 3 packs of twelve :'(
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By quinninho
4.2 | 101 customer reviews
79 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Firstly, I follow a keto LCHF diet. I stay under 20g net carbs a day and reap the benefits of doing so. I don't particularly 'want' for chocolate and sweet things, but now and again it's nice to have the option.

These are delicious. De-licious.

A crumbly cookie texture, incredible flavour. Wow.

Packed to the rafters with protein, fibre, vitamins and all the good stuff.. always handy.

Not entirely guilt free for me coming in at 8.2g of carbs so I could only have one a day to stay in keto but only 1.9g of sugar per bar.

Some fair warnings (particularly for fellow low carbers):

The nutritional information seems to be akin the the US style and doesn't could fibre. The 8.2g is net carbs not 'total' carbs.

It contains Stevia (yay!) And erythritol (hmm) the latter is fine as a sweetner, however if you eat too many bars, you will have laxative effects, stomach cramps
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By ChrisVonae
Dark Chocolate and Mint - Tastes just like After Eights
You could easily confuse this for a normal chocolate bar
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By ptrichardsonuk
Love this particular flavour and have been sticking to it for the last 3 months. But the steady increase in price has made me look fpr other options which otherwise I would not have. Shame.
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By Rinxxx
product price
4.6 | 27 customer reviews
26 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are my favourite protein bars on the market - there's nothing worse than chowing down on a protein bar as a snack or pre/post work out and willing it to be over with as soon as possible due to the horrendous taste that comes with most products, but thankfully SiS Chocolate Peanut protein bars buck the trend. Close your eyes and you could even tell yourself that you're eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. If you like a sweet treat then this is the protein product for you.
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By Luke Holdaway
Best tasting protein bar... I first tried this at our tiny local gym in Hathersage, Derbyshire. I forgot what brand it was until something clicked. Quite pricy but much nicer than Sci MX cookies and many other bars I have tried. They are great used before or after training, or can be taken as a early lunch with a low carb protein as a way to help lose fat while keeping muscle. Worth a go...
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By Dr Nimble
These are tasty but it's not surprising as they contain 18g of sugar which is quite high for a bar of this size. I wouldn't mind if it had been mentioned on the product page but I didn't find out until it arrived, which is minus a star for me. Still, they do have 20g of protein which is also high - would buy again as more of a treat than a healthy snack.
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By Mark L
4.2 | 95 customer reviews
78 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good enough for a marathon.

Bought the chocolate fudge as it was the best testing one for me. Really makes a difference when you are running more than 2 hours.
Start eating this 45-60 minute into the exercise in small bites and I feel less drained at the 1:45- 2 hours mark with energy to spare and ready for the second bar.

It is chewy but eatable without water (definitely better with water though). Very sweet- but not too sickly.

I normally tear just a bit of the plastic before the run to make it easier to open the packaging later on (can get frustratingly difficult with sweating fingers when you're on the move).
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By M. Nadzri
I use these bars mainly when cycling. They're quite gooey without being messy which makes them - and this may sound odd - easy to swallow. I don't have any issues in the eating department but I did find some other energy bars to be quite dry when out cycling, and as result took longer to eat and less enjoyable than these. The flavour's good; the Chocolate Fudge is sweet but without being sickly. I'll be ordering more! Recommended
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By AJ-27
Tastes pretty good, they can be quite gooey but not so that they stick to your fingers or break up, more that you have to peel the packet off it to reveal it if you get me? But I don't mind.

I use a lot of other SiS products and I am pretty happy with this as well.
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By TheActualRon
4.2 | 91 customer reviews
82 of the 91 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an amazing product from Dynamix. I tried these bars at Bodypower and I have not looked back since. They are amazing. I have tasted many protein bars in the last 5 years and these are one of the This bar has caramel, chocolate and even some protein ‘rice puffs’ to make this a protein bar experience nothing but a pleasant one. I buy these every month now, they do taste like a normal chocolate bar but with the added goodness of protein. Thank you so much, I will be ordering again and again.
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By alex
Taste great and fulfil your sweet fix
Taste better than a lot of regular chocolate bars

Taste better than a lot of chocolate bars and are moreish!


I have a sweet tooth which makes sticking to a healthy diet tough! A friend recommended these bars to stave of cravings and to get my fix while also getting a good amount more protein.

These bars are excellent and taste great. As long as you can fit them in your macros you'll not feel guilty about having them.

I found that on my strong days I could have one no problem, it fulfilled the need for something sweet while adding more protein.
On my weaker days I could easily go through 2 or 3 of these bars like they were nothing. They actually taste that good.

I think they are excellent value for money, just be careful not to have too much!
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By Graeme
I bought these as a gift for my partner who has been trying to up his protein intake. They were very well received and likened to a Lion Bar. The bars seemed quite small but obviously packed a protein punch. Excellent value when they were £5.51 for 12... but now they're £20+ there's no way they're worth that. (There are similar products at B&M for 75p a bar).
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By E23
5 offers from product price
4.1 | 209 customer reviews
166 of the 209 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great bars. My local supermarket had individual bars for sale and thought I'd try one out, they're delicious. So much so, I bought a box here on Amazon for £12.
- Very more-ish
- Tasty! Tastes more like a treat than a protein bar. I bought the strawberry and cream variety and it's great.
- Soft and chewy
- Value for money here on Amazon

I have half a bar before workout and the other half afterwards. Works great, and the best tasting protein bars I've ever tried. Definitely be buying them again :)
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By Puff
These bars are remarkably blissful. They have captured the flavours wonderfully! They are just over 200 calories, so I'm able to substite a meal in my diet regimen with my yummy Strawberry and Cream(or their other flavour: Caramel and Vanilla). These bars are very chewy, which is an advantage, I think, because a bite lasts a long time and therefore makes me feel fuller. Superb!
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By Louisa A.
Nutritionally they're a bit high in sugar for my liking, but they are like crack to me. The flavour is great and the texture is weird but brilliant. I'd chain eat them all day if it wouldn't make me hugely fat.
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By Ian London
4.1 | 139 customer reviews
116 of the 139 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've tried a lot of protein bars and these are the BEST. They taste like a candy bar, are packed with protein, and most importantly - THEY FILL YOU LIKE A BOWL OF SPAGHETTI! I've lost 10 lbs so far using these as occasional meal replacement bars. I don't feel hungry. AND I have more energy. AND they taste like peanut butter. If I could give these fifty stars I would.
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By Amber
This review is for both the Chocolate Peanut flavour and also the Double Chocolate flavour:

Last year, I realised that I wasn't eating enough protein, so since then, I've been a bit more aware. I have tried the more natural Trek bars and Pulsin bars, which contain 10-12g protein, but when I saw that this bar contained a massive 30g protein, I was intrigued! Personally, I usually stay away from artificial sweeteners, and I knew that these ones do contain them (Isomalt and Sucralose), but I thought that I would give them a try anyway. I can normally taste sweeteners a mile off, but was pleasantly surprised that these bars don't leave a weird sweetener after taste. I decided that I would just eat one every few days, so as to avoid sweeteners every day.

I am currently on a weight loss diet, so planned to count these into my daily calories.
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By Miss Moose
The bars taste okay, nothing special but you do (or at least I did) get an after taste. They are extremely chewy though, I think I nearly got locked jaw from all the chewing, certainly gave the jaw a good workout! The bar itself is very filling and keeps you full.
The reason for the 3 star, apart from the chewiness, is that the old tum tum was not happy with me after I'd eaten one, trapped wind and gassy is an understatement. Unfortunately because of this I shan't be buying these again.
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By Jessica Roberts
product price
4.1 | 119 customer reviews
86 of the 119 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best protein bar out there in the UK
I've tried possibly every brand, quest, optimum, muscle tech, NRG.... Tastes similar to a snickers but not quite. Would but again if they were cheaper
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By K. P. Jones
Great tasting protein snack, as a lover of the Snickers chocolate bars I wasn't disappointed. Love the peanut topping
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By tonie lansdell
Absolutely disgusting. Arrived with a white coating on them and had a short shelf life (6months) so not actually sure if they had gone stale - certainly tasted that way. Better off with a normal caramel and nut protein bar
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By A girl has no name
4.0 | 509 customer reviews
383 of the 509 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
At first I was sceptical of these Flapjacks after I had placed my order. So many for such a low price made me think they would be of poor quality, I was wrong.

Not only do they flapjacks taste of chocolate orange but they have a far better texture than other protein bars and do not leave a sour aftertaste like others I have tried.

The amount of protein, carbs and fats were also perfect to help achieve lean gains in size without filling the body with all kinds of unnecessary additives.

These bars are loaded with polyols which are a type of sugar that the body does not break down to use or store. This meant that whilst they still had a great sweetness to the flavour, they did not cause a huge spike in blood sugar levels or promote fat gain.

I would recommend these to anyone who wants an
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By Thomas Boyhan
Very good protein bars for people on the go or bodybuilding or cycling or at work I think these bars are five star and we'll be ordering as many as I can at that price what can you say when you look at the price of some of these protein bars in the shops
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By Amazon Customer
Sorry to say... these are horrid. Initially they taste OK, but then you have to chew it... and chew it ....and chew it ... (This is the first bite here we are talking about) ... and chew it... etc.......
Then just as you think it can not get any worse than this.. you have to attempt to swallow it .. without gagging.
It's too dry.. its tasteless.. its ..well ... it's just horrid. I could not even bring myself to eat a whole bar.
When passed out for others to try, it was fairly universally unanimous they were vile.

I am not sure that even if you were to mix it with milk and whizz it up it would be viable.

Hate giving really bad reviews ... but really.. these are really nasty!!!!!
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By Fkinell
4.6 | 20 customer reviews
19 of the 20 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have only ever enjoyed Grenade Carb Killa bars, as every typical protein bar I'd tried before coming across Carb Killas were just this chewy, artificial-tasting mess in an endurance and labelling it as a "treat". Someone recommended I try these Battle Bites, and I'm glad I went for it. At first, I wasn't too keen, but now I'm really enjoying them. They're just as good as Carb Killas and they offer a good alternative to mix it up and keep it interesting.

The macros are good at 227 calories per 62g serving - 20g protein (36%), 8.7g fat (36%) and 15.5g carbs (28%). I have to be careful with these as I'm on a 40/40/20 split so these can knock it out if I don't cut fat down elsewhere.

If you're struggling to meet your daily protein goal, Battle Bites will certainly help you out while making
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By Jazz
I'm an intermittent gym-goer, when I do go I can probably be described as the guy with all the gear with no idea. This yo-yo approach to fitness has meant that I have un-intentionally tried and sampled a lot of products such a whey powder, BCAA's, Creatine shake, and protein bars. Usually I'm a die-hard Grenade fan, after seeing some glowing reviews of Battle Bites on my Instagram I thought I'd give the new product on the block a go. I have never been more impressed by a protein bar. I seriously think that this is something that rivals and if not exceeds Grenade in some areas. The flavour, oh boy the flavour. The modest exterior doesn't give much away besides suspect crunchy knobbely things and a chocolate coating. With my first bite I find myself overwhelmed with caramel crunch, washed away by cream, and then a light sweet touch,
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By Daniel Udale-Forrester
i and my family liked this product too much and therefore they didn't last very long. We try to eat a high protein diet and these were perfect. very tasty and soft texture and in two pieces so eat one now and leave one for later. will buy again
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By Angela Miller
4.8 | 15 customer reviews
15 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
very nice, no nasty aftertaste, not gooey or to sweet.
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By chris williams
Okay, so these are definitely worth buying. Might be a bit more than some individual cheap bars out there but these have less sugars in them. And the taste is still incredible. Nice snack to have before the gym or any workout. Buying my next batch now
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By Amazon Customer
great item very nice
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By N J.
4.5 | 23 customer reviews
20 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After having tried numerous protein bars in recent months, nothing comes close to the Tom Oliver range. I do not have a sweet tooth and the idea of chocolate never excites me. However, these really are delicious and do not leave you feeling bloated or hungry after. They are a fantastic snack to take with you on the go and the health benefits are excellent. The Tom Oliver range is above the competition and his protein powders are equally as great. Highly recommend all products and will be ordering again soon.
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By Amazon Customer
Bought a box of these delicious Vegan bars a few days ago and they are really good. They taste great and have a nice texture. Perfect to put in a handbag for an easy snack after exercise or in between meals for those hunger pangs! Going to try the other flavours next.
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By Anna Doeff
I bought these bars recently and and they are delicious. I love his protein powder, so I thought I'd give these a try. Excellent flavour and consistency. Great product, can't recommend them enough. Thanks Tom Oliver, you've done it again.
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By Amazon Customer