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Best Rated in Mobile Phone Accessories

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Mobile Phone Accessories store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Mobile Phone Accessories

4.8 | 2,049 customer reviews
2,002 of the 2,049 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This device was on special offer, so I decided to purchase one - the main factor being that the other phone holder I was using was a bit too light (as it was designed to be portable and flat pack) and required two hands to use.

No such problems with this device - if you're looking for an item that will just sit on your desk and work - this is the one for you - I particularly like the fact that it has a chamfered hole at the back which you can poke a charging/data cable through to keep things nice and tidy. The fact it is chamfered also means it won't cut into the cable so I'm pleased with the purchase overall. It also has non slip pads on the bottom of the device and also the cradle area to protect your device from scratches and the
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By Edward
Such a simple design, but the best things often are! I've got it on my bedside cabinet as a nice little stand I can quickly stash my phone on at night, it doesn't have have any fiddly adjustments to fuss about as it doesnt clamp the phone.

I find it's angled nicely for reading ebooks/messages and for when I use my phone as an alarm etc. My phone has a 5.5 screen and I use it in both portrait and landscape positions on the stand.

The 4 rubber pads underneath mean the stand doesn't slip about, there are also rubber pads that fully cover the inside of the arms the phone rests on, so no worry of scratches, and again stops the phone slipping, and there's a pad on the bit the back of the phone rests up against.

I ordered mine through Amazon prime deals for about £6 and am very
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By Angel A Knight
Well constructed stand, will fit a variety of phones and tablets. Made from metal and has rubber padding to protect your phone.
Shame there is no hook or slot to leave your cable in when not in use so it doesnt fall through the hole.
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By Mr. K. Kerry
5.0 | 554 customer reviews
554 of the 554 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have had a few broken screens from accidentally dropping my phone from say- a stoop chair level height. This is usually how iphone screens tend to break. Face down. That feeling that you get, right as you're about to bend down and see if you just f*** yourself out of time and money. The result if you don't have a screen protector? You guessed it. Shattered or cracked screen. I'm sharing my review tonight because I am in awe of how this screen just went WAY above what it should be able to handle. I was riding my bike pretty swiftly down a busy street when my phone suddenly slips out of my pocket and goes flying high, before hitting the concrete and landing of course, face down. I get off my bike immediately to run to the middle of the road, waling my arms to tell these cars
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By Ms N E Stack
Thi product can be a little tricky becaue if you have any dut whatoever on your creen it will create air pocket with that being aid it' great that you get at three pack. The firt protector that I ued I did not have the patience to continue to clean the creen and not get dut or fingerprint therefore I intalled with mall imperfection I can ay that I went a few month (only becaue I dropped my phone on more than one occaion leaving the The Protector pretty cratched, cracked & hattered around the edge) with it until I found the time to it and properly intall the protector now that I am on my econd one I can ay I'm etremely grateful that I had the foreight to order a three pack. Thi product i durable and worth every penny
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By Elle Leader
Even though I had never damaged the screen of my nearly 5-year-old iPhone 5, when I replaced it with an iPhone I installed this screen protector (a fairly easy process thanks to the recommended video). A few months ago my phone slipped out of my hands and landed screen-side down on a bed of large chunks of gravel. The screen protector cracked in 2 places, but I didn't replace it with the spare included in the original order until a week ago, because it was still easy to use the phone. When I did remove the cracked protector, it came off in one piece thanks to the adhesive backing, and the screen of my iPhone was still in perfect condition. I've installed the spare, and reordered this screen protector because I intend to keep my phone for a long time.
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By Ms N E Stack
5.0 | 533 customer reviews
532 of the 533 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this with my money to suit my needs. This is a legitimate review from an Apple iPhone owner. I chose this after much research, no one recommended it.For over two years I have not had a phone case. My Samsung Galaxy S Active did not need one. But alas, the company I used to protect its screen does not make protectors for Apple products. So off on a hunt I went.I rely on the 9H standard as I trust it. This product meets that standard as it advertises. I also rely on a non-rainbow coloring adhesive for easy viewing and clear, HD content. This product meets that standard.The feel of the glass once installed is not as smooth as I have read, but it is nearly the equivalent of the Apple screen; you will notice only a slighter drag with this glass.I have read about the "bad
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By Ms N E Stack
....And I've tried them all over the years... I started using screen protectors way back when on my BlackBerry 700; and every phone since then. I had favored the "fleible" type, and was a die-hard Bowave fan. When I got my iPhone last year, Verizon threw in one of their branded glass protectors. I was quite satisfied with it as far as clarity, ease of cleaning etc. Recently, my iPhone took a "face plant" from about 4 feet onto a hard tile floor. The glass screen protector did it's job and absorbed the shock; sacrificing itself in the process, but protecting the phone screen. I stopped by VZ to get a replacement, and they wanted 23.00! Usurious! Did a little research on Amazon, & decided to give , sold by TechMatte, a try. Not only was the price very reasonable, but you get 2 protectors! It went
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By Elle Leader
Does not correspond to the picture (the actual screen protector is not straight at the top but has a notch, so it looks osd and does not protect the top of the phone.

It does not come with a device to align with the edges of the phone and so it is impossible to align perfectly.

Finally, the instructions on the box are wrong: they talk about a second film to remove after applying the protector, where there is no such second film.

I do not recommend, there are better products available.
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By myrhev
5.0 | 174 customer reviews
529 of the 174 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hey Amazon'erz......THIS MY FRIENDS IS A MUST HAVE!!!! I have had several types and brands and must say this is TOP of the list for me! Ease of application, quality is PERFECTO GUYS! Put this on my accident prone wifes iPhone , and I KID YOU NOT........about 2 weeks later we are out and about walking the town and I hear "OH #%*!!! Baby please come pick up my phone Im scared to see what the screen looks like!!!" As I take the slow walk to the phone, I was thinking the whole time...great that cheap glass screen protector I bought from probably didnt do POOP (sorry ...I do love yall though). When I went to pick it up and turn it over I swear it was a MATRI moment...Slowwww motion......LOL To my surprise, the screen protector was shattered as it landed screen down on a big pebble/rock (how
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By Amazon Customer
Hey Amazon'erz......THIS MY FRIENDS IS A MUST HAVE!!!! I have had several types and brands and must say this is TOP of the list for me! Ease of application, quality is PERFECTO GUYS! Put this on my accident prone wifes iPhone , and I KID YOU NOT........about 2 weeks later we are out and about walking the town and I hear "OH #%*!!! Baby please come pick up my phone Im scared to see what the screen looks like!!!" As I take the slow walk to the phone, I was thinking the whole time...great that cheap glass screen protector I bought from probably didnt do POOP (sorry ...I do love yall though). When I went to pick it up and turn it over I swear it was a MATRI moment...Slowwww motion......LOL To my surprise, the screen protector was shattered as it landed screen down on a big pebble/rock (how
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By tammy turff
Hey Amazon'erz......THIS MY FRIENDS IS A MUST HAVE!!!! I have had several types and brands and must say this is TOP of the list for me! Ease of application, quality is PERFECTO GUYS! Put this on my accident prone wifes iPhone , and I KID YOU NOT........about 2 weeks later we are out and about walking the town and I hear "OH #%*!!! Baby please come pick up my phone Im scared to see what the screen looks like!!!" As I take the slow walk to the phone, I was thinking the whole time...great that cheap glass screen protector I bought from probably didnt do POOP (sorry ...I do love yall though). When I went to pick it up and turn it over I swear it was a MATRI moment...Slowwww motion......LOL To my surprise, the screen protector was shattered as it landed screen down on a big pebble/rock (how
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By Connie Morton
4.8 | 1,641 customer reviews
1,608 of the 1,641 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfectly balanced, and has a great weight to it. Perfect for almost any smart phone, the little hooks at the bottom give quite a lot of depth options, so this stand works even when the phone is in a wallet. The little hole in the back catches the cord too, stopping it sliding back down the back of the desk.

I'm going to get a few more of these to stick on my desk, by the bed, and in the kitchen. the brushed metal look is really quite fetching too.
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By N. Walton
Bought the silver version - my HTC 11+ (very large) phone sits on it perfectly. As another reviewer said, this is a very simple piece of kit, but makes a real difference in terms of convenience and tidiness. I wasn't sure whether I *really* needed one but - honestly - if you are reading this, buy it, you will definitely not regret it. I'd happily buy more if needed, v happy with the quality and service of the seller.
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By SteveMK
I bought this on a lightning deal as I was looking for something that would hold my phone on my bedside table so that I could still see the screen. (I, like many people, use my iPhone as my alarm clock a lot of the time.) It feels really nice to the touch, has a good weight to it, and the rubberised grips make it almost impossible to knock the phone over accidentally. It's a nice feature as well that there is a hole in the back and at the bottom of the part where the phone sits so that you can plug your charger in.

If you are looking for an alternative to a docking station, I would highly recommend this.
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By Lauren
5.0 | 515 customer reviews
515 of the 515 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I normally don't write reviews but wanted to let everyone know how great this product is, especially for the low price. It came with TWO protectors, two cleaning wipes, two drying wipes, a hard cardboard piece for smoothing bubbles, a polishing cloth, all with clear, easy to follow, concise instructions and a 100% satisfaction guarantee all packaged beautifully, like another reviewer put it, an "apple-like" quality and eperience. Another great feature, the two tabs or "installation handles" on each side of the protector that made the normally stressful eperience of lining up the protector with the phone a breeze! I've bought similar products that were as much as four times the price that didn't come close to this one. Well done TechMatte! Keep up the great work!
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By Adrianna Bogut
These screen protectors will save your screen from typical drops from your hand! I got my phone in October of '15, immediately installed this protector, have dropped it many times, and have had no cracks or damage. Today I dropped my phone face down on tile, heard a loud smack and thought for sure the screen was cracked. I picked it up and saw a shattered corner of my screen. To my amazement and delight, when I lifted up the screen protector, my phone screen was still in perfect condition! I cannot give this product enough stars. It just saved me from paying 100+ dollars for a screen replacement. It is literally like putting a second screen on your phone, a bullet proof vest, if you will. Not really bullet proof, but I think you catch my drift. Buy this now.
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By Amazon Customer
It took days to come in, so I was really happy it wasn't that long of a wait. Not much to say other than it does its job like it's supposed to. It's fairly priced and works, so I'm happy with the end results.I've had on my first glass screen case for around 3 months and it hasn't lifted up once yet. Its become a little dirty around the edges/corners of the screen, but nothing drastic to the point of me having to take it off yet. I think it will be a while before I have to switch to the 2nd screen protector.Also, I love that they provide wipers, instructions and etc for us to easily do it by ourselves. If you want it to go on just perfect, you might need to take a little more time, but it's still super quick and easy to do on
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By samantha rogers
4.7 | 3,163 customer reviews
2,985 of the 3,163 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is incredible.
I have had a few similar products in the past but they were the sticky pad type which fail to stick after time and mark the dashboard.
This one is so much better.
It grips into the vent so easily yet stays put.
And it doesn't pull out when you yank your phone off the magnet.
It is easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle. I use it in a Citroen C4 and a Volvo V40.
When driving, it doesn't shake at all over the bumpy bits.
Would I buy another? You bet.
One tiny negative. My work van is a 2012 Iveco Daily and it has rubbish airvent that this does not fit into. Nothing wrong with the phone holder. Just be sure to check that your vehicle has normal vents before purchasing.
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By Big Dave
Really pleased with this, I have a C Class, it fits perfectly in the side vent near to the drivers side window.
Stuck the disc to the inside of my I phone 7 case.
Spot on......
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By Gemma e.
Having gone through 3 sucker style phone holders, where the rubber stopped sticking due to rubber being damaged / perished, I gave this a go - product is great - it holds firmly to the vent (stops direction angling of vent, but not a major issue for me) and any concerns regards it slipping off have been proved to be baseless - holds on great even going over speed bumps etc.

The positioning of the phone is better than when using a sucker style holder on a window - either side or front window - without obstructing view of the road.

It comes with thin 2 metal plates so can have 2 phones / devices being able to use the holder.

Would highly recommend.
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By Rob S
4.9 | 441 customer reviews
433 of the 441 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This Omoton Desktop Phone stand is simply one of the best I've seen. It is well-designed inasmuch as it will hold a mobile phone clear from the desk with enough room to allow the charging lead to come in through the designer holes in the back and connect into the phone at the bottom. The shape and angle of construction is exactly right for viewing and operating the phone whilst it is in the stand. It's easy to see the screen and because of the special pads which the phone lays against at the back and on both of the supporting 'legs', it can be swiped with a finger to answer calls or perform other actions without the phone slipping sideways or off the stand. There's a further slip-resisting pad on the bottom of the stand, which is almost the full size of the base, which stops the phone skidding
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By Joseph B
The stand delivered well before stated deliver date,so good start. The packaging was neat and tidy and well packed. after removing the stand from the box I was really surprised on the quality and the finish. The stand has a nice finish and feels good in your hand. It is strong and firm for my iPhone 6 next to my bed so I can use it anytime, view the display and press the buttons at night without the phone or the stand falling over.
I have not used the stand for my I-pad so much at the moment but appears strong and sturdy on my brief trial.
Ordered another one so maybe use the 2nd one for both phone my and the I-Pad as required on my desk. Well pleaded with the stand.
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This was sdvertised as holding an iPhone 7 Plus plus a case, and it truly does. I really don't understand that other customer's whinge about it not taking a phone with a case. My wife's new phone is protected by a Tech 21 case which fits in the holder perfectly without wobble. So far, it's used to act as a charge stand which is far better than freestyle-flat, as the lead kept snaking backwards, but I'm thinking of another one to be used as a table top browser stand for either the phone or an iPad. The item is well-finished and sturdily built which both stops it sliding about or in danger of toppling over. Oh yes, it's an attractive matching colour to the rose gold phone. The only minor negatives are its somewhat prosaic looks (could be considered as "unobtrusive" though), and the height of the holder could have
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By Nothingbutthetruth
4.7 | 1,076 customer reviews
1,023 of the 1,076 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well.....used this to take some photos in the Atlantic Ocean. Lost the phone but only because I'm a bit stupid. The phone washed up on the same beach five days later. Miraculously found its way back to me. Phone was perfectly dry. That tells you what you need to know about this case.
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I got this phone case for my holiday to Cyprus, no leaks and the quality of the picture, and sound from the videos underwater, was absolutely incredible! Did the water test before with no leaks so was confident to use it and I am glad I did! I now have friends asking me where I got it from so they can buy one too! 100% recommend getting for your phone. You can't really use any touch screen features underwater but that made no difference to me as I could use volume keys to take photos on my Samsung.
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By Amazon Customer
Well this product was a life saver when our Go-Pro wasn't working. I was a little sceptical at first so did the tissue test but was absolutely fine. As you can see from the picture above it doesn't affect photo quality at all. We did use it in about 36'C and found it created a bit of a suction around our phones but once we got it back to the hotel room to cool down the phones came out easy. We also used this for holding money and room cards so relied on it for the whole holiday. These are great value as the cheaper ones being sold locally in Thailand worked out about the same price but didn't look as good quality. Highly recommend these as part of any holiday essential!
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 587 customer reviews
564 of the 587 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I previously purchased the slightly larger version of this gorgeous little stand. I liked the larger one so much that I decided to buy the smaller one too. It's made to the same high standards and simply works well, but obviously this smaller version of the UGreen stand is really only suitable for smartphone-sized gadgets... putting a tablet on this would probably not be recommended but the larger version one one (search for UGreen Tablet stand and you should find it) I have is perfect for that. Either way, for a very small investment for the two sizes of this I have a lovely small lightweight and well-made stand for any of my smartphones or tablets. Check the size differences to see which one would be best for your needs.
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By Mr Tester
Got this today and it's fine. Already had a cheap plastic foldable one and my girl wanted one. When this arrived i wasn't dissappointed. It held my Samsung S5 perfectly. It doesn't have any rubber or foam when you put it on the base but that's not a problem as my phone case is hard rubber anyway. Besides, it can't be that difficult to add a small strip of rubber or foam yourself if needed. I like the way it adjusts just by clicks. This is a good piece of kit for people who need to watch your phone at different angles or who don't have a built in adjustable phone case. This is a good quality holder, so yes, i would reccomend.
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By Mike S.
I've had five of these over the past year. The design has changed slightly in that time, for the better. The shelf that the phone / tablet rests on, now has a rubber insert (finger pointing to insert) to provide some cushioning. Ideal for mobile phones and tablets up to 8". Larger tablets would (in my view) need a larger stand. Great item, easily folded to take with you.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 470 customer reviews
463 of the 470 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was on Amazon Special Deal for a whisker under a tenner so I picked one up? Why? I wanted an adjustable phone holder which I could also plug in the charging cable from underneath but not always have to have it docked in such a manner so it was always charging. This seemed to fit the bill (even though I really wanted the black one).

It works exactly as I expected and is a solid, chunky piece of aluminium that holds my phone nicely at whatever angle I want when viewing messages or YouTube stuff. And, of course, I can plug in the charger cable very neatly via the hold in the rear just as shown in the picture.

Next day Amazon had the black version on offer. What to do? Convince myself that the black version fitted in really well in the office but the silver one was ideal for
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By Ralph Bacon
I like the design & look of this version of the Lamicall Phone Stand I bought. It weighs in at 106g and I really do believe that it is more stable and sturdy than the other version that they do that weighs in at 83g. Nevertheless I do believe that it should be treated as well and gently as you would treat your mobile phone in order to preserve its good looks and ensure it gives you years of good use. I’ve got it in a silver colour and it comes well-packaged. The phone stand comes with some grey sticky pads on its base to give it traction, so it does not slide all over the place on a shiny or smooth surface. There are also some grey sticky pads on the edge of the two extendable arms (please see the pictures for the big easy-to-press cylindrical button on the
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By SweetChocs
Very well made stand, sturdy and practical. It is adjustable so that you can angle the iPhone at whatever angle you wish. It is finished in a silver colour that matches the stand for my iMac which makes my desk look co-ordinated - just a nice touch There is a hole at the rear of the stand through which I thread the lightning charger, and as there is a gap in the middle of holder where the iPhone rests, I can charge it while in the holder. I would definitely recommend this stand to tidy up the clutter on your desk. I also bought the matching holder for the iPad which is equally good.https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M320AE4/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_1
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By Bibliophile
4.6 | 1,271 customer reviews
1,158 of the 1,271 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect solution - the shape of the dashboard/console in my Ford Focus makes it difficult to get stick-on pads to adhere, and because the air vents are vertical I've struggled to find a way to support my phone. This holds the phone exactly where I want it, in view but not obscuring the windscreen. It has a firm grip, no worries about the phone falling out when going round roundabouts, and it can still be plugged in and charging. Wish I'd found this before I tried other less successful options.
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By johnrutterfanclub
This is a brilliant piece of kit - I’ve bought and tried so many , ones that say super suction cup and as soon as the sun come out they fall off , they drop off in the middle of the night and set the alarm off and so on - then I by chance discovered this little gem , I am running a vw transporter van (2016) model it fits very snugly into cd slot , it doesn’t wobble about I am using an I phone 7 in it , it’s below dashboard level so it doesn’t interrupt forward view , it also doesn’t interrupt the touch screen radio , it’s easy to pull out when you want to change a cd and it doesn’t affect playing a cd neither - truly brilliant simple and very affective , the spring loaded grips hold the phone firmly . I love
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By mr p j f monument
Using one of the supplied rubber shims this gives a secure and stable mount for my phone, gripped well by the sprung rubberised pads.

I like the compact size of the device, which allows some flexibility over positioning of the phone.

It's quite an elegant solution and I think it would even work well in a small car where space around gearstick, heater controls, etc could be tight.
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By ND1234
4.7 | 600 customer reviews
565 of the 600 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Another great Anker product. It has a very high quality solid feel to it and isn’t very bulky so takes up just a little more space that the old Anker in car charger. It charges my Google Pixel rapidly and an iPad at the same time.

The USB ports also light up blue to make it easier to locate them in the dark, not so bright that it is a distraction however.

I have bought many Anker products and will continue to buy them because I can always trust Anker to make a good value, well designed product.
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By Rbest
Does not provide rapid charging for my Pixel 2 phone.

Obviously that is more my problem for not doing the research, but with so many protocols out there now for quick charge, fast charge, rapid charge and Power Delivery, it makes it hard to find out what it is you need when terminology and technology is so varied.

The quality of this product is great, I also like the blue lighting provided by the ports.
This charger will do fine for my wife, and fast charging her iPhone. It just didn't suit my needs.



As I mentioned in my initial review, the fact that this car charger didn't rapid charge my Pixel 2 was more my fault than the manufacturer/seller.
But Anker have been amazing and contacted me directly to try and help me sort out my self-inflicted issue by sending me a car charger with Power Delivery (which the Pixel 2 requires for Rapid
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By Chris Sparshott
I don't know if I got a duff one, but this simply would not keep a phone charged even on lowest brightness settings at night if the phone was in use. I'd originally bought this for my partner but it did not work at all in her car. Nothing worse than going on a long journey with sat nav hoping that the battery doesnt die just as you're coming up to a tricky series of junctions. Seems sturdy, just not powerful enough for basic car charger stuff. Needless to say it would not fast charge though i was half expecting that.
UPDATE: Anker are sending out a product which should do better. I will test and see. Note that if you want to fast charge a Samsung S6 or S6 edge you need to look for quick charge 2 in the description and dont believe reviewers who say otherwise.
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By Brian D.
4.6 | 1,068 customer reviews
988 of the 1,068 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great!! Charges my iphone6 3 times on one full charge. You can't go wrong with Anker. I'm a fan boy these days. Won't buy any other brand. Don't cheap out. Get this and not a cheap import that will catch fire and burn your house down.
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By james
Certainly small enough to pocket and suitable for around 1.5x charges on a standard phone. The round form factor is preferable to a flat device as it leaves more room for other things in a pocket.

Point to note: This device uses a USB micro-B port to charge it up, so if your phone has a newer USB C port you'll need to carry an extra cable for that.

Regarding fast charge, it's a little unclear whether this does that or not. Using the official Samsung Galaxy S8 charging cable plugged into this portable charger, the phone displays as "Charging" whereas using a fast charge plug, the phone reports "Fast Charging". That's despite the plug having an output of 2 amps, like this portable charger. That being said, from a single test I plugged my phone (at around 77% battery) into the official plug and it said "41 minutes until charged". I
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By Robin
Originally purchased to keep my iPhone from shutting down thanks to Apple’s iOS release debacle, I really benefited from this tethered with both Burst Mode™ and Slow-Mo™ as they required a lot of processing power on my older iPhone 5S and put it to sleep. However, when not relying on raw processing power I need the iPhone to last a long time for Time Lapse videos, and can safely leave the power bank attached for a few hours while the sun goes down.

Recharging the power bank takes time, all devices do, and this is the downside to anything with a battery, but more so with the included cable; being the standard black USB cable with no flair what so ever. It really looked untidy on my desk area and as I was using an InCharge Lightning-USB mini cable (I was a Kickstarter backer for the original micro-USB/Lightning keying clip) with
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By Mark Twain
4.6 | 1,058 customer reviews
977 of the 1,058 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I think this case is excellent,well made and fits the phone perfectly.
It has a strong magnetic clasp to keep the case shut and also the front
folds back out of the way and is held pretty firmly also.
I have bought many cases usually in the higher price bracket as i have
been disappointed to many times with the cheaper ones.
I am glad to say that this is case is as good as some of the more expensive
ones on the market.
One of the features that i like is that the cheap plastic tray that holds
the phone and usually the first thing to break is not visible with this
case as everything is covered in leather so no cheap plastic to see.
So i can honestly say i am well pleased with my purchase.
I can recommend this to anyone considering buying this.
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By John
Very nice case that fits tightly around my iphone 5S. The phone fits snugly inside and the case wraps around to the front, locking magnetically with a solid click. I also found that, in the 'open' position with the front part of the case folded back behind the phone, the magnet also locks it in that position, too. This is particularly useful when talking on the phone, because the front doesn't then keep flapping the side of the face.

The only 'down' side I've noticed is that you can't use the rear-facing camera if the front of the cover is folded behind the phone, but then it's not too difficult to use the camera without locking the case down.

All the holes on the case line up with the phone's respective buttons and sockets; I am able to charge the phone via the lightning cable without needing to remove the case, the
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By The Third Man
6 stars from me. It has arrived in a very elegant box, my first thought was that it would have been a very nice gift. Comparing to other cases on the market for this price, this quality box and packaging was unexpected. The leather case is wrapped in another case, and you will find in the box a screen protector, wet wipe and dry wipe as well. The product matches perfectly with the photo in the description. It is a quality product, although it does not smell leather. I am not an expert in this, it must be painted, so be a genuine leather or not, I am quite satisfied with it. I picked the grey one for my Rose Gold iPhone SE, it looks nice. The phone fits in perfectly, the case holds the phone tight enough, so again, good quality. The screen protector is a tricky one, I
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By justApainter
4.6 | 982 customer reviews
906 of the 982 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product. Came in a nice box and instructions. Be careful with the assembly as getting the ball into the socket on the back needs a fair bit of brute force. I put the unit on a cushion and pushed in so as not to damage it. Once that's done it's ready to go. Lovely mechanics to open the side grippers and a sturdy construction will grip most phones. I have tried it with a Samsung A3, and a Sony Xperia and had no issues. I am pretty confident that it would take most phones but worth asking the question if you have any doubts. Fitting in the CD holder is easy. Put it in the slot and turn the screw. The holder cleverly opens up to grip the frame of the CD entrance/exit portal. You can use it in portrait or landscape mode depending on your preference.
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By Steve Irons
Fitted this to my 2016 Ford Fiesta.
Fits well, can still play the cd but will have to remove holder to change cd. Feels like a solid fit.
Using with an iPhone 7 plus with an Otterbox defender series case fitted.
Holds my phone clearly and well, can charge it still and can have it in portrait or landscape.
It's a big phone so in portrait mode it does obscure vision a bit but I could always recline it or go landscape.
Bounces around a little bit but not enough to affect using the phone.
It's in the middle so driver or passenger can use it easily - great for changing music!!
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By Mr Gavin
Great holder, sits firmly in CD slot as has adjustable insert for a snug fit. I also like the padded phone grips that slide in to grip phone and at the press of a button they slide outwards to release the phone (looks cool). The main downside for me is that the phone sits too low on the dash and my hand hits the bracket everyone I select gear 1, 3 and 5. If only the ball joint at the back had an adjustable arm to lift the height or if the retractable feet of the holder where on both ends so I could turn the holder 180 degrees. But I guess this can't suit every car configuration, so sadly not recommended if your gear stick is set high (close to CD player) on your console. Otherwise a very good quality holder.
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By seahorse
4.8 | 347 customer reviews
337 of the 347 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is great. Have it in 3 cars now and bought 2x dual packs. Simple to setup (as you'd expect.. it's a sticker and a magnet...)

The magnets are strong, and it sticks through an iphone case. My phone doesn't fall into no man's land between the drivers seat and the centre console on bumpy roads in two seater with fairly unforgiving suspension.

Top tip: if you buy them for friends and family who's car you go in often - they think you are a lovely person... Little do they know your alternative agenda... Your phone is universally compatible to ride shotgun & hijack the music in their vehicle.
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After having been through multiple plunger-style, spring-loaded, phone holders (all of which broke, having become brittle through unavoidable sun exposure, through the windscreen) I needed a completely different solution.
Enter this magnetic, air vent clip-style phone holder.
My wife and I have been using two of these for some time now, and they really are something you can completely forget about; they just work. The phones (one a relatively small iPhone 5s; the other a larger iPhone 6s) completely stay put, even on bumpy roads, and they can be slid off of the magnetic air vent clip easily when you want to release them from the mount.
The only thing you need is a nice, flat surface (can be the back of the actual phone, or the inside/outside of a phone case) to stick the circular plate onto. Don't expect the magnetic force to be significant if you have a thick phone case
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By R M.
Brilliant magnet, bought to replace one that started coming away from the vent with the phone. That one was just slightly cheaper than these, but this comes as a pack of 2 and they feel far more sturdier. I think they will last much longer than the last one. The magnet is very strong which gives you the confidence that your phone is going nowhere until you pull it back off. We put the other one at the passenger side of the car and both look like they are part of the car.
Would highly recommend and would buy again.
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By David Torbett
4.5 | 2,395 customer reviews
2,120 of the 2,395 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this to use Google maps while I drive, definitely chose the right product.
The sucker is actually stronger than my tom tom Sat nav' s sucker!
Driving through Sheffield over big speed bumps and pot holes caused no issues. No rattling or other noise.
My old Xperia had volume keys where it holds the phone, but it didn't cause the volume to change.
Slots perfectly above the fan on the drivers side of my Alfa Romeo MiTo and also use the base adhesive clip with no problem.
Better than expected, highly recommend.
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By J. Barrell
At last a DECENT good usable properly adjustable mount.

I rely on my satnav on my phone, I travel the UK as a sports photographer for a magazine and can't tolerate getting lost. I had a different one that broke within a week, this is at last a STURDY one with a PROPER THICK stem and PADDED phone mount that really adjusts.

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Sturdy product. A lot better than a slightly cheaper version brought off ebay. The little clip that rests on the dashboard works well and stops my phone from swaying. There is a 3M pad on the clip but I find that it works perfectly without having to fix it permanently to the dash.

The little rests at the bottom swing in and out as needed and helps avoid having to use the side grips too tightly. The other benefit is being able to charge your phone as the charger port is exposed at the bottom if your port is in the bottom centre.
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4.5 | 1,912 customer reviews
1,726 of the 1,912 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was starting to wonder if there were any non-fake sd cards available! Bought two from ebay that looked fine and were not cheap, but on closer inspection with the help of google and a couple free bits of software turned out to be fake with only 30% of the stated capacity and read/write errors too.
These Sandisk are genuine you'll be glad to hear, but I would take 10 minutes to check out any memory cards you buy from any source.
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By joe's
I own a handful of these cards and pick them up everytime there is a sale or deal on.

Mostly I use these cards to for various different operating systems and set ups I have for the Raspberry Pi (a hobby type computer in case you don't know) and they work well for this purpose and play nicely with the Pi and are plenty fast to keep up with the Pi 3.

I also use these cards in my phone, tablet and occasionally with a big SD card adapter in my digital camera.

All in all while not the fastest cards in the world they are a excellent all rounder that should work well for you no matter what purpose you need them for.

I have tested a handful of these cards using memory bench testing software and the scores are pretty good and more or less you are getting what is advertised. I
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By Commander @ The Hackery
Bought for dash car... does what it says for the dash camera I specifically bought for.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 637 customer reviews
585 of the 637 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Having lost one dashcam to a cheap car power converter, I like the over-voltage protection on this device, as well as the dual port which means you can run your cam on the 1 amp port and recharge your fondleslab on the other (2 amp). It also doesn't stick up too far, so all in all has been thoughtfully designed. Finally, it has a sexy blue glow which you can see all round, so you know it hasn't become disconnected. Other converters have a single LED which can be pointing the wrong way, or none at all, which means you only know you've come adrift when the camera switches off - distracting and dangerous if you try to re-seat it on the move.
I've used mine for a couple of months now with no problems, so hopefully that will continue.
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By RW in Darkest
Car charger was presented in frustration free packaging, which I'm always glad to see.

The packaging contains the charger and some instruction and warranty information. The charger itself is well made and feels of good quality in the hand. There are 2 power sockets, one is 1 amp, the other is 2.4 amps for faster charging. The product also has a nice blue glow to it when connected to your cars power outlet. I've been using this item for nearly two weeks with no issues at all.

On the whole this is a well made, excellent value for money charger and I would highly recommend this to everyone.
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By Owz
This is a very compact charger if you need to be able to charge a phone or power something when in the car.

It has a fast charge port and a slow charge port. The fast charge port does register on my Galaxy S7 as fast charge, so the claim is true.

It fits into the 12V socket of my Renault ok, but is a little loose in my Micra, where the sprung loaded centre pin tends to push it out a little bit.

I have used it to charge my phone, my camera, 2 phones at once and it has worked without fault and doesn't even seem to get warm in use. It is a very good and compact device that can provide two lots of power for phones, tablets, etc. without costing a fortune.

It would be a 5 stars if I didn't have to keep checking it was still connected in
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By Mr. C. Harris