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Best Rated in Manual Shaving

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Manual Shaving store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Manual Shaving

4.8 | 646 customer reviews
620 of the 646 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are exactly the same blades sold by Dollar Shave Club in the UK, but are far cheaper to buy direct from Dorco (via Amazon). And I do mean exactly the same. Not just the same handle connector fitting - exactly the same blades DSC sells as its Executive blades.

Buying these blades direct from Dorco completely negates the need for a DSC subscription (unless you really can't live without DSC shave butter and other male grooming goo). I've cancelled my DSC membership as a result of buying and using blades directly from Dorco. Now I have the DSC Executive handle (which Dorco also sells BTW), I'll just buy the blades from here from now on. The five-pack should last you 4-5 months, assuming you change to a fresh blade every week like I do.

The only snag with the Pace 6 blades is you need to rinse them vigorously and frequently
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By Chris Green
I'm 84 and so have been shaving for many years . I bought both the handle and these cartridges after reading very positive reviews of both , having become somewhat irritated( being polite and gentle here ) by the ever rising cost of both Gillette's and Wilkinson's razer blade cartridges , and I have to say I'm delighted that I did so . They give a smooth and close shave effortlessly and seem to keep their edges for yonks . I highly recommend them .
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By Amazon Customer
I have reviewed many different razor blades for the Amazon Vine programme and have always favoured Wilkinson Sword blades for their lube strip and length of time between blade changes. I bought my initial blades from a shaving club and for £5 I received some shaving butter, a handle, and 4 blades. I found these blades sold on Amazon, were exactly the same as those sold by the club at a highly inflated price. The blades last about 4 weeks, shaving 3 times a week. The lube strip is good and the blades really do cut very close to the skin. The only thing I do not like is the under nose trimmer. I had to hold the handle at an angle and so applied too much pressure.......and ut myself by accident. It is very sharp but needs to be set at a slightly better angle on the blade.
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By Dr Bintes Menthols
4.7 | 905 customer reviews
854 of the 905 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm a female, so this review might seem a bit strange. Anyways, its the best shave EVER! Closest shave I've ever had, no disposable razor with multiple blades can compare.
I didn't cut myself and I went over a skin tag with the razor. If a pregnant lady can shave her legs and find this razor easy to use then no one should have any problems with this razor.
If you are into zero waste then this is the razor for you, male or female. Ditch the disposable razor that's polluting our environment and get the last razor you'll ever need. :)
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By Linda
Well, I am astonished, for 45 years I have shaved with cassette razors, feeling these were "the modern product to use" smiling at my dad who had what he called a "bomb door razor" (well he grew up in WWII, turn it upside down and open the razor, you will then understand).

As my first "double edge razor" I am really, really impressed. Others have mentioned watching Youtube for technique, and that is wise, but shaving like this is not a dark art, it is actually a really, really, good, and close, shave. It's a useful case for travelling, and a well made razor.

Best not be naive, there is a chance of getting a small nick, but then I used to get them with cassette razors, but a Alum block (Osma in my case) soon sorts that out (with a bit of "zing!" ;-) ). Use it after watching a Youtube
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Well, I can’t lie. I don’t review very often. But this deserves it. I’m the plastic through away era of razor and was petrified at the thought of using this. However, it’s a big HOWEVER, I will never be going back.
Firstly-being mindful to the environment is everyone’s problem, by buying this I am supporting ‘losing plastic’! (This is a big deal to me!)
Secondly-you won’t actually amputate your limbs as was my initial worry. I am literally the most accident prone lady. But I am completely ‘nick’ free.
Thirdly-this doesn’t come with the blades (please remember before you checkout!)
Now my review of the razor. Twisting the end to open it and safely put in the razor. Fantastic.
Make sure you keep the razor on taught skin (so pretty much how we’ve always shaved!) and short strokes. Do NOT press down. Our old plastics have given us dreadful habits. Let he razor flow across
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By Lauralou
4.7 | 460 customer reviews
438 of the 460 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Happy! Excellent synthetic brush with a plastic handle. Everything looks expensive, plus no guilt of harming animals (though not my main criterion). The materials look, feel and work really good - you will be surprised, I was!
The brush does not loose hairs, each synthetic hair is thicker at the root and goes thinner at the end, badger colour, badger feel, a perfect elasticity is maintained when whet, dry and expected to remain the same over the years of use. I was specifically looking for a synthetic brush, as it does not smell wet dog and dries quicker.
The handle is solid, thick plastic which looks like black glass. It doubles as a stand. The print on it is also of a good quality, pretty, subtle and seems to be able to withstand wear.
The box is a cardboard tube, which looks very presentable, but not suitable for the role of travel
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By Amazon Customer
Bought this to replace the cheap and nasty Wilkinson Sword brush that everyone tries first. I should know better as my main squeeze is an Edwin Jagger pure badger. For one reason or another I'm having to build a second shaving kit from scratch and had forgotten. Anyway, The Benny was a chance to try a synthetic as well as move on from the above mentioned Wilkinson brush, which is pretty awful.
I've held back from reviewing this brush as I wanted to remind myself of how it compared to badger. I've now been able to so here we are.
There's appears to have been quite a revolution in synthetics in the last few years with Plisson leading the charge along with Muele's v1 and v2 Silver Tipped Fiber. Others are starting to copy this technology and knock out very affordable (in the US) and nice synthetic brushes. Over here supply is
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By Mean Rhythm
I'm quite pleased with this brush. It's replacing a cheap, Chinese, zombie dog haired brush that won't stop shedding hairs that I bought at the same time as the razor. The razor itself is great though, so I'm not knocking cheap Chinese copies.

Anyway, this Benny's brush is quite a lot firmer. You can easily tell it's synthentic when you touch the long edges of the strands but it's nice and soft and tapered at the business end. I'm currently using the green tubbed Proraso shaving cream and I noticed that it does dig into the cream more so I must end up using more than with my old brush. It's good because it lathers up thickly and quickly. I've always chucked the brush in a cup of warm water for a 1-2 minutes before I start, as the informational pamphlet suggests, but I'm not
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By Mollusc
4.6 | 1,013 customer reviews
926 of the 1,013 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've used a few double edged razors now. My last one broke after being knocked off the shelf (it's high up as we've a two year old daughter) and the top of it snapped off from the handle.

Therefore I decided to try this one as it was a bit cheaper and I've only been mainly using a beard trimmer to keep my beard fairly close and the proper razor to do the 'tidying up'.

One of the main areas I've been using the razor most on was a large portion of my facial hair on my neck area under my chin. It's always been extremely sensitive which is why I stopped using the more common razors (Gillette, etc). I am delighted to say that this razor gave me a very close shave effortlessly and also managed to not aggravate my skin.

I've only used it a few times so far but I
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By D G. Mcmurray
I’m trying to reduce my use of throw-away plastics, so was keen to switch from modern multi-blade razors. This had excellent reviews, and I’m delighted with it. The solidity, weight and quality feel makes using it a delight, though I did check out a couple of YouTube videos aimed at ladies before having a go. It brought back fond memories of my teenage years, when I used to borrow my dad’s safety razor for my legs - he wasn’t happy! No problems with the legs, it also works well on more intimate areas, using just glycerin soap. I think results are better than with a multi blade razor. The cost savings are a bonus, and I’ve made another small step to keep plastic out of the environment - win!
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By Elise
This is a quality machined item in a nice high grade metal. It comes in an upmarket little black hard cover case with an internal mirror. Not sure how useful this would be as it is small, but it is a nice touch. The handle is quite short so has to be held in finger tips rather than in the fist, but I am getting used to this now. Would be nice if it came with some included blades, but this would then make it an age restricted product, with signed for delivery, (which for me usually necessitates a half hour drive to the "local" depot through London traffic, so better for me).

The use of a traditional blade means you need to be a little bit careful with this shaver. With too much pressure or a careless scrubbing action you can get cuts, razor burn or
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By Paul Reeder
4.6 | 636 customer reviews
578 of the 636 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I will be clear up front, i am a woman. I bought this as i have always bought mens razors as they are cheaper and more effective.

My old handle was wearing out which was the manual version of this one, and so decided to invest a few pounds more and purchase the power version.

Mine came with the battery already inserted, and was ready to go straight out of the packaging. It is very quiet, just a small humming sound, it feels so nice on the skin, you can barely feel that it is even on your skin. As always when shaving you must use soap, shaving gel, or hair conditioner before shaving to decrease irritation.

Yes hair condtioner. Try it. Leaves your skin so soft..

Anyway it shaved very closely, was great for my underarms and legs, obviously as the blades are so close together you will need to rinse the blade
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By Beanie Luck
Not much you can say, really. Bought as a supply for my new Fusion5 ProGlide Power, but since that comes with a blade already fitted I haven't used these yet and probably won't need to for a month or two at least.

I've been stung in the past buying blades on eBay - judging by how they shaved, they were not originals. No messing this time. These ones ARE genuine, and the best you can get.
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By ⭐Gordon Shumway
The horrible, horrible cost makes me want to knock almost two full stars off. But three stars would belie the bottom line. Short of a specialist razor and/or a professional old school barber that also does shaves.... you can't *get* a better shave than this. Is it perfect? no. Even if not for the cost, they're probably a 4.5 not 5/5. You still need to watch your technique and don't assume the 'safety razor' means you can sling it around at any angle at any speed!

They are quite durable as you would expect from blades that cost this much, and with my stubble being of only average toughness a pack of 4 or 8 last long enough.

Use a decent gel or foam, don't rush, and you'll have a quality shave every time.
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By ShinsFortress
4.5 | 1,002 customer reviews
890 of the 1,002 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Okay, let’s get something out in the open here. My mantra is simple: Anyone but Gillette. No disrespect, my Fusion razor was a heck of a razor, but the cost of blades was frankly ridiculous, so a few years ago I decided never to buy a Gillette razor, but seek out alternatives, and ultimately, pay less money.

For me, this razor and blades is the best I’ve used so far, and I’ve tried a few over the last few years. I’m lucky in that I only need to shave every 3-4 days and I’m still on my first blade, probably about 8 shaves in. I’ve had no issue with the blade clogging, using a Proraso cream and a brush to apply.

For the money, the Dorco seems good value and is a nicely weighted, quality feeling product. What’s nice is the universal mount, meaning you can mix up blades with your handle.
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By Greg Thomas
One of the best shavers, I have ever had! Can't believe, how much less it costs, than my usual ones. Yet, much better, and a great close shave. Some customers have had problems, with nicks. If you use it, the way you would, another brand, then its likely. Because, this is very sharp. Knowing ut was, I just took it slower, and not one nick. Certainly would buy this again. Arrived very quickly too. Top marks all round. P.A.W.
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By P.A. W.
I have been using this razor for about a week. I usually mix wet and dry shaving and thought I would give this a try. It gives a cleaner shave than my electric razor. I felt that it dragged a little over my face so I tried it against a Gillette Fusion and they both dragged a little. The performance is equal to the Gillette and also to the Wilkinson I also use. The difference is that the Dorco is cheaper. Similar performance at a lower price; it will do for me. I will be buying more blades.
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By Ken Jones
4.5 | 827 customer reviews
718 of the 827 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I think the Gillette Fusion Men's Razor is the best wet shave razor on the market, for a convenient and quick shave which is close at the same time, the strips along the top of the razors fade from greenish-blue to plain white strips to indicate with the razor needs to be changed (I think this is a general rule rather than a hard and fast rule, as depending on how coarse, think or long your stubble or beard are you may have to change the razor sooner). When you want to change the razors it is a simple matter of pressing the grip down into the razors head in the cradle and it comes away ready to use, it remains secure and does not come loose with use.

These packs are the only way shop for Gillette Fusion Men's Razor Blades as they can be pretty pricey on the high
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By Lark
Feel exactly the same as what my Power blades did, in fact they are 99.9% the same. Apparently other than the aloe vera strip not having one of the added oils, and a slightly different coating to the blades(have to take their word for it) there is zero other difference between these Gillette Fusion and the Gilette Fusion Power blades except a £4 price charge.

Here is a copied and pasted response i found on a shaving forum of a guy who wrote to Gillette asking exactly what was the difference.

'The differences between the Power and Manual Fusion Cartridges are subtle but there are differences. The Power Fusion Cartridges have aloe, vitamin E and natural oils in the lubrastrip while the Manual Cartridges have just aloe and vitamin E. There is also a slightly different coating on the blade of the Power Cartridges. That coating was designed to
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By P
Having used these blades for a few years now I decided to see if I could purchase them online cheaper than what I normally pay at a major supermarket. As there appear to be fake copies about I thought I would try these knowing that I would immediately know if they were fake or not as I know exactly what they should feel like and how close they should shave. Well they are the genuine article and I will never pay supermarket prices again.
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4.5 | 572 customer reviews
520 of the 572 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used these for a couple of weeks now after having used Derby blades for the last year. I was a little apprehensive about using these as I have had the occasional nick with the derby blades but had become used to using them and thought it would be a whole learning curve coming to something like these. I can honestly say that I am so glad I changed. A few shaves in and not one nick. Skin is super smooth and the shave amazingly close. 100 of these should last me a few years and throwing in P&P and the soap stick was a nice addition too. I have the same Arko shaving creak soap stick already and they seem to last months too. I have gone from spending £12+ every couple of months on shaving products which nicked and gave average shaves to this way of shaving which costs
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By Saint Dave
When you consider the cost of multi-blade cartridges getting 100 blades for less than a tenner is astounding.

While there isn't a huge difference in blades in my opinion, i always get smoother shaves with Astra than most other blades. Seem to go particularly well in Shavettes.

Mileage varies but i usually get between 3-5 shaves from each blade before i feel it tugging and not shaving as usual. But since they're so cheap per unit i swap out as habit now at that point.

An added bonus is the Arko soap. Once you get past the strange (but not unpleasant) scent, it's a great tallow based soap. Really lathers well and slick.

Highly recommend trying these blades.
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By Luigi
Great blades, fantastic shave. Takes a couple of lathers to get close, but the big difference here is with 5 to 7 day growth these blades glide thru with ease, whereas i found that the commercial brands of razors were not up to the job and i was forever trying to unclog the darn things.

Combined with the Parker 99R barberpole butterfly razor, i think i may have just found the shaving partnership for life.
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By NigelB
product price
4.6 | 241 customer reviews
219 of the 241 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Gillette Fusion Razors are my favourite to use. I find I can get a good few weeks of shaving from each set of blades and my shaves feel far smoother and cleaner as compared to those I've had with other products. It's a shame that they keep getting more expensive with time, but seeing as they're the best that I've used, I will continue to use them.

The back of the blades also has a single blade which is meant to be good for more precision, although I've never found a need to use it.

They easily clip into the razor and adjust angle automatically for your face.

If you're looking for a great shave, this is the product for you.
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The items is advertised as containing 10 razor blades but it came with 11.

Quality? Thats the question. Previous purchases from the high street - each blade would last 4-5 weeks. After 1 week I'm noticing a deterioration and after 3 they need changing.
Imitation? Seconds? I don't know -but there is a definite change in quality.
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By sos3v5
only get 2 shaves from each blade,don't seem to be the real ones.i may be wrong but terrible to be honest won't purchase anymore.
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4.7 | 140 customer reviews
130 of the 140 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The annual pilgrimage to Amazon for a supply of razor blades. Lord only knows why these packs with the handle etc. are cheaper than the blades alone, but they are, so go on then - I'll refresh the handle too. Since buying last year, the heads have changed slightly with a new lubrication strip design which hopefully doesn't do the same if you happen to leave it somewhere remotely damp! Overall a very happy user for nearly 10 years and will continue to be so. Excellent value, excellent quality, and at this price, hard to beat with anythign else.
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By Mr. D
Good shave but with a lot of repetition
Having tried its main competitor Gillette, plus some others like those internet start-ups, I can say that they provide a good shave in comparison, with some PROS and CONS of course. For the sake of simplicity, I will focus only on Wilkinson vs. Gillette experience for comparison.
I must say that I use this product (and those on the past) to shave the face and my head, even though none of them are really designed for head shaving.
On the negative side, these Wilkinson razors are not as flexible as Gillette’s latest offer, the shaver head can be a little stiff and you generally feel less adaptation to the shaving. Also, and this will be included as a PRO as well, the razors use a “guard” system to reduce irritation and cuts and whilst it works perfectly, it reduces razor contact with the skin which
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By Felipe Baez
Not sure why, but shaving with this was awful, left with bleeding rash on my neck, nicks on my top lip and face. The hydro gel went stringy and clogged up the blades and stuck to my face.
I have used several razors over the last 40 years and this unfortunately is amongst the worst.
There is no way I could shave with this razor each morning before work as my face was a mess with blood.
A real shame as I read all the positive reviews and thought this would be great.
Told by seller that as I had opened the packaging no refund could be offered, not quite sure how I could have found out how bad the razor was without opening it though. Therefore I am out of pocket and gone back to Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide which in my opinion is far superior if somewhat more expensive.
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By Jim
product price
4.5 | 418 customer reviews
375 of the 418 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When I bought these, they were £8.00, and free next day delivery on Prime. - That's cheaper than Tesco.

I'd previously used Gillette's 5-blade razor, but I get much more usage out of these blades, and they make for a great close and smooth shave.

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By Gary
Had enough of paying ridiculous prices for the competitions prices so decided to try these and I am please to say that inam glad I did.
Very nice clean shave and the blades seem to stay sharp for a good length of time so very happy with purchase.
Ordered from Amazon Prime so great delivery.
Would recommend.
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By Bitanoid
These have become my choice of razor blade, having found that Gillette ones were causing skin irritation. As well as being kinder on my face, they are also kinder on my pocket, with a noticeable cost reduction compared to Gillette. The Hydro 5 glide well across the face and give a good, clean cut. Down side I have found is that with these (and other multi blade razors) is that they block up easier if shaving off more than a couple of day's growth.. A bit of a good rinse in hot water with the hydro bar (the blue bit) retracted tends to sort out.

Often on promo on Amazon, worth getting when these are on..
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By Kris B.
6 offers from product price
4.5 | 354 customer reviews
325 of the 354 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

So... I thought I found the perfect solution for the very expensive Quattro for women blades. But I discovered that the men's ones are less sharp and when shaving the bikini area they irritated my skin and I had to throw them away after just one use. So I'm back with the Papaya & Pearl "lady" colour, extra expensive Women's Razor blades. Sorry.

Ladies... this fits perfectly for your women version. And it's half the price!! I've never been so aware of the pink tax until I bought this. Is the exact same thing but advertised for men. Therefore, is cheaper. It's honestly ridiculous.
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By Graciela Carrillo Carrillo
Over the years I've tried a number of cartridge and double edge razor blades and have settled on the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Sensitive to be the best of the bunch.

First of all to confirm that the sensitive blades fit the same handle as the non-sensitive blades. They come in identical packaging and fit in the same way - I comfortably get five shaves from each blade with each shave consisting of face and head with WTG (With the grain) and ATG (Against).

I find the non-sensitive blades are comparable to the Gillette Fusion but the sensitive ones cause less irritation - and they are a lower cost too making them an attractive option.

I highly recommend these blades.
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By Chris B
I really like this razor. I've used Gillette for many years but, being older generation, I have always preferred the older style handle and blade to the style which they currently sell. So, I thought I would give this one a try as an alternative. I find it more comfortable to use than the current Gillette range and I particularly like the handle which has a quality look and feel about it. Guess I'll be sticking with Wilkinson from now on!
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By The Strolling Roan
4.5 | 296 customer reviews
248 of the 296 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This I bought for a Christmas present but it did not arrive, it got lost, however Amazon sent another one out and it has arrived absolutely fabulous, we live in Bulgaria. My husband says it’s brilliant, the best yet, very smooth feeling on his face...... the persons we spoke to on the chat live were excellent so a big thumbs up to amazon 👍
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By Sharron Underwood
This is a definite improvement over the Mach 3 which I was using for years. Shaving is now more accurate and time efficient helping me get ready quicker for work etc. Also, for someone who shaves their head as well as their face, this is great!
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By Rajanicle
What a brilliant piece of kit!! weighty but well balanced which somehow seems to keep the razor glued to ones skin. Best razor I have ever bought and for the first time in a while had a shave without drawing blood. It really does follow the contours of ones face. Top this off with a very attractive package and price what's not to like!!
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By Judd Lynes
4.6 | 166 customer reviews
153 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have just taken the plunge and ditched my Gillette Fusion cartridges. I bought a safety razor which I love, but I wanted more accuracy on the beard and moustache detailing so I ordered a Cambridge cut throat razor. I've only had it for one day but first impressions are great. It's easy to load with half an Astra razor (I bought 100 with the safety razor and they are easy to snap in half) so I don't have to buy special blades and the blade sits very securely. It feels like very good quality at this price point. It gives a nice smooth shave. I'm not confident enough to do my entire head with it yet, despite not having any mishaps on first use but I will watch some videos and see if skill and confidence develop. It does what I bought it for, which is
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By Banj
As a former barber who learnt to use cut throats from an early age, its hard actually finding a decent one like anything without paying the price but unlike most things getting a bad cutthroat can have some serious consequences. Well I have to say for what I paid if you want a cutthroat that holds the blade securely and has good weight and balance this is the one for you.
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By Sloanranger
Shaving with a straight edge razor takes some getting used to, I ended up with many cuts on the first day! After a few days practice and the help of YouTube I seem to have mastered it!

The razor comes well packaged and has a very premium look. The leather pouch is a nice touch, especially if you want to travel with this in your bag.

The blades are easy to change and the razor is comfortable to hold. I found that the razor is a little light in weight and feel that something a bit heavier would be easier for me to use, but this is personal preference.

Overall, it is great value and perfect for the job!
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By Lak
4.5 | 260 customer reviews
235 of the 260 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
it's a lovely brush. the hair itself is neither too coarse nor too flimsy. it works up a really nice lather in the bowl and lifts up the hairs to enable a nice clean shave. a decent price and a premier product. the plastic base also feels nice
to touch and has a
kind of chunky heft to it. A few months on
and it
is going strong
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Excellent brush, possibly the best I've ever had, replaces Christmas present which proved to be soft and floppy and useless. This is firm from the box, and stays firm when charged with soap and water, which means you get the lather where you want it, ie on the area to be shaved and not just all over your mug! My previous 'best brush', which went west about two years ago worn to stubble after twenty or so years was good but this is better. Well recommended.
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By patmac
Good value brush, lathers well due to being a mix of badger/boar. Good quality handle, as used on pricier Vulfix brushes in their range. Just remember not to soak in very hot water as this could melt the glue and cause hair loss !!! Otherwise you won't get better at this price.
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By Darren Morris
4.4 | 717 customer reviews
624 of the 717 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good Quality Gillette blades at a reasonable price when bought in bulk from Amazon. The price does seem to change like the weather though - as low as £17 at times, but then as much as £23 - usually when there's a voucher offer available!

I've not had any issues with the quality of the blades - I do not need to shave all that often though, once or twice a week maximum. Having said that though, a single blade can last me for months; I do however ensure that I look after them after each use - buffing the blade in an upward motion along a taught towel. I have been using this method for a couple of years, prior to this, most blades would dull very quickly, but since I've been buffing, blade life has been extended to probably four or five times as long! If you are experiencing
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Of all the razor blades I've tried these are my preferred ones. They're great when they're new. The first half-dozen times is fine but then they feel noticeably blunter. I just find I have to replace them far too quickly and they cost so much. I try and keep them as dry as possible after use because I heard that can help.

Even though Amazon's subscribe and save option is by far the most cost-effective way to purchase them, it still feels like an excessive price to pay.
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By Andrew Roberts
I really doubt about the genuineness of the these blades. I have no doubt about the product itself since I have been using it for years now and I shave daily. The blades I use to buy used to last at least a month despite shaving daily however this blade has been giving issues since 4-5 shaves. The packaging was very different to all the earlier packaging I have seen and this one came in a black diary kind of arrangement. It perhaps could be just me however I am surely not convinced with this purchase and really doubt if these are genuine Gillette having used similar blades from Gillette for almost a decade now.
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By Vikas Gupta
4.6 | 150 customer reviews
137 of the 150 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been trying to reduce my plastic waste recently and finally plucked up the courage to get a safety razor. It came in nice packaging with one razor blade. It was easy to use, imagined I would cut myself a few times as I always get nicked by disposable razors, not even a single cut! Did my legs very quickly, under arms took a bit longer but well worth it as I usually have very sore arm pits so I had actually stopped shaving for a long time. Now I can shave without the soreness.
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By Mrs C
I purchased this razor as it is an eco-friendlier option. I am very pleased by the high quality and how great it looks. It also shaves better than the plastic throw-away cartridges razor. I recommend!
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By Valentine Van den Eynde
At the current £14.99 price this is a very nice razor. It's well made and finished, and the bamboo handle is classy. If all the metal parts are stainless steel, as the description implies, that's a great bonus; I believe many low-cost razors are made from zinc alloy with a chrome plating, which looks OK but can break if dropped in the sink. It has a good weight and as a newcomer to double-edge shaving I've found it easy to use.

I've docked a star for two reasons. One is that getting a Wilkinson blade (and possibly other makes) centred is tricky: as you tighten the handle there's a distinct "snap" as the blade clicks into the proper position. Derby blades seem to seat more easily, perhaps because they're more flexible. My second niggle is simply that it's a three-piece design, so putting in a new blade is a bit of
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By Charles
4.7 | 106 customer reviews
101 of the 106 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had, earlier in the month, returned a so-called big name one which was loosing hairs at an increased rate. It really ruins the whole shaving experience. So, having read the reviews for this one AND at a third the price of the other one, I plumped for it. It arrived quick, but due to the last brush putting me off, I went back to disposibles and foam. But today I had peace,quiet & time. I had some exercise and went for a shower. Before the shower I popped the brush in some warm water to get it primed for when I got out. On exiting the show I put my blob of cream in the very soft brush center. It was ultra soft and no a SINGLE loose hair. Having to say, very VERY impressed. Far better than the badgers!
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By Vince
I decided that using a badger bristle brush was a bit untenable as a vegetarian. I thought that the animals must be kept in terrible conditions to supply the global demand. This brush is brilliant, better, I would say than my old badger one. Result and good value.
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By Griff1970
I’m not going to be too critical of a brush that cost me £7.97. For that money, it is more than adequate. I bought it because I go to work straight from the gym every morning and it wasn’t good for the boar hair brush that I bought in Japan to be in my wash bag all day. This is why I decided to go for a cheap synthetic brush. Of course, comparing the two brushes is ridiculous. The boar hair brush is much stiffer with a far greater density of hairs. This makes it much easier to whip up a lather in my shaving bowl and it also retains the (Proraso) shaving cream much better for additional applications. As I said, this was to be expected. However, with a little bit more effort and possibly a bit more shaving cream, the brush is perfectly adequate and fairs much better
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By Neil Mullens
4.6 | 137 customer reviews
129 of the 137 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just recently, my husband went back to using shaving soap and brush rather than gels and foams. I bought two kinds of soaps for him to try. Good thing I bought this one. He loves it. The other one wound up in the back of the cupboard. This soap has a nice scent, and he says it does a good job. It's a bit pricey, but these soaps last a long time, and there's no point in buying something you don't like and aren't going to use.
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By Stacey in Scotland
I usually use the Taylor of Old Bond Street 150g Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl which smells great and easily lathers. I have used shave soap before, but not this make. You still get a lather from the soap, but you do need to work harder to get it. A warm wetted brush swirled around the soap for a few seconds and then working in a mug for a minute or so produced enough smooth lather for a 3 pass shave. This also has a nice smell to it, I think Sandalwood is the best smelling shave product.

As this is soap, you will find it lasts a lot longer than shave cream. Just pay attention to prices as they fluctuate by a wide margin.
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By Andrew - (sekrapa)
Bought for the man for fifth wedding anniversary. Loooove the smell! He likes the bowl, and says the soap lathers well. Said something about it not being as good as his old £20 one, but he really likes it anyway. I'd definitely buy again. The scent is out of this world! Yummy smelling man scent!! Smooooth shave.
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By Nina
4.4 | 438 customer reviews
394 of the 438 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
While many men will have their own favourite shaving method & blade, my husband always comes back to Gillette, more recently the Fusion ProGlide range.

He has dabbled with cheaper razors, tempted by an offer in any one of the high st retailers or supermarkets - but he always end up leaving his shave a few days longer than I would like - so I bought him some new "heads" for his existing handle that was sitting in the shaving cup. He doesn't have any preference for "Power" or non "Power" with both giving him the shave he so often needs !

There really is no other blade to choose - for him that is.
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By RozziD
After the 2 pound offer given by Gillette, I ordered this Pack for the blades. From the packing perspective it looks original to me & I haven't tried anything from SuperStores to compare whether this is Original or not. But from the comparison between the one I got for 2£ and this one, there is a huge quality difference.
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By RedBull
Delivery was fast. The packaging i got is from russia .
The racerblades housing has a different shape and it's diffently another cafity which was used. I dont know if there has been any product updates so far. The upper spong is bigger than by my old blades on the other hand are the rivels on the downside smaller and not as long. I would also say the blades have a different engel. During the first shaving I had the feeling that the shaving wasnt as smooth as usual... for a test i reactivaded my old shaverblades (they were already used and woren out) ... left leg new blades right leg old blades.... the right side (old blades) was in my opinion slightly better.... not a good sign at all. I will test the shaving blates the next few times and will update further infos here
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By Anna