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Best Rated in Manual Shaving

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Manual Shaving store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

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Top rated products in Manual Shaving

4.8 | 616 customer reviews
591 of the 616 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are exactly the same blades sold by Dollar Shave Club in the UK, but are far cheaper to buy direct from Dorco (via Amazon). And I do mean exactly the same. Not just the same handle connector fitting - exactly the same blades DSC sells as its Executive blades.

Buying these blades direct from Dorco completely negates the need for a DSC subscription (unless you really can't live without DSC shave butter and other male grooming goo). I've cancelled my DSC membership as a result of buying and using blades directly from Dorco. Now I have the DSC Executive handle (which Dorco also sells BTW), I'll just buy the blades from here from now on. The five-pack should last you 4-5 months, assuming you change to a fresh blade every week like I do.

The only snag with the Pace 6 blades is you need to rinse them vigorously and frequently
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By Chris Green
I'm 84 and so have been shaving for many years . I bought both the handle and these cartridges after reading very positive reviews of both , having become somewhat irritated( being polite and gentle here ) by the ever rising cost of both Gillette's and Wilkinson's razer blade cartridges , and I have to say I'm delighted that I did so . They give a smooth and close shave effortlessly and seem to keep their edges for yonks . I highly recommend them .
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By Amazon Customer
very good value , had been an electric shave man just for convenience but was always stroking my face feeling that I had not shaved .With all the things being writing by the electric shave manufacturers you would think that that way of shaving was the best thing since sliced bread , WRONG , having purchased the wet shave route I have found that shaving wet can be almost enjoyable , certainly the results prove it .A smooth skin lasts for two days with no cuts or stubble this is my chosen route .
The blade does last a very long time even using an inexpensive gel (Gillette) I get very good results .What I do insist on is a very god post shave balm .
Do not be fooled by all the hype about electric shaving it is very short lived as when the beard gets
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By tommo
1 offer from product price
4.6 | 1,305 customer reviews
1,179 of the 1,305 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I think the Gillette Fusion Men's Razor is the best wet shave razor on the market, for a convenient and quick shave which is close at the same time, the strips along the top of the razors fade from greenish-blue to plain white strips to indicate with the razor needs to be changed (I think this is a general rule rather than a hard and fast rule, as depending on how coarse, think or long your stubble or beard are you may have to change the razor sooner). When you want to change the razors it is a simple matter of pressing the grip down into the razors head in the cradle and it comes away ready to use, it remains secure and does not come loose with use.

These packs are the only way shop for Gillette Fusion Men's Razor Blades as they can be pretty pricey on the high
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By Lark
I love this shaving system, but the cost of blades on the
high street at the moment is extortionate.
The cost of these for a ten pack is at least half way reasonable
on that basis alone I give five stars.
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By Tony Beaumont
I found these razors blunt 'out the box' - nothing like the identical product I get from local supermarkets. I've tried a couple of the blades but both were the same - poor cut and uncomfortable from day one. I've never had the same problem with shop bought blades so won't buy from this seller again.
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By Nick
product price
4.6 | 684 customer reviews
632 of the 684 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Finish shaving with face and block wet, it glides over my skin. When it stings I keep gliding it back and forth on that spot. It means I have been over-zealous with my blade. Yes it's good for nicks. But it is also great for closing pores quickly and cleanly. That means less/no spots (I'm 38 and have been plagued since my mid teens) and even compliments on my skin.

Let me be clear. My facial skincare 'regime' is simple:
- wash with non-SLS gel (Bulldog if you need to know)
- shave with brush and a nice soap (Edwin Jaeger)
- Osama Alum Block
- Geo Trumper extract of Lime skin food.
- that is all. Nothing else. Ever.

7 months in and the corners are rounded. Other than that it's hardly worn at all.

Stop reading and buy it.

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By Yossarian
I noticed a few questions on how to use this block, so here is my usage:

After shaving I washed my face with warm then cold water.
Next I opened one end of the Potassium Alum Block, which is packaged in a traditional style card box, and wetted it with cold water.
Rub the stone over where I shaved, it stung slightly as I had a few nicks.
I always bleed, sting and itch profusely when I shave as I have sensitive and weak skin, but this appeared to stop the bleeding, stung for a few seconds and hasn't itched all day.
I then left it on the side to dry with the side of the box open, when it appeared dry after shower etc I closed the box.

My block was intact, but from what I've seen in the comments people have had broken stones, which should be returned and replaced for refund.

Wish I found
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By Muggle
I purchased this back in May due to switching over to DE razors and a badger shaving brush at the start of the year.

Anyone who has done the switch from commercial multi-blade razors with self adjusting heads to DE will tell you that you will get the inevitable odd nick here and there, as DE razors are great but don't naturally follow the contours of the face and are not forgiving to those that don't respect them, it takes a little practice before you master the correct angle for perfect shaving and even then there's always that time where you're in a rush and turn butcher from careful user. It's at this time that this product is a life saver, especially if you're wearing a white collared shirt!

When you receive the alum block (mine turned up in perfect condition with no breaks) you are surprised at how small it is,
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By Chihuahua ridge
4.6 | 606 customer reviews
551 of the 606 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I will be clear up front, i am a woman. I bought this as i have always bought mens razors as they are cheaper and more effective.

My old handle was wearing out which was the manual version of this one, and so decided to invest a few pounds more and purchase the power version.

Mine came with the battery already inserted, and was ready to go straight out of the packaging. It is very quiet, just a small humming sound, it feels so nice on the skin, you can barely feel that it is even on your skin. As always when shaving you must use soap, shaving gel, or hair conditioner before shaving to decrease irritation.

Yes hair condtioner. Try it. Leaves your skin so soft..

Anyway it shaved very closely, was great for my underarms and legs, obviously as the blades are so close together you will need to rinse the blade
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By Beanie Luck
Not much you can say, really. Bought as a supply for my new Fusion5 ProGlide Power, but since that comes with a blade already fitted I haven't used these yet and probably won't need to for a month or two at least.

I've been stung in the past buying blades on eBay - judging by how they shaved, they were not originals. No messing this time. These ones ARE genuine, and the best you can get.
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By ⭐Gordon Shumway
I used to have a Gillette Fusion Power that worked really well for many years. Upgraded to Priglide Flexball after reading some reviews. There is definitely an improvement with the blades but I am not sure the Flexiball add something compared to the old model. The ball makes the blade "swing" left to right and viceversa, not something I personally use because I shave following straight movements rather than "gliding". There is a mini comb at the base of the blades. Only four stars because I am not convinced with the Flexivlball and because the razor came with one blade only. I think Gillette should spend more research in the durability of the blades rather than Flexiball but od course for them is business and the more blades they sell...the better.
On a positive note, blades are interchangeable with older model which is always a good touch.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 531 customer reviews
486 of the 531 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used these for a couple of weeks now after having used Derby blades for the last year. I was a little apprehensive about using these as I have had the occasional nick with the derby blades but had become used to using them and thought it would be a whole learning curve coming to something like these. I can honestly say that I am so glad I changed. A few shaves in and not one nick. Skin is super smooth and the shave amazingly close. 100 of these should last me a few years and throwing in P&P and the soap stick was a nice addition too. I have the same Arko shaving creak soap stick already and they seem to last months too. I have gone from spending £12+ every couple of months on shaving products which nicked and gave average shaves to this way of shaving which costs
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By Saint Dave
Excellent quality and price. Why would anyone pay more. I've been through a range of blades and these consistently perform as well as others over a week, at which point I change the blade for a fresh one. I've used many of the 'super sharp' range of blades from Japan and the like. I assume that my beard is on average thickness and so I have no need for extra sharp blades which I found performed great for the first 2 days but then badly by the end of a week. I want to shave and go. I do not want to turn my shaving routine into a ritual and I do not want to pay more than I need to for what we have been doing for nearly 150 years. These blades came with a stick of ARKO Turkish soap. As
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By Leon Kowalski
Great blades, fantastic shave. Takes a couple of lathers to get close, but the big difference here is with 5 to 7 day growth these blades glide thru with ease, whereas i found that the commercial brands of razors were not up to the job and i was forever trying to unclog the darn things.

Combined with the Parker 99R barberpole butterfly razor, i think i may have just found the shaving partnership for life.
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By NigelB
4.6 | 343 customer reviews
315 of the 343 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

So... I thought I found the perfect solution for the very expensive Quattro for women blades. But I discovered that the men's ones are less sharp and when shaving the bikini area they irritated my skin and I had to throw them away after just one use. So I'm back with the Papaya & Pearl "lady" colour, extra expensive Women's Razor blades. Sorry.

Ladies... this fits perfectly for your women version. And it's half the price!! I've never been so aware of the pink tax until I bought this. Is the exact same thing but advertised for men. Therefore, is cheaper. It's honestly ridiculous.
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By Graciela Carrillo Carrillo
Over the years I've tried a number of cartridge and double edge razor blades and have settled on the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Sensitive to be the best of the bunch.

First of all to confirm that the sensitive blades fit the same handle as the non-sensitive blades. They come in identical packaging and fit in the same way - I comfortably get five shaves from each blade with each shave consisting of face and head with WTG (With the grain) and ATG (Against).

I find the non-sensitive blades are comparable to the Gillette Fusion but the sensitive ones cause less irritation - and they are a lower cost too making them an attractive option.

I highly recommend these blades.
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By Chris B
I really like this razor. I've used Gillette for many years but, being older generation, I have always preferred the older style handle and blade to the style which they currently sell. So, I thought I would give this one a try as an alternative. I find it more comfortable to use than the current Gillette range and I particularly like the handle which has a quality look and feel about it. Guess I'll be sticking with Wilkinson from now on!
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By The Strolling Roan
product price
4.6 | 236 customer reviews
214 of the 236 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Gillette Fusion Razors are my favourite to use. I find I can get a good few weeks of shaving from each set of blades and my shaves feel far smoother and cleaner as compared to those I've had with other products. It's a shame that they keep getting more expensive with time, but seeing as they're the best that I've used, I will continue to use them.

The back of the blades also has a single blade which is meant to be good for more precision, although I've never found a need to use it.

They easily clip into the razor and adjust angle automatically for your face.

If you're looking for a great shave, this is the product for you.
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The items is advertised as containing 10 razor blades but it came with 11.

Quality? Thats the question. Previous purchases from the high street - each blade would last 4-5 weeks. After 1 week I'm noticing a deterioration and after 3 they need changing.
Imitation? Seconds? I don't know -but there is a definite change in quality.
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By sos3v5
only get 2 shaves from each blade,don't seem to be the real ones.i may be wrong but terrible to be honest won't purchase anymore.
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4 offers from product price
4.5 | 430 customer reviews
388 of the 430 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazon is by a long mile cheapest place to buy these blades, almost half price when compared to supermarkets. I find that these blades provide an excellent shave, It works out much cheaper to use the manual replacement blades over the power blades as they are almost identical other than the fact the colour is slightly different and that the power blades have a 'micro comb' which I find makes no difference at all to the shave.These are excellent blades when used with shaving cream instead of foam or gel, plus ncream provides a smoother shave with these blades.
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By BiggBudd
Have always used Gillette blades on and off. I like the design and convenience. They also shave very well.
Have to say that these newer blades definitely don't last as long as the older versions and are more expensive.
Best to buy in bulk for best value.
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By Gavcwc
my husband says these are the worst Gillette blades he has used by far. He has used fusion blades for sometime now. but almost wonders if these are the correct ones or fakes. The are blunt and he only manages to do a couple of shaves before he has to put a new blade in. He will not be purchasing them again through Amazon
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By poppy
5 offers from product price
4.5 | 406 customer reviews
364 of the 406 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When I bought these, they were £8.00, and free next day delivery on Prime. - That's cheaper than Tesco.

I'd previously used Gillette's 5-blade razor, but I get much more usage out of these blades, and they make for a great close and smooth shave.

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By Gary
Had enough of paying ridiculous prices for the competitions prices so decided to try these and I am please to say that inam glad I did.
Very nice clean shave and the blades seem to stay sharp for a good length of time so very happy with purchase.
Ordered from Amazon Prime so great delivery.
Would recommend.
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By Bitanoid
These have become my choice of razor blade, having found that Gillette ones were causing skin irritation. As well as being kinder on my face, they are also kinder on my pocket, with a noticeable cost reduction compared to Gillette. The Hydro 5 glide well across the face and give a good, clean cut. Down side I have found is that with these (and other multi blade razors) is that they block up easier if shaving off more than a couple of day's growth.. A bit of a good rinse in hot water with the hydro bar (the blue bit) retracted tends to sort out.

Often on promo on Amazon, worth getting when these are on..
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By Kris B.
4.6 | 202 customer reviews
183 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are damn durable blades. I switched in around 2001 from plain "Contour" blades as they were becoming hard to find on the high street.
I use them a few times a week for armpit & leg hair removal, followed by shaving the hard skin & corn off my feet, and still each blade lasts me around 2 months (long after the white strips have worn away). I just don't feel like switching to a new (micro-)style of blade when I know these are great and the original handle is probably going to last another 15 years.
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By Midgekat
A firm favourite of my husband's over last 17 years. Tried more modern razors but we always go back to Contour Plus.
So grateful for Amazon search as now hard to source locally. Good job one of us likes the internet!!
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By Divananna
For years i had used the Gillette Contour Plus blades and thought they were great but i thought they had been discontinued, so i was delighted to see them listed on Amazon and swiftly placed an order ! I wish i hadn't bothered because i won't be ordering them again ! They arrived quite quickly and i was keen to try them out again, but the 1st time i used 1 of them it was obvious they were of a very poor quality which leads me to question if these are indeed genuine Gillette Contour Plus blades or not ? They are now in the bin and that's where they belong in my opinion !
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 136 customer reviews
131 of the 136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have just taken the plunge and ditched my Gillette Fusion cartridges. I bought a safety razor which I love, but I wanted more accuracy on the beard and moustache detailing so I ordered a Cambridge cut throat razor. I've only had it for one day but first impressions are great. It's easy to load with half an Astra razor (I bought 100 with the safety razor and they are easy to snap in half) so I don't have to buy special blades and the blade sits very securely. It feels like very good quality at this price point. It gives a nice smooth shave. I'm not confident enough to do my entire head with it yet, despite not having any mishaps on first use but I will watch some videos and see if skill and confidence develop. It does what I bought it for, which is
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By Banj
As a former barber who learnt to use cut throats from an early age, its hard actually finding a decent one like anything without paying the price but unlike most things getting a bad cutthroat can have some serious consequences. Well I have to say for what I paid if you want a cutthroat that holds the blade securely and has good weight and balance this is the one for you.
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By Sloanranger
Shaving with a straight edge razor takes some getting used to, I ended up with many cuts on the first day! After a few days practice and the help of YouTube I seem to have mastered it!

The razor comes well packaged and has a very premium look. The leather pouch is a nice touch, especially if you want to travel with this in your bag.

The blades are easy to change and the razor is comfortable to hold. I found that the razor is a little light in weight and feel that something a bit heavier would be easier for me to use, but this is personal preference.

Overall, it is great value and perfect for the job!
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By Lak
product price
4.6 | 182 customer reviews
166 of the 182 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Arko shave stick has been my everyday shaving soap for quite a while, and up until I saw this I had no idea that it also came in puck form. Well, this changed my shaving world!

Firstly, I should say that other than their shapes, the stick and puck are absolutely identical in every way that I can tell.

The first thing that will hit you is the smell - it's quite difficult to describe, but the best word I can find is "clean". Imagine the smell of linen that has been dried on a line just downwind of a lemon grove. The citrus is definitely there, but it's very subtle and certainly takes a back seat to the linen/soap scent. I'm pretty sure I've opened the tub up and taken in a lungful more times than I've actually shaved with it.

Loading the brush takes under 30
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By James Winder
This is a really good performing soap at a really good price. This is the first bowl of the soap that I've bought as I usually go for the Arko sticks. The fragrance is smells really fresh, but not overpowering. It lathers up really well and provides excellent protection during the shave. It also lasts a really long time.

To be honest though, I'd recommend purchasing the stick rather than the bowl as it's a lot easier to use as I can apply it directly to my face and then lather.

Definitely worth trying and I'm sure you will be back for more.

If you found this review helpful, can you please help me by clicking on the helpful button. Thanks
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By Colin
Comes in a nice sized bowl which you screw on/off.Lathers up great when using a proper brush.Has a nice smell but not overpowering and was used in the Turkish barbers i used to go to which is one of the reasons i bought it.This really lasts.Just finished my tub which has lasted me 10 months with 2-3 shaves a week.Once lathered up very smooth shave and easy for razor to glide on your skin.
Bought it to use with a safety razor but didn't like having to be sooo careful and slow as i like to shave in the morning before work.Now I use a gillette profusion razor and will never use canned shaving creams/gels ever again.
Arko Shaving Soap in Bowl 90g
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By Baadkal
4.5 | 289 customer reviews
252 of the 289 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don’t often write reviews of purchases but for this one I will definitely make an exception. Without doubt I have never bought a better (or more expensive!) razor but in my opinion it is worth every penny. Admittedly I have jumped several evolutions of shaving technology since my last upgrade but this is a quantum leap improvement on my old razor. Not only does it give the closest shave I have ever experienced but the design of the shaving head allows it to move in a way that follows the contours of the face perfectly. The blade on the reverse side is great for getting at the short hairs under my nose which were almost impossible to deal with previously. Another thing I have found is that I very rarely cut myself when using this product which was certainly not the case with my old razor. Finally the
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By Mr K L Mayhew
What a bargain from Amazon. This set cost the same with 4 blades as the starter pack with one in my local supermarket. The pack was actually less expensive than the refill pack with the same number of blades and a new ball bearing handle grip is a great free extra. Buy without hesitation as the advert is 100% correct - The Best a Man can get.
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By Billersk
Great close shave razor. Lots of replacement blades so lasts a while and gives a close shave. Surprisingly this is the first razor I haven't cut my face with while getting a close shave.

A must buy for guys/some girls in my opinion x
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By Sam
product price
4.5 | 265 customer reviews
244 of the 265 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Full marks to Amazon for selling these blades as they are increasingly difficult to get on the high street these days. Have used them for years and would recommend them to anyone who wants a close shave with a protector style blade.
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By Bob G
I use these to shave my legs and underarms. I have used them for years and love them - it seems almost impossible to cut myself with them, no matter how fast / slapdash I am. And they still seem to give a close shave. A while ago I used a disposable razor and shredded myself because I am so used to not having to be careful with these blades. I hope they never stop making them.
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By Londoner2010
I have tried many razors over the years, but this is the only one I can get a smooth shave from without cutting myself. Unfortunately they are getting hard to get so I was happy to pay the rather high single-item delivery charge. (The blades are still easily available.)
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By Richard Alibon
4.5 | 257 customer reviews
232 of the 257 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
it's a lovely brush. the hair itself is neither too coarse nor too flimsy. it works up a really nice lather in the bowl and lifts up the hairs to enable a nice clean shave. a decent price and a premier product. the plastic base also feels nice
to touch and has a
kind of chunky heft to it. A few months on
and it
is going strong
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Excellent brush, possibly the best I've ever had, replaces Christmas present which proved to be soft and floppy and useless. This is firm from the box, and stays firm when charged with soap and water, which means you get the lather where you want it, ie on the area to be shaved and not just all over your mug! My previous 'best brush', which went west about two years ago worn to stubble after twenty or so years was good but this is better. Well recommended.
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By patmac
Good value brush, lathers well due to being a mix of badger/boar. Good quality handle, as used on pricier Vulfix brushes in their range. Just remember not to soak in very hot water as this could melt the glue and cause hair loss !!! Otherwise you won't get better at this price.
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By Darren Morris
4.6 | 141 customer reviews
130 of the 141 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The annual pilgrimage to Amazon for a supply of razor blades. Lord only knows why these packs with the handle etc. are cheaper than the blades alone, but they are, so go on then - I'll refresh the handle too. Since buying last year, the heads have changed slightly with a new lubrication strip design which hopefully doesn't do the same if you happen to leave it somewhere remotely damp! Overall a very happy user for nearly 10 years and will continue to be so. Excellent value, excellent quality, and at this price, hard to beat with anythign else.
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By Mr. D
Good shave but with a lot of repetition
Having tried its main competitor Gillette, plus some others like those internet start-ups, I can say that they provide a good shave in comparison, with some PROS and CONS of course. For the sake of simplicity, I will focus only on Wilkinson vs. Gillette experience for comparison.
I must say that I use this product (and those on the past) to shave the face and my head, even though none of them are really designed for head shaving.
On the negative side, these Wilkinson razors are not as flexible as Gillette’s latest offer, the shaver head can be a little stiff and you generally feel less adaptation to the shaving. Also, and this will be included as a PRO as well, the razors use a “guard” system to reduce irritation and cuts and whilst it works perfectly, it reduces razor contact with the skin which
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By Felipe Baez
Not sure why, but shaving with this was awful, left with bleeding rash on my neck, nicks on my top lip and face. The hydro gel went stringy and clogged up the blades and stuck to my face.
I have used several razors over the last 40 years and this unfortunately is amongst the worst.
There is no way I could shave with this razor each morning before work as my face was a mess with blood.
A real shame as I read all the positive reviews and thought this would be great.
Told by seller that as I had opened the packaging no refund could be offered, not quite sure how I could have found out how bad the razor was without opening it though. Therefore I am out of pocket and gone back to Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide which in my opinion is far superior if somewhat more expensive.
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By Jim
4.6 | 136 customer reviews
128 of the 136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just recently, my husband went back to using shaving soap and brush rather than gels and foams. I bought two kinds of soaps for him to try. Good thing I bought this one. He loves it. The other one wound up in the back of the cupboard. This soap has a nice scent, and he says it does a good job. It's a bit pricey, but these soaps last a long time, and there's no point in buying something you don't like and aren't going to use.
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By Stacey in Scotland
I usually use the Taylor of Old Bond Street 150g Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl which smells great and easily lathers. I have used shave soap before, but not this make. You still get a lather from the soap, but you do need to work harder to get it. A warm wetted brush swirled around the soap for a few seconds and then working in a mug for a minute or so produced enough smooth lather for a 3 pass shave. This also has a nice smell to it, I think Sandalwood is the best smelling shave product.

As this is soap, you will find it lasts a lot longer than shave cream. Just pay attention to prices as they fluctuate by a wide margin.
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By Andrew - (sekrapa)
After being thoroughly dissapointed with a load of shaving products from Edwin Jagger I opened this as part of the same delivery and was delighted to find the quality I had been hoping for. Genuine wooden bowl of a decent diameter to fit a man sized hand. Really fragrant Sandlewood soap (and a good disc size it is too) and it lathers up a real treat when used with a good brush (Not edwin Jagger's thing ... well they really hacked me off with their photo's so they are off my Christmas list).
Anyway, if you can afford it and want something you're really going to enjoy, treat yourself and get this.
Awesome !!!
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By A. Cresswell
4.4 | 434 customer reviews
391 of the 434 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
While many men will have their own favourite shaving method & blade, my husband always comes back to Gillette, more recently the Fusion ProGlide range.

He has dabbled with cheaper razors, tempted by an offer in any one of the high st retailers or supermarkets - but he always end up leaving his shave a few days longer than I would like - so I bought him some new "heads" for his existing handle that was sitting in the shaving cup. He doesn't have any preference for "Power" or non "Power" with both giving him the shave he so often needs !

There really is no other blade to choose - for him that is.
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By RozziD
After the 2 pound offer given by Gillette, I ordered this Pack for the blades. From the packing perspective it looks original to me & I haven't tried anything from SuperStores to compare whether this is Original or not. But from the comparison between the one I got for 2£ and this one, there is a huge quality difference.
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By RedBull
Delivery was fast. The packaging i got is from russia .
The racerblades housing has a different shape and it's diffently another cafity which was used. I dont know if there has been any product updates so far. The upper spong is bigger than by my old blades on the other hand are the rivels on the downside smaller and not as long. I would also say the blades have a different engel. During the first shaving I had the feeling that the shaving wasnt as smooth as usual... for a test i reactivaded my old shaverblades (they were already used and woren out) ... left leg new blades right leg old blades.... the right side (old blades) was in my opinion slightly better.... not a good sign at all. I will test the shaving blates the next few times and will update further infos here
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By Anna