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Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Lenses store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

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Top rated products in Lenses

product price
4.8 | 806 customer reviews
777 of the 806 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm just beginning and this is my first lens (other than the kit 18-55mm lens). I bought it because it's the cheapest prime lens available and many experienced people recommend it. I tried it in the streets, and I noticed that it is not really meant to be used to take pictures of entire buildings (churches,...), since it is difficult to get everything in the frame. It works better for random pictures of people, signs, flowers, details of buildings, cars, food, dogs and bigger animals, children... It is really good for portraits, the large aperture gives a good control over the depth of field. I haven't really tried low-light photography yet, but I expect it to be quite good in those situations.
A lens hood and a cool leathery pouch are included, which is nice. The lens hood is very useful for protection, just leave it on there all the time.
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By Gaétan
I am an amateur photographer and this is now my favourite lens. I bought it skeptical with all the reviews being so positive but now I understand why.
It arrived quickly and came with a little bag to store it, a lens cover and a hood.
Overall it's very versatile and light. The lens really pushes me to think more creatively. The clarity is fabulous. I used it almost exclusively through my travels.
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By Jess
Had this for a little over a year now, and I'm very happy with it. The large aperture allows for fast low light shooting and creative bokeh effects, the relatively compact size gives you a measure of discretion in public, at least for a DSLR, and the optical quality produces some remarkably sharp images, provided you know what you're doing with it. Oh yeah, and at £145 this felt like very good value for money at the time - as I write this (Aug 2015) that's come down to £130, which is almost free in camera lens terms!

A few people have said they happily use this lens and nothing else. While I wouldn't go quite that far, I can honestly say that most of the pictures I've taken over the last year (80%, give or take) have been shot with the 35mm. As an everyday lens for
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By Dave Gibb
4.7 | 1,002 customer reviews
951 of the 1,002 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So far so good! I've used this for wildlife and astrophotography. The photos speak for themselves.

Good points.

I don't find the camera heavy. It's nice to hold in the hand and easy to adjust zoom on the move.

I think the VR is quite useful if you're shooting freehand. Not necessary on a tripod though. Optical zoom is pretty good.

For the price point I think it's one of the best lenses to compliment my D3300. This is my first lens aside from the kit lens I got.

I've included a variety of photos. All of which have been through photoshop as they were shot RAW. But I'm extremely pleased with the photos It's taking and can't wait to get better at taking photos.

Bad points

It can sometimes take a second attempt to get the focus you want. It has 'hunted' a handful of times but most of the time it's spot on.
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By Mr. Samuel Groome
A few months ago I decided I was going to try digital photography. Many years ago I had a 35mm SLR camera, but ended up not using it very much because it was so expensive to get the photographs developed. The beauty of a DSLR camera is that you can take as many photographs as you want and it doesn’t cost you any money. I asked a very good friend of mine, who is also a very good photographer, which camera to go for and he suggested the Nikon D3400. I bought the camera and it came with an 18 to 55mm VR lens.

I live in the countryside in a house with a very large garden. We get a lot of wildlife in the garden and I immediately began taking photographs with my new camera. It wasn’t long before I realised that the lens
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By Russell Platten
This is a seriously good bit of kit. Purchased so that I could get a little closer to the action and to nature. I have paired this with the Nikon D5300 and it works well. When used out of automatic mode, you can play with the focus to really highlight what you want your photos to show. Works well with auto and manual focus although the latter is a little tricky because the slightest adjustment moves the focus quite a bit. The optics are outstanding.
As mentioned earlier, this is a very good zoom lens. While there are cheaper alternatives, I really do believe it is worth spending that little bit more for the quality Nikon offer.
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By Paul Smith
product price
4.7 | 657 customer reviews
626 of the 657 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This lens is amazing, the autofocus is great and the blurred background makes the photo look so proffesional. Would definitely recommend!
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By Amazon Customer
Possibly one of the most versatile lenses you can get! A very good all-rounder in terms of being able to capture portrait, some landscape, street photography and cinema/video production. Plus with the big aperture, you can get great depth of field and the larger amount of light it lets in is great for low light situations. Because this lens is so widely produced, they have been able to provide good optical quality at a low price point. Generally I've only found expensive Cine lenses that can beat it on semi-noticeable image quality but the price to performance can't beat this lens. Definitely a must have in any photographers arsenal.
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By Ryan D. Stevens
I'm a "prosumer" photographer, and until now, most of my work has been landscapes. Recently I wanted to branch into portraiture and whilst most of my glass is from Canon's "L" series, there was no way I was going to hand over £1K+ for the L series 50mm prime lens, for an area I'm only dipping my toe into.

I was lucky enough to have a kind friend to let me try out his EF 50mm 1.8 MK II (the predecessor to the STM version of this lens) and I was pretty impressed with it, although the build quality of that pervious version leaves a lot to be desired (all plastic including lens mount and the focus drive is clunky, noisy and a bit hit and miss).

This new STM version though, is nothing short of superb value for money!! Using the centre-only focus point on my Canon 77D, I was able
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By G. Smith
4.8 | 223 customer reviews
218 of the 223 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Please note - some of the reviews here are for the non-L macro lens. Just to be clear, this is for the Canon EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM Lens.

This is, quite honestly, a stunning lens - and I write as someone who has several L-series lenses. Image quality is startling - better than my go-to EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM; colour rendition faithful and bright. (Of course, it is a prime lens, but even so.)

As a walk-around lens, this has performed well for me as a medium telephoto - making me think about composition and using the "foot-zoom" has been fun. It is very well made and solid in feel without being heavy - as you'd expect from an L-series lens, build quality is excellent.

But of course it is the macro performance that is the best feature of this lens. Close focus is excellent, and the (supplied) lens
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By C. Hawkes
Used for taking shots of bugs, especially timid ones where I need a bit more reach on the lens without having to be a few inches away from the subject. Autofocus is blisteringly fast and made even better with the fact you can adjust the focal range with a switch on the side of the lens. Image quality - even on a cropped sensor camera is stunning. In my opinion, definitely worth the price, feels good, takes great shots and can feel the quality. Comes with a lens hood which can be turned around and stored on the lens when not in use (at the trade off with been able to use manual focus).
All in all, incredibly happy with it although now after getting my first 'L' series lens - I want to upgrade all of my other lenses to 'L' too...best get saving.
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By Stu
As a very amateur photographer, with a keen interest in nature, I did think about this for a while before buying as obviously it's not that cheap. But I am so glad I did! I used it on a photography day for insects/reptiles and I have to say the detail was fantastic -much better than I was getting with close up filters and a bog standard lens. I also used this for a portrait photography class and managed to take some great pictures - so much so the tutor asked me if I had cropped them at all.

I'm not an expert and I still have lots to learn but I love this lens. I can't wait until the spring when all the insects reappear so I can get back outside to photograph. I'm hoping with the use of a tripod, which I have yet to buy, I will be able
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By nix
product price
4.7 | 492 customer reviews
468 of the 492 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Having read through MANY (possibly most of!) of the reviews (1* right up to 5*) before finally ordering this lens, it has to be said that it truly is an absolute bargain (I'd say the same at full price, even though mine is an Amazon Warehouse deal)!!!!
Having had the 35mm f/1.8 DX lens for a while and being really pleased with that, I wanted that bit more focal length (knowing that it's equivalent to 75mm on my D3300), but didn't want to go as far as the 85mm (rather save for a decent 70-200mm)
When it was delivered, I immediately had to give it a quick try out...... resulting quick snaps in auto, aperture priority and shutter priority, as well as a few test shots in various preset modes were all absolutely stunning! Beautiful, crisp and sharp detail, perfect colours, smooth bokeh, no CA to be seen wide open or stopped
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By A Squires
This is an excellent lens at a fantastic price. Great sharpness, good contrast, excellent bokeh when you open up the aperture, and fairly fast auto focus. Good, solid build quality. A 50mm prime lens is always a fantastic lens to have as part of your kit, and this is a great option. For non-professional photography enthusiasts, this is a great lens that doesn't compromise on quality or ability. The f/1.8 aperture is great for portrait photography and can produce some fantastic images. The small size and 50mm focal length is also great for street photography on the go. This option is much cheaper than the f/1.4 version which you don't really need unless you're a professional, and as a bonus, it comes with the lens hood included which, on its own is £35-£40 on Amazon. 10/10 would buy again
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By Hasan Rahman
I've had £700 lenses that were not as sharp as this and compared to the cheap zoom lenses you can get the image quality is so different it's like you are using a camera costing 5x as much.

You won't get this kind of image quality in a zoom lens for under a grand. Obviously you are suck at 50mm here and that's why it's so cheap but it's unbeatable for portraits and street photography. The best lens I have ever bought without doubt.
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By gary c
4.7 | 450 customer reviews
429 of the 450 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this lens as I often visit London and got fed up of stitching photos together in editing software to get the shot I wanted.
I've had the kit lens ( Canon 18-55mm IS lens ) for so long I'd come accustomed for either settling for cropped images where I could not stand any further back. Or stitching images together which I never enjoyed.
The reviews both on here and on YouTube were both highly recommending this lens. So I thought I would go for it and I've not been disappointed.
The motor is very quiet and equally as smooth and the image stabilisation is an added treat. But for me the best aspect of this lens is the wide angle it offers.
The only slight niggle I have with this lens is using Neutral Density Graduated filters. At the lenses wide 10mm focal length you do see your own filter holder as
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By Pab272
I bought this Canon 9519B005AA EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens for use on my Canon 700D camera. It is a really well constructed solid lens and the image quality it produces is exceptional.

This is the first wide angle lens I have owned and I am absolutely delighted with the results I get from this lens. So much so, that this has now become my default go to lens for landscape photography - it is rarely off my camera. I am suprised at the close focal length and how near you need to get to foreground interest when photographing - but this is something I have quickly adjusted to.

The lens ha a 67mm thread for filters.

I have included a sample image I took using this lens
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By kisto
I bought this lens to go with my Canon 100D and all I can say is that for the money it is phenomenal, the different perspective you get from close up at 10mm gives your image depth and provides emphasis for your foreground subject. That being said, this lens is not perfect, at 10mm and F4.5 there is some notable vignetting, chromatic aberrations and softness in the corners but as you stop down this goes away and the lens is much sharper. The minimum aperture of F4.5 at 10mm isn't particularly wide so this lens doesn't let in a huge amount of light meaning you need a longer shutter speed or higher ISO neither of which are particularly desirable. It has an internal focus which doesn't rotate the end of the lens so it is good for using a polariser and the focus ring is very smooth to turn. This
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By Kit
4.6 | 757 customer reviews
711 of the 757 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This review is made as an Amateur photographer with no professional experience. It's aimed at the audience that will likely be purchasing this kind of lens, rather than an experienced photographer. As such, I will not be covering very small and in-depth details which a professional may care about..

This is the zooming version of the very similar 18-55mm STM kit lens you get with mid range Canon cameras.

As an amateur photographer I'm massively impressed with the zoom capabilities, clarity and price to performance of this lens.

To break up my review I'll go into each of these separately and have included sample images of min (55mm) and max (250mm) focal lengths and also a cropped image of one of the 250mm photo to demonstrate an even closer look and potential capture when using editing software.

Camera: Canon 200D (mid range Amateur DSLR camera)

Zoom - Please note that I'm using a Canon 200D
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By Andrew's Review Corner
I'll keep this short and to the point. I love this lens, it is very sharp, amazingly fast and accurate to focus in bright light and solidly built. The variable aperture is very dark at the long end so you will struggle to use it for indoors sport photography and it will be difficult to isolate your subject from the background. The STM autofocus is amazing, one of the fastest lens I have ever used, however it really struggles in low light, focus hunting, slower and less accurate. The image quality is very good, very little chromatic aberration and very sharp. I cannot state strongly how great value for money this is, it is the sharpest budget telephoto lens I have ever used. The 55-250 mm focal length is really useful as well, it is equal to 88-400 mm on a full frame camera which puts it at the lower
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By Kit
I got this lens for my Canon 600D Dslr camera because for the last year I discovered that a group of lovely little fox cubs had been born in my garden and made it their home. I have spent many days capturing photo's and videos of them playing and giving them some food. But it was hard to get a really great close up shot of them and I knew that I needed a more telescopic lens.

So I ordered this bad and after it arrived I had several chances to put it to great use and the results have been fantastic! I now have several moments with my furry friends captured perfectly because of this lens. I'll add a couple of photo's so you can see for yourself how great this lens truly is
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By GhostInk
4.6 | 512 customer reviews
477 of the 512 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small and compact lens, with wide aperture. Good for low light. Very sharp with no issues. Shot indoors with low light and no flash with no problems. Autofocus is fast (D7000) and accurate, with no issues. Much smaller than my Sigma f1.4, performance just as good. Nothing flashy, it just does the job.
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By Paul B.
Your camera will need to have its own drive motor built in. I use it all the time at salsa party's on my d800, turning the autofocus off because that way I can shoot faster using my Nikon sb910 flash. Worth it's weight in gold on any camera I would strongly recommend this lens. Absolute godsend to anyone who hasn't got A 50 mm prime lens.
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By Airpix
Such a great lens. I use it all the time, out and about, and especially in low light situations when I want to turn off the flash. Photos can be a bit granny but they have a lovely colour and atmosphere despite almost no light in the room. I love it and for the price you just have to give it a go. Takes a little practice in very low light but you can also use it as a macro, or out and about on any day especially travelling as it is so light.
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By Kate
4.7 | 189 customer reviews
178 of the 189 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Superb lens, and a no-brainer for crop-frame. Very sharp, extremely close focus distance which can generate decent bokeh. Fantastic low light performance. I've even used this to shoot landscapes with a full NISI filter rig. The results are spectacular. Probably the best walkabout lens for Canon crop-frame, and produces a 35mm field of view equivalent of about 40mm. You will not be disappointed.
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By A. Johnson
One of my favourite lens next to my 50mm. Looks and feels attractive. the lens itself just seems really small on a dslr but works amazing. the main bit that is amazing is the motor. The STM motor is near enough silent, and is not impacting the speed of the AF(Auto Focus). The AF was rather quick for a quiet motor, give the AF speed rating of 6/10. but overall is an amazing lens to add to the collection.
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By Fauz
This lens is quite simply superb. I recently swapped my old Nikon for a cheaper Canon 200d but invested in some decent lenses and I am thrilled with the results. The images are sharp, it works as well at macro level as it does with landscapes and it is as light as a feather, making it easy to put my DSLR in my handbag so it is always with me and ready for taking photographs of absolutely anything. On top of this it is not expensive so far as lenses go. I have always been reluctant to let go of my zoom lenses but having this lens on your camera gives you a different perspective. Just buy it!
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By MissLJK
4.8 | 112 customer reviews
112 of the 112 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this lens for my Sony a6000! I have to say, it’s amazing! The quality it’s superb! If you wanna have a look of more pictures just check my Instagram (miguelcpires), lots of my travel pictures I have use this lens!
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By Miguel Pires
I don't usually give 5 stars in these reviews, but this lens has almost made my old Nex 3 feel like a new camera.

For taking pictures of people it is head-and-shoulders above all the other NEX lenses I've tried (this one is my fourth lens). Essentially, the f1.8 aperture lets in so much light that (together with the image stabilisation) the camera can use _far_ quicker shutter speeds to get any given shot, which means much less blur and, in practice, lovely sharp pictures. The f1.8 aperture also beautifully de-focuses the background of shots, making for simpler compositions which emphasise the main subjects in the frame. Also, unlike many fast primes, this one is pin sharp right down to F1.8.

Of course the 75mm-equivalent focal length makes this something of a single-purpose lens, but don't let that put you off - it's a purpose which most people will be needing
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By Some Bloke
I have the wide angle and zoom E-mount lenses. This lens being a 50mm prime is harder to use in terms of distance from subject but the resulting pictures are brilliant! A superb lens for portrait photography on a fairly low-priced camera.
Not just for portaits mind, experiment out and about with it in many situations and it will improve your photography skills.
A great addition to the bag especially for family birthdays, weddings, etc.

Seems to capture a perfect balance between sharp detail and softness.
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By C. Wesson
4.9 | 80 customer reviews
79 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
No surprise here - I used this lens a few years ago on a micro 4/3 camera and when I switched to Fuji I missed it a lot. Now that I'm using Sony E I bought the E version and of course it's every bit as good as I remembered.

This is a truly stellar performer, don't let the price fool you. This lens is as good as it gets, even wide open - it's bitingly sharp and without a trace of longitudinal CA ("bokeh" CA) that plagues Sony lenses by adding false colour to the blurred regions in front of and behind the plane of focus. Of so it's "only" f/2.8, but that aperture is perfectly usable and outperforms the much more expensive Sony lenses even when they are stopped down.

I briefly considered getting the Sony E 50/1.8 instead but while not a "bad" lens it doesn't really perform well
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By John Bean
I like this little lens a lot. With an effective focal length of 120mm, it gives a nice reach and also works very well with a 10mm extension tube as a macro lens. Wide open it's nice and sharp and it has a sweet spot at f5.6 where it is sharpest. Close the lens right down and my example loses a fair bit of sharpness, so be aware of that if you want some depth of field or it's very bright and you don't have a fast shutter speed to call upon.
Focussing is quick and quiet, and the focus ring works very nicely for manual focus if required. There's no image stabilisation, so be aware of that if you don't have body based image stabilisation. It comes with a lens hood that is too short IMO. Come on guys! What were you thinking? The hood on the Olympus 45mm is
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By Peter Piper
for those buying this for their a6000 or whatever else, know that you wont be able to use all the autofocus points, that only works with sony lenses. this can autofocus but you are limited to the center focus points, which means no tracking from either side of your frame. you basically have to focus on everything center frame then recompose. its a sharp lens though, really good value for money, just a shame i cant use all the features of my sony's AF with it (there are like 100+ af points, yet i can only use about 5 of them with this lens) look it up. wish i knew before i bought.
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By Earthworm Jim
4.6 | 314 customer reviews
293 of the 314 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have to say that I have been blown away by this lens.
Before buying I did a bit of research and found that this lens was out-performing much higher priced lenses, just as well really because at the time I bought it I was a little fiscally challenged.
The lens comes in a robust, padded case. The instructions are good and the two lens hoods are good quality.
There are three distance settings on the lens which will keep it from hunting across its range for point of focus. I found the AF, when distance limited to be quite quick, for subjects that are further away it isn't bad but not lightning quick by any means.
Manual focus is with the fantastically large focussing ring, this is very positive in movement.
Image stabilisation is very good, and indeed very welcome! Stabilisation has two three settings, off, all axis and one for use when on
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By Vimesy
Having previously owned and sold the nikon 105mm Macro due to not getting much use, i finally gave in and started searching for a cheaper alternative. I was swayed by Nikons 60mm and sigma's 105mm and settled for the sigma after hearing great things. Ive put it straight on the camera (Nikon D810) and I'm instantly impressed. It focuses fast and smooth, its well built, comes with a padded bag unlike the nikon versions, which i never use anyway but its a very nice touch.
Once I've added some AF Fine tune ( always, always calibrate your cameras and lenses before serious use), its bang on, pin sharp and accurate, even with all those megapixels. My nikon 105 required some major calibration but this was almost exactly accurate right out the box.
The Optical stabiliser is a little noisy compared to nikon's system, but it works well for shaky hands.
The switches to
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By Chantele
This is a great lens for anyone wanting to get seriously into macro photography on a budget.

Its most important positive qualities are:
Focal length is long enough that you don't need to get so close to small animals that might be disturbed by a big black thing creeping up on them - especially if your camera has an APS-C sensor, which will give this lens an effective focal length of 168mm. And if they're not so easily disturbed (or inanimate) you can get REALLY close to them.
Excellent image stabilisation means you can get ridiculously sharp shots hand-held without compromising image quality with high ISO settings.
The IQ is revelatory and if you need to increase the depth of field (always an issue with macro) it's still decently sharp around f16.
It's far cheaper than comparable competitors and makes the Canon 60mm lens which I replaced with it completely redundant: that lens is
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By freewheeling frankie
4.6 | 313 customer reviews
298 of the 313 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this 55-200mm VR II lens kit to go with my Nikon D3300, The 18-55 Lens kit already came with the camera, The 18-55 kit is brilliant for portraits and family photos.
I needed a lens that did the extra zoom, After reading reviews and lookin at my budget the 55-200mm kit is brilliant for what I need, I would love to have the Nikon 55-300 kit but that is well over my budget, The lens itself when attached to the camera does not stick out much further than the standard kit that came with the camera, Maybe an extra 20mm so its great for putting in a camera case.

So the important part, Autofocus is powered by a silent wave motor, and auto focus speeds are pretty quick for a lens of this budget level.
The centre sharpness of the pictures is fantastic at most focal lengths, At maximum aperture and 55mm,
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By jonmax
For a beginner it is great to have this lens, it is quite cheap but it works smoothly. The autofocus system is good, not the fastest obviously but good, and the image quality is great!
Of course, I'm talking as a beginner with an entry-level DSLR
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By riccardo schiavoni
Extremely compact, and very sharp! Very nice handling for a cheapish plastic lens.
I only had one problem, and that was that VR (VR II on this one) actually introduced vibration at certain shutter speeds, where turning off VR gave a better image. At something like 1/200s at 200mm, the VR often made the image worse than without VR (handheld, not on tripod, obviously). I don't know if my sample was bad, or it's anything to do with the body (D3200).
Returned it for this reason.
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By Mr. P. Floding
product price
4.6 | 292 customer reviews
276 of the 292 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome Quality Lens, this is my second one sold the first just to get a newer made one,
it's just such a beautiful lens to use Focus ring is so smooth unlike any lens i have used,
Image quality naturally as you would expect sharp and clean,at this price £798 after canon cashback promotion
Buy It Now ! , and yes registered with Canon no problem
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By Jonboy
I had a Canon 70-300mm "kit" lens when I bought the camera, but just could not get on with it, even though I tried hard to for some time. 2 problems,(1) if carrying it the lens has to be locked to the 70mm position or else it gradually extends much longer than this one, (easily forgotten),and even if you remember to do this you have to remember to unlock it for use! & (2), during zooming OR focusing the barrel rotates, making the use of polarising filters (or I presume graduated ND filters)at best irritating, and realistically not practical. So after much deliberation I eventually got this lens, and Oh Wow!
A few test shots just of flowers in the garden showed what it's capable of, the shots could be blown up to poster size and be more than perfectly acceptable, veins on the flowers individually standing out with a
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By Ian Of Bristol
Just started using it so early days still but took some hand helds of birds at 400 iso and the quality looks promising, also took a few cropped landscapes but as weather was not producing nice blue skies and the fact I have not yet purchased a lens tripod mount - which is necessary for shooting landscapes and static subjects - I had a few blurred ones. But I know this is a good lens as I have seen pros use it on youtube and in books. If you can live without IS and master panning of wild life and shoot at a continuous shutter speed on a wide aperture set on aperture priority or shutter priority - when hand held - and get a tripod lens mount for static subjects, then you should get some nice images. This is a good affordable and versatile zoom for those on a
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By Douglas Young
4.7 | 140 customer reviews
131 of the 140 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Waited and waited to buy a great lens for bird watching. It was between the Sigma and the Tamron and I took the plunge with this model and am super happy with the results after 3 full days of birding. I am so glad I stumped up the cash, it's been nothing but joy learning the basics and I look forward to more trips out. My only advice would be to just buy the lens now and start enjoying time out and about. Attachments are examples of raw files with no editing.
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By Amazon Customer
I bought this several months ago, & decided to give it a good try out before passing comment. Delivery was great & with the tracking code I knew exactly where my parcel was.
First reactions - WOW that is a big lens.... I have it on my Canon 700D, & it works brilliantly. It's solid, & very heavy, so for best results I use it on either a mono pod or a tripod. I have read that some people find it heavy on batteries, I don't find this in my usage. I used it for a weekend at the Silverston F1 race, I had the image stabiliser & auto focus working all weekend taking over 2000 photos & only did 2 battery changes. Image quality is brilliant, & for the price well worth every penny I paid.
I can find only one design fault. Its the lens hood. It's a very big
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By Steve
Fantastic lens. Bought this to go with my Nikon D750 as my previous long lens a Nikon 70 - 200 was a great lens but not long enough for animal and bird photography for me. This lens has had great reviews which prompted my purchase and its great.Ive had it a couple weeks now and i cannot put it down. I find im going out especially to use this lens.
Prompt service from seller and a great lens.
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By bart3703
product price
4.5 | 1,565 customer reviews
1,462 of the 1,565 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I changed from the fantastic plastic 50mm F1.8 to the USM F1.4 50mm lens. This was an upgrade and I really didn't think Canon could improve on the F1.8 lens. How wrong was I? This lens is sharp from F2 down but at F1.4 the bokeh is creamy dream like. Its brilliant and took some shots in the dark wide open. NO VIGNETTING as previous owners reported but still handheld shots possible with my Canon 6d and high iso. Very impressed with this lens and its solidly built. The focus is fast although not as fast as the F1.8. As a standard lens for walkabout its brilliant. On a crop sensor Canon 600d it serves as a great portrait lens but seriously be careful on your focus as the bokeh can lead to eye in focus and nose a blur!

Well made and very very happy with it.
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By Liam
Bought this for my dad's birthday, as he's recently taken up photography as a hobby. It is brilliant for indoor shots, due to its low aperture; which basically means how much light is let into the lens through to the camera. This means that for indoor use, you can get amazing bright shots of people, or objects!

The only thing that is different for a amateur, is that you can't zoom in or out, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, as you get another perspective of the image, as the photographer is forced to move!

Brilliant lens would highly recommend for someone wanting to brighten up their indoor shots!
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By Saif
i spent ages reading all the reviews about this lens as well as looking at various reviews on You Tube. I am in agreement with the vast majority of reviewers - the "Nifty Fifty" is a no-brainer, Get one! It's as simple as that. Mine has not been off the camera since I bought it and although it looks a bit cheap (not that cheap though) compared to some of the L lenses, it takes darn good pictures. For the money it is hard to beat and even on E-bay the second hand ones sell for nearly as much as a new one. In other words, if you don't like it then you can always sell it and buy something like the 40mm F2,8 pancake lens. Effectively you would have had a lens to play with for a period of time and it would have cost you roughly £10. Colours
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By Adrian Case
4.6 | 236 customer reviews
217 of the 236 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The well formed 18 - 200mm zoom provides up to 300mm equivalent zoom on a DX Nikon body. I've used it from flower blooms to racing cars screeching around motor circuits and pulled some very sharp and well rendered photos. On auto tracking it will hold focus on formula cars approaching head on at 180mph plus by setting 1/500th shutter speed. It won't pull in clear shots if the racing car is too far out for that you'll need a pro lens but for 90% of the frames you want it will give superb results - with the right technique. It's a bit naff for landscapes but for interiors and tightly framed shots of buildings and townscapes the results are stunning. Don't believe reviews that infer "jack of all trades master of none" this lens will produce excellent well rendered photos pin sharp for a life time of use. It
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By P. J. Menter
Very nice lens.
Bought it to go on my D300 (an old camera, now, but still, in my opinion, capable of good pics).
Wanted something lighter than my 18-300 whopper kit lens that I bought when I got the D300 and which often caused me to leave my camera at home.
D300 + this lens is a very nice combo, handles beautifully, it's like having a new camera.
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By A Customer
Brought to replace a non VR 18-55 of 2008 vintage which had developed occasional auto focus problems. Seven years of development have resulted in a more refined lens with a number of advantages over it's ancestor namely....

1. Lens front does not rotate, making it much easier to use a circular polarizer or graduated ND filter.
2. No vignetting at the wide (18mms) end of the focus range .
3. VR assistance in poor light increases the likelihood of a sharp shot.
4. Compact collapsed size of lens.
5. Improved manual focus operation due to the wider and better positioned ring.

On the slight downside there is an additional operation required to unlock the lens prior to taking a shot.

However given that the resultant images are as sharp as ever and the cost is low a 5 star product.
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By nick.boucher
4.5 | 893 customer reviews
789 of the 893 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was worried that having such a range in zoom would make the lense quality inferior but I was wrong. Great quality throughout the entire range and the autofocus performed very well with my D750. Because the macro is available from the upper ends of the telephoto you're able to take great macro shots without having to get too close to the subject matter. I've also found it particularly good for portraits at between 100-150mm, losing depth of field really nicely. Very happy with it and would comfortably recommend,
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By DaddyT
For a budget lens this is great value for the money. The auto focus is a bit slow, but it is something that you can deal with. The images are crisp and clear though. It is easy to use and to date I have not had any issues with the lens.
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By J Cracknell
I purchased this for my Nikon D3100 for a Safari holiday, I am extremely pleased with it, it worked perfectly and took some amazing pictures.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 633 customer reviews
591 of the 633 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Having read some reviewers comments that suggest they were upset at the fact the lens is imported, I have to say I'm delighted to say "so what?"

The lens, for all intents and purposes, is identical to it's 'UK' counterpart that Jessops et al will gladly sell you for twice the price. So for me, it's a no brainer. Even if the warranty did end up being invalid, it was £100.

On to the lens itself, ok, it's not a high end number, but you won't find a much better made, cheaper lens that does the same job. The silent wave motor is just that, silent. Although it only stops down to 4-5.6, I find that adequate, especially if used in conjunction with a tripod. The lens doesn't necessarily make a good photograph, but this lens will be adequate for any budding amateur/starter photographer. The unit is well made, solid and feels
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By The Great Cornholio
I personally find this lens great for the money. Yes it isn't as good as other more expensive lenses but I'm an amateur as many other people will be and I paid around £130 for this lens as I wasn't willing to pay a whole heap of money. if you are prepared to learn this lens it will give you some great pictures. I wouldn't recommend it however unless you know how to use your camera manually! I use this lens on my Nikon D3300 and i am very satisfied with my shots so far, I don't believe in letting the camera do all the work as i like to feel like I am taking the picture, moving around the light and the environment to get my shot. This is just the way I work as an artist. I wont go into the major details as they have all ready
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By Malcolm
I hope I haven't made a mistake with this purchase. It does appear to maybe not be a genuine Nikon lens unfortunately, this borne out by the warranty "card" not being as per the normal Nikon warranty ie 3 sheets of paper bearing all the details of the lens - serial number etc. There was certainly not a security seal on the box. It is noisy when trying to find focus which, for the most part, is not a problem to me as long as the lens works. I shall be keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts for a couple of years and I won't feel that it owes me anything by then. Just be careful is all I will say. There are plenty of reviews on Amazon for this product where the buyers are extremely happy. The photographs the lens has produced today have been
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By Ms. S. M. Williams
10 offers from product price
4.5 | 534 customer reviews
485 of the 534 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I rarely leave Amazon reviews but felt I really had to on this occasion. I've just gone away to India and wanted a really good zoom lens for my 650D. I have to say this lens does not disappoint. For the price the quality is remarkable and very easy to use. It does auto focus and there is a method to switching from Macro to normal that you have to know and it switches perfectly every time. I'm really, really pleased with this lens and again for the price you cannot go wrong at all. I'm by no means a professional photographer but this lens is very easy to use. I would 100% recommend it to the everyday photographer. I'm going on a safari so can't wait to use it more then! Will be buying more Sigma lenses for sure.
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By Hiten P.
So far so good. I have had it for 1 day and the lens seems to be of good quality so far! I have been playing around in the garden with it and here are the results. I am a very amateur photographer so if I can produce photos like this then it must be good!
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By Steph
If you're starting out in photography and looking to get into buying lens sigma is a good name to go with, they make high-quality lenses just like any other manufacturer for your camera. Sometimes they outperform their genuine ones and sometimes they are just average like this one. For £90 I did not expect much and was happy with what I go for my money.

For a cheap lens, it has its pros and cons lets start with the cons.

1. It's very loud if you're using the auto focus.
2. If you're looking to do images where you have to aim the camera down. The auto focus ring will creep down time and time again as it has no resistance in manual mode
3. The macro and normal can be tricky at times.
4. The quality of images is average. do not expect high-quality images unless you're shooting from a distance. Close up macro
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By Productboxtom