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Best Rated in Hair Deep Conditioners & Treatments

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Hair Deep Conditioners & Treatments store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Hair Deep Conditioners & Treatments

4.8 | 401 customer reviews
386 of the 401 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I cannot live without this treatment. Have been using it for years now. I use a couple of pumps on damp hair and it really hydrates and gives shine without making it oily. The scent is absolutely fantastic. My hair is extremely dry, so sometimes I use a splash on the ends in between washes as well and really maintains my hair
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By Beatrice
Usually I don't fall for hair fads or buy all these fancy products as having thick curly hair is just a pain I have to live with. However with a few drops of this your hair is so manageable and smells divine. Highly recommend for those with thick unruly hair!
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By Tashy
Authentic Moroccan Oil is amazing! It has an amazing smell and tames my frizzy hair so well that I often get compliments on how smooth and healthy it looks.
However, this seller has sold me olive oil in a Moroccan Oil packaging. Since I’ve been purchasing Moroccan Oil for at least ten years, I know what it should look and smell like. I received this product the other day and today I went to use it on my hair. I was so surprised at how greasy it felt! I then smelled it and it smelled like olive oil.
I was furious for being cheated and wrote a review that reflected my thoughts. Amazon wouldn’t let me post that.
I’ve even gone down to a local salon to purchase a bottle and took a picture of the contents side by side. The bottle from the salon is on the left (the less yellow liquid)
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 647 customer reviews
605 of the 647 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using the product for about a year now and I can honestly say it's one of the best products I've ever bought for my hair. I know have it on a "subscribe and save" list. The smell is divine, and it leaves your hair feeling amazing, soft, shiny, protects it from heat. I even use it as an after product, on my dry hair, to smooth down flyaway ends. Not too heavy either. Lovely product and great value.
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By Shoe Diva
I have used this product before. This is great value for money. Spray about 10 sprays into hand and put through wet hair . Styke as usual. Makes hair soft and tangle free. Would recommend
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By marie holroyde
If there were more start, I would give this product more stars. I am a curly haired person and for the last 3-4 years I'm on a quest for products that are more natural and good for me hair. This product is better than It's 10 or argan oil. I use if after shower, dripping wet hair; underneath mousse. Keeps my hair soft, no frizz. Love it and highly recommended. A lot better than a lot of the high end saloon products. Well done Revlon.
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By Zendon Dendon
product price
4.6 | 1,458 customer reviews
1,306 of the 1,458 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arrived on time and in perfect condition. I have gone through several bottles of this stuff and have always bought them from Amazon. It comes with a pump and for medium length fairly thick hair - I only need one pump. The oil is yellow in colour and has a rose scent which I love. If you're not a fan of rose scents - don't worry, the smell doesn't linger and once in your hair, it is not strong. Unlike pure argon oil - it is light and doesn't make your hair look greasy. I use it before blow drying my hair and it speeds up the process, I also find my hair to be much more silky and tangle free when using this. I also prefer this instead of conditioner. One bottle will last a long time so it's definitely worth the money. I have tried cheaper versions no
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By Amazon Customer
The only hair product which really calms frizz and makes my hair soft and shiny, it would be on my list of emergency items to take to a desert island.
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By Lin
This is the best hair oil for me, I have spent quantities of money trying Japanese Camellia Oil (no smell and made no difference to hair), Argan oil (absolutely honks but made zero difference to hair) and random high street brands (horrible and given away to friends) but this stuff is perfect, it smells exotic almost like the male hair stuff your dad would have used it makes my hair smoother and less prone to snags and static flyaway fuzziness, it lasts ages and protects against heat styling.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 178 customer reviews
169 of the 178 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Would highly recommend.
My hair is brittle, heat styled daily and bleached. I basically torture it. It never grows and I do myself very few favours in the way I treat it.
I recently finished the original bottle (red one) and had been a couple of weeks before I repurchased (this time trying the coconut version).
Instant difference after the first use. My hair felt soft again, to the point I can’t stop running my hands through it. My hair is fine due to the abuse and would be curly if I didn’t straighten it daily. I find using this I can make it from the car to the door in the rain without looking like a poodle as I normally would.
My other half commented on the scent almost instantly. Really lovey to have that fresh summer scent as we approach winter.

I hadn’t realise how much I missed it until I ran out
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By Tors
I have been using this for years and when I stayed at a friends house for a few days I could really tell that I had forgotten to pack it! I (from santy) get 2 bottles at Christmas which lasts me the year. To put that into better prospective I wash my shoulder length hair at least 6 times a week. I can't recommend this product enough
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By Kaye
This is brilliant when used in conjunction with the matching all in one shampoo / conditioner. I put this on wet hair before I dry it, and it leaves my hair soft and brilliantly shiny. I have blonde highlighted hair that it a bit on the dry side these days, and I've found the combination of the shampoo and this treatment to be perfect. I also use a small amount on dry hair after I've straightened it just to smooth it down a little, give it extra shine and to moisturise the ends. Overall, really impressed and will definitely be purchasing again. It also smells lovely - it's a subtle coconut fragrance.
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By Owl75
4.6 | 271 customer reviews
244 of the 271 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After trying so many purple shampoos from so many branda I finally found one that actually works!! My hair is bleached and I'm trying to achieve the grey ash colour, little by little. I can say that with this product after only 10 minutes I lost most of the brass and oranges I had in my hair! Amazing really!! Will continue to use to achieve the colour I want! Really good!! Totally recommend!
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By Teixeira
Definitely did it’s job, got rid of the yellow colour of my bleached hair so I saved some money rather than going to the hair dressers. Never had the problem of purple hair so very pleased. I just used it once a week along with shampoo and conditioner (after you put it on it does feel quite dry)
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By Y.ross4549
Make sure you wear the gloves provided!
Overall I think this sulphate- free shampoo did the job it was supposed to! Lightened all of the copper brassy parts of my highlights. Do not get carried away and leave the shampoo in for too long otherwise you could end up with the blonde turning a greyish/lilac shade!!
It happened to me in a small section of my hairline. The good news is that it rectified itself once I washed it!
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.6 | 257 customer reviews
232 of the 257 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My first experience of this was when my hairdresser used it on my hair and my hair was soft, shiny, just amazing!
She ordered a bottle for me to use at home and I now won't be without it. I get salon results at home and my hair has never been in better condition. I blow dry it, straighten it and my hair always looks in great condition because it is since using this 😊
Highly recommend!
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By Tracy
Great product. I have been using the Original (red bottle) Revlon Uniq One for the past year and I can definitely recommend it. I have dry, curly hair and it helps to keep the curls defined, shinny and hydrated. It is a must when on summer holidays as it also protects the hair from sun damage. I bought the coconut version (white bottle) recently and I'm equally pleased.
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By Cibele Porto
Just a warning. Having used the red version of this for years, I thought I’d try the coconut. I used it on both mine & my 10year old daughters hair. My daughter started having a scalp irritation which resulted in lots of itchy sore scabs over her scalp & I had one on one side. I took my daughter to the doctors as it was getting worse & they put her on two courses of antibiotics due to infection & it not clearing & referred her to a dermatologist. Having realised this was the one thing we’d both used, I compared the ingredients of both versions of this product (red & coconut). It was then that I realised there is an extra ingredient in the coconut one (can’t remember name?) which when researched, it stated that this can cause scalp irritation & even hair loss. We both stopped using it
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By Mrs DL Dodd
4.5 | 602 customer reviews
552 of the 602 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it. My hair is bright red!. Dyed to within an inche of its life, and this treatment really works iin my straw hair. Everyone comments on the shine, and it feels so soft. Just ordered my second bottle
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By pamela
This stuff is seriously great. My natural hair type is fine/thin hair (but I have a lot of it) naturally wavy texture. I spray this on my hair after towel drying, comb it through, then blow dry. This makes my hair soft, smooth, frizzy free, manageable, shiny, and just generally really healthy looking. It also smells great and the smell stays in my hair for ages too! It really does do everything it says on the label! This is now my third bottle purchase and I’ll keep coming back.

My only very minor complaint is about the bottle - I find that when the spray bottle seems like it’s run out, I cut it open and there’s still about a week+ worth of product in the bottom unable to be picked up by the spray mechanism (so I just spoon out with my fingers). 100% will keep buying this product though!
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By J. Fen
Pretty good! Sorts my hair out when it's a bit damaged from me washing it every day, occasionally dyeing it, swimming and being in my mid-thirties! I have thick hair and this is a great detangler, smells nice (though not particularly natural) but you don't want to over-spray it or you'll look slightly greasy! Have come back to this product a few times though!
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By Mrs Bee
4.6 | 170 customer reviews
156 of the 170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a miracle in a bottle.Its brought my damaged hair back to feeling soft and healthy.smells amazing, it’s all I need to use even with straightening. My daughter has very long hair which felt like a hard workout when brushing and platting her hair. Now it’s light a hot knife through butter when brushing her hair. No more tugging or tears and her hair smells and looks amazing.This would be my one item I would choose if I had to be stranded on a desert island. I always buy from this saler as they are really reliable and super fast delivery. Definitely highly recommended this spray x
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By tracy hopkins
Omg, what can I say about this stuff except its amazing! Not only does it smell gorgeous but my hair has never been in such great condition. I'm never without it now and have recommended it to all my friends and family. It also lasts ages as you only need a very small amount!
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By Sherwood
This product is great it’s very light and doesn’t leave my hair lank and lifeless it’s a hair saver I reasently had my hair completely stripped and it was very dry and cotton silly but using this has helped no end and my hair is looking great again
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By sarndiera
4.5 | 295 customer reviews
262 of the 295 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used it after giving an oil treatment to my 3month old weave. It was light and non-greasy. The hair was still frizz free after almost two weeks of one application. The hair felt stronger and nourished. I found that my hair didn't attract dust in my hair because it wasn't oily. I can't recommend it enough! Very good product!
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By Sansa Stark
A couple of years ago, I bleached my hair to the point where it started coming out of my head like chewing gum. I knew there was no saving it, so I chopped off as much as I could. I tried all kinds of shampoo and conditioners, and lots of treatments..
But this keratin oil has worked wonders for my hair. It has hydrated and softened the cuticles - I cannot live without this stuff.
I put a coin sized amount in the palm of my hand, and run it through damp hair (after showering) and leave it to dry.
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By Claudia
Love this stuff, on my thrid bottle! Makes my hair so soft, love mixing a few drops in with my conditoner when washing my hair
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By rachael
4.5 | 222 customer reviews
204 of the 222 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the only thing that works for my bleached hair. I’ve destroyed my hair 6 months ago, when a hairdresser tried to lighten my hair with a few more shades (my mistake that I let her). I’ve been to the hair saloon for over a year to lighten my hair, but the last visit was a disaster. The last bleach was made by a different person. I’ve also tried to do a keratin treatment that didn’t last more that 1 month (even if I used shampoo and conditioner after - keratin care). So, this mask actually works. I keep it 10 min, with a shower cap on.
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By Amazon Customer
This stuff is freakin AMAZING!!!! I bought this thinkin it was the smaller tub as it was still worth every penny! My face lit up when i opened it to find the large tub! I cannot see how u can possibly be dissappointed buying this so if ur unsure just do it .. thank me later ;)
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By amy x
Arrived quickly but curiously with the lid loose. The lid was also a different colour (grey) to the container leaving me wondering whether the product is genuine. Looked like it had been tampered with and left me wondering whether the contents are in fact L'Oreal or indeed conditioner or safe to use.
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By Ang
1 offer from product price
4.6 | 132 customer reviews
123 of the 132 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this based on reviews, as I noticed my hair was abit parched on the ends after having highlights.
I have to say it felt amazing when washing it out & really made my ends feel smoother & stronger, not only that but hair breakage was at a minimum when combing it whilst it was still damp, however I would say this is not an all over hair conditioner unless your hair is dry/damaged all over.
I put this all over my hair & really noticed when my hair was dry that my roots were heavy & slightly greasy.
This will be an 'ends only' conditioner for me.
Still brilliant though & would recommend to anyone with dry/damaged hair.
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By Steph
I love this conditioner and have been silly and buying the very expensive shop priced ones. This is amazing value for a two pack at the same price of one small bottle at the shop and these are the large 900ml bottles. This makes my hair soft ,straight and silky and I have natural frizzy thick hair. I find my hair smells amazing for a few days. I will buy again
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By Debbie
A good quality no nonsense conditioner. An absolute bargain, I thought my eyes were deceiving me at the price especially as next day delivery was included as an Amazon prime customer. I will definitely buy again in the future
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By Jeremy
4.6 | 126 customer reviews
114 of the 126 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I loved this product, it made my hair look freshly dyed and silky out of a salon!! saved me a fortune in a salon especially when you know your due to go to the hair dressers and you cannot afford it! Even my partner noticed too! I absolutely love this product and 10000% recommend it
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By Nikki
Very good hair mask. I use it on my hair after a shower once a week and blow dry it in. It definitely appears to be lifting the colour. I have black/grey hair bleached light blonde (my hair is thin, bleach damaged and shoulder length) which has a tendency to have a yellow tint, this gives it more of a lighter ash blonde which I prefer.

Very easy to use, I just massage in a relatively small amount to damp hair - about the size of a heaped finger - I focus on applying it to the top layer of hair (root to tip) rather than the underneath. I then blow dry on the hottest setting.

I noticed an improvement after the first use so am happy to give a 5* review (it's rare for me to give such a good review)
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By Lurcher Lady
This is a great super-condition and does exactly what it says on it .
Full marks .
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 166 customer reviews
147 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I buy UniqOne from my hairdresser, but they only have the standard fragrance one. This lotus flower is a lovely, but subtle scent and much cheaper than my hairdresser, so I will be buying again. I have very fine hair and use it as a leave-in conditioner instead of normal conditioner. It doesn't weigh my hair down, makes it really easy to detangle and gives it a little volume (although it is very long hair). Very pleased with purchase.
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By Ciderwithrosie
I have used the coconut Uniq One before, but prefer the Lotus Flower smell. Am amazed that I can wash my hair, sleep on it that night, wake up in the morning and my style has hardly changed. I could actually get away without straightening it again, but do because I am fussy!!!! Great product, and amazing value seeing as a local hair salon charges treble for the product!
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By Tinkerbell1960
Arrived promptly, packaging was a little rough as others have said, but bottle was fine. Had just washed my hair so put it on damp hair as suggested. Smells lovely, and the curls had lasted to the next day. I usually have a whole heap of frizz after sleeping, but it was just nice waves, and a lingering smell. You can tell there is product on, but no more than if using mousse, and the styling effect is lasting longer. So, it loses a star for packaging, otherwise it's great.

btw the box says it's sold exclusively for salon use, this might be why others have found problems. If it's used by the hairdresser, they s/he does that finishing magic, its going to be different at home. Personally, my hairdresser has never used this, it's a Tigi salon, so I wouldn't know.
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product price
4.5 | 157 customer reviews
146 of the 157 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This appears to be doing the job - have lots of new hair growth after suffering major hair loss/small bald patches after a severe infection - I use the shampoo and condition and also Biotin supplement. Use together I have great improvement.
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By Amazon Customer
Have bought all the others that are on the market. Why did I not listen to my hairdresser! Started with this, was told my hair was much stronger. Did I take it in.....No. Please don't be like me. This is Thee one for us with coloured thinning hair. Keep your £'s for something else.
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By Tine
Arrived on time ok, but not what I expected, I have had this product before from other suppliers, it is a different colour, different smell, and the bottle is different, it left my hair tacky and could not get my brush through it, my previous bottle was brilliant so I do not know if the product has been changed by the manufacturers or if their are different types in the market place, my previous bottle was also a level 4 like the one I ordered.
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By Ruth Murray
4.5 | 136 customer reviews
125 of the 136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Oh my word! For starters if this smell could be bottled it would be my daily perfume. It is divine! The actual effect it has on your hair though. Wowzers. Before I started my ends were frazzled and the split ends had reached half way up my long hair. Since starting to use this I’ve also avoided any heat products and the combination has drastically helped get condition back. Will definitely be reordering!
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By Katy McHale
I have very damaged hair, doesnt grow fast as the ends always break. I use straightener AND toning products every second day and It always feels dry no matter what product I try...i also see the little broken hair pieces around me after drying. Well today for the first time I tried this product and...WOW!!!!! I saw the size I thought it will last me a week, but you need only a little bit so I was wrong...Hair feels very soft and the ends dont look like an over used brush anymore. Its brilliant!!
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By Chilli
Bought this for my wife twice as a gift now, I originally read about it recommended in Saturday or Sunday Time recommendation, bought on a whim, my wife raves about it now. I wish i had sufficient hair to rescue!
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By Howard
4.5 | 132 customer reviews
115 of the 132 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
my favourite deep treatment masque so far the best one i have used without heat a yet experience tons of moisture retention, softness and healthy hair after each use. definitely a staple for me. if you have a 4b/4c hair type just give it a go
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By awuraaBoakye
This was recommend by one of my hairdressers who specialises in cutting naturally curly or Afro hair. My hair is fine and straight and is soooo dry. (I'm half Turkish and half English and my hair is more English...) No matter what I've previously put in my hair ends (oils etc), about a week after having a haircut, the ends fuzz out and look backcombed. I'm not kidding. I'm not even using my hairdryer at the moment. I've tried using the shampoos and conditioners I've seen friends with great hair using in gyms, but my hair refused to change its ways.

This is fabulous. Used as a mask after shampooing (keeping on for 40 mins under a shower cap), my hair looks soft, shiny and the ends actually look tamed. It looks like well behaved hair again - wow! The rest of the hair looks great too. (No grease
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By Lucy P
I have 4B hair type that has been treated with peroxide a couple of times per year. For all my curl girls this is the one to amplify your curl pattern. It’s a shame it can’t be left in (too much protein exposure over prolonged periods will break down your hair ) Best Buy for quick restore and nutrients boost and smells delicious!!! A must buy product with their curl enhancing smoothie which I use as a leave in on Afro days paired with oils and a custard gel and simply the cream on tie it up soft bun days...
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By PandaP
4.8 | 56 customer reviews
54 of the 56 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought the Matrix TRMC after my hairdresser used it on my hair. It is what it says and after trying other
expensive hair products, trying to find something that works on my semi curly/fine hair this is amazing.
I spray it on my hands, scrunch in to my hair and leave to dry naturally. My hair now dries without any frizz and it
has a better curl with shine. I know it may not work for everyone but give it a try. I've received comments on how nice my
hair looks and recommended to family & friends.
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By Southy
I first learnt about this product whilst at my hairdressers. The stylist used it on my hair and recommended it too me but having never really used many hair products like this so I was skeptical if it was a sales tactic to get me buy it there and then. However once used I noticed how shiny and well styled my hair felt. I decided to buy from amazon as it was lots cheaper and from reading the previous reviews, it seemed to be what I was looking for.

Having used it myself I don’t know how I managed before. My hair is thick, long and takes forever to get a paddle brush through to detangle it all, but when first using this I simply glided through. Styling was so much easier and after drying my hair. Only a couple of sprays needed too. It was shiny with less stray hairs
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By optic
This is such an amazing product!! Brilliant that’s all I can say.
My hairdresser used this on my towlendried hair, and I enquired about and she was happy for me to take a screen shot of it on my phone.
I came home and ordered it online - so glad I purchased it, the comb/brush just glided through my hair without any pulling, and less hair fall out.
It seems like it’s a mild oil (perhaps ).
I gave it 5* 👌🏼✍🏼
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By Mrs B.
50 offers from product price
4.6 | 87 customer reviews
78 of the 87 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have just received this product and i can honestly say it makes my dry, menopause hair feel like silk. You only need a very SMALL amount. Wow. Use on dry or wet hair. I used this first on my dry ends... Amazing. Its a must for us over 50's ....
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By Michelle Falco
I use this after blow drying my hair, as my hair can get a bit dry and frizzy after washing. The product smells lovely and is a nice texture to apply.

When pumping it out of the bottle there are two different serums dispensed at the same time - one side is clear and the other side is a white serum, so make sure to dispense on your palm and rub your hands together to mix it before applying to hair.

My hair feels and smells lovely after using this! It's not a cheap product, however that's because it's a professional salon product and also bare in mind that less is more - you don't need to use a lot of this product so this bottle should last a very long time.
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By Binggg
Lovely smelling product, but more of a leave in conditioner rather than a serum as when I've spent the time blow-drying and straighting my hair then use the serum as a finishing product it causes my hair to go frizzy, as it puts too much moisture into the hair 😐
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By Joanne Williams
18 offers from product price
4.5 | 121 customer reviews
114 of the 121 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fantastic results and unlike another reviewer I had no problems in rinsing it out. I can only think that they were using too much. You need very little product. I use it as a weekly complement to the SP Luxe Oil and I have now converted to the shampoo as well. Can't beat Wella products, they have been around for years and are often ignored for Kerastase, but for quality and value, Wella wins hands down every time.
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By Susan Elisabeth Hursey
OK, so I tried it after the kind advice from people who helped me on here.

It came in a larger pot that I expected, I find it hard to judge pot sizes from product weight, but it's a good sized pot.
It is quite strongly scented but many hair products are and the smell is pleasant.

I have really long hair, and it's a bit dry, so I shampooed and rinsed as normal then put a fairly small amount of this product on, more on the ends but a little on the head, and left it there for about 20 minutes.
I then washed it out and dried as usual.

It has worked really well!
My hair is really shiny, the colour has had a boost, and my hair is far better behaved with hardly any flyaway stray bits standing up for once.
I think this product is excellent!
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By Gadgetgirl
I just used this for the first time and I really like it. I left it on my hair for 10 minutes and it's now soft and manageable. My hair is naturally curly and frizzy and it's definitely improved, and feels great.
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By Jks
4.6 | 86 customer reviews
81 of the 86 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My hair feels and looks amazing just after a month. This isn't going to give you thick amazing locks but what it does do is clean and condition your hair so well that your hair seems stronger and more lifted so it generally appears thicker! My hair looks thicker and is shining
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By julie
Light conditioning with a whole host of amino acids and herbal ingredients, which seems to favour hair growth. Leaves my hair more voluminous and shiny. 1 Liter size is the most economical solution, will last more than 1.5 years at the rate I use it (once every other day). Highly recommended.
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By Marcolorenzo
As l have tin looking hair due to a hormonal condition l have tried many shampoos to improve my hair and volume... l have to say when l use this one my hair dry with better volume ... its expensive but l prefer wash them with a good one as l wash them almost everyday... so l raccomend it ...
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By Sil reviews