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Best Rated in Hair Care

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Hair Care store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Hair Care

product price
4.7 | 1,678 customer reviews
1,543 of the 1,678 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cooking? Coconut oil
Nails? Coconut oil
Hair? Coconut oil
Skin? Coconut oil
Peckish? Coconut oil
Boyfriend? Coconut oil

Literally useful for everything 🙏
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By Bells
I use in my hair and on my face, it absorbs nicely and doesn't feel sticky. It does have quite a strong smell but you soon get use to it. The expiry date is Dec and I recieved in May, I don't see myself using the whole thing by then, would be good if they did a smaller jar too.
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By Divina
Very good quality coconut oil (raw and organic), I ordered it many times and always arrived promptly, well wrapped and perfectly sealed. I use it every day for cooking and also once a week as moituriser on my scalp and it's amazing how healthy my hair and scalp look and feel. Once I finish one jar I re-use it to put some spices or keep nuts and flaxseed. Also I discovered that soothes rashes, last summer we did lots of DIY and decorating around the house and garden and I got a nasty rash on my face, no idea what was the cause, dust, paint ... anyway my face was so sensitive that I could only wash it with water and then had to applied a tiny bit of coconut oil to sooth it and I couldn't believe that within 48 hours it was back to normal, even carrying on
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By IDiego
4.8 | 427 customer reviews
415 of the 427 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arrived well packaged in a box and suedette/velveteen bag.
* broader than usual plates, which is great for longer hair.
*manageable weight. Lightweight for their size
*digital temperature display, up to 230°C.the digital display shows the temperature rising.
*reaches temperature fast
* switch on and off
* swivel, long cord.
* sliding button at rear of plate, to keep the plates closed when not in use.

I thought nothing could match ghd's, but I was wrong. Cheap in this instance, doesn't reflect the fantastic results. I bought these as I couldn't afford another pair of ghd's. Honestly glad I didn't buy them. These are fantastic value for money. I have fine, frizzy hair, and one glide and my hair was sleek and smooth.

I couldn't upload more than one picture for some reason. Quite frustrating as have before and after pics of my hair
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By Mammashaz
Love the design!
Heat up fast- hotter than my old GHDs
Wide plate for thicker or longer hair.
I have thick & frizzy shoulder length hair and i can get poker straight with these in 15 mins when the GHDs used to take an hour.
Straighter glides through hair leaving hair super soft and shiny.
Just love them.
For price it's a no brainer. Buy them- you will not be disappointed !!!
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By Amazon Customer
My GHDs recently broke after 8 long years. I decided to do some research for a replacement and came across these. After the reading the reviews I thought what have I got to lose? £26 I hear you say...

I have very very thick hair and I must say these are BETTER than my Ghds. I am so pleased with them and what a bargain they were!! Saved over £100 by not buying another pair of GHDs. The only question is, will they last as long as my old trusty GHDs? Only time will tell but for £26 you can't go wrong!!
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By Sara Barnett
4.7 | 789 customer reviews
721 of the 789 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I thought these were a bit silly because they are so light and I looked at them like “pfft as if that could get through my hair”. But then I heard such good things from my friends with even crazier hair than mine so I had to try it. I grabbed mine in the black Friday sales so it was about half price. When it arrived I decided to see how it would fair. I washed my hair, without conditioner, dried it in a towel (also a nono with my hair) and then let it dry more by itself before trying to brush it. It was seamless, I would usually have to hold on to my hair and brush little by little but this brush took on my hair like a champ. I am chuffed to bits.
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By Clare Burns
Wasn't sure about this but have heard good things about it and was fed up struggling with brushing my hair when it was wet. This brush is fantastic. Just glides through the hair if it is wet with no tugging or pulling and seems to give the hair a lovely, shiny finish. I would imagine this would be good to use on children's hair, particularly if wet and would stop all those stressful times of trying to get a hairbrush through your child's hair before sending them off to school. I would absolutely recommend this product. Comes in many different colours.
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By Mrs A Tribe
This has made hair brushing for our daughter easier - she has curly hair and hates having it washed or brushed or dried... anything really! She likes the colour of this hairbrush and even tries to do her hair herself sometimes too but to no avail yet (she is two). However, I find that this is not the dream product that I had hoped for - it does not fix every tangle, it is not always easy to pull out, sometimes it snags on her hair and there are still tears during bath time as we brush her hair out together. I have combined this product with a tangle fixer conditioner spray type thing and so have been quite disappointed about the result.
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By Melissa March
4.8 | 400 customer reviews
385 of the 400 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I cannot live without this treatment. Have been using it for years now. I use a couple of pumps on damp hair and it really hydrates and gives shine without making it oily. The scent is absolutely fantastic. My hair is extremely dry, so sometimes I use a splash on the ends in between washes as well and really maintains my hair
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By Beatrice
Usually I don't fall for hair fads or buy all these fancy products as having thick curly hair is just a pain I have to live with. However with a few drops of this your hair is so manageable and smells divine. Highly recommend for those with thick unruly hair!
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By Tashy
Authentic Moroccan Oil is amazing! It has an amazing smell and tames my frizzy hair so well that I often get compliments on how smooth and healthy it looks.
However, this seller has sold me olive oil in a Moroccan Oil packaging. Since I’ve been purchasing Moroccan Oil for at least ten years, I know what it should look and smell like. I received this product the other day and today I went to use it on my hair. I was so surprised at how greasy it felt! I then smelled it and it smelled like olive oil.
I was furious for being cheated and wrote a review that reflected my thoughts. Amazon wouldn’t let me post that.
I’ve even gone down to a local salon to purchase a bottle and took a picture of the contents side by side. The bottle from the salon is on the left (the less yellow liquid)
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 648 customer reviews
606 of the 648 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been using the product for about a year now and I can honestly say it's one of the best products I've ever bought for my hair. I know have it on a "subscribe and save" list. The smell is divine, and it leaves your hair feeling amazing, soft, shiny, protects it from heat. I even use it as an after product, on my dry hair, to smooth down flyaway ends. Not too heavy either. Lovely product and great value.
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By Shoe Diva
I have used this product before. This is great value for money. Spray about 10 sprays into hand and put through wet hair . Styke as usual. Makes hair soft and tangle free. Would recommend
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By marie holroyde
If there were more start, I would give this product more stars. I am a curly haired person and for the last 3-4 years I'm on a quest for products that are more natural and good for me hair. This product is better than It's 10 or argan oil. I use if after shower, dripping wet hair; underneath mousse. Keeps my hair soft, no frizz. Love it and highly recommended. A lot better than a lot of the high end saloon products. Well done Revlon.
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By Zendon Dendon
4.6 | 1,456 customer reviews
1,317 of the 1,456 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Honestly the BEST straighteners! Used my sisters GHD's which made me realise how crap my old ones were so bought these to try them out and they're just as good as the GHD's! Love them!! Been using for months now and still perfect
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By Amazon Customer
I have spent lots of money over the years on various hair dressing products and have tried many different straighteners, hot brushes etc and these are the best I have had. I love these straighteners, they are very good value for money and work really well. I have thick afro hair and although it has been relaxed these straighteners leave my hair as if it has just been done by my hairdresser. I get thick wiry root growth that comes through, it still manages to straighten the regrowth to closely match my treated hair.
I also use these on my daughter's hair which is naturally thick and frizzy, and it tames her hair leaving it looking more controlled, smart and healthy. We are both huge fans of these straighteners, they have cut down the length of time it takes to straighten our hair by half!
It has a
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Having had to send my ghd's off for repair, I needed to get a cheap pair of straighteners while I was waiting for them to be returned. I picked these ones. The straighteners come with a handy felt case to put them in after using and it has a bit of velcro on, to hold the cord which is nicer than having the cord every where.

The straighteners have a lock switch, which needs pushing in quite hard or they'll just open again. There's also an on/off switch rather than a button, this helps avoid accidently turning the things off. I also like the temperature control.

When switching on, they heat up really quickly on the coolest setting, which is still quite hot as I stupidly caught my fingers on the plates. I did turn them up to the hottest setting after a bit, but turned them down again as I felt
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By MR P.
4.6 | 1,454 customer reviews
1,302 of the 1,454 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arrived on time and in perfect condition. I have gone through several bottles of this stuff and have always bought them from Amazon. It comes with a pump and for medium length fairly thick hair - I only need one pump. The oil is yellow in colour and has a rose scent which I love. If you're not a fan of rose scents - don't worry, the smell doesn't linger and once in your hair, it is not strong. Unlike pure argon oil - it is light and doesn't make your hair look greasy. I use it before blow drying my hair and it speeds up the process, I also find my hair to be much more silky and tangle free when using this. I also prefer this instead of conditioner. One bottle will last a long time so it's definitely worth the money. I have tried cheaper versions no
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By Amazon Customer
The only hair product which really calms frizz and makes my hair soft and shiny, it would be on my list of emergency items to take to a desert island.
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By Lin
This is the best hair oil for me, I have spent quantities of money trying Japanese Camellia Oil (no smell and made no difference to hair), Argan oil (absolutely honks but made zero difference to hair) and random high street brands (horrible and given away to friends) but this stuff is perfect, it smells exotic almost like the male hair stuff your dad would have used it makes my hair smoother and less prone to snags and static flyaway fuzziness, it lasts ages and protects against heat styling.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 460 customer reviews
441 of the 460 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A lovely protective hair oil that is great used overnight as a treatment. I can't use in the day as my hair is naturally quite greasy so this can add to it, but I've been using as an overnight treatment to give my hair extra shine and condition the next day. I apply a few drops to my palms and smooth through my hair before bed. I wash as normal in the morning and the condition is much better than usual, sleeker and shinier. I'll be going on holiday soon and it will be ideal to comb through my wet hair to help prevent dryness from the sun, salt and pool water. Another great use is as a scalp massage oil! Treat your partner (and get them to return the favour) to a sensual head massage before bed and wash out the residue in
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By Victoria
I have been using hair oil for a little while now to help keep the frizz down. I have naturally straight hair, but it's been coloured and I don't cut it that often, so it sometimes gets damaged. I've been using the hair oil every couple of days for a bout a week now, and I love how it makes my hair look and feel. I use it after washing my hair and towel drying and I put it on the ends. One word of advice, don't put too much on your hair because I did this once and looked really greasy!
Overall, I love this product. It doesn't feel like other hair oils (ie - gets absorbed quickly in your hair and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy after application) and it smells really nice! I also love that it doesn't come in a plastic bottle, so that makes
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By caffeineberry
I am really impressed with this product. I have never before been able to use any kind of oil or styling product on my hair as it is quite thin and would instantly become greasy. So, whilst I was excited about trying this product, I was also apprehensive about whether it would just be like every other product I've tried before. It is not.
I use the recommended amount of three drops and from that it tames my lions mane - and I'm not trying to be cute here, my hair gets outrageously frizzy, most people have never seen anything quite like it. I'm not saying it leave me with silky, perfectly straight hair (it'd have to be a magic potion to do that), but it takes out so much of the frizz and intensity and makes styling a lot easier. My hair looks shinier when using this and feels softer.
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By Sarah
product price
4.6 | 951 customer reviews
853 of the 951 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best curlers I've had - work really well and really quick. You can do quite tight curls or loose ones. I normally struggle to keep the curls in as they drop out after a couple of hours however my hair remained curly the morning after!
Definitely recommend buying these, especially at this price.
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By Katie
I've had more expensive types of curlers but these are far better. Don't be put off because they are cheap, they really are excellent!
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By Missy E
Awesome product, really easy to use,can get perfect curls in approx 10-15 minutes depending g on how small or large you want your curls, heat up really fast, it also has a little stand so when you put it on the dresser or floor you know that surface won't burn!! arrived with heat protection glove, in a box with instructions, delivery was really quick! Thanks I will recommend and purchase from this seller in the future.
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By BohooChick
4.7 | 424 customer reviews
394 of the 424 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you have thick hair that gets tangled easily then buy a tangle teezer. It used to take me a long time to brush the tangles out of my hair after washing it as it is very thick - but using the tangle teezer it takes minutes. Goes through tangles very easily and does not pull on your hair. This is also a great size for travelling and holidays.
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By Amazon Customer
Do you have hair? then you need this brush, it's awesome.
If you have children with hair they will love you for getting it.
If you have curly hair and swim in the sea even better!
It views knots as mere trifles to be gently whisked away.
My hair has been thanking me daily since I discovered it.
No more pulling, yanking, shrieking!
Not even exaggerating ;)
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By Tink
Wow! After getting my hair bleached, it went from silky smooth to a horrible dry tangled mess. It would take 5 mins to comb out the tangles after washing it as opposed to a few strokes of the comb. My hair would break off in front of my eyes and I was close to chopping it off into a bob as it was so frustrating. My hairdresser used the tangle teezer and I decided to get my own - wow! It glides through my hair and with just a few strokes it is tangle free after washing! My morning routine has been cut down by some precious minutes and it is 100% less frustrating. I’d seen the tangle teezer before but never had a need for it before now. If you’re in doubt, save your hair and your frustration - just buy it. You won’t regret it!
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By Vectorize
4.6 | 857 customer reviews
774 of the 857 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Worth every penny and more! I have thick, curly, frizzy, uncontrollable hair that grows in every which direction, fondly nicknamed 'the jew fro'. As a youth, hair straighteners weren't available, I have tried undercuts, relaxing products for Caribbean hair and in recent years turned to the Brazilian Blow Dry (which I can also highly recommend as being a life changer!) When GHD's came onto the market I bought a pair, and they changed my life, they were the best irons and no other straightener compared, so ever since I have always had 2 sets GHD's - an every day, and a backup/going away set. A couple of weeks ago I went to use my back up set and instead of running smoothly thru my hair they burnt it off, leaving me with a whole section of ruined hair, 1cm long. I threw them in the bin and turned to
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By Shopper
This Remington marrocan oil shine therapy i got are brilliant, makes your hair style the way you want giving it shine and smoothness . Great quality at a great price! Warm up quickly and easy to store in special bag. My hairs are very difficult to manage and to straighten but with Remington few minutes and they are perfect. Would definitely recommend it! Thank you Amazon
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By Jeje
I'm really pleased with these. I was thinking of buying Ghd straighteners but after reading the reviews for these Remington ones I thought I'd give them a try especially when I saw the price. I have very thick hair which is also rather frizzy but these straighteners do a brilliant job of smoothing my hair and making it really sleek. I use them a couple of times a week and my hair seems to still be in good condition and feels really soft. I'm so glad I bought them.
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By S quinn
4.6 | 634 customer reviews
587 of the 634 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love, love love this hair oil. Having flyaway hair which goes frizzy at the slightest amount of moisture I have tried lots of expensive sprays and treatments and none have had the effect of this argan oil in keeping my hair smooth and frizz-free. I have shoulder length hair and only a couple of drops are needed so the bottle will last for a very long time. The packaging is beautiful, especially the bottle which looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is. I would definitely recommend to all fellow frizzy-hair sufferers
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Really great quality argan oil. My hair is longish with bleached highlights and can be strawlike at times. This oil leaves my hair amazingly soft and shiny. I rub a small amount in my palms and then smooth it through towel-dried hair before blow drying. I also use it between shampoos on the ends to tame them if my hair gets damp/frizzy. Smells absolutely divine and the bottle is really pretty too. I've bought several argan oils before, including one that cost £49 and this Nzuri is my favourite by far. if you want a gorgeous smelling, effective argan oil that's great value for money, then I would totally recommend this one.
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By S. Mclean
Don't call this Argan Oil please. It's not the first, second or third ingredient on the list.

This is just a bunch of chemicals mixed with a bit of Argan Oil. They don't make this clear do they.

Just a marketing con, congratulations you conned me out of a few £s.

Please don't waste your time people, get some pure Argan Oil for the same price it'll be much better for your hair.
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By Mr I Am
product price
4.7 | 299 customer reviews
283 of the 299 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was first introduced to a Milkshake Cocktail at my local hairdressers and just loved the smell and effect it had on my frizzy/curly dyed hair - it actually lasted almost a full week where I hardly needed to straighten it. I then bought the small trial size pack (3 bottles of shampoo/condition and mousse) which lasted me about 5 months. It was £20 and great value but unfortunately they have stopped doing these trial sizes which I think is a shame but in any event where I have tried out this product I had no hesitation in spending approximately £54 on shampoo/condition and mousse. I know this product works for my extremely difficult hair and it does last you a good length of time so I know it is definitely value for money.
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By Mrs. Fiona Lavery
This product is a staple in my routine, I have very long thick curly bleached hair, this really helped detangle and keep my hair soft and moisturised, I have tried so many different leave in conditioners however this is the only one I have liked enough to continue to repurchase
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By CKDebbarman
I love experimenting with different products, but this has become a firm favourite of mine leaving my hair silky smooth!

This product looks just like hair mousse, so it gives you an impression that it would make your hair sticky, but it actually makes your hair smooth and easy to brush and doesn't make it heavy or greasy in any way. Milkshake Whipped Cream is applied on wet clean hair and does not need to be rinsed off. I have long frizzy bleached hair and it's a bit tricky to brush after a shower, but with this product makes it super easy and leaves my hair well hydrated for a day or two until the next wash. I love the smell of it, it might not be fore you if you are not into sweet things, but I would say it smells like some sort of vanilla caramel dessert.

-Easy to
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By Diana
product price
4.5 | 1,399 customer reviews
1,267 of the 1,399 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This hairdryer is absolutely brilliant! Given it's compact size I was expecting something resembling more of a light breeze but it's surprisingly powerful on it's highest level. I do actually think it might be more powerful than my normal hairdryer at home. It doesn't seem to get as hot as my usual dryer but that doesn't effect how quickly it dries your hair (and is probably better for it). I also love the nozzle it comes with it. With most small hairdryers you get a pointless nozzle with a large hole but this one is quite narrow meaning it redirects the flow much better. The foldable handle make it so easy to fit in even small cases and it comes with two voltage settings. I have found in the past that my electronics can't cope on the lower voltages in other countries, although I used this in Madeira recently and
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By Kate
Great hairdryer. I did have one exactly the same which lasted for TWELVE Years and went on every holiday with me as well as being my day to day hairdryer. Fab product.
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By Laineylou
very lightweight, ideal for people with not much strength in wrists and shoulders, but powerful enough to dry your hair in no time. excellent quality
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By C. S. Bell
4.5 | 1,266 customer reviews
1,106 of the 1,266 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
What a great little clipper. I was quite nervous as I've always had haircuts done with scissors at the barbers. With prices rising I decided to have a go myself. My hair is a bit weird as it is thicker on one side than the other and tends to stick out slightly on the thicker side. Well these clippers whisked off the excess in a few minutes and left a respectable finish on the first attempt. I've made my last trip to the barbers. At £35 it's less than 3 haircuts to own.
One minor gripe. The instructions are a bit rubbish. A tiny booklet with no words, just pictures that could mean anything. Its pretty obvious how it all works but they could have done better.
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By Darren Hayward
very good quality easy to use, lightweight item, supplied with lubricating oil and a cleaning brush, pop off the cutting head and run the unit and head under the tap for easy cleaning.
I use mine to go "to the bone", this unit makes it an easily manageable task solo, it has 2 combs (3 settings with comb removed) and 15variable length settings via the dial to give greater options and usefulness for more styled cuts.
This is a replacement for a unit that was used daily that served me well for 4 years, it only failed due to being dropped whilst coughing.
High build quality and fit for purpose.
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I think the cut is quite good , I still have the original from 5 years back that feels more solidly built and was also self sharpening , the plastic on this model feels a lot cheaper and the plastic for changing the shortness of cut are very flimsy that is why I have only given it 4 stars , I would not have paid full price for this so at the price I paid I think it is good value for the money . Another gripe is having to put oil onto the blades each time you use it , I never had to do that on my old model because the components were so good , I only bought this because the plastic cutting adjuster had given up . Only buy this when its on offer its not worth paying the full price , overall a
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product price
4.5 | 912 customer reviews
821 of the 912 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are amazing! My son has high functioning autism (aspergers) and going to the hairdresser is a real trauma for him. We talked about these in advance as being 'his' special ones, but I wasn't expecting much.

They aren't as noisy as ones I've seen used before and the quiet buzz wasn't distressing for my little one at all. The instructions with them are clear and the combs are all colour coded. If you are one for not reading instructions, be aware no.2 is a Grade 1, no.3 is a Grade 2 and so on so you don't end up with less hair than expected!

My son has very thick hair, but I let the clippers go through without pulling on them and his hair fell away. Because of the hairdresser issue his hair had also become quite long, but this wasn't a problem at all. Doing it at myself I was
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By Mummyof2
Solid feeling clipper with good range of colour coded combs. Works well and has a few nice accessories. Two minor quibbles; the cord is a bit short so you have to sit quite close to the socket/plug and the combs have thicker bars at each end which means the clippers only work in the central section and you have to go over the hair several times to get it all to the same length. The combs are not as strong as they could be and feel as if they might break if dropped or after several uses.
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Returned. Although this looked and felt like a quality item, it just would not cut. I do realise that in even the best products, as I'm sure this is, there will always be a fault in one or more of them. Didn't want to take the chance a second time so I didn't reorder. Just unlucky I guess as the positive reviews are numerous.
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By johnbach.
4.8 | 178 customer reviews
169 of the 178 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Would highly recommend.
My hair is brittle, heat styled daily and bleached. I basically torture it. It never grows and I do myself very few favours in the way I treat it.
I recently finished the original bottle (red one) and had been a couple of weeks before I repurchased (this time trying the coconut version).
Instant difference after the first use. My hair felt soft again, to the point I can’t stop running my hands through it. My hair is fine due to the abuse and would be curly if I didn’t straighten it daily. I find using this I can make it from the car to the door in the rain without looking like a poodle as I normally would.
My other half commented on the scent almost instantly. Really lovey to have that fresh summer scent as we approach winter.

I hadn’t realise how much I missed it until I ran out
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By Tors
I have been using this for years and when I stayed at a friends house for a few days I could really tell that I had forgotten to pack it! I (from santy) get 2 bottles at Christmas which lasts me the year. To put that into better prospective I wash my shoulder length hair at least 6 times a week. I can't recommend this product enough
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By Kaye
This is brilliant when used in conjunction with the matching all in one shampoo / conditioner. I put this on wet hair before I dry it, and it leaves my hair soft and brilliantly shiny. I have blonde highlighted hair that it a bit on the dry side these days, and I've found the combination of the shampoo and this treatment to be perfect. I also use a small amount on dry hair after I've straightened it just to smooth it down a little, give it extra shine and to moisturise the ends. Overall, really impressed and will definitely be purchasing again. It also smells lovely - it's a subtle coconut fragrance.
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By Owl75
product price
4.5 | 706 customer reviews
603 of the 706 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am amazed by this Tgel shampoo. I have been suffering with a dry, flaking, itchy scalp and forehead for a number of months and had tried numbers of creams and shampoos. Received this last week and used it that evening in the shower. Within a couple of hours my head certainly felt calmer and within a day I was no longer seeing any flakes of skin and was not feeling any itching. Using it now every three or four days and I am really impressed. What an amazing improvement. Wish I had used it months ago as it seems to be the answer to my skin problem.
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By Amazon Customer
I have scalp psoriasis. This shampoo helps keep the flaking and itching away. It works very well would highly recommend.
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By paige
This shampoo has changed my life, I’ve always had an itchy, flakey scalp and using this a couple of times a week rid of it completely. I’ve always used head and shoulders which does get rid of the flakes but I was always left with the itchy scalp, glad I’ve finally found something that works. It does have a strong smell when you use it but doesn’t leave your hair smelling this way. Has also made my hair much shinier and takes longer to get greasy which is an added bonus!
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By Cherilyn
4.6 | 342 customer reviews
312 of the 342 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This stuff is fantastic. It's so strong it's better than most toners you can buy on the high street shops. Be careful if your hair is dry and porous it WILL turn it purple, seek advice before using on very bleached damaged hair!
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By LozDazzara
This shampoo is amazing....nothing else like on the market and always leaves my hair looking like I’ve been side swiped by a unicorn, as I deliberately leave it in to get a “purple granny rinse” colour. It smells terrific and I won’t use anything else. Also, being cruelty free is FANTASTIC as this is why I originally bought it...
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By Brightlights01
Best product on the market... applied to dry hair and left on for 45 mins... removed all brassyness leaving me with very blond hair... I also used it on my daughters 'virgin' blond hair... and there was a very noticeable difference.
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By Mr&MrsD
4.5 | 602 customer reviews
552 of the 602 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it. My hair is bright red!. Dyed to within an inche of its life, and this treatment really works iin my straw hair. Everyone comments on the shine, and it feels so soft. Just ordered my second bottle
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By pamela
This stuff is seriously great. My natural hair type is fine/thin hair (but I have a lot of it) naturally wavy texture. I spray this on my hair after towel drying, comb it through, then blow dry. This makes my hair soft, smooth, frizzy free, manageable, shiny, and just generally really healthy looking. It also smells great and the smell stays in my hair for ages too! It really does do everything it says on the label! This is now my third bottle purchase and I’ll keep coming back.

My only very minor complaint is about the bottle - I find that when the spray bottle seems like it’s run out, I cut it open and there’s still about a week+ worth of product in the bottom unable to be picked up by the spray mechanism (so I just spoon out with my fingers). 100% will keep buying this product though!
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By J. Fen
Pretty good! Sorts my hair out when it's a bit damaged from me washing it every day, occasionally dyeing it, swimming and being in my mid-thirties! I have thick hair and this is a great detangler, smells nice (though not particularly natural) but you don't want to over-spray it or you'll look slightly greasy! Have come back to this product a few times though!
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By Mrs Bee