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Best Rated in GPS, Navigation & Accessories

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our GPS, Navigation & Accessories store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in GPS, Navigation & Accessories

4.6 | 409 customer reviews
388 of the 409 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I saw another driver using one of these... I was so impressed I had to get one...

As an hgv driver I cannot have stuff stuck in the field of wipe as It can obscure the view
this sits securley on the dash and the sat nav is secure.
BUt because it is lose fitted on the dash I can also easily grab it to change destination.

Also I can see the sat nav at the right focal length as I can put it at the right distance away ... not at a distance dictated by the screen

Love that it does not slide about
Basically love this
easy 5stars
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By SteveG6i7
At last I have found a holder that works properly with my Garmin Nuvi. I have tried sticker holders and air vent holders and none have worked properly in my 2014 Vauxhall Astra. The sticker holders have never stayed on except in the window, and as any modern Astra owner will tell you, the windscreen is too far away to reach the Gamin on the window. The sticker holders do not work on the dash of the Astra as it is rounded and they only work on flat surfaces. I previously tried Garmin's own friction holder but it was too large. This however is perfect. At last I can see the Garmin properly and it does not slide across the car when driving as the friction pad keeps it firmly in place. If you have a curved dashboard this will work.
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By Animalspirit
Finally, a way to keep my satnav mounted in front of me when I’m driving, without it constantly ending up on the floor!
The Garmin sat nav is great but the windscreen mount is just dreadful. It just will not stay put, no matter how well I clean the glass. I tried a stick-on disc from Halfords on the dashboard but it fell off after just a few weeks. Fed up, I turned to Amazon and decided to give this a try.
I have been using this friction mount in my Astra for a few weeks now and it just doesn’t move, even when cornering or braking hard. I can easily move it (satnav attached) into the footwell, where its practically invisible, if I’m leaving the car unattended. Or I can remove the satnav, put the mount in the footwell and put the satnav in the glove box if I want them
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By Browneyes
product price
4.6 | 367 customer reviews
346 of the 367 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you want a shiny, super-duper GPS that navigates for you, shows up in colour, measures every statistic going whether it's relevant or not and buys you a malted isotonic recovery beverage at the end of a ride - then look elsewhere, spend a bloody fortune and get universally mocked by everyone.

However, this simply gets on with logging where you are, how fast you are going, and how far you've travelled. It can upload it easily to Strava (if you're inclined that way), and has a sort-of-navigation function which is useable if you want to follow a new route. Simple, reliable, longer battery life than my iPhone (not saying much...)

Doesn't measure heart rate, cadence, power, cock size or the colour of your jersey. But, why would you...?
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By Dr Ben Taylor
Was very sceptical about this seemingly very basic little device; but I must say I would now never set off without it. It's terrific! Battery lasts for weeks and the recordings are accurate.
It can be used as a navigation tool, but only offers a breadcrumb trail (which I find to be fine) and there's no fancy turn-by-turn instructions. But, with a little creativity, using google maps and a simple conversion tool –– http://bedsforcyclists.co.uk/articles/2014/04/13/how-to-plan-a-route-in-google-maps-and-export-it-to-gpx-your-phone/ –– you can make this splendid device punch well above its weight.
For the money, it's a snap.
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By Robin
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I don't need anything too fancy; just a compact device with good battery life into which I could import routes from Strava. That process is very simple:

- Plan the route in Strava
- Click export and select the Garmin 500 option
- The route will download as a .tcx file
- Plug the Garmin into your computer using the cable
- Find the 'New Files' folder and copy the .tcx file(s) into there
- Unplug the Garmin and next time you switch it on the route(s) will be in there under 'Courses'

One tip - I can't find a way to make the text scroll across, so you can't only read the first dozen or so letters of each route name. I now name the routes much more simply in Strava so I can identify them easily on the Garmin. If you were to write, for example, 'Edinburgh
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By Rob Barker
4.7 | 146 customer reviews
136 of the 146 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Allows me to easily place my phone on the dashboard to use as a sat nav, to make calls using my handsfree kit, for my daughter to watch films on long journey's. It sticks to the dashboard perfectly and can be moved easily too.

I had previously used a magnet to attach my phone to the dashboard, but they don't stay stuck for long due to the shape of the dashboard. It's quite big, but don't let that put you off. I no longer need to take my phone case off to mount it.

I'd highly recommend.
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By Little Lisa
Brilliant phone holder. Its th only car holder I've found that will fit my phone with the case on. Because I'm not going to take my case off every time I get in the car. It will also hold my satnav. Very stable. Doesn't come unstuck even in hot weather.
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By HJayne00
I've now purchased for of these altogether and this is not my first review. As long as the dashboard is flat, it will work for you and it works a treat, holding even the largest 6.4" screen phone. When not in use, it also sits very anonymously on my car's black dashboard.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 286 customer reviews
244 of the 286 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is as good as the original suction cup. It sticks extremely well to the windscreen and the ball fits the satnav perfectly. The quick release works well and I haven't had any problems with it, even in hot weather in Italy.

I do recommend wetting the pads on these to increase the suction.
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By Caz
Works well, not sure if it's genuine Garmin but not bothered. The genuine one seems to have an inherent problem where the suction cup degrades then the Nav unit starts falling off the screen. This replaces my second genuine mount, time will tell. 5 stars because there's nothing wrong with it out of the box. It holds the unit as steadily as the known genuine mount.
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By Flash
We bought a new one because the one that came with our Garmin sat nav kept falling off the windscreen. This one is just as useless. Not the seller's fault though; it's Garmin's fault.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 200 customer reviews
162 of the 200 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This case is well made and suitable for storing and transporting my TomTom Go 6200.
It has a net pouch inside which could be used for a USB lead, but there is no room for the standard USB 12v car charger, which would be too thick to fit without crushing against the Go screen. There is no way the windscreen mount will fit in this case.
There are 4 SD card size storage slots inside the case too, although the Go 6200 uses micro SD size cards which would probably get lost inside the SD sized holders.
I keep a smaller microfibre cleaning cloth in the case too.
If you want a case to hold all your kit then this one would not suit, however I only want to protect my Go in storage and transportation and have other arrangements for the charger etc, so this case suits me fine. I am very pleased
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By Brian Fisher
I bought this to transport and protect my new TomTom Go 6200 large screen SatNav.. I cannot praise this item highly enough.. The 6200 fits in it perfectly, it is simple, robust with clean lines.. it is perfect for my needs :-)
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This is a quality item, very nicely manufactured. Unfortunately, despite being advertised as being suitable for the TomTom Start 50, I found that this was not strictly true. If you remove the suction mount, the sat nav fits very nicely. If the suction mount is left in position, the unit will still fit in the case, but it is very difficult to zip up, and the case is distorted. Also, there is absolutely no chance of getting the power lead into the case at all.
I have returned it, and I'll buy a bigger case. Good old Amazon, best returns policy anywhere (in my limited experience).
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By Mirabile Visu
4.3 | 535 customer reviews
423 of the 535 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I paid slightly more for this cable which arrived the next day, via Amazon Prime. I was very pleased that it came in a Garmin Box.

I have paid for a cheaper cable which will take a few days to arrive.


iZKA® - Garmin Nuvi Mini USB Data Sync Charge Cable Fits 30, 40, 50, 200, 200w, 205, 205w, 250, 250w, 255, 255w, 260, 260w, 265t, 265w, 265wt, 270, 270w, 275t, 465t, 500, 5000, 550, 660, 750, 755t, 760, 765t, 770, 775t, 780, 785t, 850, 855, 880, 885t, 1200, 1240, 1250, 1260t, 1300, 1310, 1340, 1350, 1350t, 1370, 1370t, 1390, 1390t, 1440, 1490, 1490t, 1695, 2200, 2415, 2445, 2455, 2460LT, 2475LT, 2496LMT, 2515, 2595LMT, 3490, 3490LT, 3490LMT, 3540, 3540LT, 3590LMT

Price: £1.40 & FREE UK delivery

I also ordered a micro SD card.


I bought Sans Disk because I have used their Recovery Software in the past.



SanDisk RescuePRO® and RescuePRO® Deluxe are file and
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By Amazon Customer
Charges the Garmin Sat Nav via USB as it should.Very good value for money with rapid dispatch and delivery. No problems.
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By Steve
I thought this would be a cheap and nasty product at this price. It isn't!! Thick cable, 1 meter long, works brilliantly. Excellent product. Just as good as leads costing many times as much!
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By Nigel B.
4.5 | 108 customer reviews
103 of the 108 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well-made but a poor fit. Quite loose and, staggeringly, there is no cutout for the safety lanyard attachment point, so the case bulges away from the unit. Fine if you don't use a safety lanyard but if it's a choice between a silicone cover and a lanyard, I know which one I prefer. Very poor design from Garmin.

Update: fiddled around with it and it does fit OK. Just me being impatient. Just taken the case on a week-long tour of France and it performed very well. Gave extra grip on the unit itself, not to mention colour co-ordinatimg with the rest of my touring set-up. Rating updated accordingly.
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By Tyler Durden
A nice well-designed scratch stopper. Nice fit and style and looks good. Also has a groove on the inside to provide an air channel to the altimeter port on the back of the Edge 1000. Some other silicone cases might not thus giving you bad altitude data.
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By George W
Excellent case for my Garmin 1000 which was a doddle to fit and will hopefully provide some protection from small knocks. It fits really snug and all the buttons work easily when it's fitted and it looks really slick. For such a low price though it surely could have been included with the Edge 1000!?!

There is plenty of room around the mount so I had no issues attaching to the bike. However, although the case is great, the packaging it came in is so over the top. I appreciate that the Edge 1000 is Garmin's top of the range cycle GPS however, a plastic case for around a tenner does not need or warrant such a waste of packaging, after all, mine went straight in the recycling bin!

Great case - stupid packaging!
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By Rich T
4.4 | 172 customer reviews
157 of the 172 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have aTom Tom start 52 which on its own would fit in the case very nicely but because I have arthritis in my hands and it would require a bit of strength to remove the ball from the socket holding the sucker, it has to remain attached to the sat nav which makes it a bit of a tight fit. We may well cut out the divider to give us that little bit of extra room. However, a nice little sturdy case and delivered in excellent time.
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By Poppy
I bought this for my 5" TomTom Go500. The case is well made, looks good and provides very good protection for the 5" SatNav and associated cable and car charger.
The case is larger than it needs to be with about 2 cms spare lengthways and 1.5 cms in width. Straps hold the SatNav in place. (The case is probably not large enough for a 6" SatNav.)
The TomTom Go500 has a large separate mount for attaching to the window. It is too bulky to fit into the case, but I would not want it to, as the case would then need to be even larger.
I would give the case 5* if the case was a bit smaller and hence less bulky.
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By Stuart Cornes
Absolute rubbish. Much too big for TomTom Go500, so that the SatNav is loose inside it. Plus the case is then much bigger than it needs to be. It is obviously designed for the Go600, not the Go500. Told seller that it was not as advertised, but they still made me pay for the postage back!
One of my worst purchases on Amazon.
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By Murray P
4.4 | 170 customer reviews
143 of the 170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The 'burger box' itself is fine, well made and gives good protection qualities. I must add however, though in NO WAY a criticism of the box itself, it does work better when using it to house a TomTom with their built-in low-profile (twist to suck on) window attachment because you get everything zipped up into the case, where-as when using it to house a Garmin, the (by-comparison) larger Garmin window sucker won't fit into this case. That may not matter to you, if you leave your Garmin window sucker in your vehicle and simply remove the SatNav plus charge lead from your vehicle then the drawback wouldn't affect you, but if, like me, you swap vehicles a lot then obviously you need to transport the window sucker AS WELL, and it wont fit in this box....BUT.....as a case for the SatNav unit and charge lead (only), it is a very
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By A.M
I bought this because Avis wants more than £12 per day to hire their GPS.
I am very familiar with Garmin's GPS, having had a few in the past. This one is the same dummy friendly device. This time round, even better when you key in the postal code! It works like magic.
The windscreen suction cup / holder and bracket work well, EXCEPT the front clip does not want to stay on the circular 'bracket', and sometimes comes off.
I love the colour screen and the coloured routes.
One downside is that the voice prompt can come a bit too late. Often it says turn left/right when you are already at that point!!!!
Something to fix, perhaps?
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By Sang
Would be five stars except for little room for windscreen mount. I guess the idea is you leave the windscreen mount on the windscreen. Fine if you're using sat nav in same vehicle.

Despite what many reviewers say you can actually fit the mount in the case with some thought just a bit tight. Have to first place sat nav so screen is facing down not up to protect it against mount ball-joint pressing on screen.
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By picmanic
4.3 | 200 customer reviews
163 of the 200 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really thought about this for a while as needed something for a long trip across France but finally bit the bullet. It's pricey but I'd say worth the money, made the trip a hell of a lot easier (and safer). Does take a bit of exploring but none the less works pretty well out of the box. I used pre-planned courses made on the computer before hand, which I had to copy from other sources otherwise the Garmin didn't retain the elevation info on the course when you imported. This was a bit of a pain but did allow me to check the routes and re-plan in some instances so I was okay with it. The in use data screens are all customisable which is really useful and you can rearrange pretty much everything (Tip: To change the elevation view scale when in use, touch the
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By Chappers
I've held off on a review until I'd got a couple months use out of it. I've put about 700 miles riding on mine, in varied conditions and on varying ride lengths. In particular I put it through a 4-day, 400 mile trip across Northern France with 10-12 hour days. It performed well throughout - only 1 mis-step (a random crash/shutdown while out in use. No data loss on immediate restart).

As a bike computer / data logger, you won't find better. Works brilliantly at high-resolution capturing all the data from the sensors (the Cadence and Speed sensors always connect and return data, but the included chest-strap Heart Rate Monitor took a bit of practice before I got reliable connections - don't ignore the parts of the instructions that tell you to wet the sensor patches first and make sure it's snapped in place securely). Your Strava uploads will be absolutely
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By M. Exley
Product worked for just one ride. 48 hours later it just wouldn't switch on. Tried mains and USB but nothing. The one time it worked it was impressive. Not small or light but packed with data to view and a very clear screen whee you can have all your favourite stats as well as switch to navigation whenever you need to. That said, quality is definitely an issue based on my experience and looking online I'm not the only one who has had problems! Also, what a waste of money Prime is, first experience and delivery was two days rather next day as suggested and now telling us replacement three days. Replacement policy in principle is great, but let down on delivery - must do better Amazon as on this experience I'll order from a well known Bike site next time instead - but perhaps a different GPS!
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By Mark
4.2 | 613 customer reviews
502 of the 613 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So far it works great! Really easy to use and I don't even have to think about where I am going since it tells instructions so clearly. Much better than a phone sat nav. Also shows the correct lane to be in which is a great help and stops confusion. Sometimes speed limits are a bit off but you should look at the signs anyway
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By SwiftFit
Very good product for the price. Clear voice and on screen instructions. Would recommend for first time sat-nav buyers who would like something not too cheap and not too expensive but still does the job well enough to travel from A to B.
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By oranges & pears
Got fed up with tom tom which took forever finding a good GPS signal decided to try Garmin , after the initial setup and getting use to a new user I interface which is considerable different to TomTom I really prefer this unit as it very responsive and has more useful features
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By Maxamillion
4.4 | 99 customer reviews
87 of the 99 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The TomTom GO5100 fits very well inside this case. It is well made and does not look cheap. It can fit in your bag well, taking no more space than a small Filofax. Although is snug, I can actually fit the charging cable inside the pouch too. See Pictures. Overall very happy and would recommend it.
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By Trixter76
Just what I was after. Snug fit with nice outer pouch for cable/battery or something (no zip on outer sleeve though). This is MUCH better than that crappy amazon basics case, which I promptly returned for a refund.

If you are after a case JUST for your 5" tom tom and nothing else fancy, this will do the job. It oozes quality and you will not be disappointed. Buy it and if you don't agree you can always return it for free! Thanks amazon! :). If only they paid their fair share of taxes I'd have more respect for this corporate behemoth!
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By Londoner
Won't hold all the kit for a TomTom comfortably. But no need really as I keep the satnav in it and in the house/handbag when not needed, cables/plug in the glovebox of the car and out of sight.
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4.3 | 163 customer reviews
144 of the 163 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I so very nearly purchased the same from a well known high street car parts retailer in their half price sale for seven English pounds. Wow. I only needed the part that fits in the sat nav as mine had broken.... the small claws that hold the ball finally give in...poor design really. But without it the sat nav is totally useless. Thank goodness I found this one. Oh, and it didn't take a month to receive it, even just before Christmas so well done there too. Very happy motorist now
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By Peter Wiklo
This replacement car mount for a Garmin Nuvi LM42 arrived on time and in good condition. Overall: Works well, good price, like original. The mount arrived on time, securely packaged and works just like the original.
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By screviews
Ok, I have a genuine Garmin Nuvi sat nav Holder which I found whilst waiting for this order to arrive. So I thought I might as well compare them and to my disappointment, this Generic version was poor. Not entirely sure what it will stick to however it wont stick to a dashboard surface that a genuine Garmin does without issues. So based on a direct comparison on the same surface this item does not do the business. Bottom of a drawer somewhere now.
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4.4 | 84 customer reviews
76 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Top quality item. Much better than the original mount that came with my TomTom. Sturdier (no jiggling about as you drive along), fixes to the windscreen more easily and more firmly, and is easier to remove too, thanks to the lever. Excellent item.
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By Steve Longden
Very prompt delivery, item arrived after only two days !
Great design, works perfectly, sticks VERY FIRMLY to almost any smooth surface.
So much better than the original Tom Tom rubbish, which just kept falling off every few miles !
Highly recommended product.
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By Trevor Smith
Perfect and sturdy. My new satnav stopped charging so went back to my good old Tomtom One who still works perfectly one. But was missing the holder. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a genuine one so bought this one. Perfect fit and stick really well on the windscreen.
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By F. Morimont
product price
4.3 | 129 customer reviews
112 of the 129 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use this device very successfully with the RaceChrono software on a selection of Android phones. I use it mounted on my Helmet or on the Kart itself while karting. It works plug and play with RaceChrono on android with no additional apps or drivers to install - just connect via Bluetooth in Racechrono and away it goes.

I have also tried the Qstarz BT-Q818XT, and can say that for the application I have been using - the Garmin GLO gets far superior results. This is partly due to the fact that the GLO can utilise the Russian GLONASS system as well as the American satellites - therefore giving much more accurate positional results, but also because the GLO is capable of a higher refresh rate than the QSTARZ product. (I get about 7-8hz with the GLO, 5hz was the best the Qstarz could do while still
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By djpete
I hesitated before buying this as I wan't entirely convined that it for the best part of £100 it would be a significant improvement to the GPS on my phone. Well I've only been using it for a few weeks but I'm pleased with it so far.

The bluetooth link (+ using BlueTooth GPS on Android) works well, and the ability to pinpoint my location in less than a second once connected is a huge improvment. I also like the improved accuracy, and using it to feed a dashboard and GPS tracker when flying makes for some geeky in-flight entertainment (perfectly OK with a phone in flight-mode).

As a carry-case, the 'iGadgitz Black EVA Carrying Hard Case Cover for Olympus DS-40' works well - it doesn't come with one. For a self-contained extended-power solution to stick in a backpack, it fits nicely alongside a 'Power Bank Anker Astro E1' in the ever-useful
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By criticaldistance
Purchased to work with my Android phone, to extend the battery life as I can turn off the internal GPS and my WiFi only iPad Pro..
For use with the Android phone I needed to use another app, Bluetooth GPS, to provided the virtual GPS interface and change a few settings, Garmin web site details what's needed to be done. The iPad iOS operating system just accepts the Garmin GLO without any issues.
It's fast and accurate and if used on an Android phone/tablet the Bluetooth GPS app lets you see what's going on. It's very sensitive and sitting inside some 5 mars form a window on the ground floor the app indicates within a few seconds that Garmin GLP is finding a lock and shortly afterwards easily and regularly sees 18+ satellites and uses 12. Positional accuracy soon goes below 2-3 mtrs and I've seen it below 2 metres
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By Ernie
product price
4.2 | 288 customer reviews
234 of the 288 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Slotted in easily and worked quickly. It took a moment to load up initially. Has worked fine every time since.

The actual guide has some strange comments like turn left now when it should be leave the roundabout now. Also it mentions half turns which seem to be slight bends in the road.

Overall I'm very glad I brought the becker map as it intergrats beautifully into the my A class.
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By Amazon Customer
Downloaded the software to manage the module. First off it couldnt find it. Then it did and started to update. Halfway through it insisted I register. Wasnt able to as the popup window was so tiny the email and password boxes were obscured by the instruction buttons. It then closed that down and informed me it was downloading updates. Then it instructed me to reset the device which I did . It then stated it was updating the module which too a fair amount of time. Finally the screen informed me that it could not communicate with the module. At that point I lost the will to live and gave up. Plugged it into the can and all seems well but yet to try it out on a journey. Not the hassle I would expect from a £200
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By Mr. D. J. Benfield
The Waze app or Google maps offer a better experience and logic to avoid realtime disruptions on the road.

But my car came with the great big screen in the middle so I had to use it for more than Radio 2.

The user interface is good but many times I've now heard 'disruption ahead - it has not been possible to find an alternative route'. Whereas the Waze app on my iPhone offers a faster alternative.
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By Koko
4.2 | 275 customer reviews
240 of the 275 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Why pay more when this simple product does exactly what it says on the packet! It fits my 6" tomtom perfectly and if you wind the cables around the mount on your device, it happily fits in this case without straining the zips or putting undue pressure on your device.
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By mickg
Good quality item that takes a TomTom fitted with an integrated stand easily. You can squeeze a cable and charger in but there's no need and it strains the structure anyway.. I leave the power cable connected (Not confident with mini usb plugs lasting ability) and, making sure that I put it into the case the right way round, I can pull the zip round leaving about 1" from the end to let the cable out. I just wrap the cable round the case and take it all away. The zipper is quite delicate so careful handling is needed avoiding any forcing.
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My TomTom 25 Start fits perfectly in this, with the cable coiled around the suction cup base and the charger plug tucked in beside. I dont see how anything bigger could fit in it, though.
The flat base, which the screen rests against, is hard and protective. The curved upper part, which is moulded to accommodate the suction base, is a bit more flexible, but it will certainly do the job of keeping my TomTom safe.
The outer look and feel is very nice black leatherette. The inside is a rather cheap-looking thin fabric. But for this price it's really an excellent buy, and I'm delighted with it.
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By lilac
4.4 | 75 customer reviews
67 of the 75 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When you need a replacement part find it at a good price you order it and wait, as I've ordered the same part before for my wife's car I had no hesitation in ordering again from this company as last time delivery was 2 days after ordering, they didn't disappoint this time just as fast delivery, well done.
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By G B.
The SatNav belongs to my father who managed to lose the part which allowed the device to be attached to the windscreen. This replacement is a perfect fit. It arrived earlier than advertised and for the cost, you can't beat it.
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By Knightsfield
replacement for broken bracket that came with the equipment some 5+ years ago. Now up and running again where it should be - attached to car windscreen
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By locky33
4.3 | 101 customer reviews
87 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product for cars with a deeply sloping windscreen, where a good suction mount location for a SatNav may be hard to find.
On a sloping dash top which has been well-polished you might have a problem with movement. However, on my wife's Honda Jazz - which has a sloping top to the dash - it sat perfectly still once we had settled on a good location. My wife has used it many times since and has been delighted with it. The SatNav is a TomTom Start25, which is mounted upside down (the display self-rights) on the flat pad area of the mount.
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By Ken Pike
The car sat nav gps dashboard mount is fab we used it when visiting friends in South Wales it was a great help as my partner has to hold sat nav before. I was able to see sat nav myself . Yes I would and have been telling People about it already .
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By simon paul plaistow
Firstly I wish people who review things like this and say how wonderfully it is, could just add the crucial information of which car it is wonderful in! This isn’t very successful in a Corsa D. It’s just baffling why this product has circular gel pad on the underside which is semi recessed and therefore cannot make contact with the dashboard. I have tried putting an additional thin gel pad underneath, which has helped but only a bit.
I guess I will have to go through the process of buying different version until I find one the works in a “Corsa D”
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By A. Bayley
product price
4.3 | 98 customer reviews
85 of the 98 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bracket direct replacement for my old bracket that went when my bike got stolen.
It fits perfectly.
This is an original Garmin bracket and fits my 200 perfectly. I believe this item fits other units too, being universal but i would check with seller first.
This item is supplied with two brackets and enough rubber mounting rings for them both for two sizes of handlebar
the item also came in full Garmin retail box.
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By Willo46
I foolishly threw away the orginal mounts that came with my Garmin - didn't think I'd use them. This replacement has two of everything and fits perfectly. Well worth the money even if I should never have had to spend it!
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By G
This is an extra pair of standard garm in mounts with varies rubber bands to fit different dia stems and bars.

Note that if you are buying a main Garmin unit it will have a pair of mounts in the box so you only need these if you want to mount it to more than 2 bikes.
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By Ely Peddler