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Best Rated in GPS, Navigation & Accessories

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our GPS, Navigation & Accessories store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

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Top rated products in GPS, Navigation & Accessories

4.7 | 1,652 customer reviews
1,570 of the 1,652 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought one these with a nuvi 2545 - it sits happily on the sloping dash of my car, I've only had to slightly reposition it once after going over a speed bump a bit quickly.
No rings on the windscreen, and it keeps the sat nav lower and so does not obstruct your view of the road in any way.
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By Chris
The friction mount is great just place it in a suitable place in your car attach the sat nav to the quick release on the mount and its read to go and the sat nav does not move around its solid no more dropping of the window with that window suction mount that was just not fit for purpose.
I have found that driving the car with the sat nav attached to the friction mount perfect in all road conditions it does not move around its perfect. This friction mount should have been standard with the sat nav and Garmin should have stopped supplying the window mount.
There is only one small thing when going over really bumpy roads the sat nav does tend to vibrate/shake slightly but to me that's not a big problem.
Highly recommend the friction mount.
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By Eric Bray
Excellent bit of kit, because it just works like it's product description says it will. I bought it to hold a Garmin Nuvi 2598 Sat Nav, that I mounted on the windscreen with the suction cup that came with it originally.
As I was fed up with the device periodically detaching itself whilst driving, I decided to try this product. It is excellent as it holds in place and does not shift despite bends or hills etc.
I can now place the Sat Nav much closer to me giving a greater ability to read the text on screen, easily. Money well spent.
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By Dave N
4.7 | 409 customer reviews
389 of the 409 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I saw another driver using one of these... I was so impressed I had to get one...

As an hgv driver I cannot have stuff stuck in the field of wipe as It can obscure the view
this sits securley on the dash and the sat nav is secure.
BUt because it is lose fitted on the dash I can also easily grab it to change destination.

Also I can see the sat nav at the right focal length as I can put it at the right distance away ... not at a distance dictated by the screen

Love that it does not slide about
Basically love this
easy 5stars
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By SteveG6i7
At last I have found a holder that works properly with my Garmin Nuvi. I have tried sticker holders and air vent holders and none have worked properly in my 2014 Vauxhall Astra. The sticker holders have never stayed on except in the window, and as any modern Astra owner will tell you, the windscreen is too far away to reach the Gamin on the window. The sticker holders do not work on the dash of the Astra as it is rounded and they only work on flat surfaces. I previously tried Garmin's own friction holder but it was too large. This however is perfect. At last I can see the Garmin properly and it does not slide across the car when driving as the friction pad keeps it firmly in place. If you have a curved dashboard this will work.
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By Animalspirit
Finally, a way to keep my satnav mounted in front of me when I’m driving, without it constantly ending up on the floor!
The Garmin sat nav is great but the windscreen mount is just dreadful. It just will not stay put, no matter how well I clean the glass. I tried a stick-on disc from Halfords on the dashboard but it fell off after just a few weeks. Fed up, I turned to Amazon and decided to give this a try.
I have been using this friction mount in my Astra for a few weeks now and it just doesn’t move, even when cornering or braking hard. I can easily move it (satnav attached) into the footwell, where its practically invisible, if I’m leaving the car unattended. Or I can remove the satnav, put the mount in the footwell and put the satnav in the glove box if I want them
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By Browneyes
4.5 | 950 customer reviews
848 of the 950 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Rather hesitant about purchasing this what with some of the adverse comments,well went ahead regardless and am i glad i did my tomtom via135 (5"screen)fits perfectly plus car charger,leads and tom tom mount,all in one handy case.Perfectly delivery packaging up to Amazon excellence.
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By Ronnie
TomTom Go 5100 fits perfectly into the mesh pocket. It goes in either way but with the screen facing away from the mesh it is easier to take out and the screen is protected from any extras you put in the case.
EDIT > I ended up putting the 5100 in the pocket with the screen facing the mesh. My phone, in its leather case, went in the bottom section, ensuring the flap faced down, away from the sat nav. This worked perfectly, with the phone actually providing additional protection for the sat nav screen.

Some people are saying this case is larger than needed but it's actually perfect for my needs, because I can also put in my phone (Samsung S5 Neo) which is in a leather case. (I have a work phone and don't want to carry two phones while I'm doing work, but I do want to keep it
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By RayG
Perfect case for my 5" Satnav (TomTom Go 50). It costs less than half the price when compared to the manufacturers case. The case itself is semi-rigid, strong enough so it doesn't deflect when handled day to day, There is plenty of room for the TomTom unit, power cable and USB adaptor used for charging via 12v car cigarette lighter socket. There is a mesh sleeve to hold the cable and adaptor in position within the case so they don't fall out when you unzip the case which is useful. The inside lining of the case prevents the screen from being scratched.

I have had this case for approx. 18 months and it shows no real signs of wear and tear even though it is used throughout the week, the zipper still functions perfectly, all in all a great piece of kit, especially for the price.
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By Phil
4.7 | 177 customer reviews
165 of the 177 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is a good quality item (hence 5 stars) but the description should warn buyers that the sets with integrated stands have to be dismantled otherwise they will not fit into the case as designed. The flap designed to protect the screen gets bent in half whichever way up the receiver is inserted and the strain on the case is obvious, Dismantled the receiver fits as intended but the pocket in the lid is now filled with the mount and there is little space for the charger and cable . Constantly dismantling the sat nav will possibly eventually damage the clips as they are only designed for the occasional reversing of the mount.. Was returned and refund was quick.( My instrument is a Start 52)
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I have a Via 52 sat nav, which fits snugly into the bottom section of the carry case. It is held in position by 2 thick pieces of elastic. The case is opened by a zip, which runs smoothly around the outside of it. The interior flap comes down onto the sat nav. On the top section, there is netting, so you can store the lead which connects the lighter socket to the sat nav. I needed to get a two way adapter for the lighter socket and it all works perfectly. The adapter is too bulky to fit into the case. The carry case is very smart and of sturdy design. The only thing I would say is that It is quite bulky, so if you don't have much space in your bag to carry the sat nav around, then maybe look for another design. Overall, I am pleased
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By CarolA
I am not sure this case was actually designed around the Tom Tom Go 50 but it does the job. It's a bit bulkier than I really would have preferred and is too big for most of the hidey-holes in my car.....but i just store it in the boot while parked and i never leave it in the car overnight anyway! It is sturdy and offers good drop-protection. If you want snug fitting then pay tomtom prices but if you are simply about protective storage on a budget then I recommend this case.
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By Rick Borman
4.5 | 726 customer reviews
632 of the 726 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great case, bought for Tomtom start 25, it was worth paying a big more for a better quality case - good screen protector part & accessory compartment. Would recommend after buying slightly cheaper ones which weren't as good.
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By PipWilliams
This case for my sat nav arrived today. I am extremely pleased with it.

It's a hard case but the external finish is a very aesthetic material.

The case unzips and folds out into top and bottom halves. The bottom half contains an elasticated "net" which extends most of the way across this half of the case. Ideal for storing the USB data/charging lead and the power adaptor.

The top half is where the sat nav unit goes, held in place with a couple of elastic straps.The inside of the "lid" is lined with a very soft material to protect the screen. There is also a hinged "divider" separating the two halves of the case, also finished in a soft material to protect the contents.

A clip on wrist strap is included with the case too. Nice touch..........

There seems to have been a lot of comments about the case not being tall enough to
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By Tim Burgess
Has a really strong petrol/oil smell that I’m hoping will fade with airing :( It is a hard case all around it, so is protective; looks nice; and the metal clasp that attaches the wrist strap to the case can easily come undone, so I’ve swapped the strap for one I already had to avoid risking dropping my equipment; I don’t use it for a sat nav I use it to store my portable
phone charger (5”), cigarette lighter charger connector, Bluetooth ear piece and 3 charging cables. I hope the smell doesn’t relate to anything damp that might mould on the case hence, airing it first to be sure my equipment doesn’t get damaged. Otherwise, the case seems quite robust and good value for money. It’s deeper than expected, so not as compact as needed for my laptop bag. Will update after some usage.
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By LoveLabradors
4.6 | 242 customer reviews
226 of the 242 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used this device in a slightly different way.. as a tortoise tracker. I like to let my 2 tortoises (George and Pandora) roam the garden in the summer. Then in the evening I need to find them so they can both go into their indoor vivarium. But they are notoriously good at hide & seek and bury/go in shrubbery when it starts to get cooler in the evening. I have taped this tracker to their back, with no disturbance to them and I take it off every night. This has now turned more into a game of Marco Polo and I stand a much better change of fining them. The beep isn't so load as to disturb them, but is loud enough for me to find them. So a great little device and highly recommend for finding tortoises.
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By Harriet S.
Bought this for my husband who has a memory like a goldfish & is forever getting stressed out as he can't find his keys or wallet & we end up having to turn the house upside down looking for them only to find he's left them somewhere really random...he was delighted to receive this. We did a proper test as we put all the fobs on various key rings etc & then our 7 year old daughter hid them thoroughly around the house - it couldn't be easier to use & it worked perfectly. We even found the one she hid several rooms away upstairs! They make a good loud (but not too annoying) noise & it's great that the whole set looks quite modern & stylish too so the remote finder can just sit on the side minding it's own business until its needed. Think this will save much
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By Pu55ycat1
This is, in theory, a great product but its not as reliable in practice as I think it should be. When you demonstrate it to people it works every time, but don't be fooled by this, the battery contacts are not that reliable. I've got some important keys on the purple tag and when I lost them the damn thing didn't work at all - even when I was only an arm's length away. When I eventually found them and shook the finder it started to work again - great eh? The green was not needed so I put it away knowing I could find it at the press of a button - but now I can't find it because it doesn't respond!!! Eventually, I bought a similar "6 in 1 Wireless Key Tracker" and this seems more reliable, even though the construction is cheaper looking.
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By Phil Allen
product price
4.4 | 622 customer reviews
514 of the 622 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fantastic Product, was contemplating buying one of these for a while but put off by the design as all the cars ive owned have curved dashboards. Its so quick and easy to use, the hook you get with it is rubbish, but completely unneccessary. I placed mine on the dash without the hook, drove round country roads, speed bumps, you name it and hasn't moved at all! Tried it with the sat nav on it, thinking it might tip, but no it was perfect! Once finished, I just lift it off and put it in the door card pocket and there is no sign of having a sat nav in the vehicle. Would definately recommend to anyone. One of the most useful things ive ever bought.
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By Amazon Customer
To be honest we don't use the sat nav very often so when they stopped updating the old one we bought a cheaper model but it had a rubbish holder. The car has a sat nav, but I still think TomTom are better and get updated more regularly. Anyway the holder was rubbish so we went for this and I can say it is perfect. Once it is screwed on it does not move, even when you angle the screen about, it does not shift either when on the dashboard and we have never bothered to use the hook provided. When you park, easy to pick up the whole lot and put in the boot and no marks on the windscreen like the old one. It feels quick chunky and heavy, which is useful for keeping it in place and we even leave it
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By V Batty
Firstly reading the reviews some might think this is not a genuine TomTom product. The item that was delivered to me from Amazon was a genuine product.

With reference to the item itself the base measures 20cm wide by 17cm long and you really need a dashboard area of at least that size which is relatively flat and positioned within the drivers viewing angle to fit it. For me driving a VW Touran it works very well and allows the GPS to be positioned much closer to my driving view whilst at the same time not obstructing the windscreen at all. It comes with a little plastic hook which can be stuck to the dash board but I have found the weight of the device and the soft feel of the base means that this is not necessary. In any case if a tie was necessary that could
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By GerryP
4.6 | 146 customer reviews
138 of the 146 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this for my Garmin 5" screen sat nav and it fits inside perfectly without sliding around. There is a flap with slots in to carry the sd cards should you require them and room to store your screen protectors etc. The zip works well and looks strong enough. There is also a chrome ring on the corner and a clip like the ones on a dog lead supplied for clipping the case to your belt loop etc. All in all really good value for money I think
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By speedtwin007
Perfect for what I wanted.
My sat nav mount doesn't fold down and so doesn't fit in any case, so I didn't want a case twice the depth of my satnav, as it would take up excess space.
Because my satnav is 5" there's a bit of room around the side, which is enough to fit in the connecting wire. Also a nice touch to have the plastic slots of SD cards, although I don't use this
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By Gabby
I bought this for my TomTom start 25, unfortunately it did not fit very well, I really had to wedge the unit in and with not being able to remove the mount really struggled to close the zip. I was concerned that I would finish up breaking the screen. I wrote to the suppliers who to give them credit did every thing they could to assist in the return of the case. I would have exchanged it for a deeper one but they unfortunately did not do one and kindly gave me a refund
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By Iain Gilmour
4.6 | 145 customer reviews
125 of the 145 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a driving instructor I wanted one of these for lessons to help prepare students for the new driving test in December which will have an independent drive of twenty minutes using sat nav only.
I was a bit doubtful that this would stay in place on the dash in everyday normal driving, no worries, never moved at all.
Now we dont drive as though we are in a race but we do do an emergency stop and the pad did move here but only by a very small amount.
The pad is very easy to fit, fix your sat nav suction cup to the smooth disc on top of the pad then set the pad down on top of your car dash, its easy to adjust position by just moving it around.
When you have finished using it you just pick it up and take it away, no fiddling trying to remove sat
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This is without doubt the best product of its kind. I put it on the dashboard with my TomTom XL and it stays where it's placed, doesn't move or slide at all. Highly recommended

I just bought another to mount my dash-cam. Much better than wires trailing all over the place around the windscreen etc when using suction mount. Just absolutely brilliant.....highly recommended.
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By Jon
I didn't realise this was made by Garmin but I have to congratulate them on a superb product at a most reasonable price.

I have just bought a new car and really didn't want to stick a 3M adhesive base for a dash cam onto the new dashboard - the surface of the dashboard was such that the suction cup of a traditional base simply wouldn't attach.

I searched through similar products on Amazon and this one stuck out as having all the qualities I was seeking i.e. slightly bendable yet heavy enough on which to sit a suction base for the camera - I was prepared to gamble the purchase price £6.99 and it paid off.

The GoPro dash cam is most stable on this base even when accelerating, braking & cornering and the appearance suitably matches the car's interior (black).

I am so impressed with the working quality and style that I
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By Griff
4.5 | 224 customer reviews
196 of the 224 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great product and seems to be original (holographic sticker and correctly branded box looks identical to the ones in Halfords). It's a perfect replacement/spare mount for the Tom Tom 500/5000 (should fit the 600 and 6000 as well). It charges the device quickly and breaks down into three parts: Mount, charge cable and charge adaptor. Buy with confidence.
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By Amazon Customer
It's good.... when it doesn't have the issue where it starts to disconnect and get power loss. I purchased a replacement a year ago and I am now experiencing the same issue again.
Disappointing considering this will be almost £60 in mounts just so I can use the sat nav properly.

It seems like this is a common issue as well if you research online so one would hope TOM TOM would have looked into this defect in their device.
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By Tomuk2011
I love Tomtom, it has saved me many hours of delays and in my opinion is far the best of all sat navs, shame I can't say the same for the cradles.
Though this cradle matches the quality of the one that came with the sat nav the problem is that neither one has lasted and I will now have to contact Tomtom once again to report a fault. To clarify the fault, after a while the sat nav receives no charge, you can temporarily fix it by wiggling the wire in the back but eventually it will fail completely.
My rating is not for the cradle itself, though it feels good quality - I know it won't last and deserves a 1 star. My rating is purely because Tomtom don't usually shirk their responsibility and will send a replacement
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By Golidog
4.6 | 125 customer reviews
114 of the 125 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small, simple, and convenient. So much nicer being able to mount a phone via the vents. rather than have some obnoxious mount protruding from various parts of my vehicle. plus i can just grab and go into another vehicle at my leisure.
Only downside of magnetic mounts is if you have wireless charging. you have to be sure to place the metal plate so that it does not impact the wireless charging connectivity. for me that means i had to place the metal plate lower in the case which makes it impossible to mount the phone horizontally. not a deal breaker, just an friendly FYI
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By Romeo P.
I was skeptical for two reasons about this item. Firstly, I didn't think the magnet would be strong enough to keep the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus stable. Secondly, I was unsure that the insert would stay firmly in the air vent of the Scirocco without damaging the vents. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the magnet part was to affix to the air vents without causing damage. I was equally impressed by how strong the connection is between the magnet and the metal plate (included) attached to the phone case. Despite the grip being super-strong, the phone is easy to remove with one hand without fear of removing the magnet from the air vent. Highly recommended product. Oh, and now I've got more viewing area on the windscreen now that I no longer need my previous suction-style fixture.
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By K
I use this on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which is in a case. The magnet goes inside the case with a protective film to prevent scratching the back of the handset. The hexagonal holder pushes into a regular car air vent really easily and is very secure (I use mine in a Nissan Pulsar). The mobile sits just right and whichever angle you choose. It's really great, non-damaging, and has a very small footprint. It holds the mobile securely despite its size. I am very impressed.
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By Gareth Joseph Anderson
4.5 | 185 customer reviews
160 of the 185 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The charging cable for my Tom Tom had gone bad and happy to find this replacement one. It is compact and being in two parts help in (1) using the charging unit to charge other mobile devices & (2) the connector double up as transfer cable.
Have used it only once since the purchase, but so far I have no complain about it.

In addition the delivery was fast. Good value for money
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By Avi Das
Works just fine and a very reasonable price compared to a TomTom supplied charger replacement. My original TomTom GO battery never lasted very long even when new and so the device has always had to run plugged in. My original car charger broke and this replacement works just fine. There's a little green light on the plug in charger too, to confirm it's plugged in and drawing power, which gives additional reassurance.
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By The Jones Family, Surrey
I bought this for somebody else. They have advised it works and does the job.
One thing to note is that it is not a genuine TOMTOM product but works with theirTOMTOM sat nav.
Then again, would you expect to pay such a low price for TOMTOM genuine items? Definitely not.
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By Biker Girl
4.5 | 176 customer reviews
156 of the 176 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My car has Bluetooth for the telephone but not media. The aux connection was always poor and crackling, and I didn't want to have to change the stereo system. I bought this to stream Spotify through the car speakers and the sound quality is excellent (set at fm108.0). To begin with I was ready to compromise with having to use this as the phone connection as well, which wasn't ideal as the feedback from those on the call was that this wasn't as clear as the car connection. Then I discovered that I could just pair this for the media audio and not the phone. Now my car automatically connects to both devices when I turn on the engine. I get the music, and I can still use the steering wheel buttons to make calls etc through the Cars setting. Best of both worlds!
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By Racmarie11
I recently sold a car which had a Nokia bluetooth setup wired in and worked perfectly. My new (to me!) car hasn't got it and I really didn't want open up the centre console to try wire a similar setup into the car radio.

This little FM transmitter is perfect because it solves 3 problems at once. You get a phone system which allows you to make and receive calls handsfree, and requires no wiring. The device gets its power from yout cigarette lighter.
Second, it can be used as a way of playing music/podcasts on your phone through the car stereo. Simply set the device to an used FM frequency, tune your car radio into the same frequency, play the music file on your phone and get the sound through your car speakers. Granted, its not as crystal clear as using an AUX port and may not be good enough for
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By James Joice
I’m very impressed with this so far, easy to use and the sound is clean with no noise, not the greatest hands free device as the mic is along way from your mouth and I use this mainly in a truck but for playing music it’s great, have to add (one week later) I still very much rate this and have I in fact ordered and received a second but have had to down grade my rating as I hadn’t noticed before that you can’t use the radio as a radio when this is on as the transmitter is so powerful it affects all the channels,
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By Andrew Carr
4.4 | 282 customer reviews
240 of the 282 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is as good as the original suction cup. It sticks extremely well to the windscreen and the ball fits the satnav perfectly. The quick release works well and I haven't had any problems with it, even in hot weather in Italy.

I do recommend wetting the pads on these to increase the suction.
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By Caz
Works well, not sure if it's genuine Garmin but not bothered. The genuine one seems to have an inherent problem where the suction cup degrades then the Nav unit starts falling off the screen. This replaces my second genuine mount, time will tell. 5 stars because there's nothing wrong with it out of the box. It holds the unit as steadily as the known genuine mount.
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By Flash
We bought a new one because the one that came with our Garmin sat nav kept falling off the windscreen. This one is just as useless. Not the seller's fault though; it's Garmin's fault.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 268 customer reviews
209 of the 268 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a tech passionate I needed something to keep my cables and charger organised while traveling or going to work. As such I came across positive reviews on the net about this case and decided to give it a try. As you'll see from the photos it is a good quality travel case, able to contain manu cables, headphones, chargers and usb keys... As mentioned in some reviews please be aware that this case is fairly big (see in the photos the comparison with my iphone to give an idea of the size) but was exactly what I was looking for. Recommended
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By Paolo Malerba
I took this wee travel case on my 18 hour journey from Scotland to Las Vegas.

I cannot recommend it highly enough!

It is such a simple little thing, but it organises and holds so many of your gadgets and bits and bobs together in the same place. It gave me peace of mind and stopped me from losing anything (my partner, who didnt have one of these, lost his kindle on the plane as he was too busy fiddling around with all the other things he had to pack back into his carry on!).ylus.

I was able to fit my kindle into this (i have the kindle with the keyboard). I also had my ipod, earphones, two chargers (for my phone and ipod), my mobile phone, a pen, pencil, eraser, stylus and there was still room in there for other little bits n bobs! There is also a handy little outer pocket
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By T
I bought this case as I plan to travel this summer and wanted to have a case to keep some of my electronic essentials together in one place.

The case itself has a number of internal mesh dividers that is very handy when it comes to separating certain items to storm them separately. The smaller pockets themselves are perfect for storing smaller items such as memory cards and other batteries for your camera etc. Other compartments are satisfactory for storing USB cables or phone chargers. (Depending on how bulky the plug is)

The case itself doesn't have a particularly hard shell, but is firm enough, and doesn't have adequate padding on the inside to protect your items. Despite this it does give the impression that it will protect its contents reasonably well. It is larger than you expect it to be however it is not large by any means and fits subtly
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By Matthew H
4.7 | 79 customer reviews
73 of the 79 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Allows me to easily place my phone on the dashboard to use as a sat nav, to make calls using my handsfree kit, for my daughter to watch films on long journey's. It sticks to the dashboard perfectly and can be moved easily too.

I had previously used a magnet to attach my phone to the dashboard, but they don't stay stuck for long due to the shape of the dashboard. It's quite big, but don't let that put you off. I no longer need to take my phone case off to mount it.

I'd highly recommend.
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By Little Lisa
Brilliant phone holder. Its th only car holder I've found that will fit my phone with the case on. Because I'm not going to take my case off every time I get in the car. It will also hold my satnav. Very stable. Doesn't come unstuck even in hot weather.
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By HJayne00
I've now purchased for of these altogether and this is not my first review. As long as the dashboard is flat, it will work for you and it works a treat, holding even the largest 6.4" screen phone. When not in use, it also sits very anonymously on my car's black dashboard.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.5 | 141 customer reviews
127 of the 141 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A good choice for a first cycle computer with a clear display with a single button to toggle through all the functions, though the instructions can be a little overwhelming at first but is easy enought to install with the provided cable ties. Automatically goes to sleep after a few minutes of being idle and will automatically wake up once you are up and moving again or can be manually woken up with a single press of the button. The distance, travel time, avg speed can all be reset before your trip by pressing and holding the button.
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By AmazonCustomer
The big problem with many bike computers is that they can be difficult to operate with up to four different buttons needing to be pressed in the correct sequence. If you use it then come back to it a week or two later it's impossible to remember how to access or reset the functions.
The beauty of this model is that it's simple to operate without re -reading the manual every time.
It has all the functions you will probably ever need .....yet it's simple to operate. Reasonable price from an established name
....great product.
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By Dennis
I recently bought the brilliant Kinetic indoor trainer and as my (also brilliant) Garmin will therefore be temporarily redundant, I needed something to monitor my performance through the winter, specifically speed/distance/time. This was pretty cheap and well-reviewed so I though I'd give it a spin. I fitted and tested it for an hour yesterday and can report that it does the job asked of it pretty well. So why only 3 stars?
Well unfortunately, the (considerably more expensive) Garmin has spoiled me, it's wireless with a clever mounting system, whereas the Cateye has messy wiring and cable ties all over the place. The Garmin has a backlight, the Cateye doesn't, something that would have been useful in my garage. I could load my Garmin training data onto my pc, with the Cateye that's not possible. The Garmin charges off USB, but lasts for many hours between charges, whereas the Cateye takes
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By Patrick Mountford
4.3 | 614 customer reviews
490 of the 614 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got tired of sucker marks on my Honda Jazz windscreen and have tried to get a good free-standing dashboard mat instead. Tried both Honda and TomTom - zippo, then I searched Amazon for one -and - took time to read the reviews of this mat to find a positive mention that it worked well on a Honda Jazz - and does!! Good point to remember - look for what you want then read its reviews!! You may just strike gold as I did.
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By Brat 631
Bought 2 of these, 1 each for myself and husband. We do a lot of driving in our jobs and having the sat nav attached to this item is so much easier than messing around attaching to the window. It's flexible and sits anywhere on the dashboard and when not in use just pop it away until your next journey. No more marks on your windscreen glass, a sign you have a sat Nav, which can make your car a target for thieves. Highly recommended.
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By Lindy
Very well made, heavy and durable dashboard mount that feels like its going to last a long time; excellent value for money The quality of the material, filling and centre-piece is excellent and it holds my TomTom in place brilliantly.

Update 19/08/2017 - Just come back from a week touring around France. This little gem never moved once with a TomTom mounted on top!! really amazed!! Well recommended
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By Steven Hill
4.5 | 136 customer reviews
124 of the 136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It fits TomTom 6100, will protect from scratches but doesn't offer much in the way of protection from dropping, but no soft case would unless a lot bulkier than this. Will do what it was purchased for, storing sat nav with an external pocket for the usb lead/paperwork etc. Unfortunately pocket not big enough for manual but material stretchy enough that could get manual in main compartment.
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By deejay
This is a nice soft protective case. It fits a Tomtom 6000 perfectly and has an external pocket to fit the USB lead into. If you insist on dropping your satnav from head height onto a hard surface then I think you need a different type of case.
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By Ian Willsher
It's OK - I didn't expect much when I chose to buy this case - you do get what you pay for.
It's a bit tight to hold my Tom Tom go 60.I really have to hold fast the case and pull the zip round with some force and to put the lead and charger plug in the front pocket is probably a no no but I suppose it does the job of keeping the sat nav clean with less chance of getting scratched.
It's not a hard case so be aware if you drop it with your sat nav inside then probably it's a new sat nav.
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By RoyDye
4.5 | 136 customer reviews
132 of the 136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really nice quality sat nav case. You could pay more with Garmin name on but that was not important it is important to protect the sat nav which it fits perfectly. Nice one.
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By D.J. Paul
Excellent little case, my tomtom520 fits in it perfectly.
Very sturdy and holds all the wires and plugs inside.
The mounting bracket won't go in , but that is quite large.
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By carl
I customised this a little, removing the tray cutting out the hard flap and using it as extra protection behind the net pocket. That lets me put the satnav in the pocket and can then just manage to fit in the cables and windscreen attachment so everything is contained in one case. So good I bought another
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By Iain Thomson