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Best Rated in Facial Trimmers

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Facial Trimmers store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Facial Trimmers

4.8 | 5,059 customer reviews
4,819 of the 5,059 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great nose hair trimmer. My nose hairs were getting a little out of control so i had to buy one of these to destroy them! Now i heard the razor looking ones are better, you know where it's just a stick that you press on the skin of the inside of your nose, as i got told these ones pull your nose hairs out and hurt like crazy, this is wrong! This in painless and very quick and easy, just turn in on, stick it up your nose gently taking it in out out a few times and BLAM! No more jungle sticking out of your nose, its a brilliant product, feels very premium and well built, nice and small so does not take up too much space and is overall a great product which i highly recommend!
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By Brandon
Really pleased with this trimmer, I have bought many cheaper versions and all have broken within a short space of time. This feels solid, strong and comes with a lifetime guarantee!!! Well worth the money. After I bought it and even before it arrived the seller sent an email thanking for purchase and reminding me if I had any problems they would replace the item. Excellent item and seller!
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By SOakey
Having looked at numerous replacements for my old trimmer came across this item what I liked about it was the fact that it was made from metal and not plastic.
The first one turned up but unfortunately there was a problem with it got back straight away and within a hour got a response to say that a replacement would be sent out straight away because of the lifetime guarantee with this item.
On receiving this item charged it and tried it out got to say I was not disappointed it ticked all the boxes in doing what it was intended to do can't fault it good product good after care .
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By Mr Ian M Burgess
4.4 | 673 customer reviews
582 of the 673 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Superb precision, incredible battery life. Excellent build quality and altogether an amazing choice. I took my time, read hundreds of reviews of all types of different makes & models but this is the perfect choice for me. I hate being clean shaven and prefer a little stubble or a full-on beard depending on the time of year, mood, weather or how much like an old fisherman I want to look.

The cutting range goes anything from five o'clock shadow to Captain Birdseye.
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By Paul
Its okay..... I was hoping this would be better than my previous Babyliss trimmer, which would miss hairs. However it is on par with it and I have ended up using the old one as this one can catch your skin and its impossible to shave the hair under your nose on your top lip.....

Length settings for those wanting a stubble look are not great, my Babyliss has multiple settings and the philips is perhaps better for a fuller beard.
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By Mr Boucher
My husband broke his trusty Remington MB320C Barba beard trimmer by dropping it, so he needed a replacement. He wanted to get a newer model with a better battery type - Li-on instead of Ni-mh so he chose this one.

Every time he uses it I hear him complaining about how much longer it takes to trim his beard, because this one misses many hairs. The battery life seems excellent, but the cutting quality just isn't there.

To prove this, he bought another of his trusty, 10+ year old Remington Barba models from Amazon, for much less than this one cost, and he timed how long it took to trim each side of his face.

The Remington was finished in under 2 minutes, while the Philips was still trying to get hairs cut well past the 5 minute mark. He eventually gave up and finished with the Remington.

I am not sure what the
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By Lisa S.
4.6 | 152 customer reviews
141 of the 152 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If, like me, you have hair in all the places a man should then this set will amaze you, make your life easy and make grooming a pleasure from head to toe (feet included - hobbit feet)

Beard - I’m new to the whole beard thing and was determined to do it properly (shampoo and oil etc) and I wasn’t going to let my beard get wirery. Just in time this arrived and a quick trim with the designated beard trimmer gave me the desired effect in seconds

Body - I’m capable of growing a carpet and the trimmer with no comb left me with finish that a waxing beautician would struggle to do anything with. Again, it took seconds. And it’s small enough and manoeuvrable enough to go low with low risk

Eyebrows - my wife hates my eyebrows and I am subjected to plucking too frequently (sadistic witch) but the eyebrow
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By UKColtsfan
This grooming kit is honestly fantastic. This set really does everything you would need for male grooming,it comes with a vertical trimmer,nose timmer ,precsion trimmer and a close shave setting . It also comes with a three position beard and moustache comb. It woks very well.
The nose trimmer is slim and can access as far as required without pulling like other trimmer do and the grade selection that comes for the clippers is very hardy. I love it very much.
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By Yuki
The hair trimmer comes with the stand to put all your bits and pieces in and at the same time charges up the shaver, easy to use and is perfect for quick trims and tidy ups.

comes with nose,eyebrows,ears and shaping clips alongside grade clips for the beard length also includes a comb which is a nice touch all held within the storage unit.
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By M.I.5
4.3 | 2,266 customer reviews
1,942 of the 2,266 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really good product for trimming those nose and ear hairs and if you're sticking things up your nose or in your ears, you need to know it's safe and will do the job. The Panasonic ER-GN30-K meets these requirements perfectly. The body of the product is shaped and makes it easy to hold, as well as simplifying insertion into the nose and ear orifices and a slotted cover over the blades allows the hairs to be trimmed while ensuring the cutting section does not come into contact with the nose or ear. I purchased the product to trim nose and ear hairs and for me it works superbly and is excellent value but in addition I understand it also trims eyebrows and facial hair. If you're in the market for a product to carry out any of these tasks, have a look at the ER-GN30-K. I can't recommend it too
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By Aaron
I really like this item, was a bit concerned about some of the reviews, I am sure they were about another item completely. It is very ergonomic tool, fits the hand like a clove, it is quiet, easy to use and trims very well, clean cuts no pulling. If it lasts as long as a previous make which only cost £4 10 years ago I will be happy. New cutters cost more than the whole unit so it will be cheaper to scrap and buy another. Don't be put off by some of the reviews for the money it is well worth it.
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By Ian
I've used a few of these in the past, often far smaller and cheaper... But the product seems to have decent reviews so I decided to buy it. The size looks something out of place as it's almost the same size as my electronic shaver. The product does a great job of finding and killing any hairs it finds but there was more than a few times it brought a tear to my eye when it found a longer nose hair.
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By D. Iwanow
4.7 | 107 customer reviews
98 of the 107 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Does anyone know of those plug-in hair clippers? You know, the ones barbers use? Well after using this to shave, I think they might go the way of the record disk. The thing doesn't get hot, comes with a boat of different accessories and having no cable is so liberating. I thought it was going to be no match for my tangled Afro, so I was astonished to find it cutting better than a knife through butter. I also thought that 60 minutes was going to be a tad short, especially compared by every other shaver out there, but it turned out to be more than enough for 2 - 3 trims.
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By Kento
This shaved and trimmer has everything you need to keep groomed. The shaved has interchangeable heads of all sizes from long to short and different grades. It has precise settings up to half a mm. it charges up over usb but comes with a plug for the wall. I really like the stand it comes with which keeps everything together so you don’t lose anything. Very good quality blades and body. Easy to change the length and hair guards. It has how many minutes battery left so you are not caught short. Great for all over the body not just beards or head. It wasn’t very loud either and even comes with some blade oil and a comb. A great kit for the money. Very impressed.
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By Gavin Edensor
All trimmer blades are very sharp and good quality. Nose trimmer blade is also good. These pieces of trimmers blades don't pull or pinch your hair at all. But I must say this trimming machine looks very nice and stylish. Everything else that comes with it was also great such as the comb, oil,adjustable hair comb, etc. My only issue was with the adjustable hair comb which makes patches in the beard due to the way its designed. As you can see in the image where my finger is pointing, the gap in the clip is causing the patches. Other than that everything else is very good about this product. This does come with other clips which are in different levels each. It is better to use these instead. For the price its worth it.
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By Amir mahmood jackson
4.3 | 1,695 customer reviews
1,418 of the 1,695 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I absolutely hate shaving, I find it a time consuming pain-in-the-neck.
But this shaver changes all that, I have always shaved with Gillette Mach 3 and/or wilkinson sword razors and while blades do give you an excellent shave I was always left with bump, nicks and the usual irritants that shaving with a blade leave you with.
This razor changes all that, When I first tried it I thought I hadn't charged it enough because it was very quiet and I was expecting more noise from it but its just that quite normally (great surprise) It gives a really close share, it really does look like you shaved with a blade. I used it wet and dry and while both are fantastic I still prefer dry shave with no water or shaving gel/foam. Quick, easy and away you go.

Its a joy to shave again, this shaver get really close up under the
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By PN087
I would recommend this shaver. It gives a nice close shave on short facial hair, and leaves the skin very smooth without redness or irritation. I have only ever used a conventional razor, except for an early experiment with a electric shaver about 20 years ago, and i had assumed from that brief flirtation they electric shavers were not very good. However, this one is mostly excellent. You have to move it in circular motions, not up and down or side to side, and it needs regular cleaning (opening up the top and running it under hot water) as you shave. It's a bit tricky on the neck, I find, but it still works very well, especially if you push your chin down, rather than up as one would when using a razor. I did encounter few problems, but these are mostly correctable. Firstly, it doesn't work very well on
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By Disappearing Act
This is my second purchase of this model, having had 3 years of daily use out of the first, so I obviously like it.

For me the positives are :
a) it shaves as smooth as it gets for an electric shaver compared to a wet shave
b) shape is easy to hold to get the job done quickly
c) most importantly, it has never left me with any shaver burn as the blades are well protected

No real negatives but a few things to bear in mind :
a) my first one died because the on button got jammed on ... so it could never recharge ! To be fair, I travelled abroad most weeks for those 3 years and the shaver got jammed in so many carry-on bags that it hardly had a protected life.
b) the trimmer is as weak as they all are on shavers - does the smallest jobs only
c) wet is
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By West Ham Alan
product price
4.2 | 4,329 customer reviews
3,640 of the 4,329 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
- Adjustment is easy with a wheel to change between nine trim settings.
- Trims my beard down to length easily and consistently.
- 40 minutes of battery last a long time at only a few minutes per trim.
- Good value for money
- Feels good in the hand

- Charging takes a long time - 16 hours
- Cleaning isn't the best - can't be washed in water and the provided brush takes a while to clean away all the hairs completely.
- Not sure about longevity.
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By Adam
Top quality shaver. Firstly the build is fantastic, it looks and feels like a £40+ shaver, and I can definitely see it lasting a long time. It has everything you need for a precise shave without the need for a load of extra bits/accessories to carry around. Really do enjoy using it and the battery life is superb. Only real flaw is that it is a little too loud, but at this price its a very minor issue.
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By Mehlum Trunkwala
I've been using this trimmer for over 2 years and it is still working perfectly however I have just replaced it because I've lost the charger.
The build quality is great and it has really sharp blades. Along with its powerful motor the trimmer has no problem cutting hairs and doesn't get stuck and rip them out as i've experienced on a few other beard trimmers.
The well positioned length adjustment wheel is useful and has a nice amount of adjustment.
There is also a flip out trimmer on the back which is really handy for shaving smaller areas although I wish the spring was a little stronger as it flips down easily however you can hold it in place with your index finger easily enough.
The battery life is fairly decent and lasts for a few shaves however to get the best performance I change it after every use.
Overall its a great trimmer
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By TommyG
4.2 | 1,675 customer reviews
1,335 of the 1,675 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very impressed indeed.

I was sceptical about this product, however, it had received good reviews both here on Amazon and the internet and I had seen TV adverting and that is what brought this shaver to my attention.

It turned up on time and was well packaged, the box that the shaver comes in is very basic with little or no substance, so I shall probably invest in a carrying case for the shaver.

When it arrived and I unboxed it I thought it was a bit of a gimmick and had my doubts about its claimed ability and performance.
I tried to turn it on but it appeared to be dead and my heart sank, so I put it on to charge and returned to it an hour later and still no signs of life, four hours later and still nothing, so I checked the manual and it clearly states that this version
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By Nikob
I bought this on the recommendation of a friend who wouldn't stop raving about his OneBlade, and how it was the only shaver he'd tried that didn't leave him sore and/or bleeding. I confess, I primarily bought this to use on my scalp rather than my face, as I was fed up with getting razor burn from my disposables, and the added promise of minimising the risk of cutting my scalp while cack-handedly trying to shave the back of my skull was also a factor.

I've now used this to shave my head, neaten up the edges of my beard and neck, and have even given the old chap a tidy up (that extra blade came in handy), and it did the job quickly and effectively with no soreness or bloodshed.

All in all it's a great, compact little shaver, so why not the full 5 stars, I hear you ask? Well,
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By CBallard
This is a good shaver. It shaves well, it's a neat form factor, it's small & light and would be ideal to carry if you travel a lot. But it's no better than any other electric shaver I've owned. No worse either. It's just another shaver. The idea that this is 'revolutionary new electric grooming technology' is pure marketing puff.

I'd give it 5 stars for shaving perfectly well, but I'm taking one off for the excessive hype.
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By Kris
4.2 | 478 customer reviews
373 of the 478 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently got banged up in HMP Brixton and ended up sharing a cell with a fella called Crazy Dave. When he went through my stuff, he was very excited to see i had an electric beard trimmer, which he immediately half inched from me and turned it into a tattoo machine. I didn't want to appear rude so i allowed it, but refused any tattoos from him. Mainly because he's off his nut on Spice most the time LOL :)

I didn't really want to grow a massive beard in the nick because it might make me look like i was hiding contraband, so i bought this as a replacement, using money i had made by selling my back doors, if you get me.

Not only is this an incredibly efficient and easy to use trimmer, it has no parts to lose, and cannot be classed as a weapon, as far
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By Mr Harry Taco's
OK Here is a long term review.
With the smaller clipper teeth and adjustable guide I can trim my beard exactly as I want it. After trying different settings, using shorter setting under my chin longer on face and guide off for that finishing touches (but be careful). The battery lasts forever and washing it under the tap keeps everything clean and tidy. The big Q is would I purchase the ER-GB40 again? YES.
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By petcia
Good shaver, but the power cord is a big bulky one that the shaver stands in, making it impractical for travelling and meaning that you can't use the shaver while it's charging. On several occasions, the battery has died mid-shave and I had to wait several hours while it charged with half a beard :(
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By MrMark
product price
4.1 | 1,821 customer reviews
1,415 of the 1,821 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Can't believe how long ago I bought this..
Still going strong.. has a slight design fault, in that turing it off and opening up the battery compartment are all in the same direction. You basically turn the base to switch it on and it's the same action in the opposite direction to turn it off. Can't believe some tech bod at Philips didn't realise that when turning it off you can open up the battery compartment. I do that every time. Fortunately, my nose and ear hair doesn't grow so fast that I'm using this enough for this to annoy me.
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By Yousuf Khan
This has lasted 7 years so far without failing. I have one rechargeable AA in it and news to charge it about once a year.

This device never gets caught in hair or cause any pain. Just run it under hot water once you're finished.

Asbgood as it is I think there's a newer version at a very good price so I would look to get that if I was buying again.
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By Benny
I've had this for about two years now. I find this works really well for safely trimming the hair in my ears, the main reason for which I bought this. It also works really well for keeping beetling eyebrows under control using one of the combs provided, which was a bonus. I tried it for nose hair but found that it did not cut closely enough and went back to my old method, which is to snap off the head of a two-blade disposable razor. This gives the occasional nick but really good results for me - I don't recommend anyone else try this method!

As for trimming, this should have got five stars but I have one niggle with the design. The on-off switch is operated by twisting the battery compartment cover. Every time I switch it off, I invariably turn it too far and open the battery compartment.
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By Fraxinus excelsior
product price
4.1 | 813 customer reviews
661 of the 813 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have only recently started growing proper coarse facial hair and this trimmer has been fantastic. Goes right down to a very close trim at the minimum setting, all the way to nicely trimming sideburns etc. with the larger clip-on combs.
The combs themselves are made of plastic and not of the best quality, I do worry that they might snap one day. But they've worked very well so far.

Kit comes with blade oil for lubricating the machine, as well as a stand to hold it all together - a nice wee bonus, easier to store on my shelf and not get all the smaller pieces lost.

If you're looking for a beard trimmer and aren't sporting an Abraham Lincoln on your face just yet, this is the perfect beard trimmer to buy.
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By Ryan D.
This razor is a good quality product, there are a couple of drawbacks but given the price, that’s expected.

First, the cons. There’s only 4 guards (plus the option of no guard) and there’s a big jump between the third and fourth guard. This is probably a better product for stubble maintenance rather than beard maintenance.

The trimmer has also pulled me a couple of times, although this may well be through my misuse rather than the quality of the product.

Now the pros. This is a good quality product, for stubble maintenance it gives a good range, can get good amounts of stubble or cut very short. Without a guard, it nearly gives a clean shave.

It’s very consistent, there is no variation in hair length after using this trimmer. The battery life is sound, the stand is good quality. Product is light so perfect for travel.

Overall, a great product, especially for the
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By Declan
Miniature size, fits well in the toiletry bag. Very powerful motor for such a tiny device, this in turn will drain batteries pretty fast.
For holiday or casual use, this trimmer is best buy. However, if you need an everyday trimmer, a corded device would be a more inspired choice in terms of running costs and productivity.
The lubricating oil supplied with the product can be misleading. There is no need to oil the blades during normal use, the oil is provided solely for storage over a long period between consecutive uses. This is covered in the user guide included in the box, but it should have been also made clear in the product description on the purchase page.
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By Florin Radu
4.1 | 805 customer reviews
668 of the 805 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using the same set of clippers for about 30 years until they suddenly disappeared from my home 😢. Still very much in working order, even after an ex partner decided to Super glue the blades together for me! Luckily for me, I had a very patient and good friend at the time who sat for about 2-3 hours unpicking all the glue out of the blades, until I could use my clippers again as if they were new! As you can imagine, I was absolutely past the point of being angry 😡, i was wanting to get my own back somehow, but I was in white angry mode, so anything could have happened, but my friend ‘s partner kept me from doing anything silly. Two very good friends who I don’t see anymore as I have moved far away. I will always be so grateful to them
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I am a woman with a buzzcut and in order to maintain my cut (No.2) I have to trim my hair once a week.
This worked great for the first couple of cuts, however like many others here have experienced I now get lines through and frankly the cut just isn't sharp enough so I have to go over several times - but even then it's touch and go whether it's even.
My partner (male - who has used clippers for years) has also struggled to get an even cut on me. He does however use them for his beard every three weeks or so, which is much thicker. Which leads me to imagine that the issue is the closeness of the No.2 I require and how each time I cut my hair it's simply not sharp enough to catch the small weekly growth.
Conclusion - not good enough for a close cut
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By ItsVM
It feels like quality when you pick it up, it sounds like quality when you get the "thunk" as it starts up and as it's from the leading manufacturer it should be a quality product - so that's the three stars rating covered. As I'm a baldy I'm not really interested in the combs, scissors etc just how it cuts, for the record the plastic box seems fine to me. The problems that I have that deduct the two stars are the cutting shears hurt when they contact with your head, they don't seem to be finished very well, I've had several pairs of lighter clippers in the past, both Wahl and Remmington and all (cheaper) have felt much smoother and less painful when they contact with your scalp. The other problem that adds to this is they are a heavy set of clippers, which I could live with as
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By Bigdeanski
4.1 | 796 customer reviews
607 of the 796 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use one of these myself and when my Dad, at the tender age of 83, decided to grow his first ever beard (I kid you not, Mum wouldn't let him until last November), this was an obvious choice as a Christmas box for the old man. Both my older example and the one I gave to Dad work perfectly, but there is a problem: The old man's beard is much younger looking and fuller than mine and he now looks younger than this 51 year old son, especially when he goes out in the designer hipster gear. Well done, Wahl, for creating the elixire of eternal youth in electromechanical form. I hate you! ;-)
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By inter hev
First one lasted 4 years after which point blades began to blunt so bought a new one, the joys of it only being £10

Very good on beards under 2cm, will easily trim it down or buzz it off to a low subtle depending on attachment used

However does slightly struggle with longer beards, may require a few passes but really no complaints at a such a price
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I have bought this same product twice. The first lasted around 6 months before it slowed down and stopped working. The second lasted 4 months before the same thing happened. Both times I assumed it was just the batteries that had died but alas, it was not. Thankfully I had only done one fairly inconspicuous strip under my chin before it packed up and not half of my face!! I guess you pay for what you get...
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By Mr. A. G. Bush
4.4 | 95 customer reviews
73 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this based on the reputation of Wahl products and the price. The trimmer did the job of sorting my excess hair from various orifaces, very well. good value for money too. There are many other similar looking products by other manufacturers most of the them look like the one I had that previously that failed - permanently. I can't see me using the eyebrow trimmer very often only because my eyebrows aren't a problem; it should sort out the peach fuzz on the outside of my ears!! All in all a good purchase.
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By Clara Nett
Great for the money could do with eyebrows trimmer bit back too,which they used to come with
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By leon
I suppose it's a given that as we get older we must face the degradation of realising that we will need one of these things if we don't wish to look like feral wolves. I bought mine specifically for nose hair. It does work, but is of limited quality and I don't expect it to last more than a month. Personally, I'm still relying upon my trusty Swiss Army 'Executive' model pen knife. It's easier to manage, better quality and more diverse. Buy this if you have no problem tossing away money for convenience, but if it's results you need...consider the Swiss!
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By Father William Haymaker
4.1 | 440 customer reviews
322 of the 440 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Over the years I have a huge range of electric/battery shavers and trimmers and all of them have always had at least one thing one thing wrong, whether it is the length of the cut, the quality, the irritation caused and before this I was using an expensive Wahl trimmer which I was quite content with. However, after seeing the OneBlade advertised I was more than happy to give it a go to get the close, irritation free cut that was being broadcasted.

I can honestly say I don't regret it at all! The OneBlade without the trimmer attachment cuts perfectly short just as you would expect from a shaver and it really does cause no irritation whatsoever (for me anyway) I found the cut to be most effective when going against the grain. The only downside of this shaver is that sometimes I do find I have to go over
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By chrisantlaur
Already have the 2530 one blade but wanted something with more precision and adjustability. This works extremely well as you can dial a wide selection of lengths and also have the benefit of seeing how much battery is remaining. This is the most expensive one blade but does not do more other than the advantages listed above, the 2530 trims equally as well. I find that the best option is to use the attachments from the 2530 on this model and then you get the battery level advantage. Glad I have this but if you want a good one blade with choice of attachments and do not mind not having battery information then go for the 2530.
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By Nick
Very good dry shave experience with the Philips and it gets almost as close as a wet shave. Blades last for 4 months, as promised, with no noticeable loss in quality. Impressive....I very rarely wet shave now as my skin is quite sensitive to razor burn and the Philips OneBlade doesn't cause any burn, while still giving me a good close shave.

Only slight bug-bear is that very occasionally the razor head can fall out (if i am not using the attachment) and could just do with being held in place slightly firmer, but this doesn't happen that often and the other pros of the razor more than make up for it.
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By Pip
4.1 | 433 customer reviews
347 of the 433 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My old 1000 died so thought I,d try the next one up the price scale, just as good at cutting without loss of power, plus I can keep it fully charged by plugging back in after use following the guide lines set out in the instructions, but must remember to fully discharge every 6 months or so, something I used to do with my old one which I suspect led to its early demise only having had it for 2 years, a quick trim of my 3mm stubble once a week so over two years only used 104 trims, not good, hopefully this one will last a lot longer, we shall see, I like Phillips products and over the years usually buy their products, so the 1000 was a bit of a dissapointment, very pleased so far with this though.
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By jasper 2
Just bought the 3000 model and used it for the first time. It's much neater and smaller in the hand than I expected which is really nice. Very pleased with the 2mm setting which was comfortable with no tugging and seems to give an even cut. Without the guard the cutter gives quite a close shave. Not exactly quiet but fine for me. Someone forgot to put the instructions in the box but Google sorted that out. It's hard on this site to compare the different models and I've just seen a 1000 version which appears to have the same cutting options for £5 less, but just lacks the quick charge battery. Anyway, pleased so far, we'll see how it goes.
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By Tim
Reading the reviews there must be more than one model coming under the umbrella heading of Series 3000 as the model I purchased and had delivered came with a mains charger not a USB charger and a different style of storage pouch bag. However, other than that it sounds similar. I've had the product for a few weeks now. I bought it to try something different from wet shaving as I have extremely problematic skin, especially from shaving.

In using this trimmer I've found that if I want a clean shave I would still need to use a razor as the system here only goes down to 0.5mm. However, I don't have to do that very often, meaning that unless I want the beard to grow out a little, then using 1mm or 0.5 takes enough off for work etc. But it does leave my skin a little less problematic after
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By Kevin S.
4.1 | 422 customer reviews
356 of the 422 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this in June 2015 from amazon.uk. The first one was faulty because the connection plate where the battery sit was lose. Which means sometime when I switch it on it works and most of the time it wont. I troubleshoot this thing for so long, after a while I nailed what the problem was. I could have fix it myself because it was relatively easy. I had Phillip NT9110 and the
design was floored. I still have it. Because this Panasonic did work couple of times and was amazing when it did. I saw the thought that went into the design. My Phillip NT9110 couldn’t touch this thing. When I bought it in June 2015 it only cost me £17.00 compared to the £35.00 asking price now. I bought it from amazon so I sent it back and ask for a replacement as my confident in this thing was
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Highly recommended as after extensive use by my dad, it doesn't go wrong and works splendidly. He has bought several cheaper alternatives in the past and they have let him down, this one seems to do the job.
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By Inga A
I previously had a Panasonic ER-GN30 which I purchased from another major high street retailer for half the price this one cost. It worked very well and lasted two years before it broke.

I saw this one and thought the last one was so good I'd buy the same brand but a better model. Well this one isn't as good as the one it replaced, it doesn't cut as well, the vacuum feature is a gimmick and in retrospect I should have purchased the same model I had previously, it was cheaper and performed better, so I'd give the same advice to others, buy the ER-GN30.............
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By Savi
4.1 | 371 customer reviews
303 of the 371 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
+ Very reasonably priced.
+ Battery seems to last a long time between charges. I have used it seven times, in approximately 10 minute sections, without needing to recharge it.
+ Seems to trim stubble well and evenly.
+ Mechanical length adjuster means that you don't have to use battery power to simply change the length.
+ It is very light.
+ Comes with a brush to clean the trimmer and a small bag to contain it when traveling.
+ Although it doesn't display how much battery life you have left between charges, it does display when the battery is low using a blinking red light on the power button.

Negatives: None.

* If you want to maintain your beard at a length longer than 10mm then it will be beyond this trimmer's abilities.
* Trimmer head increases in steps of 0.5mm, which is fairly large compared with other modern trimmers, but the difference between increases in steps of
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By Andreas
After a long search for a beard trimmer I finally settled on this.
I needlessly worried about battery life as it has stood up to the test of time in that respect! Battery life is excellent, I rarely charge it and when I do only for a few hours, which brings it to full power for at least a few weeks of use.
I use it predominate for trimming and styling. It provides a very even cut and the power is sufficient so that I do not have to keep running it over the same area. This gives me an even cut and a range of accurate length choices, easily adjusted, means I can have it to the length I wish.
It is easy to clean by quickly flicking off the trimmer blade and washing under the tap and that is the only maintenance I carry out and it is still as good
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By Jake
Bought this item twice. Same defect with both purchases. A little spinning part which is necessary for the trimmer to work can (and does) fall out when the top is open for cleaning. Needless to say it's a tiny part and is easily lost for good especially down a plug hole, rendering the trimmer useless
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By Alan
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4.2 | 162 customer reviews
129 of the 162 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good very precise. Only bad thing was I wasn't concentrating what I was doing a cut half my eyebrow off.!!!!!!!
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By Mary Garrod
I've had this a few years now and it's been great. Gets rid of those downy facial hairs that unfortunately seem to come with age. They don't lseem to grow back any thicker. Batteries last ages.
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I was fed up of the downy hair around my chin. Although it was blonde and fairly fine some hairs were quite long and I wanted rid! Bought this and it has solved my problem completely. I use it once a week, sometimes less. Had it for around 2 months and am still using the original battery.
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By Murraymint76
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4.1 | 341 customer reviews
257 of the 341 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered this with some nervousness given some of the negative reviews, but I have been really pleased with the results. The device itself is only about 5-6 cm long and the end that goes in your nose/ear is about 0.5 cm wide. It is a 2-handed job to use, but I found it is easy to turn the base and move around at the same time. The first time I used it I just inserted it in my nostril and twisted the base and nothing happened. I then realised I needed to move it around (!) and, after experimenting, have found that if I slowly rub it around the inside of the nostril it will cut most of the hairs. I have also found that varying the angle of the device in my nostril helps, for example inside the tip of the nose I
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By M. Smith
Got mine recently and have so far only used it once. I trimmed too much and it was only afterwards that I read online, that you are not supposed to trim too much. My nose has been weird for some time but it's getting better now. The fault completely lies with me.

As for the product, it's well made. Solid and feels like a quality product. I was nervous as hell when I used it, but I didn't have any issues while using it. Having experienced how simple and easy it really is, I'm glad I didn't buy an electric trimmer.
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By Zafar Iqbal
Great product. I was a bit dubious at first because it is a two handed, manual device. But it's just those features that make it work so reliably well. It's small enough to get it into wherever you need it to get into - a few quick spins, and the blades cut everything away with no fuss. No problems at all with this little device, and I recommend it.
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By Roger.