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Best Rated in Cycling GPS Units

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Cycling GPS Units store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Cycling GPS Units

product price
4.6 | 367 customer reviews
346 of the 367 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you want a shiny, super-duper GPS that navigates for you, shows up in colour, measures every statistic going whether it's relevant or not and buys you a malted isotonic recovery beverage at the end of a ride - then look elsewhere, spend a bloody fortune and get universally mocked by everyone.

However, this simply gets on with logging where you are, how fast you are going, and how far you've travelled. It can upload it easily to Strava (if you're inclined that way), and has a sort-of-navigation function which is useable if you want to follow a new route. Simple, reliable, longer battery life than my iPhone (not saying much...)

Doesn't measure heart rate, cadence, power, cock size or the colour of your jersey. But, why would you...?
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By Dr Ben Taylor
Was very sceptical about this seemingly very basic little device; but I must say I would now never set off without it. It's terrific! Battery lasts for weeks and the recordings are accurate.
It can be used as a navigation tool, but only offers a breadcrumb trail (which I find to be fine) and there's no fancy turn-by-turn instructions. But, with a little creativity, using google maps and a simple conversion tool –– http://bedsforcyclists.co.uk/articles/2014/04/13/how-to-plan-a-route-in-google-maps-and-export-it-to-gpx-your-phone/ –– you can make this splendid device punch well above its weight.
For the money, it's a snap.
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By Robin
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I don't need anything too fancy; just a compact device with good battery life into which I could import routes from Strava. That process is very simple:

- Plan the route in Strava
- Click export and select the Garmin 500 option
- The route will download as a .tcx file
- Plug the Garmin into your computer using the cable
- Find the 'New Files' folder and copy the .tcx file(s) into there
- Unplug the Garmin and next time you switch it on the route(s) will be in there under 'Courses'

One tip - I can't find a way to make the text scroll across, so you can't only read the first dozen or so letters of each route name. I now name the routes much more simply in Strava so I can identify them easily on the Garmin. If you were to write, for example, 'Edinburgh
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By Rob Barker
4.3 | 281 customer reviews
253 of the 281 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently upgraded from an Edge 200 to this product - it has the additional Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence Counter.
Purchased from an outlet in Israel for pretty much 1/2 price, the package arrived over a week earlier than stated in good condition.

Comes with instruction booklets in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and a couple of Oriental languages too, so setting the Garmin up is straight forward, with the additional help from the Garmin and various other websites if needed.

This is also the case with fitting the Cadence Counter to your cycle - no tools required. This sits snugly and securely on the chainstay with a small magnet attached to the crank arm and another to a spoke on the rear wheel.

Once set up, registered with Garmin, synced with the HR Monitor and Cadence Counter, you're ready to go (This all takes about 15 minutes).
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By Chadders
First ride today with this little beauty!
Charge it up, attach to the bike, switch on and wait 45 seconds to locate the satellites, press start when you set off and stop when you finish and you will be amazed at the data collected .... heart monitor and cadence sensor looks after itself once it is paired with your device and is detected when you switch on.
An absolute wealth of information is monitored and then by uploading and analysing on Garmin Connect it lets you see your performance at any point in the course you have ridden ... it seems to do everything and I haven't quite worked out what all the information relates to yet.
Had a little play with personalising the screens too and setting the heart rate zone alarms ... loud enough to hear on a very windy day when your limit is reached.
This might be useful to spectacle
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By Thomas Black
If you are thinking of buying one, think no more, go and get one! I'm very pleased with mine. It doesn't look like much, i.e. it is quite small and might seem expensive. However, this GPS bike computer does its job very well. The GPS works very well, hasn't failed me yet. The heart rate sensor is a must for training and active recovery sessions. I also got the cadence sensor which is combined with the speed sensor. It was straight forward to mount on the bike. Everything works flawlessly, the sensors are detected without a glitch (you need to run the HR sensor under the tap first). Once you've done your ride simply press and hold the reset button to store your stats. Then plug that little rascal to your PC USB port and sync the data with Garmin connect online tool. You can then review all the data
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By mr joffrey carlier
4.3 | 200 customer reviews
163 of the 200 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really thought about this for a while as needed something for a long trip across France but finally bit the bullet. It's pricey but I'd say worth the money, made the trip a hell of a lot easier (and safer). Does take a bit of exploring but none the less works pretty well out of the box. I used pre-planned courses made on the computer before hand, which I had to copy from other sources otherwise the Garmin didn't retain the elevation info on the course when you imported. This was a bit of a pain but did allow me to check the routes and re-plan in some instances so I was okay with it. The in use data screens are all customisable which is really useful and you can rearrange pretty much everything (Tip: To change the elevation view scale when in use, touch the
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By Chappers
I've held off on a review until I'd got a couple months use out of it. I've put about 700 miles riding on mine, in varied conditions and on varying ride lengths. In particular I put it through a 4-day, 400 mile trip across Northern France with 10-12 hour days. It performed well throughout - only 1 mis-step (a random crash/shutdown while out in use. No data loss on immediate restart).

As a bike computer / data logger, you won't find better. Works brilliantly at high-resolution capturing all the data from the sensors (the Cadence and Speed sensors always connect and return data, but the included chest-strap Heart Rate Monitor took a bit of practice before I got reliable connections - don't ignore the parts of the instructions that tell you to wet the sensor patches first and make sure it's snapped in place securely). Your Strava uploads will be absolutely
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By M. Exley
Product worked for just one ride. 48 hours later it just wouldn't switch on. Tried mains and USB but nothing. The one time it worked it was impressive. Not small or light but packed with data to view and a very clear screen whee you can have all your favourite stats as well as switch to navigation whenever you need to. That said, quality is definitely an issue based on my experience and looking online I'm not the only one who has had problems! Also, what a waste of money Prime is, first experience and delivery was two days rather next day as suggested and now telling us replacement three days. Replacement policy in principle is great, but let down on delivery - must do better Amazon as on this experience I'll order from a well known Bike site next time instead - but perhaps a different GPS!
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By Mark
4.4 | 84 customer reviews
77 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was bought for a Garmin Edge 1000 on tri bike and is exactly what I was after for a lot less than some people are charging.

- Stiff
- Light
- Cheap
- Narrow bracket that attaches to bars, so van squeeze it on even if you have tri bars.
- Simple attachment - single allen key bolt
- Hard to get the wrong size - fits 31.8mm, 25.4mm & 22.2mm using shims provided.

Highly recommended.
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By spet2522
Very good quality.Wondered whether i should stick with Garmin or try a third party mount, and glad i chose the latter as the quality is as good and a lot cheaper. No problems fitting to my handlebars. Will work with different thicknesses.
Sometimes trying a third party product doesn't work but in this case it certainly does.
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By Terry
This simply doesn't work on any of my 3 bikes for my Garmin Edge 1000. The quarter turn interface is too low so that the underside body of the Garmin device hits the handle bar clamp plate before it can properly engage. Can't speak for other devices but no good for the Garmin Edge 1000 unless perhaps you have an extremely low profile handle bar clamp plate.
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By stu-g
4.6 | 24 customer reviews
23 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Sturdy bracket. Easy to fit. It is opposite hand to the Garmin I.e. The bracket clamps to the right hand handle bar whereas the Garmin one clamps on the left hand handlebar. Not a problem unless you have other stuf fitted to your bars. If so you can probably rearrange them as I did.
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By Amazon Customer
I own 2 K-Edge Garmin mounts and punted on this as is 75% cheaper. This is an awesome little piece of kit for £10. Get it.
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By Nick S
A bit more chunky than the Garmin original, but better and more robust because of it, looks great on the bike and achieves the same low profile position as the Garmin mount - I will never buy a Garmin mount again, just about to order another as a spare!
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By iansmith110
4.4 | 36 customer reviews
30 of the 36 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best garmin holder for bikes with aero bars.

There are a few choices out there but this is by far the best value. Does the job just fine and can't really see how spending any more will get you a far superior product. Easy to install (one bolt) and stays secure.

The only downside would be if you decide to have your aero bars very close together. At the moment this fits nicely between mine with about a cm gap between the edge and the next aero bar. Would be tough if they were much closer and you wanted to fit it so that it sat between the two bars.
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By tobarob
Simple and effective. Sits neatly between my aero bars and keeps the Garmin nicely tucked away.
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By C F.
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By Dave687
4.4 | 32 customer reviews
29 of the 32 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've got a couple of Edge 705 devices and a newer Edge 800, I found after a year or two of use, the Edge 705 mount would break the little tab to remove the unit from the mount, making removal very difficult, replacements seem expensive for what they are, so when one broke last week, I looked at alternatives, and this popped up, luckily I already have an "outfront" equivalent mount for the 800 which works great, so thought by far the best solution is to convert the 705 to the same fitting, this little piece of plastic does just that, seems to be made of a better plastic than the Garmin mount, so hopefully it won't break, but even if it does it won't matter, since I can't see myself removing it ever. The fitting was a little tight, but that just means it's likely to be more secure,
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By Mike
Works well to mount my Garmin 705 to Garmin 1000 mount
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By Amazon Customer
I was a bit concerned whether or not this would work with my Garmin 705 and an outfront mount. But it worked perfectly and I can now use my older garmin outfront without spending hundreds on a new garmin. And it's saved my neck no end!
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By Michael Jervis
4.1 | 125 customer reviews
104 of the 125 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quality cycle computer, does everything i wanted and more. Battery life is very good meaning my phone battery no longer dies half way through a ride. The customisation of this computer is very good allowing you to see multiple data fields per page. Although it doesn't have a mapping function you can create maps via garmin connect and follow the line on the device. Virtual Partner is a nice motivational tool to push you while training. The menus take a little getting used to but i found them easy to navigate after a short time using. The touch screen is fit for purpose, it is not as sensitive a a smart phone but does the job well with or without gloves and even when wet. I have found the GPS and elevation data to be accurate more so then apps like strava. HR and speed and cadence monitors work very
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By Troy Simpson
A cycling must have. When linked with HR, Cadence and Speed sensors, gives you everything you need to analyse your performance. Can now be linked with Power Meters, Cameras etc. Would be nice if they updated the software so that it displayed incoming phone calls while you're out.
Strava Live Segments function is great, various options on screen display function available.

I quite literally, don't leave home without it.

Supported by a superb Smartphone / Web Based App in the form of Garmin Connect. Links to your phone, uploads straight to paired apps and Livetracker is a great option when you're out on your own, so that your family can see where you are.
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By Mr Paul R Cheers
I've had the Edge 500 for a little under a year with usage nearly every working day with my commute,the total mileage is around 3500 miles. In the time I've had the unit it has had a few freezing up problems,once it deleted all my totals and recently it isn't saving any rides,it just goes into spinning ball mode and has to be shut off. Very frustrating. No amount of updates or reinstalling will work. When working it's a very good GPS with nearly everything the cyclist could ask for apart from maps but the next Edge series up would deal with that.
Anyone familier with smartphone/tablet touch screens will be disappointed with Garmins attempt and also the menus take a bit of sorting out.
I'll be contacting Garmin as the warranty should still be valid,in the meantime I've bought the simpler Garmin 200 so fingers crossed the software will be a
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By Kevin
product price
4.6 | 19 customer reviews
17 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Simply outstanding bit of kit!!!

I’ve come from many years in the saddle and have been blown away by the tech offered by Garmin. I have been using a trusty Garmin 705 Edge until now with no major issues other than the reliability of the sensors and the awful Garmin lock in echo system.

While the tour was on this year I was prompted to look for a replacement computer with all the latest and greatest tech. I looked at the Garmin 1000 Edge which had had a hefty price increase on Amazon (naughty) during the tour. An increase of some £100 and it didn’t come with sensors either! It would set you back some £500+ pounds with all the sensors at that time. With this in mind I looked elsewhere for alternatives and stubbled upon the Wahoo.

I knew of them from years before with the apps for the iPhone and the
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By Ian Crocker
My previous Elemnt was a casualty of an MTB crash in SA where I could only replace it with a Garmin 520. I was immediately reminded of why I had first switched: the Garmin UI is counter intuitive and configuring the screens very painful. Map zoom is essentially unusable due to number of clicks required. And the process for getting routes onto it is just astonishing - plugging in? dragging files into folders? really?

So when I got home I decided to eBay the Garmin and get another Elemnt. When it arrived I paired it with my phone app in seconds using the QR code. It picked up all my configurations immediately, including Ridewithgps and Strava account links. Within 2 or 3 minutes of unboxing it was completely set up and ready to navigate my routes. And once on the road, I was very happy to be back with the Wahoo
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By EL Greco
I'm going to start out being honest - I've never been a fan of cycling computers. Always seemed to be a gimmick to me

But I now need a navigational aid so, after extensive research, I purchased the Bolt

And what an eye opener!
So many useful features especially the GPS navigation. The app, on my mobile, is very easy to use making the Bolt ideal for me

Only thing is I could have bought direct from Wahoo saving myself £50 - that's not the fault of the seller here though rather mine for not researching further
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By Howard Woodcock
4.0 | 188 customer reviews
134 of the 188 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Was really sceptical about buying the Garmin 810 after reading all the reviews of problems and issues and returns. I pressed the button to put it in my basket several times only to remove it again. Finally got around to pressing the place order button and waited with some trepidation to see if I would regret it. I've owned a SatMap Active 10 for some time which with OS mapping, good GPS and rechargeable battery packs so the Garmin was up against it.

I hope I don't regret writing this but, why did I worry and what on earth are all these buyers doing to make theirs not work?

Received direct from Amazon in under 48 hours delivered on a Sunday. Charged it fully before touching it. Downloaded Garmin's webupdater software and checked firmware / software for latest. It was already up to date so a recently
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By Chris Barton
After a few months of using a Garmin 510 I decided to upgrade to the Garmin 810 for the additional benefits of mapping capability and some reliability / stability issues with the former. The 810 is a bit bigger and heavier than the 510 but my early time with it, including the use of some freely available UK mapping on SIM card, has restored my faith in the Edge series. It is slightly more complex in available functionality should you want it but at the sub-£200 price paid for a touchscreen unit it is a steal in my view (prices on the web fluctuate wildly it seems). Uses the same firmware as the 510 but for me is less issue prone and more stable / reliable. Following courses I have prepared seems so much easier with the added mapping capability provided by this unit - more akin to a traditional
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By Daddicool
When this device works, it is brilliant, genuinely brilliant. But when it fails it can be a complete nightmare.

The good;
- Small and light.
- Battery life is very decent, gets me through 10 hours of road cycling (turn the backlight off).
- The sync to phone has been rock solid for me. I get home from my ride, and it has been uploaded to Garmin and Strava before I have finished taking my shoes off.
- Live segments is quite a lot of fun.
- For the most part the navigation is very good, especially when loaded with Open Streetmap files.
- Screen is clear and easy to read, the colour lines on maps are very useful when following a course.

The bad
- I am on my 3rd one. The first one stopped charging after 11 months, the second one just stopped switching on unless it was plugged in - this just seemed to
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By A. cornish
4.2 | 41 customer reviews
36 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an excellent value for money fitness tracker. It is very easy to use and have lots of useful features to help me keep me fit and active. It is very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t get loose or come off from my wrist while doing cardio or high intensity workout. Looks great as well.
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By Customer
Came in a box with user manual, explains how to set up.Found easy for charging, Straps are flexible easy to use. you need to remove the head from strap for charging as shown in the picture. Pairing was easy. Everything you could expect in a fitness tracker. Display screen is bigger than usual fitness tracker which is what attracted me. Quality looks good for the price.
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By Dochuz
Product arrived before the expected delivery date and well packed.

Wasn't sure what I would get for the price, as other fitness trackers are much more expensive.

Pros: It's Easy to use, comes withuser manual and its comfortable to wear.
Comes with a 24 months warranty
Has many functions:
Heart rate, sleep monitor, steps, calories, distance, 14 sport modes, gps connection, call and sms alerts, mind training, weather forecast, music and camera control, timer and they all worked.
Gave it to my mum to track her activity and she used an Android mobile.

Cons: doesn't always respond to first touch, could have been me that wasn't sure how to use it in the beginning.
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By Neytiri
product price
4.8 | 11 customer reviews
11 of the 11 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this as an upgrade for another Bryton computer on my road bike. My reasons for picking this were more or less the same as that one, it has all the functionality i need, not too much i dont need, and it looked much better value than the competition (£100 less than equivalents from the big names)
This really is a great device, it works very well. The size and flexibility of the display is impressive and allows you to put every bit of information you can think of about on the screen.
It pairs with a mio alpha heart rate monitor and a power2max meter no problem. The battery life is enormous, as it claims.
It doesnt support strava live (not something i'm bothered about) and I cant comment on the navigation as that is not a feature i'll be using.
I found it to be easy to set up and operate,
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By Calum
Waiting for my Hammerhead Karoo and I found I missed having a Cycling GPS unit too much so decided to buy a reasonably priced stop-gap.
Tried a low end Garmin (buggy software), a Lezyne (good but you cannot turn on back light permanently for night riding) and a iGSPORT unit (very good value, but no imperial measurements, no breadcrumb trail) .... and then I came across the Bryton.

All I can say is wow, looks good, the Android app just works, their route planning is the best I've used, it's a good screen, links to my Ridesense sensors everytime, has good breadcrumb routing and uploads automatically to Strava.

This is very polished unit, well built, good software and in the price range I'd say better than any other brand. I may even keep this rather than sell it as was my plan when the Hammerhead is finally shipped.
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By Chippy Minton
I had to replace my old rider 50 unit as the battery gave out and it was getting un-reliable, so I saved up my pennies and bought this to along with my new bike, clear back-lit display and big clear readout is great for me and I can use the buttons with my gloves on , I also ordered a bracket for my handlebars as an extra but one comes in the box with the unit so I returned it, another thing is that it connects to my home router when any updates are needed , and it has a great battery life
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By P. barton
4.5 | 12 customer reviews
11 of the 12 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Buying this was prompted by my bike and I having an unfortunate meeting with a pothole. Luckily neither of us was too badly hurt, but the Wahoo, sat on its mount, looked distinctly vulnerable to future calamities.
Anybody who has bought a Bolt for its aerodynamic qualities is not going to buy this cover. Anybody who's splashed out a small fortune on a neat little GPS unit, will want this cover. It fits the Bolt well and you can still mount it on the out front arm or the handlebars without any problem.
The button pads on the case match up with those on the unit and I've not had any problem operating it with the case on. The case provides a snug fit and adds a very tiny bit to the size of the Bolt - if you're not counting aero gains, then the increase is negligible. It comes with a
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By A. D. Hain
Well worth the money to help protect my elemnt.

It's a simple pop over the wahoo and it's done. The buttons and charging port etc., all match and are in line with everything. My elemnt is the yellow version and this hides all of the yellow apart from a tiny section by the mount. It's a fairly snug fit with very minimal gap or bagginess.

The 3 screen protectors are good and easy to fit. Just clean your screen and and a tiny amount of soapy to water to the screen or protector. Fit the protector and press the air/water out. Mine went on perfectly first time. The protectors also fit the screen very well. I didn't use the supplied cloth because it may add tiny particles under the protector.
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By DjB
The silicone case is a perfect fit, buttons work well still, and still keeping the good looks to the unit itself.
The green protectors on the other hand, notnsure weather my 3 were a bad set but, had to use 2 as the first one came straight off like there was no stick to it and the second one came off but stuck back straight away.
Where can the least be attached too?
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By Basim
3 offers from product price
4.4 | 13 customer reviews
12 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great cycle computer for the money, has GPS and does everything it says on the tin. The only niggle I have is there is no way to "British" the unit measurements. Meaning if I want my height and weight in kg/cm then I have to have my speed and distance in Kph/km rather than mph/miles

The integration with the iOS/Android app is great as there is no need to connect to a PC to sync your ride to the online service. Just open the Polar app and hold the back button on the M450 and it will automatically upload your data while you are cleaning and packing away your cycling kit. The online app also syncs with Strava so once it is logged with Polar flow it is also logged automatically on Strava.
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By M. Warrillow
Excellent piece of kit - does exactly what I wanted - I have used it several times in South West Scotland, Staffordshire and Forest of Dean area's and the GPS has picked up location easily everytime. HRM works well and seems accurate - Had a little problem getting it to pair but Googled this and followed advice to just removed the battery from HRM and replace it and it then paired straight away - Not a techy so no idea why this worked, but it did and no issues since. Good clear readings from the unit itself and so far good battery life - one charge seems to last about a week and this would include two or three rides of about 14km each ride. The Online Flow software is very good allowing you to plot maps of your route as well as storing readings for Heart rates during a
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By Bigsalmon
I purchased this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it up until this week. It works perfectly fine but the design of the battery compartment on the heart rate monitor is shocking. He can no longer open it because of the poor quality plastic having deteriorated through attempted opening with a coin, as suggested in the instructions. Therefore, a product that he has had for just over six months, no longer functions.
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By nm
3.8 | 2,031 customer reviews
1,419 of the 2,031 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely amazed with how good this is for just over £20. I bought this to replace my watch, but also trying to improve my fitness.

The app which you download to your smartphone gives loads of data/analysis helping you to make better decisions. Also because it's paired the tracker vibrates when someone calls or you get a Whatsapp or other notification. Lots of ability to change the settings so it does exactly what you want.

Excellent build quality!
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By Dr. Hill
Works well for the basics, steps , heart rate, and sleep pattern, you also can keep track on the app that you get downloaded.
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By Lyn
Over-all, I like it, at least after having used it for the first week. It is most interesting charting my sleep and certainly does seem to be accurate registering how many steps I take during the day, as I checked it against another pedometer. It looks smart as well and is good value for the money, compared against similar products on the market.

However, there are some negatives, most of which are due to personal preference, but which influenced the number of stars. The most important one is the size of the type on the instruction manual. For those who do not keep magnifying glasses close to hand, dear god. I have bifocals and it took me over 30 minutes just to get the thing synced with my iphone and up and running, and I even ended up Googling for assistance. It also seems to
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By IdahoSwede
product price
5.0 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
really well made and looks good on the bike. really impressed with this and a reasonable price
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By Mr. R. Jackson
Sturdy and well made. Bought one these 2 years ago and I'm still using it.
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By Amazon Customer
Excellent quality, holds the phone very securely and easy to fit.
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By davebb
3.8 | 129 customer reviews
92 of the 129 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a fantastic watch. I do quite a bit of running and I find it is very comfortable to wear, easy to read and to navigate through the menu.

This was a replacement for my Garmin 620. I was tempted to go Garmin again but the poor customer service experience I got from them put me off the company.

I’m glad I switched allegiances. This watch is easier to read, has a larger digital display, is weatherproof with an integral heart monitor in the form of a green laser which reads your wrist’s blood supply to obtain your vital stats.

I find that it catches the GPS signal better than the Garmin ever did. And the built in heart monitor function (which you can disable) means no separate chest pinching, heart monitor strap is required.

It links to the Tom Tom website and you can upload your stats to the site and view
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By Brian Whitelaw
A really easy to use and comfortable running watch.

I bought this watch as an upgrade from my Garmin FR410. I was getting tired of having to stand outside looking at my wrist for 3-4 minutes before a run waiting for GPS signal. It wasn't too bad if you were running from roughly the same place but if you suddenly turned up in another country it took the watch by surprise and would take forever to pin point you. Also wearing a HR strap while running isn't the most comfortable thing, I don't mind it so much while cycling but while running I could really feel it bouncing up and down.

When I received the TomTom, I had to do a brief plug in to the laptop to update the software register it to your account, its a bit annoying this can't be done over the bluetooth connection to the phone as
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By Chris Gregory
Too chunky and toggle control outdated in the era of touch screen.

Heart rate only available when running which is a problem because the device won’t start until GPS is picked up. Would be nice to be able to check resting heart rate during the day without having to set up a new activity (which then syncs to strava etc and needs deleting).

Very good sync with computer and phone apps.

I think there are better and more modern and flexible products at the same price.
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By Gone golfing
4.5 | 8 customer reviews
7 of the 8 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great protective cover that works well with the Wahoo mounts; doesn't fit too well with the aftermarket one I bought

But then again that's not the fault of the manufacturer of this case hence the five stars
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By Howard Woodcock
This product claims to protect my expensive Wahoo Elemnt bike computer from knocks and bumps and it does exactly that keeps spray and dirt off the screen and most of the body!
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By J. Scobie
Excellent value for money offering added protection for my bike GPS device
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product price
4.3 | 10 customer reviews
8 of the 10 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fast delivery. Perfect replacement for BC 12.12 STS cycle computer.
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By Paul
For the later Sigma computers this is the only magnet that works. Coming in two parts it closes around a front spoke, either round or blade; with a groove in the magnet back helps grip against round spokes.
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By Jules
Great product works well swift delivery
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By Frank
4.2 | 11 customer reviews
10 of the 11 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Better value for money than the Garmin alternative and pairs fine with my old Garmin Forerunner 405. This style of fixing seems more flexible than the older 'rigid' arm units, so it was easy to fit on my Giant hybrid bike which has a more MTB style frame, and still get the magnets to line up correctly.
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By Ballesteros
Unit itself works fine, but fiddly to get magnets and sensor aligned and took a while to pair with Cyclo 315 - the unit coming with a flat battery didn't help, nor did there being no reference to needing to take it out of 'sleep mode'

Instructions were in Italian - not a big problem with Youtube Clips available - and the sensor has to be heavily angled towards the wheel (not vertical as the instructions suggest).

Wheel spoke magnet is very poor quality - metal is very soft which makes tightening the magnet on the spoke interesting
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By Martin King
Packaging was shocking, no instructions, no contents list, just the parts in a plastic container and bubble wrap. YouTube helped allot - [...]
The magnet which attaches to the wheel is big and poor quality. I spent about 30 minute tweeking so the devices picks up the signal. My magnets had to be within 2 to 5 millimeters for the receive to pick up any signal.

On the plus side it does work (mio 105). I previously had a Garmin speed and cadence sensor G10, and the quality of that device was far greater.

Overall I have found the quality fo MIo devices poor and the support even worse - the support infact was shockingly bad.
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By kelvin davies