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Best Rated in Computer Memory Card Cases

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Computer Memory Card Cases store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Computer Memory Card Cases

4.7 | 1,586 customer reviews
1,516 of the 1,586 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Black memory card holder for SD cards, though there are four pockets in there which could accommodate a slightly larger card if you needed to.

Holds 18 full SD cards (or adaptors for micro/mini SDs) and four larger cards. As I don't have any Xd's or CompactFlash so I can't test to see if those fit the pockets but they look like they might.

the pockets themselves are tough and riveted in place to the spine of the case, meaning that that're unlikely to come loose and slip out during use. The outer case is a tough black nylon-esque material (I assume its nylon) and is well stitched together with good zip running round it. Inside is a slightly softer black material and together they're padded and tough. There's enough room in the middle of the case for me to put in some SD card plastic cases and not have the case
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By Kizza
Lovely little zip case with plenty of vinyl pages with pockets for SD cards. The case walls are firm so the cards are pretty safe inside.
It also comes with a page of blank labels - presumably for tagging the pockets and a lens cloth.
The case is small, compact and will easily fit into a jacket pocket or a pocket in your camera bag. Not too small that it would get lost - which is of course, a risk for individual cards in their own plastic cases.
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By A. D. Hain
A small lightweight carry case that is ideal to add to the camera bag and hold all the cards safely.
I have had a problem with how to carry cards so as not to lose them. this seems to fit the bill. cheaper and smaller than the Aluminium cases. Of course it does not have the inflexibility of those and so lacks a little in protection but I think that will not be a problem. Besides which those I have seen only hold 8 cards while this holds many more. I can keep both camera and camcorder cards separately and use the simple indexing cards to identify what's what. I am hoping it will prove to be just what I need for my travels in Estonia where I will not be able to download the cards and so must buy sufficient to hold all the filming I want to do.
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By Keith C. Armstrong
4.7 | 135 customer reviews
129 of the 135 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are other memory card holders on amazon but GoFriend offers the best deal by providing you with a card reader, which was perfect as my card reader broke just before I purchased it. 2 years ago I would have said this was stupid as all top of the range laptops have card readers but due to Apple's USB-C dictatorship, everyone else has followed their trend and stopped having a built in card readers.

The card holder is the same as all other card holders out there under a different name but the card reader is surprisingly good quality. It reads both SD and micro SD so you don't need to use those flimsy SD card converters.

All in all, does what it says perfectly.
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By Kevin Au-yeung
Great little unit - I love the extras that came with it.

I will say that you do have to squeeze the micro memory cards into their holders making it a tough extraction. For those with large hands, you may have problems.

Overall, works very well and the unit closes firmly. Not sure is the rubber seal will last being opening and closed so many times but the hinges look sturdy. Everything works well and I am so happy to put all my memory cards in a safe place.
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By rc
I would assume the slots for the SD cards eventually loosen up a bit, but I had issues getting a second SD card next to another one as the other "hole" was basically to small and I had to force the second SD card in (which you shouldn't, considering how much it bent when I squashed it in with my thumb). The case also was not in any plastic bag and was already scratched when I unpacked it. And the cardboard box looked quite bashed as well, despite my Amazon box being well packed and padded. So either I got a used product or it was badly packed in first place.

The case looks sturdy, have not tried whether it's really water resistant. One thing I am not so sure about is the part where the hook goes in as this is plastic too and doesn't look that sturdy.
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By Philippe M
4.6 | 273 customer reviews
256 of the 273 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got to say these cases are excellent for storing ordinary SD and the Micro SD cards. They are made from good strong plastic with a hinged locking clip. The Micro card is stored below in the case first, then above that you can then store the SD Micro card adapter holder or a standard SD card on top. I have now bought two sets of these and they are serving me very well. If you use your camera a lot and have various GB sized cards then this is the item for you. If you add a small sticker (not supplied) to the back to write down any information of what you have photographed on them. Note: The best way to write your info is to do it with a soft leaded pencil like a 3B then to can rub it out easily after you transfer the images to
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By John Crooks
Each case contains a slot for the microSD and another slot for the SD full size (or the adapter + the microSD if you wish): I'm currently using both slots so in total I can storage 12 cards!
I have bought the storage cases to put a bit of order among my many microSD for my Raspberry PI but of course, they can be used to store the SD card of your expensive digital camera too!
They are well made and I haven't found any issue at all. I highly recommend those cases.
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By Sal
The micro slot on these cards is so tight that the first one wouldn't insert, so I got my glasses on to see what the problem was. Nothing apparent other than it is comprised of latches on three sides to hold the card. Problem is that you can't move the latches out of the way to put the card in. I managed somehow to insert the first Micro SD.
I tried the second card and holder, again carefully pushing on the card from different approaches to click into the latches. The gentle force broke my Micro SD card! I've just broken a Sandisk 16GB worth 9 pounds on an order worth 4.

I DID find with number three that if I pre-bent the latches out of the way with my fingernail before inserting the MicroSD that it inserted more easily, but who knows if the latches will bend
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By film spotter
4.5 | 533 customer reviews
464 of the 533 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My mum is off on a cruise and, rather than get a big memory card, wants lots of smaller ones so that she can have one for each country they visit, as well as maybe one for different monuments, one for the ship etc etc. So I gave in and got the memory cards and also needed decent storage - after an extensive search this was the one that seemed best value, best quality, best buy.
It holds 22 individual cards and each pouch is good and strong and will hold up to clumsy hands taking and replacing the memory cards. They are transparent so you can either write on the card or (with permanent marker/Sharpie) on the pouch the contents of the card.
The zip is strong and keeps it closed and once opened you will find your memory cards still in the same place. As far as
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By Mrs T
Inadvertently found the best iPod Mini case on the market.

As an SD Card storage case it's good. at just over £1, it's great! It holds sdcards pretty snuggly and as it's single row pages, the cards don't fall out as they fall into the fold of the sleeves. I absolutely recommend this as an sd card storage case.

However inadvertently I came to find this is also the perfect size for an iPod mini. So I ended up buying another to use as an iPod Mini travel case. Which is a very hard to find item now that iPod Minis are not sold anymore. It's exactly the right size to house an iPod Mini! So buy one, buy two, hell buy 20! At just over £1 this is a must buy.
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By Amazon Customer
I'm going through my order history at the moment and writing a short review for each product I've bought recently. This is another one that falls into the category of 'does the job.' If you want something cheap which allows you to lose all your memory cards at once, this is the product for you!

It has a few larger slots which I've managed to squeeze some CompactFlash cards into, with the remainder being SD-card size. If I had one criticism, I wish it had more CF slots but that's not the fault of the product; that's the fault of the person who bought it!
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By Saturnine
4.5 | 182 customer reviews
158 of the 182 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
got this for when im out in the field to store my sd cards....will keep them safe and dry...also shock resistant...solid build quality and loads of slots for more cards....comes in its own pouch with a karabiner i think there called for attaching to a belt or molle on a backpack....really strong clip to keep case closed...im really impressed...pictures below...
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By john ritchie
A good value case, but the cutouts don't hold the cards in place securely. I often open the lid to find cards have fallen out of their slot and are rattling around in the case.

It looks very smart and offers good protection, but you have to be careful not to drop the cards when you open it.
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By Adam D
Sadly, the first time I used this case putting a 64GB SD card back into a slot it snapped all down the side, rendering the card unusable. I just thought oh god, silly me, it must have been something that's happened earlier and thought nothing of it.... however when it happened again to yet another 64GB card I suspected it was the case, and upon testing it I found if you push an SD card into place a little too hard, or not at just the right angle, it splits the card down the side. I have a friend who also had the same problem with hers but didn't realise it was the case until I demonstrated.
I really don't like posting negative reviews but on this occasion I feel it's important to warn other photographers of this problem. Now I'm guessing this doesn't happen to everyone given the reviews on
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By Georgina
4.5 | 166 customer reviews
142 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Deyard K020 Water-resistant Memory Card Case Shockproof Memory Card Carrying Box: 24 Slots for 12 SDHC / SDXC Cards and 12 Micro SD Cards - Upgraded Rubber Sealed Protector

I bought this case for my expanding SD card collection and also because i was forever losing them in my backpack.

The case is extremely robust with the added bonus of being water-resistant.
It is made of very tough plastic and is not heavy at all.

The size is around the same size as a smartphone but it’s probably not made to be stored in your pockets for travel.
Best left in your backpack.

The SD cards are easy to insert and remove from the rubber moulded lining. It supports standard size SD cards and also MicroSD cards.
You can hold a total of 24 cards, consisting of 12 of each type.

Overall, i think this is a fantastic and very well made item.
I can highly recommend it at
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By lpking media
Arrived today and I've filled it with my sd cards. It looks good and is sturdier than I expected from the pictures.
I haven't tried the waterproof facility of the case, and hope never to do so!
When I initially saw the case on amazon, I expected it to hold 24 sd cards, but realised that it is 12 sd cards and 12 micros sd cards.
I read a couple of reviews that noted some of the cards fall out. However, when I have put each of the cards in they almost 'lock' into the space, nice and secure.
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By Scott ross
What a great item, I got this as I have numerous SD cards and have never had anywhere to put them. I did purchase a small SD case shortly before this but it was a terrible cheap product from china. It did the job but was incredibly flimsy and wouldn't protect my cards at all.

Then I came across this and thought it looked great and therefore went ahead and ordered it. 100% worth the money, It does a great job of protecting all of my SD cards (holds 12) both micro and regular. It is also sized perfectly so that they all are clicked almost in place, so they will not come out of their positions when closed and in your bad/pocket.

The case is also tightly sealed and can withstand water, and a drop or two. It literally does everything you need it to and for such a good price
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By Chanice
4.8 | 40 customer reviews
39 of the 40 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a jobbing journalist there are three things I look for in a memory card case to go into my kitbag: protection, protection and protection. This Neewer item fulfils that requirement, being made of ABS that has very little flex to it when the case is closed. Talking of which, when it is closed it stays shit thanks to the strong clip that closes with a satisfying click and doesn't open without applying just the right amount of effort. The interior is equally well-constructed, with thermoplastic liners that provide a tight (but not so tight as you will break them when removing) fit for your cards. Once in, and there are little icons for each slot showing the correct card orientation to ensure the right fit, the cards do not move at all. The tough construction, inside and out, brings enough shock proofing and waterproofing to protect your valuable data.

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By The Vanarchist
Very good quality case for protection of memory cards. Durable with a proper 'snap' close. Perfect for the outdoorsy photographer / GoPro enthusiast. The only useful improvement to this product would be if Neewer could consider making the carry hole at the top slightly bigger, so that a small carabiner could fit through.
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By Will
Very strong case, nice size to fit into pockets, different sections for different types of memory cards.
I feel this case will last forever.
If you use a mix of memory cards this could be ideal, if you use one type of memory card then maybe it would not be so usable.
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4.4 | 497 customer reviews
433 of the 497 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pretty much as shown. Neat little case for SD cards. 8 "pages" in it, some take 3 (SD or micro SD), some allow 2 cards - not sure what would fit in there - not big enough for compact flash as far as I recall. Nice little product - decent offering. Only thing lacking is a loop for a lanyard to hand it off your camera strap. The zip has a loop on it so I guess you could make a plan.
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By V
A good cheap functional product, no frills. Removed one of the plastic sleeves relatively easily to use for another purpose. Tough outer casing material and smooth working zip.
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By Ali K
This case works well for cards of normal SD size, and above, but when you put micro SD cards in, as soon as you shake, move or otherwise turn the case out of the flat position micro SD cards fall out.

This case is made to a price, and for normal use, i.e. storing and occasionally getting memory out of or putting it in it is fine. I would not like to keep the case in a jacket pocket for example, I am not sure it is up to it. But, that said, as a storage place in and office etc., I think it would be fine, it is in my office anyway!

I would recommend this for office use or home use as a way to store SD cards etc., but NOT micro SD cards, hence 4 stars.
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By Leon Crawley
4.4 | 238 customer reviews
198 of the 238 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this Assecure Aluminum SD Card Case for a friend whose favourite colour is red. Delivery was prompt and the case arrived boxed and in perfect condition. The unit has two separate compartments each holding three SD cards - you can open it from the front or back plus it has a hinged panel between the two storage compartments. The actual holders for the SD cards are made in a high density moulded foam material and are a perfect fit - unless their shape has been changed in my version of the case I do not understand those other reviewers who suggest they are the wrong size/shape!

In summary, this is a well made and nicely finished memory card case which should provide ideal storage for you SD cards and it's good value too. Recommended.
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By Cruiser
I'm a computer consultant, specializing in Apple Macs, most of which have SDHC slots. I wanted a good-looking holder for my growing collection of cards that I use for maintenance and installations (Apps and OS) on clients computers. I really liked the look of the Assecure box, and I really liked the idea that I could get one in a colour other than black or silver! If you are rummaging around a back-pack or looking over a clients untidy desk to see if you've left anything behind, you'll know how useful it is to have a different colour showing up. So far I've had it about two weeks and I love it. It's very light yet seems to hold the cards very securely. I'm thinking of getting two more in different colours so I can instantly see where my OS install, maintenance and App
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By John B.
Good enough to keep my cards protected in my bag, but trying to open the case quickly when wanting to swap cards out is a little fiddly and the cards can fall out. You need to spend those extra few seconds of care to make sure you open slowly and with two hands to make sure nothing falls out.

It's very light, keeps the cards packed away and fine for home use. I'd recommend that you find something more robust, that locks in individual cards, for regular or professional use.
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By Sean Parry
4.6 | 51 customer reviews
47 of the 51 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works with portuguese ID cards (which was what i needed).
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By Amazon Customer
This review is for the CR02 model, i.e. the SD, MicroSD card reader. I have only used it with USB2 so far. The plug is fairly slim so that it will fit between other USB plugs in a hub. The short cable is useful for flexibility when inserting/removing the SD card. The reader works with the older standard base-SD card and with the the newer standard SDHC card (32GB). In the latter case, this is the faster UHS -1, Class 3 (U3) version. (My previous reader would corrupt this faster card, requiring a re-format.) The blue indicator light shows that the device is connected, although I am not sure that the light on mine actually does flash when data transfer is occuring. It uses two drive letters for the 4 slots.
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By lrbjmb
This is the best computer related item I have bought in years, it is so easy to insert two SD cards and work on either or both, dragging and dropping to use the second card as a backup or a completely separate device as you wish.
After many months use, I have had no glitches or issues whatever and it is so convenient.
I should add that I only use SD cards for my files leaving nothing but the programmes on my PC, I believe this helps keep files away from any thief who might take my laptop.
Buy this reader with confidence.
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By Parker
4.6 | 43 customer reviews
43 of the 43 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just a quick review as its just a simple item

However if you are looking for a little bag to store your memory cards that is built well , offers good protection against knocks bumps and the elements and is priced well then this could be for you

It holds the bare cards in nice sleeves and none of mine have fallen out of the sleeves while travelling, there is also a little pouch you can fit a small card reader and cleaning cloth in which is handy

Very good product and recommended to all
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By buxz777
Good construction. The SD card slots are not big enough to take the card in their own cases, but not a major issue. Also room for a battery (I use a DMW-BLC12).
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By RJHetal
Ideal for carrying spare battery for either DSLR or compact and some memory cards (minus their plastic covers). Would be even better if it had a strap / belt loop for fastening to camera strap - but otherwise excellent value for money. Came well packaged.
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By Ambil
4.7 | 33 customer reviews
32 of the 33 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been on the look out for an affordable CF case that is water resistant and keeps my cards safe from drops etc, but didn't want to drop a lot of money on the Pelican brand case.

I found this case to tick all the boxes. It is robust, feeling well made and of good quality. It snaps shut very firmly, but is not too difficult to close or open. The rubber inserts fit your CF cards very well, holding them tight enough, but still allowing them to be easily removed. It also slides perfectly into the side pocket of my ThinkTank shoulder bag.

I would recommend this case if you are looking for a good protective place to store CF cards while on the job.
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By nancy sylvester
I've been after a secure way to keep my cards in one place, for a while. I found this on Amazon and it seemed like the perfect solution. As a photographer in the digital age, safe storage of my images is a must. Its efficient, safe, and easy to use and gives peace of mind that its also waterproof though thankfully I have not had an occasion to test that yet. Its slim, its smart and its reassuring.
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By C. Christie
Good protection for my camera cards. Can't say whether it is water resistant as I haven't experienced such a situation . . . . yet!. After having a large memory card go corrupt on me and loosing data I decided to replace it with a number of smaller cards. This is ideal for keeping them all in one place instead of loose cards in the camera bag pocket. You can also easily see what are clean cards and those used by simply "turning over" the card in the case. Useful item.
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By GerryP
4.7 | 32 customer reviews
31 of the 32 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The plastic case you get with the cards are normally small and flimsy, These are perfect. A perfect fit and not flimsy. Great product and great price . Arrived early too.
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By Pembo
Only a tiny product but important and these are incredible value for money and arrived fairly quickly. Highly recommended.
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By sj
Oh yes ... these are the best ever quality (and reasonable price). I had a couple from somewhere but desperately needed some more - cannot recommend enough!
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4.4 | 93 customer reviews
83 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the second memory case that I have brought. I like the fact that it is compact and can fit in my camera bag, unlike some of the hard memory cases. The mesh holds the SD cards securely and don't fall out when being opened. Although not waterproof it affords good protection.
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By M. F. Critchley
This is a handy little card case for carrying extra memory cards around. It has sufficient capacity for me, and fits easily into my small camera bag, or for that matter, in a shirt pocket. It is not perfect, and would probably not suit a professional, or someone out and about on rough, or wet terrain. However, it is very cheap, and looks better than you might expect for this amount of money. It will hold at least 8 CF cards ( the type I use), more than enough for my needs, and no doubt a great deal more of the smaller Xd, memory stick. or SD cards, that are more popular today. If you want somewhere handy to store your full, or spare cards, you could do a lot worse than buy this small case.
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By Beetleypete
Handy pouch that is not excessively big. I have a larger pouch that can hold several sets of batteries (including AA's) and SD cards that prevents them rattling around the nooks and crannies of my camera bag. However, on those days I want to keep weight down I carry a battery loose in my pocket and use this pouch to hold my SD cards - given their size they are easy to get lost. My only gripe is that I find the amount of velcro used somewhat excessive.....I suppose it's better to have it this way than not enough!
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By Mr. P
4.3 | 194 customer reviews
169 of the 194 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was looking for something small yet sturdy for my daughter to take travelling to hold spare SD cards for her camera. This case fit the bill very well; it has two sides that can be opened separately and the case comes with a wide variety of inserts that can hold either SD cards, microSD cards or a combination. My daughter is very happy with it.
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The purchase of this product was motivated by my requirement of not only filing away the existing SD cards I have, but also to have some way I could tidily make a note of what is on each of my cards, as SD cards are so small that they're pretty impossible to write on.

First - for the plus sides of this device :

1) The foam inserts provided are brilliant and cut perfectly to size - and what I like even more is that they've thought about the product and you can take the insert out along with its sticky backing so that you can put them in again afterwards - I like that a lot.
2) It comes with a sticky label that you can make notes on although you only get 2 of these (one for each side) - it would of been nice if you got a couple more
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By Edward
I thought this would keep all my TF and SD cards secure but this really really becomes useless as soon as you try to open it, as the cut-outs don't hold the cards in place and they ALWAYS ALL fall out!

Also, the opening clasps are awkward, which makes it difficult to open.

I don'y like leaving negative feedback but unfortunately in this case, I have to and wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
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4.4 | 80 customer reviews
76 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Weighty and bulky but solidly constructed and watreproofed sue to an all-round silicon lip of one side. It uses a simple clip to lock which is necessarily tight but not too difficult to open or close. It can easily fit into a jacket pocket, within a bag or case etc and will keep its contents clean and dust- and moisture-free.

Each cut-out includes a small lip one the smaller edge (the contacts end of the chip).

Designed specifically for microSDs, there are others that accept different flash cards.
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By Londoner
It is advertised as being waterproof but when you read the box it comes in, it says it's water resistant, which maybe important to you. It annoys me when you have a contradiction between the adverts and the reality of an item. To test it, I submerged it in a bowl of water and it came out fine with slight damp on the edges and as I'm not going to be swimming with anytime soon I think my SD cards will be safe!
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By Bobartex
This has been perfect, it's water tight (tested several times) not pressure tested but it's git wet many times and my memory cards stayed dry, I have put green and red dots on either side so I can easy identify which have been used and which are free. I live thus case and highly recommend one fie anyone who is out and about
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By Gareth.D
4.3 | 101 customer reviews
91 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product. Very neat and compact USB 2.0 card reader with this Micro SD card.
Ideal for when you want to plug the Micro SD card in to devices that don't have a SD card slot at all.
Which means without having to transfer to USB key or anything like that I can stick the USB reader in my TV and watch a video I've just taken with my camera.
No leads to carry around, no fuss, just take out the Micro SD card, put it in the reader and stick it in the USB slot on my TV.
Instant access. Worked very well with my Go Pro clone type camera and a TV that I've had for 12 years.
Recorded video was perfect, no stutter or delay issues, playback was exactly the same.
Can't fault it.
Speed tested it on my laptop and it was the same as, if not slightly quicker than,
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By mr_nice
Does what is says. No problem in transferring MP3/audio content to the SD card. Was able to sucessfully insert the SD card to my Android smartphone and be regognised by the latter as external storage. The USB hardware also works, as I was able to succesfully insert / plug it to my laptop. Both the smartphone and laptop can read the files / content stored on the SD card and was able to copy and delete data via laptop or smartphone. Also, no problem in inserting the SD card to portable FM radio MP3 player / recorder of the same brand (AGPtek R08) that I ordered with this item.
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By Stephen_CY1973
I didn't think I would have an issue with this SD card, as I have a AGPTEK G05W Clip which I'm pretty happy with and I bought this to be able to put more music on it. So like an idiot I threw away the packaging. This is now the second time I upload music on it. Everything seems fine and then I arrive at the gym, plays a couple of songs and then everything on the SD card disappears and I get an error message. Before receiving this SD card, I used the one I had on my BlackBerry and it worked perfectly well, so this is definitely the SD card being faulty. I don't think I can send it back as I no longer have the original packaging, so my advice to you is: keep all packaging for at least a month, and maybe pick another brand
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By Michèle
4.3 | 80 customer reviews
68 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this as a Christmas stocking present for a family member as my family member is ALWAYS trying to find there memory cards.

It's cheap to buy and the quality seems okay. The case is very small, but is the ideal size to hold SD cards.

I have no complaints and I think my family member will appreciate this gift and will actually use it which is the main thing!!
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By Danielle
Natty little idea and very handy and light even when you have filled it with memory cards. Only draw back for me is that the pocket for Compact Flash Cards are very fiddly and I should imagine very easy to tear. If you are patient and ease it in then it should retain the form of the CF card. For the price though, even to just carry SD and XD cards it is very handy.
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By redgoldie44
I ordered one of these but received two! Took quite a while to arrive as they came from Hong Kong but I wasn't in a rush and they did arrive within the original estimated delivery date. The slots are quite tight, which stops the memory card falling out, but it does mean that it is a very fiddly job to slip in a piece of paper stating which holiday is on that particular chip (which is what I wanted it for). Does the job though and receiving two was a bonus! I can take the spare on holiday with me for blank memory cards - which is probably what I was supposed to do with it in the first place!
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By Helen M
4.7 | 21 customer reviews
20 of the 21 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've always thought these pouches were a waste of time, that was until one day I found myself with a dozen CF cards in mixture of used and unused states, confused and risking overwriting a card with that morning's shots. The case is a tough as old boots, really solid thick plastic that I know will take a good beating while I'm out walking. The little rubber seal, while it might not make the case waterproof it will certainly ensure severe soaking from the rain won't get inside to the precious cards. The foam inside is very snug and holds all the cards in place, plus now I stick to a simple system, unused cards face up, used cards face down, no more running the risk of mixing up cards and losing a days work.
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By Mr. George Johnson
These are great for storing spare memory cards. They are robust and will keep your cards safe from dust and rain. I doubt if they would work submerged in water for long but they do give good protection under normal circumstances.
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By Garth C
Need a basic inexpensive hardwearing memory card case?
I'm a photographer and travelled round India for 8 weeks. No problems what so ever!
Don't think. Just buy it. That's what I did!
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By Nelly
4.9 | 13 customer reviews
13 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The safety of my spare SD cards is not exactly my top priority, seeing that I use cards big enough to rarely need spares, but I still consider this box a very good purchase. The box feels like it could withstand damage and condition way beyond what an SD card should be expected to go through, it looks stylish, and it's small enough to fit in one of many small compartments in my camera bags.
To be fair, I didn't battle test it. No steam rollers went over mine, nor did I survive a nuclear Armageddon, so I can only go by my feeling that this is a high quality product.
This was also the only SD card case that I found for a small number of cards, so a big recommendation to anyone wanting to safekeep up to 4 cards (even if it's just one).
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By Vedran Sego
As cards get larger and larger, the temptation is to just keep one card in your camera. This attitute of 'putting all your egss in one basket' is OK so long as your SD card does not develop a fault. A better method is to carry a few cards around with you and change them now and again. These cases make excellent 'nests' for your 'eggs'. It keeps them secure, clean and dry. They even hold microSD AND SD cards.
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By Martyn
I am seriously impressed with the build quality of these cases. They have a water resistant seal round the lid and the SD cards fit tightly into rubber housing. The case has a moulded hole for a lanyard (supplied) and comes with a small pointed metal tool for picking out micro SD cards.
A real bargain at only £5.99. I love them.
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By Donald O,