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Best Rated in Camera Cleaners

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Camera Cleaners store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Camera Cleaners

4.8 | 992 customer reviews
968 of the 992 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'll keep it short and sweet. This stuff actually works, and it works brilliantly.

At first glance of the Ecomist website, you'd be forgiven for thinking you're being sold snake oil. I'll admit, I thought the exact same. It's a bottle of screen cleaner with a bunch of 5 star reviews. So what?

Right. I've tried numerous lotions, potions, sprays and whathaveyous over the years. All of which claim to make your screen surface so clean you could eat your dinner off of it. Long story short, they're all much of a muchness. They don't get out every smear or stain at the first attempt. Some don't get anything out at all.

I'm currently using Ecomist on a 50" 4K LED television. Said television is often covered in handprints, food and assorted chocolate and biscuit smears from an enthusiastic 1 year old. When I say covered, I mean the television is literally covered
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By Ian C
Puts my other screen cleaning wipes to shame. Yes it might seem expensive but I've just cleaned every screen in my house and the bottle is still full. 2 Laptops 2 monitors 2 TV's and 2 Phones. No smear marks, it's like looking at a brand new out of the box screen! :)
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By Chris
I’ve used many different screen cleaners over the years, from cloths, to sachets, to sprays, and without doubt, this is the best I have ever used.
Easy to spray, quick drying with no smearing.

I got this delivered at work, and due to me expressing my delight with the product, it was quickly shared out to the whole team, who have all said comments like “it’s likr going from HD to 4K” after they’d cleaned the grime from their laptop screens.

Looks like I might have to buy another bottle very soon to keep up with the demand!

Can’t recommend this highly enough.
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By A. J. Alldis
4.8 | 754 customer reviews
730 of the 754 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are just the best I've ever used for cleaning glasses, my Ipad and phone. They came individually packaged which was great, because they stay neatly packaged until you are ready to open another one. They are still going strong, I haven't needed to replace them since I bought them over 2 years ago. Wonderful product!
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By Maria M Racine
Having previously purchased such cloths in smaller sizes, they may have been convenient to include in a spectacle case but were of a size barely adequate to complete the task. they may have been better for camera lenses and a couple were kept in a camera bag for just that purpose. These are too large for a spectacle case but cleaning a pair of spectacles or sunglasses is easy and they are very effective. A pack of 20 may be too many for all but a photo shop, opticians etc but there is also a 5-pack and they are also offered in smaller sizes.

Although there has been no need to wash one of these as yet, the smaller ones are very easy to wash; a liquid detergent or washing-up liquid work equally well but powder detergents may not always dissolve and gritty residues could remain on a cloth to scratch
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By Londoner
If you are looking for high quality lint free microfiber cloths for your spectacles, touchscreens and tvs then these ECO-FUSED cloths should be your first choice. I bought a pack of smaller cloths for my specs and they keep my expensive high index lenses spotless without damaging them. I wanted a slightly bigger cloth for my tablet and smartphone screens and went back to this brand without hesitation. They are priced well and the packaging is high quality to reflect the product within.

Being lint-free you can use these with lens cleaners for a sparkling shine but being microfiber they don't need any chemicals to work.

I would definitely recommend any cloths of any size by this brand. They may not be well-known but that doesn't mean they are inferior.
In the interests of full disclosure I have NOT been given any free products or been asked to test this product. I searched
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By Sahmraw
product price
4.7 | 834 customer reviews
784 of the 834 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an excellent product in my opinion. I originally bought a small grey 'puffer' style blower (with a brush on the end) from a local photographic shop, with the aim of removing a couple of small hairs that had managed to find their way into the mirror mechanism of my digital SLR. Rather than clearing away the hairs, the 'puffer' actually deposited yet more hairs from its brush. The small 'puffer' was absolutely useless. On looking through the Internet, I came across the Giottos Rocket Air Blower which I thought I would try. The product delivers a good, strong puff of air, which is still gentle enough to remove hair/dust from the inside mechanism of my camera. It worked first time and all of the hair (and brush hairs that the inferior puffer had deposited) were gone. The Giottos product was definitely
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By fenman
I have tried a number of blowers, especially as crammed camera bags make it tempting to find a small one which can do the job equally well but the fact is, they don't! My personal compromise was to cut off the fins (sorry, design team) which makes it quite a bit easier to fit in and obviously doesn't affect performance. Despite the advice given as to it not being recommended for sensors (understandable lawyer input) I happily use it to clean superficial dust off the sensors of my (expensive) camera bodies but of course you must do it without putting the nozzle inside the body. Despite moderate abuse (squashing it in bags, sometimes with the nozzle bent slightly to one side) mine has been in use for over 5 years. Impressive.
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By Nigel
This works well enough and is quite large. In fact the size has led to people asking me why I had a douche on the kitchen table. The mind boggles. However in hindsight the rocket shape - which I am guessing is what you're paying for - is a bit of a gimmick. It's of no use in the camera bag. As such, I think this is a little over priced. There are some products that it is possible to over-engineer and I think this is one of them.
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By Pete
4.8 | 95 customer reviews
93 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wow indeed. I did NOT receive a discount to buy this, I just checked and researched. This item seemed the best value.
This worked a treat, my sensor has been filthy for some time now.
To minimise atmosphere dust (which you can clearly see in sunbeams through the window) I did this in the bathroom to minimise room dust as much as possible and used a fine water atomiser.
I used a strong white light to check of excessive dust in the air.
I used this item to view the sensor Carson 4.5x SensorMag LED Lighted Cleaning Loupe for Camera Sensor
It's perfect.
It took me a careful 30 minutes between test pictures (see the before and after) using 4 swabs, 1 dry, 1 wet then 2 dry to remove a little bit of smearing.
The liquid is non-alcohol based and didn't leave any residue.
I re-used the swabs to clean up the lens mount area.
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By P. Copleston
Very quick delivery and actually arrived well packaged a day before its estimated delivery date.
This was to be the first time I had attempted to clean a DSLR sensor myself so I was a little apprehensive however having read the various customer reviews on a variety of kits etc for the task on Amazon I settled on this product as it had good reviews and was what I thought to be good value for money.
This product comes with instructions and having read them and gathered the courage for the task ahead was amazed at how simple it was to accomplish taking next to no time to actually carefully clean the sensor itself with the pad. I then took test shots with the camera and all dust etc had been successfully removed. I used two swabs for the task on this occassion so have ample fluid and swabs
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By John Clark
This product certainly cleans the sensor as it states (have not tried on optics yet, but I assume it will be the same result). HOWEVER, my biggest complaint (and why this only receives 3 of 5 stars) is that the bottle does not have any method for applying only a DROP of cleaning solution to the swabs! The directions say to only apply 2 drops at most to the swab, but the only way to apply the solution is to open the bottle completely which leaves a huge opening. Impossible to only apply a couple drops this way!
(It may be that you're intended to poke a hole in the second stopper on the bottle, but if that's the case, it's not indicated in the directions. Also, this very much introduces the possibility of contaminants into the cleaning solution, depending on what you use to poke this hole. Not ideal at
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By PSU_Jedi
4.6 | 248 customer reviews
231 of the 248 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently bought the two bottle CamKix lens Clean Kit with a view to cleaning a Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens which had fungus growing on all of the internal elements. The lens in the picture is a before and after shot following just one application of CamKix Optical Lens Cleaner. A second cleaning left the lens glass spotless. Fortunately the fungus had been caught before it had a chance to etch the surface of the glass so after cleaning all the elements the lens was returned to full working order.
CamKix appears to be a very good product for cleaning lens glass. I’ve now tried it on my TV and Monitor screens and they have also come up sparkling clean.
A reasonably priced product which really works and arrived next day by Prime, what more could you ask for.
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By Practical Bill
Clearly all lens cloths and cleaners are not the same - I've used several previously that haven't quite done the job they're supposed to do, or if they have it's been frustratingly slow. Tried these after reading the positive reviews and I'm delighted. Quick and easy to use, the results have been perfect: smear-free, crystal-clear lens. Comes in a handy pouch to keep cleaner and cloth together. Compact enough to throw in your camera bag. Would highly recommend.
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By Barr
I’ve recently got a a new camera and have struggled to find a product that properly cleans the lens, lcd screen and filters. It looks like my search could be over.
Very impressed so far. Prompt service too and very well packaged. 5 stars
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By Stuart
4.5 | 1,610 customer reviews
1,475 of the 1,610 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a fantastic and well priced cleaning kit for a DSLR. A lot of people don't bother with simple maintenance of lenses and accessories but this makes it so easy and prolongs the gear and my enjoyment. Everything you need for a couple of cameras is here and the quality of products is excellent - very pleased with this lot and cameras and pictures better off for the use of it.
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By Ian Jupp
Good product overall, the each aspect of the product offers a unique way of cleaning the different parts of a camera.

However, the cleaning pen broke in the first use. The cleaning pad of the pen came off within a few second, and smeared a sticky glue/tar like substance over my camera screen. Thankfully this happened only on the camera screen and not on the lens or a more vital part of the camera. It took a lot of cleaning and other cleaning product to finally remove all of the sticky residue left by the cleaning pen.

The rest of the items within the cleaning kit are great, and definitely help to keep the camera clean and dust free, just be aware of using the pad of the cleaning pen.
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By SBlx
I primarily bough this set for the blower but was intrigued by the rest of the set and so watched the YouTube video tutorial. The double sided pen has a brush on one end and a foam pad on the other. On just the second use, the foam pad fell off its mounting, which I didn't notice, and I ended up wiping delicate glass coatings with a hard surface. Fortunately, it was just my polarising filter rather than the actual lens that got damaged. So be very careful with this. The air blower, cloths and solution was otherwise fine.
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4.8 | 88 customer reviews
85 of the 88 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've got the TYCKA camera cleasing kit recently and I found it has much better quality than the one I had before. First of of I like the case as it is in a hard material and it protects everything inside - so no worries anymore if you squize it into your packed luggage. And it has the cleaner liquid while my previous kit only has an empty bottle for you to fill in cleaner liquid.
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By TidewayLemon
Great set! I was looking for a cleaning set for my camera and this one is exactly what I need! It comes with a good quality case. The set includes one 30ml non-toxic alcohol-free Lens Cleaner Solution, one Hurricane Air Blower, one Lens Cleaning Pen, one Cleaning Brush, one microfibres Cleaning Cloth, a few Cotton Swab and Sensor Cleaning Swabs, Some Sheets Camera Cleaning Tissue.
Really handy for my camera and easy to carry.( the case fits my camera bag without any problem ) highly recommend!
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By Iris Strange
It comes with a very handy cuty bag, with all functions. It did the cleaning job nicely. I even used brush to clean my keyboard of PC, and sprayer for Smart phone screen.
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By Margaret
4.7 | 126 customer reviews
118 of the 126 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't normally review products but this one surprised me so much that I felt I had to. Before cleaning my sensor, I did a lot of online reading of horror stories about damage, making the sensor dirtier and how you should get it professionally cleaned. These had a hint of urban legend about them and my sensor got dusty enough in the 4 I've had the camera that I don't want to keep paying to have it cleaned. As such, I decided to gamble on this product, since it was cheap enough, and also a dry method which reduces the risk.

I took a reference photo of the sky at f/22 and had a dozen or so specs of dust distributed across the sensor. Rocket blower failed to make any impact (possibly made it worse?). These swabs come in sealed packets so there's no contamination. Make sure that once you
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By X
I recently got hold on a 20,000 shutter count old D7100. It hadn't been cleaned during its life meaning the sensor was a little grubby (Huge dust spots in some areas). The seller passed on some pre dampened swabs as he admittedly failed to clean it myself. Im completely comfortable with cleaning the sensor myself so used his swabs. After the first pass I knew they were awful quality swabs. Streaking, smudging and no clearing of us spots. Immediately binned the lot and got these on swabs on Prime. Had some sensor fluid on hand , just in case.

These swabs worked awesome, I done more than two passes with the first to try and lift some of the spots and streaks. It was pretty much perfect with one swab. Another swab and no liquid later, the sensor, mirror and view finder are spotless. I was actually quite shocked how much
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By Joseph
I needed to clean my A6000's sensor for the first time its got really clogged up with dirt and had a huge fingerprint on it and the shop in my area charges £30 to clean the sensor.

however as there is no risk of mirror damage if the battery died while cleaning and as the sensor is so much closer as there is no mirror assembly i thought i would give it a go.

I had not got any sensor solution but i have a very very good screen cleaner from muc off and i dropped a small amount in a clean anti persprint lid and dipped the edge of the swab in it and carefully wiped it over the sensor and i could see half the dust specs disappear along with the fingerprint but the wipe was not quite wide enough to get all of the sensor so had to carefully
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By Mr. Ta Salt
4.5 | 639 customer reviews
545 of the 639 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This pen offers a really nice and convenient way to clean your lenses if they get a little dirty. You still have to be careful of hard grit/dust/sand so that you dont scratch the lens, but the cleaning process using the brush is very simple. The pen is fairly compact, fitting easily into my camera bag. The velvet pad is slightly curved, and so cleans all parts of the lens with ease. It is removable from the pen, and so if it gets dirty it is easy enough to take it out and clean it or replace it. The plastic it is made of seems strong, and the mechanism to retract the brush into the pen fairly sturdy, so I don't feel that the pen would break any time soon.

Overall this is great value and seems like it will last you a while. would recommend
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By Martin H
When i first got this i thought this is all i'd need to clean my lenses but i was wrong, yes it's very good at what it does but it does have limitations and doesn't seem to cope with cleaning everything.
It's brilliant at removing finger marks and general fine film contamination but prior to cleaning you do need to remove any grainy deposits otherwise your going to risk grinding them into your lens and scratching it.
I personally have found it best to remove the worst of any contaminants with a lens tissue and then go over it with the pen, so it's not a replacement for your cleaning products rather a very useful addition which is a lot quicker at removing fine smears than anything else i've previously used so for me it's still a must have product to have in my kit.
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By David1o1
I was almost scared off by all the reviews claiming that these pens are fake or that they leave a black residue on lenses. I can confirm: this pen is the real deal! I believe that many people who left poor reviews did not understand how to use this product correctly. Probably the same people who leave poor reviews on amazon because they cannot figure out how to separate body caps and rear lens caps.

The method is simple:
1) firstly use the brush-end to remove surface dust from the lens.
2) twist the cap on the velvet-pad-end - this coats the lens pen.
3) gently rub the velvet-pad-end of the lens pen on the surface of the lens using circular motions as if you are polishing the glass - there is no need to scrub!!
4) replace and twist the cap (to re-coat and to remove attached dust).
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By theresa
product price
4.6 | 146 customer reviews
138 of the 146 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best glasses wipes I've come across! Bought a few in a supermarket, and had immediate success. Since the fashion of larger glasses, I didn't even consider how much dirtier they would get than smaller lenses, but they really do! I found it really irritating so tried some glasses sprays but these are much easier to use, don't smear and remove all the dirt. I keep a few in various handbags, and my work bags, so they're always on hand. When I do my glasses I usually give my phone a once over, and it works really well for that too!
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By Caroline
I've been on the lookout for some good lens cleaners for a while, and up until I used these I thought the LIDL ones were best - but these blow the LIDL ones out of the water - can easily get rid of grease marks etc on my phone with just one wipe, where you'd need to use 2x LIDL ones ... I'm a fan ...
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By Edward
Not just suitable for cleaning spectacles, these high quality wipes from Zeiss can also be used for keeping computer monitors in pristine condition. They can even be used on related items, such as mice and keyboards, which need an occasion wipedown with something that will clean without being harsh.

The generously sized box of 200 individually-wrapped wipes should last a long time. If there is any small criticism to be made, the wipes could reasonably have been made a litle bit larger.
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4.6 | 139 customer reviews
126 of the 139 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have tried many sensor cleaning methods, each time with some trepidation when it comes to touching the sensor. After a trip to India, my Canon 1DX Mark II picked up too much dust for a blower to remove, and possibly some oil smears as well, not least from the use of other products which I certainly will not be recommending. I tried the Visible Dust full frame swabs first, but was disappointed at the results, not least because they seemed to leave small pieces of lint behind which I then had to try to remove by other methods.

I therefore decided to give the XCSOURCE swabs a try, not least on account of the number of good reviews here, to which I am adding mine. They arrived today, and two swabs later using Eclipse fluid, my sensor is looking much better than it has done for some
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By Amazon Customer
I've tried a lot of sensor cleaning products, and have no issue with wet-cleaning my DSLR sensor myself. However, I have found endless problems with sensor wipes, with the worst examples leaving deposits on behind, and many of them not being the right size for full-frame sensors. I bought these after my sensor was left in a state by some other swabs I used, and it was pretty well a last try before giving up and getting it professionally cleaned. I have to say, these seem to have done the job perfectly. You don't get any cleaning fluid with them, so you need to get that as well, but these are the best swabs I have found so far.
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By Tescodirect
Quite easy to use: one drop onto the swab. Brush one way without any pressure at an angle. Turn the brush around and wipe the swab back to where you originally started. This resulted in removal of about 90% of the dust; when checking by taking a photo of the sky at f16.

Overall, very easy to use.... however. One star lost for the dispenser on the bottle. It's actually quite difficult to drop just a single droplet alone. The problem is that if you make the swab too wet, this will result in streaking on the sensor. If you oversaturate the swab, then I recommend you throw the swab away and try again. Because you might end up trying over and over again to dry the excess fluid off the sensor.

However, if you are careful then this product is highly recommended.
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By Debbie Doritos
product price
4.5 | 145 customer reviews
135 of the 145 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works like a dream! I've been cleaning my own sensor for many years and always used other brands but after leaving it for so long I decided to find a new brand of cleaner, something a little stronger to make sure the job was done properly. This one blew me away! I shoot landscapes in almost any condition, my venerable old 5D Mk2 gets knocked about like crazy. I've changed lenses on sandy beaches in 15 mph winds ( very carefully I might add! ), stood in the pouring rain until the buttons have stopped working sometimes. I'll often change lenses 2-3 times in 20 mins while on location and the upshot is that there's no escaping the dust getting in. So after 9 months of shooting both in the country and dusty cities I was getting tired of cloning spots out in Photoshop after a shoot. I reckon I
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By Mr. George Johnson
I stupidly managed to get a minuscule drop of spit when blowing dust off my Sony a7ii sensor. I was mortified, so tried to lift the drop off with the only thing I had available: a clean basalm Kleenex. I used the corner of the tissue to remove the drop, but a thin layer of basalm oil from the tissue was left on the sensor. I rushed to amazon to get the best swaps and cleaning fluid I could find (according to reviews). The swabs I used were xcsource's sensor cleaner cleaning swab kit for Full Frame Cameras (DC581).

I was a little terrified at first to use the swabs on the Sony stabilised sensor, as the online video instructions show that you have to push these swaps down rather heavily onto the sensor. The stabilised sensor seems somewhat delicate. However, it all went smoothly without a hitch. I used two
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I used it on some old family video tapes, prior to transcribing them, partly because I wanted to clean them safely, which it did, and partly because one of my ancient head-cleaning cassettes has a requirement for PEC-12 type archival photographic tape emulsion cleaner. I haven't used it yet as a lens cleaner but it did an excellent job on the videotapes and recorder heads, in company with the excellent PEC-PADS I purchased with it. Great product from a great seller. Everything arrived promptly, wthout fuss, at my home in Spain.
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By William Daysh
4.4 | 318 customer reviews
275 of the 318 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These cloths might seem expensive at first, but I would not be without them now. In an age of shiny black rectangles we spend so much time looking at it makes such a difference to be able to give them a quick wipe with one of these cloths and remove all those smears instantly. They really do make your screen look like new with a quick buff. I've also recently discovered they do wonders for my glasses too.

They come in a pack of five, and appear to be very long lasting, so that is probably a lifetimes supply right there. Highly recommended.
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By PatrickRS
These are really wonderful for cleaning my tablet and smartphone screens. I was hesitant about buying them, because I generally hate the texture and feel of microfibre. They generally get caught on skin and produce in me the same uncomfortable sensation of someone running their fingernails down a blackboard. Arrghhh. But these are not like that, and because they're textured they clean the screen much more efficiently than the smooth cloth I'd been using before. I still use a spray most of the time, though these cloths can cope without. Very happy with purchase, and ended up donating half the pack to my parents for their uses. No doubt I'll be back to buy more of these at some point!
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By Kit De Luca
This review refers to the Ex-Pro 20 x 20cm 5 Set of Microfibre Cloths. These cloths are recommended for a range of different applications including cleaning camera lenses, LCD screens and mobile phones etc. Overall the cloths do work okay on screens and phones etc. but in my opinion they are less suitable for lenses as they tend to leave a trace of small lint pieces behind. Also, I can't help feel that the cloths feel a bit coarse for a delicate lens - that's just a feeling. When I use an expensive lens I'm very careful only to use a cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer - these cloths seem better suited to less delicate applications..
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By Cruiser
4.4 | 174 customer reviews
168 of the 174 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this to clean my ipad mini screen,
but it does so much more..

It cleaned the inside of our car windscreen, which not even the strongest motor shop stuff could do,
but Media Devil did perfectly, no smears, no rubbing like a geni lamp.

It just works,
It came with a green cloth (one of those types that feel odd to the touch.
Just one spray onto the cloth (not directly onto the ipad) then two wipes back and forth and the job was done.

Since then I have as I say used it on the car windscreen interior, my laptop screen, the Tv,
even spectacles come up shining, and it does no harm to the lens coatings.

so just grab the Devil by the horns and clean up your life...
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By F.J
I got this to use before applying a media devil screen protector to my iPhone 6s. It works beautifully to remove any marks or grease from the screen. Just to point out though, that you need to spray it first onto the waffle cloth supplied (a generous size compared with the microfibre cloths I've got with cleaning kits in the past) not directly onto the screen, as I almost did. I am so pleased with this cleaner I am now using it on my tablet, pc, TV, camera, just about any gadget I can find.

It bring screens up as clean and shiny as when you first got the gadget home from the shop. And you only need one sqirt to do an iPad, so it will last a long time, despite being only 50ml.
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By K. Cavill
I recently purchased the MediaDevil Magicpotion Antibacterial Screen cleaning spray, and a iPhone screen protector. Actually I purchased the screen protector, and there was a link deal to save 30% on the Magicpotion cleaner if I bought it with the protector.

At almost a tenner, I would probably have passed on it, despite the good reviews. I was however swayed by the 30% discount. I can't resist a bargain!

My package arrived next day, and I opened the box. Inside a large cleaning cloth and a spray bottle of goodness. What ensued next can only be described as a 'cleaning frenzy' - it's so good, I cleaned every screen in the house!

This genuinely is excellent at cleaning screens, entirely 'fit for purpose' - the screen on my iMac took just two tiny squirts, and 10 seconds of polishing, left it shiny and streak-free.

I contacted customer service regarding the screen protector (see
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By Peter Benson
4.5 | 85 customer reviews
76 of the 85 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have this and a Giottos Rocket Blower, I was a little bit dubious when purchasing but decided to take the gamble. This actually works better than my Giottos which leaks a little from the one way valve. Where as the Kingjoy works perfectly. Looks exactly the same but the softer rubber of the Kingjoy makes it feel nicer to use and has just as much blow as the Giottos for less than half the price. Hopefully it will last as long.
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By Barry
Great value product, and does the job, it even looks the same as the Giotto GTAA1900 Rocket Air Blower, but that is where the similarity ends.

The body of the Giotto is made from thicker better quality rubber, and is more responsive than the Kingjoy.

The Giotto is a superior product, but whether it's worth more than twice the Kingjoy is debatable.
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You get a powerful jet of air from it and it does shift dust. It's design is quite ergonomic. But at nearly 8 quid it seems pricey for a silicone bulb with a nozzle on top and one-way intake valve on the bottom. Notably there is no one-way valve on the outlet, so it sucks in air from both ends and thus bypasses any filtration the intake might have! The intake/inlet valve it wasn't very well finished on mine with an unglued gap where it joined the body.
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By ckyliu
4.4 | 102 customer reviews
93 of the 102 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product bought this as I have been having lots of problems with 2 small black spots on my images. Despite cleaning the sensor a few times with the naked eye. I couldn't get rid of them. 20 Secs with this and one swab job done. No more spots on my images. Was thinking of sending my Sony A6000 away for servicing to see if they could rectify the issue. Money saved.
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By Amazon Customer
The Carson 4.5x SensorMag LED Lighted Cleaning Loupe is essentially small magnifying glass mounted in a focusable microscope style configuration with a set of downward facing LED's to illuminate. Itsrole is to aid in the cleaning of sensors on digital cameras that have detachable lenses. The stand is roughly horse shoe shaped which has a slider on it which lowers and extra plastic collar strip (if required) to adjust the fit of the stand to accommodate different manufacturers lens mounts. The main magnifying glass is housed into a chunky screw threaded holder which fits inside threaded collar mounted with a swivel action onto the main stand. Focussing is achieved by turning the threaded magnifying glass up or down in the threaded collar. The collar can then swivelled on the base to move the magnifying part out of the way when cleaning.
I bought the cleaning loupe after noticing a lot of
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By Amazon Customer

I'm going to consider the two main components of this kit separately, for reasons that will hopefully become clear later on.


+ Although it's constructed entirely from plastic (including the optics, most probably), the unit appears well made and generally robust - the only slight concerns being the switches and battery compartment cover, which hopefully prove to be much sturdier and resilient than they look

+ You focus by twisting the knurled ring of a monutube, which screws upwards (and outwards) via a rather basic helicoid arrangement (the monutube assembly can be completely removed from the base unit, to assist with cleaning the lenses' outer surfaces.) The enlarged image provided by the loupe is clear and sharp, with its 4.5 x magnification being perfectly adequate for the full-frame sensor I used it on - although of course, it might not prove
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By browse shop review
4.6 | 44 customer reviews
43 of the 44 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The main contents are two Lenspens, one standard and one small. I think in future I would probably buy just a small Lenspen, but if you have several lenses with large front elements, the larger one would be better. The other contents are a microfiblre cloth, intended for the interior of a DSLR, and an anti-fog cloth. As I don't have a DSLR and don't tend take pics in environments where the camera lens mists up, I haven't got a lot of use for these items.
The Lenspen is a good system. My 4 year old grandchild had managed to get fingermarks on the lens of a small camera, and the small Lenspen removed these effectively. The reduction in flare after cleaning was dramatic.
Five stars because it does what it says. But think before you click, do you really need two different size Lenspens?
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By Bachlover
I use the two lenspens and not really the rest, but it is useful having them in the bag although it could be smaller to make it easier to it in my camera bag. Happy enough with purchase; was cheaper than buying two lenspens at the time.
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By Strychnos
This has to of been one the best products on the market right now for what it does, ive used other products but this really does fit the bill as a whole package with everything included that you would need to do most things. The biggest bonus is the handy case thats provided as it fits nicely in my camera bag and keeps everything together, only one thing would further improve this and that is an included blower bottle.
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By Stevehgti6
4.4 | 81 customer reviews
74 of the 81 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm really impressed by this lens cleaner for use on my glasses. One spray per lens is enough to clean away any fingerprints or grease without smearing. I was a bit disappointed at how small the can is compared to bottles of lens cleaner that I've bought but a little goes a long way and I've been using it for months with no sign of it running out. The spray also cleans my tablet and mobile phone screens very well, leaving them gleaming with one wipe of the cloth.
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Calotherm products have been available for many years. My experience of them is that they are often in understated packaging, but that they perform well.

This little spray bottle is no exception. I bought it to help clean a couple of camera lenses and, combined with a microfibre cloth, it performed very well, with no visible smearing.
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By CameronRoss
My glasses were greasy and my old rags weren't cutting the mustard, so I got this plus some new Eco-Fused microfiber rags. Between them they have worked wonders. The rags are brilliant, this helped with the additional dirt and to get an initial 100% clean. Have put the slim tube into my satchel.
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By wildcamp
4.5 | 56 customer reviews
51 of the 56 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great item. Handy little bag to keep everything in. Great addition to my growing list of accessories for my new DSLR. Good quality and very good price. Can highly recommend this cleaning kit.
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Great vfm: useful kit and arrived on time. That there are two brushes is great as I can keep the retractable one with the camera and the other at home.
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By Amazon Customer
This kit i received is very poor quality, the end of the pen had a sponge on it which fell off and i picked it up and it left a black mark on my finger. This is also same on the felt part of the pen. The cloths are also poor and i tested on a glass, they left white fibers on it, the air blower is ok and the brush is just a cheap makeup brush. I would not recommend this this product and would definatly not use it on my camera or lenses.
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4.3 | 134 customer reviews
123 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is one of those products that is so cheap yet so brilliant! If you're scanning film or slides or even prints, this little brush is essential for removing dust from the media and the scanner glass. It does a great job and you simply cannot rely on digital dust reduction/removal to do it for you - you need to get a brush like this and do it yourself. It even folds away so neatly too! Amazing!
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By Jason Brown
This is a retractable brush and resembles a lady's lipstick dispenser. The brush head, which is made of goats' hair - a first for me as I cannot recall this material being used in any context before now - retracts into the barrel when the base is twisted and can then be covered by the cap.

Unfortunately, the cap does not affix to the closed end of the barrel during use and you will need to set it down somewhere. The brush is quite large, close to 2cm in diameter and should help safely remove dust and smaller bits of debris from your lenses or camera mirror. I don't think I would use it on a camera's sensor and a much smaller brush - a 00 artists' brush might be a better tool if carefully used.
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By Londoner
Matin International Co. Ltd., established in 1983, is a South Korean manufacturer of quality photographic and mobile phone accessories that also benefit from being reasonably priced. (You can view the available range for yourself at matin.co.kr) I have been buying Matin products for some years now and have generally been impressed by what they offer. Here's my assessment of the company's Small Lens Brush, product number M-6328:

• This is a 'lipstick' style lens brush, which extends from (and retracts into) its protective outer casing as you twist the base

• The full dimensions of this lens brush are shown in the image below (this has been scanned from the product's original packaging)

• The goat's hair brush head is easily soft and safe enough for use on expensive camera lenses (that's what it's principally designed for), and my example doesn't appear to be shedding any of its hair filaments as yet. In
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