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on 23 April 2014
Alright guys, so i've been trying to find best screen protector on market for reasonable price for almost a month now. I've been through the majority of reviews on all sorts of protectors and had a few questions, but i bought this one (matte one), when i got it..

1) Great packaging.
2) Screamed "Top Quality"
3) Well thought through appliances: cloth- great quality, not cheap and thin,
appliance card- again quality is great as it doesn't bend or crease,
Screen protectors are amazing, I bought anti glare and they are perfect. They are thick, pliable, and don't scratch easy.
4) People have said it's hard to put on and you waste one trying... LIES, dead easy, not one bubble on mine, edges are great and dont lift, matte effect works. Tip dont use their stickers for appliance just do it the old fashion way.
5) Some have said it makes noises... it does, but if you rubb it on your trousers for few seconds that sound disappears.
6) Well worth it, price is low for this good of quality.
7) Don't waste any more time searching for the best screen protector for your phone, you've found them.


Ok so I have had these screen protectors for months now and have had no issues at all. I swapped them over today as the other had a few scratches and I realised I had a spare. It took me 1 minute to put on if that, really easy, no bubbles, I gave it a rub for a few minutes to smooth it out and once again a brilliant screen protector that will without a doubt last me another 6 months +. I also purchased ones for iPad and had the exact same experience. One of the best things about it is that it doesn't look like there's anything there, people have only complimented them in my case.
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on 25 October 2014
"This is the easiest screen protector I've ever fitted." I thought that when I put it on 6 months ago and after an incident with my iPhone and a boisterous puppy I went back to the pack to look for the second screen.
I had thought I'd just got lucky the first time but I've just fitted the second screen and it went on perfectly once again; so now I know for sure that it wasn't luck.
If you're looking for the best balance of cost and function in a protector, look no further.
The protector is a pleasure to use and as tuff as it's name.
While I'm reasonably careful with my phone I've always found that the previous protectors picked up scratches and scuffs in the course of use, also, I was always aware that they were there but this anti glare matte screen went on and disappeared - that is until the phone was bitten by the puppy.
The screen was perfect underneath and now the new protector has disappeared again without a bubble in sight.
It's been a long journey fitting all manner of motley protectors to iPods and phones over the years, a stressful and hit and miss affair.
So now I'm back to buy another pack and this time when I was polishing the phone after application I thought to myself "This is the finest screen protector I've ever used."
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on 13 October 2016
Still good. Just bought new ones as after years of service the old one needed replacing. I had one deep gouge, but the skin had done its job and saved the screen. So I need a new cover - a lot cheaper than a new screen.

The effect appears quite mat, a sort of soft sheen. The screen looks slightly cloudy when the phone is off, but the image is quite OK when the phone is on. It cuts down glare and reflection rather than eliminates it.

A gloss protector looks better but this is probably more practical.
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on 14 May 2015
Super fast delivery.
I have struggled with these type of screen protectors for years and, usually making a complete hash of it.
Thank goodness TUFFskins have a good design team who decided to improve on the problem areas that we all struggle with. As usual, simple 'Thinking outside of the box' has done it.
Forget about the screen itself, the quality is outstanding and by far better than I have ever purchased over many years.
The jewels in the crown are the extras. Particularly the guide stickers. So simple but no more struggling now to line it up & cover the sticky side with fingerprints. Brilliant.
The dust removal tape is ingenious too & does the job very well.
Congratulations TUFFskins, you have a product that now sets the standard for all of the 'Also-Rans'
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on 30 September 2014
Have tried so many phone screen covers and had some success and lots of failures in terms of getting the cover on straight, having dust or hair trapped under, bubbles etc. So, read the reviews and decided to try these. The product is not expensive and so I wasn't sure how good it would be. You get two in a pack and suffice it to say my phone and my husband's now have perfect screen covers in place.

It is worth watching the video that the instructions suggest as this made the whole process really simple. The idea of having the dust stickers and the little hinge stickers is brilliant as it ensures both a dust free screen and perfect positioning of the cover with ease.

The covers are of a really good quality and I can honestly report that neither phone has a single bubble after application.

Absolutely brilliant and I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending this product. It does a perfect job.
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on 12 January 2014
Quick update...2nd one I applied correctly.. No problem at all with it ..recommend these.
Quick update on purchase of 2nd cover.. I did put a small scratch on the first cover so guess it did it's job as screen fine, I also noticed the cover was coming off a little.. once they start to do this they never go back on properly.. mine took about 4 months to start to peel away.. but there might be some 'user error' involved here - purchased another one and had a few problems getting it on just right.. luckily there's two in the box.. they take a little fitting... but again once on hardly noticeable once on - hopefully it stays there
Using this in conjunction with a 'spigen' case - the screen protector was easy to fit.. I did get one bit of dust under the screen and before pushing it fully down was able to peel it back up a bit and use the dust remover that came with the screen to take the dust off the screen cover.. it's worth taking a bit of time to apply this on a clean surface.. but once it's on you can't see it..I like the matt finish and it does seem to reduce finger prints etc.. although they'll never go away completely.

Worth buying.
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on 24 January 2014
Having bought cheaper screen protectors in the past, I thought I'd give TUFFskinz a try as I was never quite happy with previous protectors. I had always issues with one or more of the following when using cheaper protectors - oily residue on the surface, glare, poor response from the device with some and initial fitting wasn't always as easy as it could be.

Not so with these. Easy to fit, thanks to comprehensive instructions, decent cleaning cloth, application card and line-up stickers. There are no air bubbles at all, and the finish is a nice low sheen look which reduces glare to a minimum. The device is as responsive as it was without the protector in place, and the oily residue left by fingers, while still there as it can't be totally eliminated, has a much lesser effect on viewing the screen due to the low sheen finish. The look and feel of my iPhone with the TUFFskinz screen protector in place is of very high quality, so much better than previous protectors I have used.

Overall I'm very impressed with this. Yes these might be two or thee times more expensive than many screen protectors out there, yes you may only get two instead of five or six of the cheaper variety, but believe me, these are worth the extra money, the difference in quality really is that good.
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on 14 July 2015
This screen protector is the Muhammad Ali, the Lionel Messi, the Zeus, the cream in strawberries and cream, the fastic in Tangfastic of screen protectors.

The application is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. It slips out of its packaging neatly and dignified.

It leaves on just two items marked one and two.

You must remove them in order but not before you adjust it, move it, tease it into the right position.

There are tools to help with this process. A silk cloth to ensure everything is clean and smooth, an application card and even tabs to help ease into position.

Once happy with the positioning, ensuring it is on smooth, with no air gaps between it and your phone, do you remove the number two item and finish the job.

The feeling afterwards, amazing. Smooth to the touch, durable enough to withstand another application and a very happy iPhone.

A keeper. A winner. Perfection at it's best. I think I found myself a cheerleader.
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on 12 November 2014
Excellent product. I highly advise that if you want a top quality screen protector that you get this one. The quality of the feel of the protector is amazing. With most screen protectors you get smudges, finger prints and sometimes if your fingers aren't completely smooth its difficult to use, however with this protector you get a smooth feel all the time with no smudges.

Easy to apply with the applying card being extremely useful, with other products the applying card is normally small however this application card is the same size as the width of the iphone so no air bubbles are left.

Arrived on time, good customer service and packaging.

Although there are other cheaper screen protectors out there and you get more included in the price the quality of this product is excellent and it is worth spending a few quid more for this product.
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on 27 October 2013
Excellent product. I have purchased many different types of screen protectors over the years and whatever I try and do, I always seem to end up with dust specs under the cover. Sometimes more dust than my current Dyson holds. For some strange reason, and I don't know exactly why, I covered my kids phones (iPhone 5C) with these "skinz" and each time, the cover went straight on without any issues. It definitely feels a little thicker than previous covers I have used. OK..you do have the usual trapped bubbles and so would I if someone covered me in plastic, but they are easily removed with the little tool. Just push/slide the bubbles to the edge of the screen immediately after application.

Clever system with two different backs which means you don't end up with fingerprints and dust all over the cover. Thoroughly clean phone with supplied cloth, Peel Number 1, line up with top of screen and flatten down. Push out some air bubbles, peel off Number 2 and flatten some more bubbles. Move your fingers over the newly covered phone and stand proud.
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