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Charm School

Fourteen contestants from both seasons of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels are competing to develop proper etiquette in order to win $100,000. Sharon Osbourne is the host.

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1. One Bad Apple

Sharon Osbourne welcomes the 14 girls and explains that who shows the most improvement in class, manners, charm and style will be declared "Charm School Queen" and win US$100,000. As the administration ceremony begins, Courtney is inebriated to the point of having difficulty to enter the room, and must be helped by Raven and Rodeo.

Language: English Runtime: 39 minutes Release date: 12 October 2008
2. Quit Yer Beaching

The girls are taken by bus to the beach and in less than five minutes, they are interrupted by Sgt. Jones, who tells them their first challenge will focus on teamwork. Sgt. Jones has the girls march in two lines crying an embarrassing chant. Suddenly, Dallas loses her bandanna and is forced to sit out while the rest of the girls do push-ups.

Language: English Runtime: 40 minutes Release date: 19 October 2008
3. The Trashion Show

The contestants receive a note asking them to dress in their favorite outfits. They do so and then go to the classroom where the instructor, celebrity stylist Melissa Meister, reviews the outfits of Megan, Brandi C., Heather and Rodeo. The day's task is to choose outfits for a fashion show.

Language: English Runtime: 40 minutes Release date: 26 October 2008
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Tragic

The challenge in this episode is to create, style and showcase a band for famed manager of The Police, Miles Copeland III. Each team must consist of a band manager, a stylist, a musical director and two creative directors. The only person safe from expulsion will be the winning band manager, while the losing band manager will automatically be called down to the carpet.

Language: English Runtime: 40 minutes Release date: 2 November 2008
5. Royally Screwed

The next lesson is for the girls to learn how behave in polite company, such as how to correctly eat soup and how to sit in a chair. The girls' skills are put to the test when they will have to entertain a duchess. The winning team will be safe from expulsion.

Language: English Runtime: 40 minutes Release date: 9 November 2008
6. T and A PSA

Sharon holds a wine, cigar and liquor tasting session for the girls where they learn how to properly enjoy these things.

Language: English Runtime: 40 minutes Release date: 16 November 2008
7. Fugly Dating

Sharon has her hands full teaching the seven remaining girls the right way to find love. The girls learn several things to keep in mind when on a date, such as not talking about ex-boyfriends, taking things slow, and abstaining from sex early in the relationship. For their challenge, the girls must try to win over three eligible bachelors with just their personalities and not their looks.

Language: English Runtime: 40 minutes Release date: 23 November 2008
8. Poetic Justice

Lacey feels powerless for not having her friends with her, and feels she needs to start being nicer in order to stay on the show. This week, the six remaining contestants received lessons in anger management, and learned violence isn't the answer and yelling just makes it worse.

Language: English Runtime: 40 minutes Release date: 30 November 2008
9. Battle of the Brands

The final four girls learn how to correctly represent themselves, and use a pie chart that represents what means the most to them, and what means the least to them (Health, Family, Sex, Career, and Fun).

Language: English Runtime: 40 minutes Release date: 7 December 2008
10. Semester Review

Highlights and outtakes from the season.

Language: English Runtime: 41 minutes Release date: 14 December 2008
11. Thou Shalt Be Fully Rockin'

The final three girls learn all about charity and will have to go on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard to collect items such as pens, tampons, etc. from the people walking by. Because this challenge is tougher for one person, there's a twist to this challenge: each girl will be teamed up with their former enemy from the past.

Language: English Runtime: 1 hour, 2 minutes Release date: 21 December 2008
12. Reunion

All the girls, except Raven, attended the reunion, which was hosted by Riki. Angelique is called down first. Kristy Joe was not present with the other girls, until Riki tells the audience she wanted to show the world what she has learned. She comes out wearing the fat suit from the speed dating episode, and explains she doesn't judge people by their appearance anymore.

Language: English Runtime: 42 minutes Release date: 4 January 2009

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