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Ripper Street 5 Seasons 2013

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Season 1
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4.7 out of 5 stars (291)

All eight episodes of the TV drama series starring Matthew Macfadyen as a detective trying to maintain the law on the streets of Whitechapel in the wake of the Jack the Ripper murders.

Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg

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Goliath Season 1: Featuring Billy Bob Thornton.

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Season 1
1. I Need Light

A young woman is found brutally murdered, the hallmark signs of the Ripper upon her. Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline believes it Jack's return, but Reid - the precinct's new man in charge - suspects a different evil at work. The team must use all of their brawn, brains and brilliance to track down the fiend responsible before another girl is killed.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 59 minutes Release date: 19 January 2013
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2. In My Protection

A beloved toy maker is beaten to death for a mysterious brass box and the coins in his pocket. The Whitechapel Vigilance Committee presents a 14 year-old culprit who refuses to deny the charge, leading Reid and Drake into the savage world of merciless child gangs. At the same time, Jackson's drinking and gambling have led to the loss of the pendant that ties him to his American past.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 59 minutes Release date: 26 January 2013
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3. The King Came Calling

H Division and the Independent City of London force are thrown together when the panic surrounding a sudden cholera outbreak leads them to scour both boroughs to find some underlying pattern amidst the rising tide of sickness and death. Meanwhile Emily Reid seeks patronage for her charity efforts, unaware of the resistance she will meet.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 59 minutes Release date: 2 February 2013
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4. The Good of This City

The brutal clearing of a local slum for the underground railway reveals an indecipherable murder scene and an unreliable slum girl witness. Lucy Eames, beautiful and disturbed, is the unlikely key to a byzantine web of conspiracy. As Reid closes in on the killer, it becomes clear that the condemned slum is home to dark secrets that someone is desperate to protect.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 58 minutes Release date: 9 February 2013
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5. The Weight of One Man's Heart

A string of brilliantly masterminded robberies draw the attention of Reid and his team. While Jackson works to trace the thieves' hardware, Drake is confronted with a spectre from his past in the form of his onetime Colonel. As Reid closes in on the brash robbers and their ultimate target, Drake finds his loyalties put to the ultimate test.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 59 minutes Release date: 16 February 2013
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6. Tournament of Shadows

As the dock strike of August 1889 takes hold of the city, the killing of a Jewish anarchist leads Reid and the team into the merciless chicanery of the British government's fight against distant empires and global terrorism.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 58 minutes Release date: 23 February 2013
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7. A Man of My Company

An international shipping magnate arrives in town with his Pinkerton retinue to complete the acquisition of an ailing London shipping line. Meanwhile, the murdered body of an engine inventor draws Reid's attention just as Jackson and Long Susan's past comes back to haunt them.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 59 minutes Release date: 2 March 2013
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8. What Use Our Work

Reid is adrift. His team is in pieces and Leman Street is shaken to its foundations following recent events. A kidnapping offers him cause to assemble his men and tackle the white slavery ring operating in their midst. But Reid is gripped by a growing obsession that leads back to a terrible secret from his own past.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 59 minutes Release date: 9 March 2013
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Bonus: Sneak Peek

An exclusive sneak peek of the thrilling new drama series Ripper Street. It's been six months since the last Jack the Ripper killing and East London is emerging into a fragile peace, hopeful that this killer's reign of terror might at last have run its course. Nowhere is this truer than in the corridors of H Division, the police precinct charged with keeping order in the chaos of Whitechapel.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 3 minutes Release date: 18 January 2013
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Not available

Bonus: The Dead Room

In this sneak peek of Ripper Street, the newest head of H Division, Detective Reid, tries to enlist the help of Captain Jackson by bribing him with a new state-of-the-art facility. Jackson, however, doesn't seem as thrilled as Reid or his sergeant, Detective Drake, might have hoped.

AGES-15-AND-OVER Subtitles Runtime: 2 minutes Release date: 18 January 2013

Product Details

Genres Drama, Crime
Director Tom Shankland
Starring Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg, Amanda Hale
Supporting actors Myanna Buring
Season year 2013
Network BBC Worldwide
Purchase rights Stream instantly Details
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video)

Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Format: DVD
I love nothing more then getting hooked on a good tv series, but i didn't quite expect my obsession with Ripper Street to be so strong! I first saw the trailers around christmas and watched it each and every week, with my love of the different characters growing with every episode. Each character has their own story and unique hidden back story which gets revealed as the series continues. This added with each weeks different mystery leads for an addictive show, as you want to watch week by week as we discover more about the three lead characters.

Adam Rothenberg, Jerome Flynn and Matthew McFadyen (Jackson, Drake and Reid) are all brilliant, working well with each other to create a believable police unit, with great supporting characters such as Rose and Long Susan and adorable trainee policeman Hobbs!

I got given this DVD for my birthday and have already watched it through again twice, i literally can't get enough, the series improves each time you watch it as you pick up dialogue or notice things you had previously missed. Brilliant stories, amazing acting and spectacular settings, this really is one to buy. I have sat down to watch it with my mum as well, so it is one for all the ages, if you are a bit squeamish it might be best to close your eyes through some parts but don't let that put you off because the stories alone are just great.

I can't wait for the next series which is being filmed as i type, bring on more Ripper Street!
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Format: Amazon Video
I'm kind of late to Ripper Street. I only found out about it's existence recently, three seasons in. I love the Victorian era though so started season 1 and it's one of the best tv series I have seen in years, years!

The premise follows H division, a squad of police in Whitechapel 1889 set six months after the infamous Jack the Ripper murders. The show I want to stress is not about Jack, the idea is to focus on the police who failed to catch him and their fear that he will come back though it soon expands into a variety of crimes, plots and murders.

The show is pretty gritty, they don't really hold back with prostitutes, diseases, underpaid worker strikes all playing large parts, the era is not romanticized looking at darker elements of the time. There are also some nice historical elements put in showing the development of technology with cameras, the building of the London Underground which really help cement the atmosphere along with the brilliant costumes, suits, hairstyles and sets. It's an excellent show.

The acting is superb by every one of the cast creating some tense and sometimes genuinely emotional moments. Ripper streets main characters are Detective Edmund Reid (Mattew Macfadyen) who heads H division teaming up with former military man Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) and former US army surgeon Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenburg) to solve cases. Each character has distinct personality as well as backstory that slowly develops as the show progresses for the 8 one hour episode season.

Final thoughts, I loved Ripper Street and can't wait to find the time to watch season 2.The atmosphere is great, the era is wonderful, the cast and sets are striking. It just felt full of character.


+ Historical technology is fun.
+ Sets, costumes and atmosphere are superb.
+ Interesting characters, splendid acting.
+ Delves into the darker parts of Victorian life.
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Format: DVD
This is just a review of the TV series so far, (after five episodes).
I love Ripper Street! It's a strange mix of thoroughly convincing Victorian dialog, slow and intriguing character development, excellent casting, acting and direction and the introduction, (as a previous reviewer noted) of `new technology' which gives the series an almost Steampunk feel without detracting from the impression that it is rooted in a very real and visceral world. I love the way that all the major characters are damaged in some way but hide their pain rather than wallowing in it.
That there is a token American in it is no surprise as the BBC rather patronisingly assumes Americans will only watch a British drama if there is one of their own in it.
I have no idea what the DVD sound and picture quality will be like of what extras will be included but, as this is a BBC production I would assume that they will all be up to par.
The only note of caution I would inject is that at £17 (or £17.99 for the Blu-ray) this is not cheap. Personally I am happy to wait until it drops by a few quid as it should do by the time I'm ready to re-watch it.
As the program has received good ratings and has also gained critical approval here's hoping for a second series.

Update - The BBC have just announced a second series of 8 stories for transmission in 2014. Hurrah!
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Format: DVD
I was really surprised to see no reviews beyond one raising a negative technical issue so I felt one was needed.
I admit I was unsure to start with- the music and style of the credits looked to me to be a rip-off of the wonderful Robert Downey Jnr/Jude Law Sherlock Holmes movies- but I stuck with it and am now a fan.
The characters are engaging, the settings atmospheric and the stories original and gripping. The cast is uniformly excellent and the production values high. I also found it gritty without being sordid or gratuitous.
OK, we are only three episodes in at time of writing, but let's welcome the resurgence of good, intelligent drama on British TV, which this undoubtedly is.
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