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Remains 2011

3.0 out of 5 stars (46) IMDb 4.2/10

Based on Steve Niles' cult graphic novel, REMAINS takes place in the aftermath of a devastating zombie apocalypse, where a group of survivors have banded together in the ruins of a casino.

Grant Bowler, Miko Hughes, Tawny Cypress
1 hour, 24 minutes

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Goliath Season 1: Featuring Billy Bob Thornton.

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Product Details

Genres Horror
Director Colin Theys
Starring Grant Bowler, Miko Hughes, Tawny Cypress, Lance Reddick
Studio Metrodome
BBFC rating Suitable for 15 years and over
Purchase rights Stream instantly Details
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video)

Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Format: DVD
I saw this in the supermarket, and saw it said 'by the makers of 30days of night', and fancied a Zombie flick. Do not associate the two!

This is one of the poorest movies I have ever seen, clearly had a minimal budget for both actors and effects.

So many flaws I dont know where to start. Next to nothing happens at all, the characters are awful and by the end I was hoping they would just all die to end the movie.

Some of the major flaws for me (some minor spoilers):

- Main guy has two fingers cut off, in the next scene he is using the same hand to pull someone up on a rope, does not flinch. Then he's punching a zombie in the face!!!

- Main girl (terrible actress) sets some C4 on a door about 5 metres away, bashes buttons and accidentaly sets it for 3 seconds (oh dear), so as you would expect it explodes and kills her......oh wait, no, no that doesnt happen, she just gets up unscathed!

- Zombies sleep!! standing up, and whimper like dogs! In fact, for the whole film they might as well be dogs for the way they act, i was fully expecting one to get a tickle on the belly for being a 'good little boy'. One is actually on a leash though!

I could keep going, but its all along the same lines. I understand that smaller movie companies have a smaller budget, but incosistencies like this are just unnacceptable! Churning out this kind of tosh is just wrong!!

If you are the biggest Zombie fan out there and feel like wasting £9 and 85 minutes of your life, then please carry on! For those with sense, dont!
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Format: DVD
This zombie film starts on international "Peace Day" when some undisclosed process will neutralize radiation and make nuclear weapons useless. While these sketchy details are televised in the background, Tom (Grant Bowler) and Tori (Evalena "cleavage" Marie) go to a bomb shelter to get it on at a Reno hotel casino. When they emerge I expected to see Burgess Meredith looking for his glasses, but instead there is a full blown zombie food riot going on outside. Like "Dawn of the Dead" the first rule is to secure the perimeter and eliminate zombie hazards within the safe zone...which isn't that easy as this appears to be the only hotel casino that doesn't have a gun stashed anywhere.

Our non-zombie people group narrows down to four, with one openly gay character. (Guess who dies first because killing off the brother first has become too cliche?) The radioactive zombies require head shots and are a combination of fast moving and foot dragging zombies, whichever suits the mood of the director. They have the unusual characteristic of sleeping while standing up and unlike the standard zombie fare, they do feed off each other. Bites appear to cause infection. At one point they talk about going to Catalina, which made me think of this being a "Zombie Apocalypse" prequel...which it isn't...I think.

Tom and Tori are the main characters who have a rocky relationship. There are some CG fire effects that are rather poor, i.e. holding a match in front of a picture, but they don't last long. Good acting performances for a low budget zombie film. The script needed some tightening up. Worth a view for zombie fans.

PARENTAL GUIDE: No f-bombs that I recall, but it does have adult language (SOB etc.) sex, no nudity. Evalena Marie sports cleavage for much of the film in her red bra.
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
In this 2011 humorous post-apocalyptic horror [aka: remains of the walking dead], Tom [Grant Bowler] and Tori [Evalena Marie] are ‘making out’ in a stockroom when world "Peace Day", a day when the entire world's supply of nuclear weapons is set to be destroyed, goes wrong, resulting in the rest of humanity bring turned into flesh eating zombies. What are they going to do now? Can they just sit it out or is that a mistake?
The opening title sequence, with it’s quirky upbeat music sets the scene as the survivors have a laid back approach and don’t panic as in other movies, they just bumble along as though it’ll all blow over in a couple of days. Unlike many Zombie movies, this isn’t all ‘kill and run’ much focus’ on the relationships within the group. Another good feature is that as time passes, so the zombies become cleverer and faster. However it does tend to have a computer game atmosphere to it in places.
The single disc opens to 3 trailers before going to main menu offering just play and scene selection but it doesn’t half make you jump with it’s shock value and driving music. Although there is gore, it tends to be more moderate than most which will not please all. The pace is generally quick, with a few minor slow spots. As a 15 rating it’s a definite *****, but as an 18 it might disappoint if you want the fast pace and tension of ‘Rec’ or ‘Resident Evil”.
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Format: DVD Verified Purchase
From what I remember of the comic, this 'remains' (no pun intended) pretty faithful.

However this may be unfortunately it's undoing as elements that you can pass off or are acceptable in print, in this come off as slightly pantomime and lame if not just a bit farcical (the plank across buildings scene and the jumping into the pool escape come to mind if you've seen it) .

Zombies sleeping or resting at night wasn't all that bad, but they would wake up to order. Music would blast out and they would all wake up at once, however gunfire would erupt and only one or two would seem to react at a time or when threatened with gunfire en-mass they would be kept at bay sometimes but not others.
It gave you the impression they were not mindless, with them being aware of danger (gunfire) and getting into rooms etc, but then they struggle to climb onto a flat bed truck (at waist height) to reach a group of people, which again was inconsistent.

The soldiers arrival scene was rushed, to the point where it may have been better to omit it altogether because you began to feel they were trying to cram too much into a short space of time (trying to illustrate cabin fever and boredom of being trapped in the same environment with the same people, as large as that environment is takes time and this is what eats up most of the movie but unfortunately it doesn't really do even that justice)

Don't get me wrong, as I did enjoy it and Evalena (apart from being hot....LOL) was great as the cow from hell to be trapped with (again very faithful both physically et al to the comic).
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