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on 2 July 2016
 The VicTop 87 Keys mechanical gaming keyboard is a bargain. I really didn't think this product would live up to my expectations but boy was I wrong!

Packaging: The keyboard comes in a plain cardboard box with the VicTop logo splashed over the front. It's functional rather than exciting, but this product is all about value for money and the packaging does the job. Inside the box is the keyboard, an instruction manual (in English!) and a key removal tool.

Installation/Set-up: Piece of cake, I just plugged the keyboard into a USB port and it worked. There's no need to download any drivers or install any extra software. Short and sweet! (I'm running Windows 10 64 bit)

Build Quality/Aesthetics: The keyboard is of a "floating key" design which i'm personally very fond of, though of course this will come down to personal preference. The keyboard body is made of a sturdy black plastic with a matte black metal face under the keys. It feels very solid and has a lovely weight to it, giving it a heft that indicates good build quality. It's a tenkeyless board, which means VicTop are able to keep costs down and the keyboard is very compact as a result. The keyboard uses a US layout so bare this in mind, although I don't consider this an issue at all as most people who're considering this purchase won't ever need to look down at the keys when typing.
The mechanical switches aren't Cherry MX made, which isn't surprising at all at this price, however they are blue switches which have a lovely feel and satisfying click to them, typing on this thing is an absolute joy! You can get an idea of how it sounds by watching the short video I've included with the review.
Also included are two rubber tipped "feet" which raise the keyboard up to a more natural angle. This also keeps the keyboard from sliding around and I found it to be rock solid and it never moved an inch during hours of play. I really like this small but excellent design feature by VicTop.

Unsurprisingly for keyboard at this price point there's no dedicated multimedia keys, however there is a function (Fn) key which can be used in combination with the F keys to perform a variety of tasks like opening email, web browsers, controlling volume etc.
There's no backlight here either so if you spend alot of time using the keyboard at night in a darkened room you could run into issues, again this is personal preference, I very rarely use my PC in the dark so the lack of a backlight isn't a concern for me.
There are no USB throughput ports included on the keyboard so you won't be able to plug in any periphals to the board, which is disappointing but not a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination (I personally never did this with my G15 which does have USB throughput)

One thing I do feel lets the keyboard down slightly is the lettering VicTop have used on the keys. It's standard fare but it looks quite cheap, which is a shame because the keyboard definitely doesn't feel cheap. The cheap lettering brings the overall "premium" feel of the keyboard down a notch.

Performance in gaming: My old keyboard was a Logitech G15 which I bought 3-4 years ago. When I set up the VicTop and fired up Overwatch I immediately noticed the difference. Movements are much more precise and sharp. The keyboard also has anti-ghosting technology.
There are no macro keys available here so MMORPG players might find this keyboard isn't ideal for them but most gamers are going to love the responsiveness of the mechanical switches.

Overall, this keyboard is excellent value for money, one of if not the cheapest proper mechanical keyboard you can buy today. If you're still using an old membrane board and are thinking of stepping up to a mechanical you really cant go wrong with this VicTop product. You'll really notice the difference. It is lacking higher end features such as dedicated multimedia keys, backlit keys, and USB ports but if you want a mechanical keyboard with those you're going to have to pay alot more than this. I say go for it. You wont regret it.
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on 25 September 2016
This keyboard is exactly what "it says on the tin". I was half expecting some sort of knock off at this price but this is a bona fide mechanical keyboard. The switches for the keys aren't Cherry MX, but a Chinese clone. I've very briefly tried Cherry Blue switches in the past and the ones from this keyboard act in the same way.

I honestly love this keyboard more than I do my previous mechanical keyboard - a Corsair K90 with Cherry Red switches. Obviously being a copy/clone switch I can imagine that they're not rated for 50 million strokes like the Cherrys but at this price how could you possibly complain?

I was thinking of giving this keyboard 4 stars, purely for the fact that they went with an american keyboard layout - and this is sold on amazon UK. Being used to the UK layout, the tiny enter key is really annoying me. I didn't give it 4 stars because this is not the manufacturer's fault really. I just wish they did a UK layout keyboard. The differences between US/UK layout are a minor thing compared to the feel of typing on this mechanical keyboard, it feels absolutely divine. I didn't want to spend any more money because I'll be taking this to work and I'm afraid someone might pinch it, which is why getting a mechanical keyboard at this price is a lovely, albeit unexpected surprise!
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on 27 July 2016
From a guy who has lived with a membrane keyboard all their life this has been an amazing upgrade for an unbeatable price. The built quality can not be faulted (which makes me question what some of the more "high end" makes are doing) and the blue switches give the keyboard a more than satisfactory feel when its comes to typing and gaming. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a minimalistic looking keyboard with a lot of surprising features. In conclusion i was nicely surprised with this keyboard from the fairly unknown company VicTop and i personally have any bad points or cons i can give for this mechanical keyboard. Build quality is great, Pricing is great, The look is great, Typing and gaming is great. That's all i can say.
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on 19 July 2016
Good keyboard, enter key is a bit small for my liking plus with this being a UK website I didn't expect a US keyboard, you can't use the UK layout at all instead either because this keyboard has no key for the \ or | if you do. Might not matter to a lot of people but as a programmer I use these keys so I'm forced to the US layout, when I use it I can't access the pound symbol either.
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on 17 May 2016
I was looking at getting a Corsair K65 Cherry MX Red keyboard, but I wasn't prepared to pay the price they was asking even though I love Corsairs gear. I spotted this and even though they're basically a clone of the Cherry MX Blue switches they're actually really nice for gaming and typing.

This keyboard is a massive upgrade from a membrane switch keyboard, the switches used in this keyboard are Switch Master switches I found out after I removed the keycaps. I have tested the different Cherry MX Switches and these seem to feel between the MX Reds and Blues but with nice tactile bump and the clicky sound of the Cherry MX Blue Switches. You also get media controls which is a nice bonus, and the fact the keyboard is plug and play is a great for myself as I don't like loading my computer full of different programs.

Honestly if you're in the market for a decent keyboard for gaming and typing but not prepared to pay the price for Cherry MX keys then this is for you.

All I would ask of the manufacturer is to clone different types of the switches especially the MX Reds as they're a great selling key.

Unfortunately after a few weeks of use the keycap lettering is already starting to fade and I'm really struggling to find PBT replacements in the UK with the USA layout. So be prepared when buying this keyboard your keycaps will fade quickly.
review image review image review image
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on 18 May 2016
I am astonished at the price of this actual mechanical keyboard, having used cherry MX-based keyboards of the same switch type, I'm flabbergasted at how they achieved such a compelling product that easily competes with the esteemed German key switches. It might not have the perfect quality (I believe the stems are ever so slightly smaller as it feels like I'm hitting the keyboard a little too early); but it's close, scarily close and something I can get used to. This keyboard has a brilliant build quality; as I'm typing on it right now, the keys have a great feel and are definitely of good quality and have the satisfying loud click sound of a blue switch; just how I like them.

however, be aware that this keyboard is a US laid out keyboard NOT a UK laid out keyboard; which means the enter key is smaller, and the printed keys will probably be different to your system configuration
Another small strange flaw, is that the keys that are held with bars (the enter, tab, shift and backspace keys) feel a bit mushy. In closer inspection, it seems that some keys are held with two switches, instead of a pull-bar like the space bar. Not sure how this was a cheaper solution as the two switches are connected with a steel bar anyway, not too annoying; just a bit odd when correcting text.

On more usage as I typed this review; I think these wear down and the mushiness of the command keys is removed eventually as you keep typing on it; or I'm just getting used to these keys.

Overall design is sleek and standard, which is very nice for any typical user and fits a wide range of tastes; as it is just a plain unlit keyboard. It even has functions built into the keyboard and a function key for media control, such as play, pause, volume, etc. I can't stress enough about the build quality; it seems like it has two metal plates; one on top just under the keys you type on, and of course the one inside that holds the key switches. It even has rubberised pull-up feet (though the rubber is definitely cheap, but it does the job), and ground rubber feet at the back of the keyboard, which I did not expect, as this is usually a premium inclusion, some high-end cherry keyboards don't even have rubber feet.

And the best thing; it has N-key roll-over for anyone wondering, I'm pretty sure it's N-key roll-over or at the very least 20~ keys at once.

An amazing product, for an amazing price; if I didn't know any better, I'd probably buy this for at least double the price.
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on 18 September 2016
There is something about a proper, clicky, mechanical keyboard. It is a pity that these keyboards are marketed as 'gaming' keyboards. They are just perfect as keyboards. The action is as good as the old 'Model M' IBM keyboard, that was supplied with the early IBM PCs. It is simply a joy to use. Keyboards are important because they are the only part of the computer that needs to respond so precisely to the pressure of your fingers. Do yourself a favour and throw away your cheap rubber dome keyboard and get one of these. You'll never go back.

[Update added 27 Sept] I had to come back to say how much, every day, with every keystroke, I enjoy using this keyboard, and how, when I use a laptop, even a thinkpad with very good a scissor-switch action keyboard, I notice how inferior it is to this beauty. There is something about the positivity of the action of pressing the key and hearing and feeling the contact being made that lifts this from being a utilitarian input device to a thing of wonder and beauty. Most of the time your PC is just sitting there, waiting for you to enter a keypress. Spending a bit more on a good keyboard, and a bit less on the latest, fastest, processor is a trade-off devoutly to be wished. I highly commend this keyboard to you good denizens of Amazonia.
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on 27 June 2016
I brought this to replace a cheap rubber dome Microsoft keyboard in the office, and what a fantastic change it has been. Ideally I would have liked a UK layout but that wasn't feasible for this sort of price with great feeling blue clicky keys.

The main thing to get used to therefore is that the @ and the " buttons have been swapped over. UK Macintosh keyboards are also like this so that wasn't a problem for me. The dealbreaker for some however is that there is no £ key. I've gotten around this by applying UK and International layouts to the computer and using the key combination Left (<-), Alt, Shift to switch between the two layouts when i need to, pressing it again switches it back.

The keyboard feels good, with an appropriate amount of weight to it. The only thing that feels a bit cheap are the keycaps with the letters printed on the keys. I expect this could lead to them wearing off after a while. I myself have taken the keycaps off and brought a fancy white set, as this keyboard can make use of any replacement set of keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

Overall, for just over £30, this is excellent value, just be mindful of the layout.
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on 13 June 2016
After using it for a few days this seems a pretty solid keyboard.
+ Good quality
+ Free key puller
+ Nice packaging

+- Took quite a while to arrive
+- Spacebar has slight wobble on the left but not on the right
+- No lights (but I don't care, some might care)

- Some of the key's letters have already slightly worn away (mainly ASD)

Subject to a change of 5 stars, i'll give it a while and see if it breaks under normal use
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on 19 September 2016
 Great keyboard. The keys are brilliantly spaced out so you don't accidently hit another key (which I experienced with K30). It has a satisfying clicky sound which makes typing a treat. I tried K30 and this at the same time and I preferred this one over the K30. I haven't tested the water resistant feature and hopefully, I never will. This is the first time I'm buying a keyboard over £20 (I returned the K30) and I have to say it's £30 well spend.

Having said that, I would've liked to have a number pad and maybe some backlights wouldn't go amiss.
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