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on 6 September 2014
Received my boxset this morning and on the whole, it is a magnificent looking thing! However, what I assumed would be a solid outer keep case (a la the Star Wars BD set), is in fact a rather flimsy card and plastic window, which will undoubtedly be quite easily damaged. Especially when the access to the seperate cases inside the box is through a flap on top (a la cup a soups) as opposed to the much better sliding in from the side, used in practically EVERY OTHER boxset!

Quite who makes these baffling aesthetic decisions within the marketing department of the beeb or 2entertain, and why, is a mystery.

On the content side of things, without going into the worthiness of the individual episodes, everything is pretty much as expected. The episodes look fantastic in HD and it is a proper TREAT to have 'An Adventure' and 'The Five(ish) Doctors' in glorious 1080i too! A comprehensive selection of extras too barring one glaring omission, which I'll come to.

A couple of slight niggles : The Script to Screen Table Read is actually a 15 min featurette with only brief cuts to the actual table read. This disappoints the uber geek in me as I've seen a couple of FULL table reads of different shows and they are enormous fun.
: Strange to watch the Cinema introductions for Day of the Doctor talking about switching to 3D and not have the 3D version available.
: NO COMMENTARIES! This is the biggest niggle for me. The biggest episode in the show's recent history. The most high profile run of episodes in years and a magnificent one-off show dedicated to the birth of Doctor Who and not a commentary between them. A massive missed opportunity.

Anyway, still a great release, especially if you held off from buying all the stand-alone releases since last November. Just someone please have a word with the designer of the packaging :P


I note that the BBC are now offering to replace the faulty 'Day of the Doctor' disc, which is disc 2 of the set. It has audio and video playback issues, due to a framerate error. It's a freepost address, but is only for purchases of the 50th anniversary set. You need to send the faulty disc to

BBC Worldwide Ltd
BBC DVD Support
33 Foley Street

And the turnaround for delivery of the replacement discs will be roughly 4-5 weeks. Nice job!
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on 8 September 2014
I did not think I would ever write a Doctor Who review in my life that wasn't 5 star so let me state that for the quality of the content in this set (i.e. the episodes themselves), amazing. This review is about the product. I'm a collector of the boxsets so this seemed like the next natural step for myself.

Content (main):
Firstly, I wasn't even aware Adventure in Time and Space would be included so that's brilliant! As for the episodes they are included in their entirety. I hear DotD has audio problems so this is disappointing but I will judge this when I have seen it. As for the inclusion of Name of the Doctor: why? This set is obviously intended as the continuation for those who buy the boxsets so why on earth (or maybe that should be Gallifrey!) would this finale of the last series be included? I guess it's not detracting form anything else so it's not a major issue.

Content (special features):
Pretty much everything is here you could want! All of the behind the scenes segments, the prequels, the cinema intros, the ultimate guide and science of Doctor Who, this is very nicely done. Pleased.

Why they have gone for four single cases is beyond me. I was expecting the boxes of previous blu ray sets (that hold a max of 6 discs) but instead they use four normal cases - this is absurd. It takes up unnecessary space. This also then calls for a pathetically flimsy case which looks like the sort of thing you throw away once it's opened. Even the slipcase (the only part of the entire product with info on what the set is) isn't full size, it's about a third of the size of the box and could easily get the lost.

In Summary:
For hardcore Whovians or for those who buy the boxsets this is the set to buy. Content-wise it'll fit nicely on your shelf between series 7 and 8 but it won't look too pretty. I recommend making a custom box as I have done myself. Otherwise enjoy your Doctor Who!
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on 10 September 2014
In 2013, Doctor Who celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and also bid farewell to the eleventh doctor played terrifically by. Matt Smith. This 50th anniversary set features the series 7 finale 'The Name of the Doctor', the mini episode 'The Night of the Doctor', the 50th anniversary episode 'The Day of the Doctor' and the 2013 Christmas Special 'The Time of the Doctor' in Matt Smith's final full time appearance as The Doctor.

'The Name of the Doctor' marked the end of what I consider a very underrated series in series 7 (or 34 if you count the classics) and features a terrific cliffhanger that I definitely didn't see coming. Though Matt Smith is once again fantastic as The Doctor, for me the standout performance of the episode comes from Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara Oswald whose performance ranks her as one of the best and underrated companions in the shows history.

'The Night of the Doctor' is a mini episode which acts as a prequel to the 50th anniversary special featuring a surprise appearance from Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and his regeneration into a until now unknown incarnation of The Doctor.

'The Day of the Doctor' had a lot of hype going into it due to it marking the 50th anniversary of the show and thankfully it delivered on every level with great performances from Matt Smith, David Tenant, Jenna Coleman, John Hurt and Billie Piper and many great references from the shows past.

'The Time of the Doctor' marked Matt Smith's final full time appearance as The Doctor and what a way to go out. This Christmas special ties up all the story lines throughout Matt Smith's time as The Doctor and features one of the best regenerations in the history of the show.

The collections also feature a short spoof documentary entitled 'The Five(ish) Doctors' which sees former Doctors Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy attempt to get involved in the 50th anniversary special and the one off drama 'An Adventure in Space and Time' which looks at how Doctor Who was created and how it made the orginal Doctor William Hartnell a star.
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on 8 September 2014
Don't be fooled by the packaging shot. There is no 3D version of the 50th anniversary special in this set. A truly baffling omission to what is otherwise a fairly decent and celebratory set.

The packaging ain't much cop either. A thin cardboard box encases 4 ordinary blu-ray cases. A black cardboard strip wrap around the box details the features, edition number and various technical blurbs. Neither pieces of cardboard look likely to last very long.

Unusually, the spines and front of each of the blu-ray covers give little clue to their contents as they variously features portraits of McGann, Hurt, Tennant and Smith's Doctors. McGann is a particularly odd inclusion as his disc actually contains the Hartnell docudrama feature - An Adventure in Time and Space - and no McGann content anywhere on "his" blu-ray. The other blu-rays fair a little better. Matt's on the cover of the Christmas Special, David on the 50th special and John on the finale of the last series.

There's no booklet anywhere - only a piece of paper for some kind of phone app. In short, the whole thing feels more like cheap produced cynical cash-in - rather than an attempt to produce truly collectable set. Packaging wise at least.

The actual content is rather better, and collects together quite a few celebratory pieces, webisodes etc which are not found on Blu-ray elsewhere.
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on 6 September 2014
This review is strictly about the box set itself.

It is four Blu-Ray cases wide. The black bottom where the logo and its contents are is removable, as you can lift it out of the rest.
On the back of this is a number of the limited edition case. Also it has the Blu-Ray info, which is;

-Main Feature-
Video Format - High Definition 1080i/16:9
Audio - Engish DTS-HD MA 5.1
Subtitles - English for the Hard of Hearing
Length - 266 Mintues Approx
Disc Format - BD x 4
-Special Features-
Video Format - 1080i / 16:9 & Standard Definition
Audio Format - English DTS-HD MA 5.1/2.0
Subtitles - English for the Hard of Hearing
These special features on these discs are in High Definition.

On the back of the actual box itself, and not the black slip is a picture of all the Tardises in front of a burning planet, presumably Galifrey. When you take the black slip off underneath you'll see all of the Doctors looking up at the Tardises and planets, with their backs to us, except for Matt Smith who is looking straight at us.

The lid lifts up, and inside are four typical blu-ray cases, and their covers are what you can see in the main Amazon picture. You can switch these around to be the main cover of the box set at your own wish. On the back of each of these lists the contents of each disc, and also has pictures from each disc and its special features in a hexagon.

On the back of "Matt Smith" lists the contents of the disc. Which are;
Disc 01: The Name of the Doctor
Extras: Behind the Scenes, The Night of the Doctor, Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide
Run Time: 44 minutes approx

On the back of "David Tennant" lists the contents of the disc. Which are;
Disc 02: The Day of the Doctor
Extras: Behind the Lens, The Last Day, Script to Screen, Cinema Intros: Strax & the Doctor, 50th Trails, Tales from the Tardis
Run Time: 76 minutes approx

On the back of "John Hurt" lists the contents of the disc. Which are;
Disc 03: The Time of the Doctor
Extras: Behind the Lens, Deleted Scene, A Night With the Stars: The Science of Doctor Who, Farewell to Matt Smith
Run Time: 61 minutes approx

On the back of "Paul McGann" lists the contents of the disc. Which are;
Disc 04: An Adventure in Space and Time
Extras: William Hartnell: The Original, Behind the Scenes, The Making of An Adventure, Reconstructions, Title Sequences, Deleted Scenes, The Five(isn) Doctors Reboot, Doctor Who at the Proms 2013.
Run Time: 83 minutes approx

Inside of each box is the disc itself, and the artwork is of the Gallifreyan language

This box set DOES NOT contain the 3D version of Day of the Doctor. And also, if you already own the Series 7 box set, 50th Anniversary, An Adventure in Space and Time and Time of the Doctor, then this isn't hugely worth getting unless for the special features. If you have got the Series 7 box set only, the only thing this includes from it is the finale, as it was part of the "... of the Doctor" specials.
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on 8 September 2014
The content of these discs are what you would expect. The journey from the Season 7 finale to the Christmas Special makes a logical choice as well as including the Night of the Doctor mini episode. I do feel a little peeved to have The Name of the Doctor or yet another release. I've been collecting each season since the reboot and this is the only occasion I've had to double up on an episode.

The extras are relevant, if a little sparse. The lack of commentary anywhere is a real letdown.

The biggest downside is the appalling packaging. 2Entertain continue to cut corners as each season has progressively worse packaging. For a 'collector's edition" the packaging lets the whole release down. It's the kind of box you get on a cheap toy from Asda, not a celebratory release.

On the whole, while I'm happy to have the content in my collection, it certainly doesn't feel all that special.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 September 2014
A great set which will probably please 95% of the fans.
However, although it includes some amazing stuff and is in super hd, why do we not have any commentaries, and why oh why is the box such a flimsy affair . This is a 50th anniversary collection, and as such is going to be something fans will want to treasure for years to come, so why not a nice box, im thinking a la Star Wars, Indianna Jones, Lord of the Rings.This lack of attention means fans have to be really careful to protect the box when handling.
The set loses a star for this alone, as the content, bar a commentary ommission, is a real treasure trove, and a MUST for any true Whovian, a premium product with an inferior box thats no thicker than a cereal box.The designer needs to be Terminated or EXTERMINATED!!!!!
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on 11 November 2014
... I already have The Name of the Doctor and it's frustrating having to 'double-dip'. That was why I didn't buy the standalone release of The Time of the Doctor, because it wasn't standalone at all, it came with al of Matt Smith's previous Xmas escapades.
So at least this doesn't make you fork over money for three episodes you already have, just the one episode and at least it's a good one.

So this set is made up of the Doctor Trilogy (Name, Day and Time) as well as loads of other goodies that were on the telly during the anniversary celebrations. There's a great mini episode, The Night of the Doctor that is probably best watched between Name and Day. There's also the great docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time and the hilarious The Five Doctors (ish) Reboot which will have you laughing like a fan boy if you know your Doctor Who alumni.

It's a great set, my other problem aside from the abundance of Names, is that the outer box the DVDs come in is pretty flimsy...
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on 12 September 2014
A great set let down by a corner cutting release, terrible slipcase and then finally released with out the 3D version of Day of the Doctor (yet a 3D logo is clearly seen on the packaging picture seen all over the web)

Should have taken the extra time, got the 3D version on there too and made the slipcase out of slightly stronger cardboard, almost ripped this opening it for the first time.
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on 8 September 2014
The content of the DVDs is great, however for a "collectors edition" the packaging is woefully poor quality. Having purchased previous limited edition sets of Doctor Who I expected much better.
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