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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2014
Im not going to review the music as people have already done that .
This is a review of the box set .
Compared to the previous sets this is the disapointing one .
The two latest box set are now in a book form instead of a box with books in them .
Venus and Mars is a great set , but this is poor .
The extra music is about 21 minutes so could have gone onto the album cd as one disc .
The dvd is poor . Original promo for Silly Love Songs , and a short film of Wings setting up in Venice which is fine but Wings fans were waiting for the film of Wings over Wembley. The problem is the whole film is not here , only a excerpt . This is meant to be the definitive version , a box set ! So why not put in the full film ?
Its seems that for such a big album that Speed of Sound was they just could not be bothered with putting in any more music or video and so compared to the other sets this is not value for money . Shame.
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VINE VOICEon 8 November 2014
Speed Of Sound is, a good album, with only one track really letting the side down: Cook Of The House being SoS's Yellow Submarine.At times it is a great album, with songs such as Let 'Em In, Silly Love Songs and the majestic, epic, Beware My Love up there with the best that McCartney ever wrote and performed. Wino Junko is the only other slightly naff song, but as a teenager is the Seventies I well remember whole albums of rubbish being released to back a hit single from other artists and that's one thing Paul could never be accused of in the 1970's (80's maybe, but we're getting off message).
SoS doesn't quite reach as high as Venus and Mars or the pinnacle of class that was Band On The Run, but when you consider these three were released within only three years of each other it's hard not to be impressed.
As far as the remastering is concerned, I've listened to this back to back with the 1993 remaster and there is a very obvious improvement, even to my ravaged hearing (The bells, the bells!). It's difficult to be specific, suffice to say that everything is clearer and crisper; you can now hear individual instruments, with much clearer separation. The 1993 now sounds quite muddy in cpmparison. Overall, then, a success and worth the money- I think this is the fourth time I've bought it: Vinyl, Original CD release, 1993 Remaster, 2014 Remaster- so that'll probably do it until they release the Holographic, Paul singing in your living room version.
Note to Completists- I was intending to part fund this purchase in the same way as I did with the Beatles Remasters and sell the old 1993 version but I've just noticed that the bonus tracks on that version:Walking In The Park With Eloise; Bridge On the River Suite and Sally G aren't included on this 2014 release, which seems a strange decision, particularly because, although the tracks on the bonus disc are fun to hear, none of them could be described as essential. Beware My Love with John Bonham (drumming God though he was) isn't a patch on the original.
Overall I would recommend going out and getting this if you have Band On The Run and Venus and Mars (and Wings Over America) but if you're just ready to start your collection don't start with this- It's probably just outside the top five of Macca's solo releases (Flaming Pie and Chaos and Creation, in case you were wondering).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 November 2014
After 'Band on The Run' it was clear that McCartney had his confidence back. 'Venus and Mars' was a successful follow-up. Then in 1976 came this, which was an equally popular album. The threesome that had recorded 'Band on the Run' had been joined by Jimmy McCulloch and Joe English to form what many regard as the strongest Wings line-up. On this CD Wings was a group and not just a vehicle for an ex-Beatle.

The remix quality of this CD is very good. The voices and instruments are clear and precisely placed. An excellent piece of work.

The CD starts with the famous track 'Let 'em In', now a standard.

Then Denny Laine takes the lead on 'The Note You Never Wrote', which is a strong track: very sad. Paul had clearly recognised that one of the Beatles' strengths was that it had four members each capable of taking the lead vocals. A variety of lead breaks up a long album. Later on Jimmy McCulloch takes the lead on 'Wino Junko', Denny leads again on 'Time to Hide', Joe English sings 'Must do Something About It' and Linda sings 'Cook of the House'. Of the eleven original tracks, five are sung by the 'other' group members and not McCartney.

'She's my Baby' is one of the weaker tracks but immediately followed by 'Beware My Love': instantly memorable.

After 'Wino Junko' comes one of McCartney's most famous ripostes to John Lennon: 'Silly Love Songs'. This is loved and reviled in equal measure. Either way, it is a once-heard, never-forgotten song. The bass-line is superb.

'Cook of the House' is Linda's contribution: many people will wince at the apparent stereotyping. It's a standard 16-bar rockabilly number: enjoyable but lightweight. 'Time to Hide' is anything but lightweight, however and Denny Laine sings it strongly. The group works together well on this. 'Must do Something About It' shows Joe English singing well, though the song itself is not one of the strongest. 'San Ferry Ann' is pleasant and 'Warm and Beautiful' is very sugary: if on one of his early solo albums they would have been panned, but here they represent a soft and mellow finish to the original LP.

So here we have an album produced by a group firing on all four cylinders, full of variety and carrying a couple of future standards, still featured occasionally in McCartney's live shows. Recommended.

As to the bonus material, only two tracks are of any note really. 'Beware my Love' with John Bonham (yes, really!) is not up to releasable quality but it's interesting to hear what a heavy-rock drummer does to the track. 'Must Do Something About It' with Paul singing is very good.
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on 15 October 2015
Quite saddened to see many people have said this album is of poor quality just because of the mixing and not for the musical content. I found with Venus and Mars the album was mainly Paul McCartney singing all the songs except for the two Denny Laine and Jimmy McColloch sung, but with At the Speed of Sound, the album feels like a band is providing the music not a solo singer with a backing group.

I'll be reviewing the remastered Vinyl album.

Track listing is as follows;

Side 1

1. Let 'Em In - A fairly long song, bit of a foot-tapper. Good start to an album. - 5:10
2. You Note You Never Wrote - Song written and sung by Denny Laine, this track is my favourite on the album. - 4:19
3. She's My Baby - A love song written by Paul directed towards Linda, lyrics are quite silly but still not a bad song. - 3:09
4. Beware My Love - The masterpiece of the album. Lovely production and arrangements on this track. - 6:27
5. Wino-Junko - The only song Jimmy McCulloch sings on the album, he co-wrote it with Colin Allen. - 5:19

Side 2

1. Silly Love Songs - Great song to kick off Side 2. Paul McCartney shows his high skill as a bass player on this track very well. - 5:53
2. Cook of the House - The weakest song on the album. Linda McCartney wrote and sings on this track. 1950s style blues song. - 2:37
3. Time to Hide - Another song written and sung by Denny Laine. - 4:32
4. Must Do Something About It - Joe English sings this song written by Paul McCartney. Not keen on the start by it picks up, - 3:42
5. San Ferry Anne - A short by sweet song sung by Paul McCartney. - 2:07
6. Warm and Beautiful - The last song on the album is another love song by Paul McCartney directed to Linda. - 3:12

As I stated at the start I prefer this album to Venus and Mars because it feels as if the whole band is contributing to the album and not just Paul McCartney. I give the album and remixing four starts because although I love the album, it's not a masterpiece. Thanks for taking the time to read my review on the 2014 vinyl remaster of At the Speed of Song by Wings.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 September 2015
A review of the 2cd/dvd Super Deluxe...

If you're a Wings or Macca fan, these recent SDE releases in the PM Archive Collection have been pretty decent outings, especially Ram and Wings Over America. Up until now at least. Gone is the linen bound book style presentation replaced with poorly manufactured product (including the discs themselves) from China. Now I'm all for free market/trade and all that sort of thing but this is obviously an exercise in extending your profit margin. Whether it's by Starbucks or MPL Communications, the results are very unimpressive and these two most recent additions to the archives are of such cheap quality I'm very concerned for the next instalment of the series. If they are as poorly made as Speed Of Sound and Venus and Mars, I won't be buying them which is such a shame because I really like this period of Paul McCartney's career. The music is four - five star albums, the presentation is a big fat zero for me.
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on 3 March 2016
Having never owned a copy of this before I was surprised how good it is. It isnt a patch on Band on the Run but it was always going to be difficult following that. The bonus disc extras are good and I have to say the version of Beware My Love with John Bonham on drums is better than the other version, it gives the track a slightly heavier edge.
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on 3 December 2014
WATSOS is a somewhat mixed bag as an album and this carries forward into the newest re-issue. Back in '93 the original remaster carried Sally G and the two Country Hams tracks. These are now to be found on the Venus and Mars re-issue - which makes a whole lot more sense. It seems that WATSOS produced little in the form of extra material as fodder for b-sides as the two mega single releases were backed with tracks from the album. This is somewhat borne out by the paucity of material on the bonus disc. A few demos of songs that come alive in their studio versions, the 'John Bonham' version of Beware My Love which lacks the finesse of the original, but that's not Bonzo's fault. The one exciting bonus track was always going to be Paul's vocal version of Must Do Something About It. I was really looking forward to this - but I have to say it sounds like what it is - a guide vocal for Joe English to drum against it before recording the real vocal. This is a real shame as I think it ranks as one of Paul's finest album tracks and I would have loved to see a take done in anger.
As for the original album - There are a few weak tracks. I think the Note You Never Wrote has a weak Denny Laine vocal - it's almost like he didn't believe in the song as Time to Hide (his own composition) is storming. And Cook of The House is probably the absolute nadir of Wings. However, on this re-issue it sparkles a little more than before. Still crud though as Linda's vocal is poor. Otherwise it's a pleasant album.
So - the original album is a 4 star, but the bonus is a 1 or 2. If you're buying - get the single disc. You won't miss much.
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on 5 September 2015
Released in 1976, a year which had an unusually hot summer, and water shortages, 'Wings At The Speed Of Sound' contains the excellent hit singles 'Silly Love Songs' from May, with McCartney's great bassline, and 'Let 'Em In' (covered by Billy Paul in 1977) from August.

It was a proper 'band' album with all five members sharing lead vocals. I am not sure a record company would allow their 'star' to do this in this day and age, but the album does not suffer as a result. Most listeners, however, would single out Linda's track 'Cook Of The House' as the weakest one on the record.

The new double-disc edition, with recently remastered sound, offers a clear and detailed reproduction of the album, quite noticeable on 'Beware My Love', especially, and even on the fade-out of Jimmy McCulloch's 'Wino Junko'. Some people may miss the analogue sound of the original vinyl LP though, despite the new clarity.

'She's My Baby' is a good, upbeat song from McCartney. Denny Laine performs 2 effective lead vocals on the atmospheric 'Note You Never Wrote' and 'Time To Hide'. There is a surprisingly good lead vocal from the drummer Joe English on 'Must Do Something About It'. Strangely, I find 'San Ferry Anne' sung by McCartney to be the least memorable song; I can never remember how the tune goes ! The album ends with the sentimental ballad 'Warm & Beautiful', credited to James McCartney.

The excellent vocal blend of Paul, Linda, & Denny on backing vocals was always a successful component of the Wings sound (check out 'Little Lamb Dragonfly' on 'Red Rose Speedway' from 1973).

The bonus disc, unfortunately, is a pointless barrel scraping exercise. The CD lasts for 21:59, and contains material unworthy of being released, perhaps with the exception of 'Must Do Something About it' (Paul's version), which is still unremarkable, and would have fitted on CD1. There are rough demo's of 'Silly Love Songs' (with Linda), 'Let 'Em In' (with Denny) and 'She's My Baby' which should have remained in private hands. It feels like a Magician revealing how his tricks are done. 'Message To Joe' is garbage; 24 seconds of 'spoken word' with 'special effects'. 'Warm & Beautiful' is a pointless, poor quality, instrumental demo. 'Beware My Love' with John Bonham sounds promising but fails to deliver anything worthwhile.

The 3 bonus tracks from the 1993 remaster are not included on this release ('Walking In The Park With Eloise' / 'Bridge On The River Suite' / 'Sally G')

This edition loses one star for the poor quality bonus disc.
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on 18 May 2016
If you're reading this, you'll know the music (top notch), so the real question here is does the package and extra content warrant the price. What you are paying for here is the fantastic book, the rare photos and the overall production values and stunning presentation. On the flip side, the content really doesn't offer anything above the 2 disc regular deluxe version. The DVD running Time is about 20 minutes and feels like a wasted opportunity at best and a bit mean at worst, especially considering the material available. The Band On the Run regular deluxe comes with The One Hand clapping documentary that runs 1hr 24 mins, at a fraction of the price. Hard to reconcile that. As for bonus audio, we get 7 tracks that could easily fit on one CD. As far as the interviews are concerned, again this feels like a bit of a let down. Paul has little to offer in terms of the song's inspirations, and more often than not, it feels like there really wasn't much thought behind these compositions. The Note You Never Wrote is such a haunting and cryptic song that you hope has a deeper hidden meaning. When half a page is devoted to whose doorbell is used on the intro to Let 'Em In, you can't help but feel underwhelmed. But these comments are meant as a comparison with the other boxsets, and with the hope that future offerings in the series can dig deeper, push McCartney a little more and reveal the thought process behind one of the greatest composers of the last 50 years .
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on 14 November 2014
i really quite like this album from Wings even though there are a few tracks that the other band members have taken the lead vocals , i think by doing this shows that Paul was willing to tell the world that Wings are a band and not just Paul McCartney and his backing group so i say well done to Paul for making a brave move knowing that the critics would probably be rubbing their hands together to shoot him down with their sarcastic and fierce critical reviews .
but it backed fired on them because as we all know the album successfully issued two of Wings greatest and most famous singles
with the fantastic SILLY LOVE SONGS and LET EM" IN , also you can"t ignore the incredible rocker BEWARE MY LOVE , wow what a brilliant track , probably the best of the rest (in my opinion) but the rest are pretty good stuff too ,
i really enjoyed this remaster and the second disc is slightly below great standards it is still interesting enough to be worthy of this release, i like it, listened to it, and enjoyed it, and i really recommend it very much.
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