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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2016
I purchased these headphones having spent countless hours making sure I got the right headphone for my fitness training regime. I'm extremely fussy with sound quality and having heard these from a friend who had the same product I decided to spend a lot of money on these headphones. I was initially very happy with them and they have an excellent sound and being wireless means that they are great for gym work and running.

However, just 3 months old the headphone microphone/power volume control stopped working with the + volume button actually turning the volume down. This was very frustrating as you can imagine and then a few weeks later the control actually fell apart and split in two. Not only did this happen but 2 days before doing a marathon the speakers would not turn on. The red light was on when being charged but as soon as they were unplugged then they would not turn on. To say I was furious would be an understatement.

These are expensive earphones yet the quality of build is so poor. Having researched a little further I found so much evidence of these common problems from people who'd bought this product. I am really disappointed that Beats have not found a solution to these issues and that they still charge premium price for a clearly faulty product.

I am now in the process of having to try and get a refund for them as I am not interested in getting a replacement pair to then encounter the same problems once again a few months down the line.
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on 13 January 2015
Very pleased with these bad boys from Beats! I like the quality and the sound is amazing (deep bass, but not to deep.. just as I like it.) They fits my ear very well, and with the ear hooks they will never fall off.

Beats by Dr. Dre have gotten a reputation of being just a overrated, expensive and "fashion inspired brand". I have always loved the sound, as it fits my needs perfectly. I know taste in sound can vary, there might be some earphones that are much better in the same price range, but as said, I could not be happier about the sound these deliver. I can agree that they are indeed expensive, but if you take well care of them, they would at least last a year, and with a two (2) years warranty you can easily get a new pair (that is, if they break inside and have no visible damage outside). Keep in mind, warranty is only one (1) year for US costumers, but if you are swedish you are lucky enough to get three (3) years warranty. Two years warranty is for UK and EU costumers.

The Powerbeats 2 come with 3 pairs of extra earbuds, so you should find some that fits your ear. The rubber on the earbuds are not as soft as the early urBeats/iBeats, but I have not had any problem with them so far! The hook around the ear can look a bit painful at first, but you wont recognise them after 10 minutes. There is a cable manager clip on the cable as well, that you can use to tighten up the wire a bit so it won't hang loose. I am not using that at the moment, the cable length does not bother me. Most of the time I put the cable behind my neck so it won't be stuck in zippers and stuff.

One of the best things with these are, the battery life! It last me at least 5-6 hours of constant playback, depending on the volume, but I usually listen to them at 60% volume. They charge relatively fast, a fast charge takes 15 minutes and gives 1 hour playback. Full charge will take 1 hour if they are drained. One more awesome feature is the battery indicator you will get using an iPhone in the status bar, which shows how much battery is left. Have not tested them with any other phones than iPhone 4, 5, 5s and 6. It is also a battery indicator on the earphones as well, a small LED light. When the light is white you have more than 1 hour playback time left, when red you have less than an hour, and flashing red you have less than 15 minutes.

There is a remote attached to the left earphone wire, that gives you volume control, navigating in track list and a microphone that works well when talking to Siri or in phone conversations. The quality on this remote is slightly better than previous versions of Beats, made out of rubber as well as plastic.

The range of the bluetooth signal is actually pretty good! When at the gym I put my phone in the window sill, and walked away as far as I could to test the range. I got ruffly 20 meters before I could not walk any further... because of a wall, and the earphones was still connected and no loss in music quality. If there is any walls or obstacle between the earphones and your device the signal will get much weaker.. could not walk more than 10 meters away with a wall between. Still pretty good!

A little summary:

Great for workouts and all kinds of activities as well as listening to music around the house without carrying the playback device around. Moving the lawn and shovelling snow will be childs play with these!! I took these home to my family so they could have the chance to try them, and two of my family members bought a pair straight away :)

Pros (+)
Great music quality
Very good battery life, with battery indicator on device and earphones.
Build quality is good and they look good as well, in my opinion.
Multiple color choices (Blue, white, red/white, grey/pink, black/red)
Great remote with easy access + microphone.
Good range of the bluetooth signal.
Should fit every ear and don't fall off easily because of the hook.
Comfortable!! Cable management clip.
Connects easily with every device that hase support for bluetooth.
No annoying cable between devices.

Cons (-)
Expensive (worth the price if you take good care of them and love good music)
Might be to heavy bass for some.
Not compatible with devices without bluetooth!
Warranty varies from different countries, and does not cover visible damage (tears, dents etc)

Hope this review was helpful for those of you looking to buy a pair, but think the price is a bit high! If you got the money to invest, I will strongly recommend to buy a pair of these! I use them everyday :)

Btw.. english is not my first language, so apologies for any typos and bad grammar/spelling.

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on 8 August 2014
Great set of wireless earphones :-)
What can I say about these puppies? First off, great build quality, slightly heavier than expected at first but after using down gym for the first time yesterday, u completely forget about them being in the ears! Didn't fall out once - treadmill, cross trainer, stepping machine, rowing machine and even skipping - stayed put in the ears. Fully charged yesterday and used for 6 hours straight. Crackling noise kicked in which indicated they needed charging. For a set of powerful earphones, 6 hours of wireless use was brilliant in my opinion.
Sound quality - probably the most argued point about Dre Beats earphones/headphones - most reviews u read about simply state that they're too bass heavy and lack mids and highs or are just rubbish for the money u pay. For me, bass is key simply due to my taste of music. I also own the Dre Beats Solo HD's and the Dre Beats Wireless. On all the Dre Beats headphones, the bass is big - for those that don't want over powering bass, use the equaliser settings on your device and turn it down!!! Thought that would be common sense! However, on the Powerbeats2, the mids and highs are very well balanced - I find the sound quality excellent. I also find that the device the earphones are being used with makes a massive difference. I've used them with my Cowon Z2, Sony z1050 and my HTC One Max, all loaded with PowerAmp. Clarity of sound on all three is similar, however bass does not distort when u turn up to max volume on the HTC. Just shows that the sound chips used in each device varies - so don't be too quick to judge if you use the headphones on just one device.
Also, TRY all the ear tips that come with the earphones before u review. Luckily for me, the large buds fit perfect as the small/medium buds didn't isolate the sound in my ears and leaked out dramatically making the bass sound as if it was distorting. If you struggle to get a good isolated sound in the ears using the tips provided, may be worthwhile investing in those custom ear moulding tips - probably the only negative point I can make about the earphones given the price you pay - would've expected a bigger variety of ear tips including foam tips! Come on Dr Dre, sort this out for those spending the bucks on your product!
All in all, 5 star for build, 5 star for sound and 3.5 star for price - £170 squid is a bit steep for my liking, would price in the £120 squid region. Great product - definitely get em if u want them for the gym like I use them for.
Oh yeah, Amazon, excellent service as always - pre-ordered about a month ago and think I'm one of the first few lucky peeps in the UK to get em. Thanks again as always ;-)
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on 22 March 2016
Do not buy. I bought a pair after the first week the volume control stopped working and after 8 weeks they packed in all together, wouldn't charge or turn on. I got a replacement pair only for the same to happen within 4 weeks. Not what you would expect from a so called premium brand
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on 24 March 2016
These were good while they lasted but unfortunately I just put them in my pocket and pulled them out again- like this:
review image
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on 20 March 2016
I bought these wireless earphones not only for running but also for travelling. As they are not physically attached to your phone, it means it can be safely tucked away in a pocket or bag while you enjoy your music.

I originally ordered the white pair. Upon arrival I could see that the packaging had previously been opened. It soon became apparent that the earphones themselves had been well used and the white cord was clearly dirty. The charging cable and some of the additional earbuds were missing, and the ones attached the the earphones had someones earwax on them, lovely! As you can imagine, I sent them straight back for a refund and purchased the red and black pair instead. A much nicer colour choice I think.

Anyway the red and black pair came and they were perfect. The packaging is lovely and just what you would expect from Beats/Apple. They need to be charged out of the box which doesn't take long and they are super easy to pair with your phone via bluetooth. Build quality is great and they attach securely to your ears. They are very comfortable to wear and sit on/in my ears perfectly. Battery life is excellent and lasts for hours.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the sound quality. They are Beats so I expected a certain standard but I was still eager to test them myself. Im happy to report that they sound great, with clear vocals and good bass. Also the bluetooth range is excellent. I live in a newer build house and I can leave my phone in the bedroom and the sound quality only just starts to cut out downstairs at the other end of the house.

When you connect them to your computer via the included charging cable you can install a piece of Beats software which will allow you to rename the earphones as well as check for software updates.

Im very happy with the product and rate these 5 stars. I don't think its fair to rate them down based on the initial used ones I was sent. This was clearly an oversight of some sort and very rare as I have always has a fantastic service from Amazon. I guess thats where Amazon's incredible customer service comes in, returning / exchanging items is always straightforward and hassle free.
review image review image review image review image
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on 31 January 2016
These were the best in-ear headphones I have ever had. The depth of sound was great with good bass but you do need to use the correct size buds to achieve that. Hang on, I said "were the best". Why "were"? Because they broke. The right-hand phone started to come apart just like other reviewers have said. Luckily, John Lewis gave me a full refund without quibble. Yes, Amazon would probably have done that too! So, the moral of this story is if you want them, buy from a reputable retailer e.g. Amazon or John Lewis but be prepared to be disappointed if they break!
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on 3 September 2015
I bought a pair, and the left earphone detached from the post. It was called "accidental damage" and they refused to replace the item. I'm not a happy camper, as I don't think I was responsible for breaking it. I think it's just a bad and cheap design with little strength. It turns out there are multiple others out there who've experienced the same problem of the posts breaking.
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on 2 January 2016
Just arrived and I can not be more pleased. Paired with my iPhone and iPad in seconds as I wanted to test them asap. Ive had Jaybird wireless headphones before - until I had them nicked. Wireless is the only way I will go now - I hate the wire dangling into your pocket etc. I bought a cheaper pair (Jam) but was not impressed so thought Dr Beats - you cant go wrong. I am not disappointed at all. Comfy, Stylish and superb sound quality. I haven't had a voice call on them yet (although I do tend to answer the phone rather than chat so everybody can hear you). Music and programmes are crystal clear, no crackling or hissing like I received with the Jam headphones. All in All I do believe that quality is worth paying for, and these tick all the right boxes for me. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to any and if anybody has any questions please feel free to message. I will be honest and if I can answer a question I wont make the answer up.
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on 29 April 2015
Very disappointed with the product as the sound would not synch with video on my iPad, and this despite downloading a firmware upgrade to supposedly fix it. It's a known issue, well publicised on many forums and even on the Apple website. Strange that this fault cannot be overcome when Apple owns Beats! So I returned the Powerbeats for a refund. Despite my disappointment, Amazon did a first class job in accepting my return and refunding the money. So paid less than half the price for Plantronics Backbeats Go2 that work a treat.
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