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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2014
Let me first qualify this review by saying that my girlfriend and I bought the first Honestly Healthy book not long after it came out. The cover is now looking a little worse for wear as it has been used it so much. We have cooked about 80% of the recipes from it and it is a great introduction to alkaline cooking. By contrast this book - Honestly Healthy for Life - is poorly compiled and photographed and despite receiving it several weeks ago we have yet to cook one recipe from it. The sections are confusing and the whole production looks rushed. A third book is being prepared but I will make sure I thumb through this carefully in a book store before ordering. If you are thinking of ordering this book, please stop and look at the first book in the series called Honestly Healthy. This will offer you a much better introduction to the author's style of cooking and you can then decide for yourself if you want to buy this second book.
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on 5 June 2014
I really enjoy reading books about new food trends and styles and I was quick to buy the original HH book. I found their first book quite challenging, not only in the taste dept (In no doubt due to my proclivity for less healthy foods) but also because I found some of the ingredients difficult to source. Since then I've continued transitioning to a more healthy way of life , so I purchased their second book with excitement.

The first part of the book is more literature than recipies - but that's OK as the whole HH approach is about making life long changes - so I really enjoyed reading the information given in this section such as where foods registered on the acid/alkaline scale, how eating alkaline can help a range of heath issues such as fertility and cardiovascular problems. There is also a very handy 5 day meal planner an a HH larder list.

Moving onto the recipie section, they are not divided up into the standard breakfast - lunch - dinner - pudding sections, instead we have -

1. On the Go
2. Lazy Times
3. Hell of a Hullabaloo
4. a Breath of Freshair
5. Hostess with the Mostess
6. Fixers and Boosters

Each chapter comes with their own sub headers within, so for example the first chapter is headed 'On the Go' but has sub sections such as 'Morning Quickies', 'Lunch on the Move' and 'Sunday Prep'. So I would recomend taking the time to read through the book and familiarising yourself with the recipies in each section, then you can fit them into what you would think of as breakfast - lunch...etc..

The recipies at a quick glance contain -

1. Puy Lentil, Brown Rice and Sweet Potaot Salad
2. Raw Green curry with Courgette Noodles
3. Chocolate Kale Chips
4. Vegetable Crumble in a Creamy Thyme Sauce
5. Sesame Burgers
6. Melt in the Mouth Doughnuts
7. Orange and Almond Cake

To name but a few....

So why am I giving it 3 stars, well I am a bit dubious about the clams made in the book in terms of fertility and mood - I believe that there are multiple affcting factors that can influence particular health issues - and diet is not the 'cure all' for these problems - but I do belive that it can help.

Secondly - this book is for people that are already well into healthy eating and have a palate that is ready to accomodate the HH approach. It is a big shock to not only the bodily 'system' but to the taste buds if you are heading into this book from an un-healthy or even a meat/dairy eater position. It is a predominantly Vegan, Vegetarian, raw cook book - and it uses some ingerdients that can be difficult to source. So if you are already a Vegan or a very healthy eater and looking to refine your diet to the next level then this is the book for you. If however, you are looking for healthy recipies that are a little more forgiving and accesible then I would recomend Dale Pinnocks new book 'Healthy Every Day'.
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on 3 April 2014
As and advocate of the first book, I pre ordered the second from Amazon. In hindsight, I wish that I had waited and thumbed through it before coughing up £25.00. Its very pretty yes but I am disappointed. As a cookery book, it lacks true substance. Theres a distinct absence of proper meal recipes, instead is filled up with an enormous amount of cakes, puddings, sweet snacks and such like. There's little in the way of great salads, grains, pasta and pulses recipes, instead a lot of side vegetables. If you're deciding on which to buy, all the great ideas are in the first book!
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on 21 August 2014
I am a super-fan of the alkalising way of eating that the authors recommend and I LOVED their first book - Honestly Healthy.
But this follow-up book was a real disappointment for two reasons:
1. I am constantly having to flick through the whole book to find a recipe I want to cook because, instead of being grouped as, say, salads / light bites / starters / soups / main courses / puddings, they are instead grouped by 'event style', like 'Girl's night in' or 'Hostess With The Mostest'. Each section has a random selection of mains / salads / soups and desserts. How on earth am I supposed to find the recipe I'm looking for if I now have to second-guess which kind of 'mood' the authors think I 'should' be in to want to cook it? It is totally confusing and a frustrating waste of time.
2. There are WAY too many puddings and sweets. And they've all got sugars in them. Ok, not cane sugar, but other sugars, which (having tried them) still cause a post-GI crash and cause my kids to bounce off the walls.
SOME of the recipes are QUITE nice. But this book is nowhere near as inspirational as their first - Honestly Healthy.
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on 11 May 2014
Quite informative, nice pictures, lots of recipes but many of them are desserts or sweet treats. Few more savoury meals wold have been better.
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on 13 December 2014
I haven't seen or read the authors' first book, which from reviews would have been the better bet. I got this book out of the library with some excitement as I love recipe books and I love healthy eating recipe books even more. I have had a real interest in healthy eating and lifestyle for many years so a new book is always appealing. Flicking through there were lots of nice photographs of the recipes too. However, having just spent an hour browsing through, I have to say I am very disappointed. I will certainly read through all the in-depth information at the start of the book which discusses what an alkaline diet is and has useful tables of everyday foods with the degree of alkalinity or acidity that they create in the body once digested. Some of the recipes are straightforward with ingredients that are easily obtainable and affordable, an example being the Pumpkin and Orange Risotto. I just wish there were more of these and as another reviewer said, more general everyday meals. There seem to be a lot of snacks, side dishes and sweet recipes. The way the book is organised too is confusing and messy.

I am not saying these recipes aren't healthy - if you are able to source the ingredients and have an income to match and a palate that is able to go for it, then I don't doubt that your body will benefit enormously. But we don't all live in the south, or near to large cities, which the authors tend to assume and here in the rural SW of Scotland, the only organic vegetable I am able to buy locally (within 35 miles) are carrots! And I have never come across any organic meat at all, so I just look for free range. Growing veg ourselves is a challenge mainly because of hares, voles and roe deer that eat everything (large populations of all of these (and deer fencing, even a small amount costs!) plus weather conditions are poor for many veg - hopeless for tomatoes unless we get a really good summer. Health food shops are few and far between and carry limited stock. So many of the ingredients have to bought online.

Also many of these recipes contain not only a long list of ingredients, but they are ingredients that are also pretty expensive. One expensive ingredient in a recipe may well be doable. When you have half a dozen or more, for someone on a budget as we are (one income family), probably not. I love many of the ingredients in these recipes such as quinoa, avocados, ground almonds (and nuts in general) and the like but I only buy them occasionally simply because of their cost - not out of choice. I'd love to have them regularly if my budget stretched to it. If this was the 80s, I would be tempted to say this is a recipe book for health conscious yuppies but that is probably unfair.

I agree with the reviewers who say that this recipe book is no halfway house for someone who has never tried this kind of diet before. It is the full monty and might be a bit full-on for some people unless they were very determined. There are certainly some recipes I will try but due to the amount of ingredients I would have to source and buy (with the chance I really might not like the recipe in the end anyway and so waste the ingredients - after all everyone likes some things and not others however hard they perservere), then I wont be forking out twenty odd pounds for this book. I will continue with making my large pans of chicken broths and veggie soups, using wholegrains and keeping our sugar intake as low as we can.

In summary for anyone who hasn't tried this kind of diet before, perhaps be guided by other reviews and try the authors first book to start with, or books on an alkaline diet that are a bit more of an introduction rather than the full on thing.
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on 31 March 2016
I bought this for my mum as she likes Natasha's other books. Personally I'm not a fan of her way of eating - I find it a little bland and unsubstantial! - but my mum has been pleased with some of the recipes so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Definitely one for vegans/vegetarians!
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on 3 May 2015
This was the second book I purchased from Natasha Corrett, the first being Honestly healthy. I didn't realise until browsing in waterstones that there was another book, 'Honestly Healthy for life'.. I subsequently ordered via Amazon.

Much preferred this to HH as it s more informative and not just a book of basic principles and recipes. However, as with Honestly Healthy I really don't believe that NC has worked on these recipes or done significant amount of research as to the quantities of ingredients and timings etc. I'm an accomplished home cook, and food is my passion and I've had to adjust many of the recipies, particularly the desserts/cakes etc.
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on 10 May 2014
We started 'alkaline' eating to see if it had effect on my daughters depression. We weren't bad eaters before regarding fruit and vegetables but ate a lot of bread/pasta/cereal and milk products. Eating like this is strange at the start but you get used to it.

In the beginning it was costly establishing a store of all the core ingredients. Luckily I had a blender. It also took more time to prepare the food. I seemed to be chopping for ever! But as with everything practice makes perfect and we are doing very well on it.

Having started with the first book 'honestly healthy' and liked it, this book gives different recipes to choose from.

The chapter choice I found a little strange in the beginning. Not starters / main / desserts as you would expect but I always use the handy oversight recipe table , to find what I am looking for quickly.

I cannot say that this food cures depression but as a non depressed person it has helped flatten my stomach, made me feel more energetic, improved my metabolic rate (I think) and very slowly I am losing weight. Although I am full every day I am not eating any sugary things (but plenty of lovely desserts and cakes!).The changes I feel can, I think, for anyone lighten your mood. Who doesn't want to skip around with an 'unbloated' flat tummy!.

The down sides are the cost of the food itself and the initial (whilst you are starting out) increased preparation time.

Positives: obvious health benefits and possibly a reduced gas bill as I am cooking less!

The book is excellent giving lots of information over the food you are eating and what it does for you. The first section is a good read in itself even if you decide not to try the recipes.

We have been doing this for over a month now so time will tell I think but we plan to continue and I am looking forward to more recipes in the third book (please?)
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on 24 May 2016
This is an amazingly informative book presented in a delightfully readable way. It enables the reader to match the symptoms they may be experiencing to a possible deficiency caused by their eating habits. This is followed by a wonderfully illustrated section of recipes to tempt and make the mouth water. I was so delighted when I came across at my son's house I bought a copy for myself and my daughter. I was particularly pleased with the speed of delivery from Wordery and of course the price. Many thanks to you on both those counts and to the author for an excellent book that would grace any home wanting to expand their knowledge and tickle their tastebud.
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