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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Warehouse 13 - Season 5 (Audio: English, Subtitle: English) [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£12.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 26 November 2014
Loved this series . So sad to see the powers that be wanted it to end when there was so much potential in the story but they tied up what they could and this series will be replayed in our house regularly
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on 30 August 2014
The final season of avery watchable series. Its nice to know when a title is coming to an end , instead of having loads of seasons, where the storyline gets weaker and weaker.
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on 2 July 2015
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on 6 July 2014
While I agree with the other reviewer, £18 (or even £12.50 now) is a silly price to pay for 6 episodes, the review should be more about the content and format. I didn't want to wait and pay so much for dvds, so I got all 6 episodes for £5.99 from everyone's favourite crunchy fruit online store, so I can't speak to the dvd format...

All 6 episodes were entertaining and light-hearted, drawing several plotlines to a conclusion. It never goes to quite such a depressing place as they went at the end of Season 4 and instead sticks to its healthy formula of lighthearted tomfoolery, pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo, sci fi adventure and light drama.

The last episode finds time for some abbreviated Warehouse adventure before drawing it all to a pleasant and sensible close without being too sentimental.

Unfortunately by then I realised a lovely little show with a winning formula was over - such a brief flurry of episodes and then it was gone. It gave some good laughs, truly entertained and it even made me want to reach for a history book now and then. I docked a star for being too short - a longer season would have seen me satisfied - but really as a whole this was a 5 star show on a 3 star budget. Thanks to everyone who contributed to Warehouse 13.
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on 13 April 2015
Really makes you LOVE you Phone even MORE
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on 23 June 2014
I have to confess that, for the first time, I was disappointed with this series. If this is the best Sy-Fi can do with this otherwise excellent show, maybe it's best that it has ended. The first five episodes were a bit meh, just didn't seem to have the wit and sparkle of previous seasons. In my opinion the last episode was the best and had just about enough ends tied up to make a satisfying conclusion but overall this was a disappointing end to a brilliant show, One thing I did find absolutely astonishing was the price of this DVD. £18 for six episodes. Really? Someone's taking the Michael. I downloaded this for just over a third of the price. As much as I loved this show there is no way that the last season is worth £18 of anyone's money.

Update (27 June) - £18 was price quoted in an Amazon email promotion I received a few weeks ago and it was the price quoted on the web page at that time. It now appears to have come down a little but, in my opinion, it is still too expensive.
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on 10 August 2014
When Syfy bumped A Town Called Eureka up to a full Season (4) I was pleased someone had finally been dosed with common sense; especially when the DVD release had extended episodes instead of the insane and maddening standard of sticking "deleted scenes" in the special features forcing people to jump back and forth - all DVD boxsets should have "editor's cut" full episodes with all the scenes chopped for toothpaste or hemorrhoid cream ads reinserted as part of the story flow. I should have known - Syfy promptly cancelled the series albeit with a proper 13-episode (half) Season 5 which allowed the show to wrap up properly and go out on a high - and that is exactly what should have happened to Season 5 of Warehouse 13, except it didn't.
When W13 got a full Season 4 my heart sank because I knew what was coming, but I was sure that the media reports of a 6-episode Season 5 would be increased to a proper 13-episode half-season. Except it wasn't - that is why Season 5 is brilliant in content, but dreadful in how it was shamefully let down by Syfy.
Each episode is excellent in of itself, but weak in that the show couldn't service the characters and plot properly. In Season 4 we had huge talents - Kate Mulgrew, Anthony Stewart Head, James Marsters and Mark A. Sheppard - and we had Paracelsus as a real threat, yet because of the ridiculous limit of 6-episodes, Paracelsus went from Big Bad of Season 4 cliffhanger to Season 5 damp squib, removed in one 'single bound and he was free' cliche because the show couldn't take that storyline forward properly - Mark A. Sheppard, as an alternate universe bad version of the heroic Regent Valda got a total of 5 minutes' airtime if that. Artie's secret illegitimate son got about a minute and a half and could have been a major storyline if given opportunity.
Yes you had the nod to W14 - since each Warehouse is hosted by the predominant world power of that era, many would assume China as the next Warehouse - although that is in doubt because India is surging ahead as an economic powerhouse. Regrettably I don't think the show had any choice but to fudge the "endless wonder" ending with Claudia as the caretaker in the far future and no reveal of what happened in the end to Artie, Myka and Pete (allowing fans to create their own preferred ending in fan fiction) but it is such a shame that the show was so badly let down by Syfy when they could easily have stumped up for another 7 episodes to make it 13. They managed to do it for Eureka, and they have done it for what presumably will be the final Season of Haven, which is getting a 26 episode Season 5 in 2014-2015.
On an individual level, the Telenovella episode stands out as a standalone for specific brilliance in concept, execution and shameless hamming it up by everyone clearly having huge fun.
£12.50 works out at £2.08 per episode, and I am sure that the DVD will have interviews and etc., stuffed in as a sop to the fans, but it would have been much better if Syfy had done Season 5 properly instead of trying to placate fans on the cheap after the fact with a "snazzy" DVD.
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on 20 December 2014
Sad to see this series ended. Thought the last program was an anticlimax anfter a brilliant four series. didn't really enjoy this last series, not only was it cut down to basically half a series, the stories were substandard to previous series. Still, i had to buy it to complete the set.

A new series called The Librarian seems to have replaced Warehouse 13 Similar theme of collecting rare, magical and legendary items. Must be carrying on the Librarian film franchise.
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on 1 October 2014
I was always a fan of Warehouse 13; natty storylines, nice chemistry between characters and, unusual in this day and age of doom and gloom, wasn't too dark and certainly didn't take itself too seriously.

I'd seen the announcement that it'd been cancelled and feared the worst when I read that season 5 was just a wrapup, a means of filling in the missing pieces of the jigsaw. However, rather than get down to the whole thing properly and tidy everything up, we had the first five episodes of pretty much the same as before, new oddity here, bit of mystery there. Then, along comes the sixth and last episode, and, for any Brits watching, an almost Blake 7 rush in the last 10 minutes to put an end to what had been a wonderful series. In short, the preceeding five episodes were just fillers, and the last episode was too much of a rush.

A shame: As in Andromeda, this series could've easily stopped at the end of season 4, and I'd guess fans would've been happy with a bit of guessing.

I didn't much like this season. Apart from it being only six episodes, it had lost a lot of its charm, and I got the impression that the actors were just going through the motions.

I'll only give it three stars because it did end, after a fashion.

I have to say, I'd have taken off 10 points for Pete's haircut. I mean, was that a carpet, or what?
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on 4 May 2015
I purchased this via the Amazon 'Lovefilm' application on my PS4 as I didn't want to own just the last season on dvd or blu-ray, which at the time of purchase was the only season which wasn't free to watch. The show itself is highly intriguing and never has a boring moment, especially when Walter is around.
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